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The Diamond Child: The Royal Child

March 21, 2013
By NinjaW GOLD, Indianola, Iowa
NinjaW GOLD, Indianola, Iowa
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The haze from Part One has evolved into an ever more complex and terrible thing that corrupt and takes over the minds of those who carry it, yet it is alive and it is the only thing that can kill Barzilla.
Rai, being a young and inexperienced, not the most educated king either, thrown into a family he was stolen from as a child learns about the haze and the outside world which he will get to know well with his sister Alice who is the carrier of the strongest of the haze.
Asella has been in the grip of Ebonwood for twenty years, been made a shape shifting Tier by Barzilla himself. She and her friends escape to help with the war effort.

Nina W.

The Diamond Child: The Royal Child

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