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August 11, 2012
By evermore276, Tahoe City, California
evermore276, Tahoe City, California
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Some people think of hearts as a red fluffy, soft core of their very being. Some people thing of hearts as a forbidden fruit and theirs has long ago iced over. Hearts are covered with glitter, smacked with a good luck kiss, and curved into trees by Troy + Sara, who happen to be madly in love. Candies are shaped like them although the candies taste like chalk about to mold, if that's even possible. Heck, I even once saw this shirt with a big, red, bleeding heart with an arrow through and bold letters underneath stating "Cupid Is A Killer, Baby.". People are attacked by their hearts all the time, especially the old and fat people who think that a diet alone will bring down their weight.

Not me. To me, hearts start as unstained, un-cracked, piece of heart-shaped glass. Over time, through deaths, break ups and downs, and dream develop cracks form and colors of emotion stain the glass until it is the most beautifully ugly creature you have ever seen.

Unless, your like me, and you've never been cracked or painted on. Unless, like me, you have stolen of all your emotions such as passion , love, hatred, sorrow, fear, joy, and even comfort or discomfort. Because, like me, you're simply watching as life passes you by knowing your really already dead in the inside. Like me, your only purpose since birth has been to fight and kill. Like me, who won't even care or bat an eyelash if somebody shattered my glass heart useless. Scar was the name I was given after I became this way shortly after my birth and I am a what they call a Numb.

Along with the other 5 million others who make up our army.



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