October 16, 2011
By headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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Felicia spent the first 8 years of her life as the third child of the royal family of Parethia, a very beautiful and agricultural country concealed on one side by a large mountain range and bordered by the ocean. But everything changes one night when Felicia is on a carriage ride with her family. Felicia is forced to flee with her brother when an evil king of a neighboring country murders her parents and older sister right in front of her. Eight years later, Felicia is discovered by one of her former people, even though she is working as another royal family's maid and goes by a different name, and finally gains the courage to go search for her brother she was separated from and to reclaim her country and takes a year to form an army of her people. But where is her brother and how will she defeat the evil king who stole away her country and killed most of her family?

Brooke W.


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