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The chosen

Author's note: I hope people learn a little history while having fun diving into the books depths. The are...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I hope people learn a little history while having fun diving into the books depths. The are different supernatural creatures and several characters of history intertwined into one thriller. So you learn and enjoy all in one with an occasional poke fun at the historical pieces  « Hide author's note

A new begining

What is life, when all you have is lost? Who are you, when all you are is nothing? Those were the questions that had been racking my inquisitive mind over the past ten years. Why? you might ask, well the answer is short and simple, “Who am I”? You might be thinking, the typical reaction to the mind boggling mind of a 19 year old guy who had nothing going for him but a life full of regret. With a painful past and a promising future, I pushed ahead and found that forgetting the past was my only
This chapter is still in the making
option, so i chose to live a lie and never look back. Well until the day ,when it all changed...

What I am about to tell you is top secret and should be kept between you and me ,because if they find out that you know ,well lets just say it won't end pretty. The beginning to my story is twisted and dark and began on a cold winter night deep in the heart of New york City. The heart of the American dream they say, which is a load of crap. It's more like the beginning of a unforgettable nightmare and the starting of my strange curse.

It was dark and foggy as I closed up the lonesome dove, a place of forgotten dreams as I like to call it. As I closed the door the chill night air cause my skin to shiver and the hairs on my back to stand up and I pulled my denim jacket closer to my well formed body. As I made my way down the lonely back streets I heard the constant scuffle of feet behind me and the soft breath of a peculiar being. As I slowed my pace and scanned my surrounding the noise stopped and I began to have a chill run down my spine that made me wanna sprint but couldn't.

Somewhere in the distance a dark figure loomed in the shadows and as it made itself visible its being seemed to radiate pure evil. The stench of death could be smelled from his vintage clothes and his flame red hair seemed to lighten up his narrow facial structure.His eyes were like a deep abyss that seemed to swallow my very soul and captivate my every thought and then he spoke.

‘You have no reason to fear, I have not come to harm you, but to offer a chance of a lifetime!’

“What do you want with me?” i asked in a shaky voice.

“It’s simple really, I want your soul and in turn I offer you immortality.”

Don’t get me wrong the chance to live forever never sounded more fulfilling, but there had to be a catch. Something that He didn't want me to know.

‘And what if I refuse?”

‘Well either way I get what I want ,You just decide if you get anything out of it”

As he walked closer i could just feel the soul inside me ripple in fear and cower in pain as it struggled to captivate every fiber of my being just to stay intact.

“ I know what you're thinking, he just wants my blood, but that's where you wrong I want a warrior, who will fight....

“ Um..I..I.. Think you have the....”

“ Silence!!!!”

As those words erupted from his mouth the ground around me erupted in flames, forming a circle and taking the breath out of me and knocking me to the ground. As he grew closer his eyes seemed to swirl and take me in and all the pain was taken away. Then he was gone and I was left with nothing but a bite mark on my neck and a strange tattoo with the symbol of Triquetra on my lower right arm, it was gold and had a green lining. Feeling kinda short of breath and disoriented I struggled on my way home and fell into bed and fell into a deep slumber.

My dream took place in a desolate desert arena underneath a starlit sky. The air was crisp and warm and seemed to clear my mind and offer peace. A little ahead was a group chairs that held, what looked like spirited elders. All looking the same as if they were duplicates, there deep blue eyes seemed to ripple like the sea and there dark brown hair fell just below their narrow cheekbones and their majestic silver robe glistened in the moonlight. As i grew closer the Triquetra started glow a faint green and gold that attracted the attention of the elders. The air around me slowly began to rise in temperature as fire filled the arena the orange glow reflected off the walls creating an eerie light . The elders slowly arose throwing their silvery cloaks aside the fabric fluttering like birds wings as they fell to the ground. The ancient beings began to shake violently as if something inside of their skin was trying to break free. Their crackling skin turned a vermilion hue in the fires increasing glow. The elders began to rise and from the breast erupted a being of umbral make and sinister countenance. Becoming one, The demon radiated intense heat and his aroma smelled of death. His vermillion complexion radiated pure evil and his hellish eyes were a deep abyss of black shadows and his voice was soft and sweet.

“ You smell of fear, you're not chosen, you’re a coward!!” He said turning to me.

At this point my senses were heightened and my whole body wrecked of pain. My thoughts were becoming quickly dispersed by immense pain and my eyesight became heavily hazed.As the demon advanced Sweat drenched my body and the demons hand clenched tighter and my through seared with pain beneath his iron grasp.When everything began to fail and my body was seconds from becoming limp, I slowly turned to dust ,starting from my feet and slowly inched to my head. The demon kept muttering something but i couldn't quite make it out, because I withered away into the darkness and awoke in my bed drenched in sweat as my hands flew to my neck.

Throwing my dark blue covers aside my feet hit the cool wood floor with a soft thud as I arose and slowly made my way to the bathroom across the hall. As I got to the bathroom i heard a soft whisper and stopped to scan my surroundings, seeing nothing but my old family portrait I opened the door and walked in.Turning the sink on I cupped my hands and splashed water on my face and rubbed it in savoring the cool water as it trickled down my skin. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and my deep blue eyes seemed to shift to a greenish gold hue. As I stared at the current events my eyes caught glimpse of a ghost like shape whisper its way past the bathroom door. Quickly drying my face, I threw my towel to my left and slowly walked out of the bathroom as quiet as possible. Inching my way past the closed door to the left of my room and heard a soft whisper. Thinking it was nothing i advanced down the dark stairs into the cold and dark living room.

The living room floor was freezing cold and the dark brown drapes turned a misty ice color as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. From the corner of my eye i saw something flicker just above the brick fireplace then it was came to life. What I saw wasn't human, it was a bluish mist like color and her majestic silver hair ran just below her waistline. She appeared to be human but you could see right through her, naturally i was scared shitless. Her long elegant dress flowed down just below her feet and dragged on the floor and on her head sat a crown that held a huge ruby like jewel. What came next i would have never suspected, her voice was as sweet as honey and each word she spoke was perfectly seductive.

“ Master Reid... We have long awaited your arrival.” She said with a ghostly bow.

“ My what!!!” i said with a look of surprise

She slowly advanced and my whole body withered in pain as my instincts started kicking in.

“ You don’t remember anything do you? Do you even know who you are?”

“ I don’t even remember my own damn name!!!”

“ oh dear! I was afraid of this.”

She says while shaking her head and slowly creeped up then disappeared then in thin air and reappeared to my left just to the left soft white couch with bashe arms and silky smooth seats. The lamp to the right of the couch was a dark brown wood and its light illuminated a small area and on the table sat a single note. I gazed at the note with a intense glare then walked over picking it up and started to read:

Dear Mr.Reid,
By now you have met my lovely wife EVE and we are forever in your debt, You may be confused at first but give your transformation time. You my boy are the chosen, The one to bring us out of poverty, The one true king our savior.
So heed my every instruction, you must destroy the dark one with your newfound abilities, but be careful because everything comes with a price and in time you must to sacrifice a life for the greater good. So Take care my boy and remember your abilities have their downfall.

yours truly,

For some strange reason the name Adam meant something to me, hearing the name a million times but none have stuck out like this one. What was it that made it have its place in my thoughts and captivate my mind causing shivers down my spine .

“ Adam, Who is that ?” I asked with surprise.

The look on her face was priceless, like how the hell am i suppose to know , i don't even remember my own name …. Then Boom it clicked Adam of course The first born , The God of all humans. Who married eve after his first wife lilith embraced the dark ones power and seductive words, becoming the first demon Lucifers right hand lady. I really don't know how i knew that but i did .

‘ Adam, The first born ruler appointed by the great one to rule our despicable and projectile nature offering freedom of choice and your father.”

“ My father.!!! No my father died fifteen years ago, There is no way in hell my father is Adam and my mother, she died over ten years ago in a forest fire.

“ My dear Jasper, you have much to learn in such a short time.” she said while shaking her head.

As those words erupted from her mouth her frame flickered and was gone for a few seconds and reappeared, but her ghastly frame was disoriented and out of whack. As she muttered a single word, i couldn't make out she was gone leaving me alone to the creepishly enormous house. Note in hand i quickly sat on the couch and collected my thoughts and was dumbfounded. Could Adam and Eve really be my parents? Could It really be? That question kept puzzling my brain, so i decided to sleep on it.

The night was long and restless as i awoke the next morning with a killer headache. My mind was absently wondering as i prepared for my long day ahead. As always my house was a wreck and i was starving, as i passed my bathroom something caught my eye, my skin was a pasty white, my eyes were an emerald green and my hair was pitch black. Deep within me there was an urge for something different. i had no idea what it was,just every fiber of me craved it. Pulling away from the mirror i made my way to the kitchen to make something to eat.

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