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Troubled Love

Author's note: I hope you guys will know that anyhings possible no matter what. Always keep looking up and well...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I hope you guys will know that anyhings possible no matter what. Always keep looking up and well , make the right decisions even if sometimes they hurt you.  « Hide author's note
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Party and New Relationships

Later that day I found myself thinking about the guy I had seen with Witt. He obviously was new but I couldn’t exactly get a read on him, usually I could tell if people were nice, mean, kind or perverted, but him, I was completely blank. He showed no meanness or kindness, he was simply mute. I’d have to ask Witt about him or the curiosity would be too much, I’d go crazy.
Dinner time came and I found myself eating a veggie casserole which looked like big blobs of green. I picked at it in distaste “Umm mom? What exactly is this?” I asked as it slid off my fork. She rolled her eyes “Food.” My nose crinkled “You sure it’s safe to eat it?” I commented. I looked over to my little brother Dawson who was eating it as if it was baked pie that grandma usually made on Christmas. He looked up and there were tons of it all over his face. “Freak” I commented, he looked at me and rolled his eyes. “Steak fingers” I laughed at that. Our family had a way with communicating and if you wanted to put the middle finger up you said steak fingers, but we never really meant it, we’d always be joking, like I knew Dawson was joking now. I looked down at my plate again “Umm I think I’ll pass on the….green glob ok?” My mother frowned but nodded and let me leave the table. I quickly ran up the stairs and locked the door behind me. I looked around and found my duffel bag that contained my bikini and shorts and a loose fitting tank top. Today was an all seniors sneak out day, even the parents knew about it so they wouldn’t ground us when we got back, well, depending on what we did at the party. I quickly opened the window and threw the bag out of the two story window. There was a vine ladder on the side that I would use to get down. I quickly climbed down and grabbed the duffel bag. Figuring that the party by the lake was only three blocks away and taking the car would be a bad choice I decided to walk.
Walking wasn’t probably my best choice because I was already tired after the first block. I had forgotten that the blocks contained twenty houses on each block. I sighed and continued to walk slowly towards the lake were cool water would welcome me. “Hey,” I quickly turned and saw that it was the guy that was with Witt. “Umm hi” I said looking at him. He had a duffel bag as well and seemed to be walking also. “Did you walk from your house?” I asked. He looked at his duffel bag and smiled. “Yeah seems like I’m not the only one that wants his car to get trashed.” I smiled and nodded “Yeah that’s because I’m smart.” He laughed; it was a laugh that made my knees almost buckle under me. “So umm what’s your name?” I asked looking at him. “Nancy” I looked at him and found it hard to not laugh. “Umm that’s a very….interesting name.” He laughed “I was actually kidding, my name isn’t really Nancy. If it was I wouldn’t have told you, I’d be too embarrassed.” I laughed and nodded “So what is your real name?” He smiled “What’s yours?” I looked at him “What do you think it is?” He seemed to think for a moment. “Beth?” My nose crinkled “No way” he looked down at the ground and started pacing forward. I walked with him “Ok I give up I can’t think of a name.” I smiled “You never would have guessed it anyway, it’s Avery.” He smiled “My names Blake.” I nodded. We walked together in an awkward silence all the way to the party.
We arrived at the party no later than seven o’clock and we could see that most people had already gotten a buzz or were already drunk. I saw Addison a couple of feet away sitting around a campfire with the ugliest guy I had ever seen in my life. I quickly walked over to her and snatched her quickly away from him. “Hey what are you doing!” she said. I could tell she had a buzz going on because she was already slurring her words. “Saving you from something that you would regret later,” She rolled her eyes “Take another look at him Addison, I mean really look at him.” She looked at him and I could see that she was straining to see clearly. After a couple of moments her eyes popped open wide “Oh wow what was I thinking.” I shook my head “That’s the point, you weren’t thinking.” I looked around and found Witt with some girls and some of his friends around another campfire. I walked over to him and smiled “Hey Witt,” he looked up and smiled “Hey Avery, glad you could make it.” I smiled back and looked at Addison who was talking to a tree. I shook my head “Hey umm can you keep an eye out for Addison? She umm needs to be looked out for, if you know what I mean,” He looked at Addison also and nodded “Yeah sure, hey have you met Blake?” he said gesturing to him on his right. I nodded “Yeah, I walked with him on the way over here.” Witt looked at Blake and then back at me, his left eyebrow raised “Not what you think” I added. He grinned and nodded “Come hang out with us then, were going for a swim in a minute.” I smiled, I’d forgotten that swimming was the only reason I came. I was a fish when I was in the water; I never wanted to get out. “Ok, hey did you bring your car? I need to change into my bathing suit.” He nodded and got out his keys. He handed them to me and pointed to the Far East were hardly no one was at. I nodded thanks and grabbed my duffel bag and walked towards the car.
Changing in a car was hard, especially if sometimes people would try to peek in. It was a good thing that it was almost dark and the windows were tinted. I quickly pulled on my Bikini and got out of the car. I was glad that my tan had stayed from last year at the pool. It was a decent tan and it was better then being as white as a sheet. I adjusted my bikini and walked towards the group were Witt was at. Witt had already changed into his Shorts and so did everyone else, to my surprise Addison was to. Blake was impressively muscular, he wasn’t humongous like most guys would try to get but under his tanned skin you could see a lot of forms of muscles. He looked at me and I quickly looked away trying hard to focus on what Witt was saying to us. That was a difficulty. I walked with Addison who had seemed to quickly get over her Buzz. We walked on the dock and everyone stopped. “So who wants to go first?” Witt asked turning towards us. I smiled and ran forward pushing myself off the deck and entering with a perfect dive. The water felt refreshing and surprisingly average temperature. I heard splashes after me and smiled. I broke through the surface and looked around. Everyone was in except Blake. I swam towards him “What are you waiting for?” I asked looking at him. He smiled “Just wanted to see everyone else go in first I guess.” I raised an eyebrow towards him “Well then come on.” He seemed to hesitate for a moment but finally slipped in. His body tensed as he got waist high in the water. “Umm you sure you know how to swim.” I asked reaching a hand out instinctively towards him as if he would go under any minute. He smiled “I know how to swim it’s just I don’t really like to.” I was dumbfounded “Then why did you come to the lake?” He shrugged but continued to go deeper into the water. I hovered over him still just in case. He looked back at me and shook his head smiling. He suddenly went under and I screamed in fright. I quickly went under water to search for him and saw nothing. I went back up for air and then back down again. There was nothing, he was gone like he vanished out of thin air. I felt something grab my legs and screamed. I felt it drag me under water and I kicked feebly trying to escape its grasp. It suddenly pushed me forward and I inhaled the air that my lungs desperately needed. Behind me was Blake. I scowled at him “What the heck!? Why did you try to drown me?” He made a confused face and looked at me “I wasn’t trying to drown you. I was up here the whole time, when I came back up I couldn’t find you.” I looked at him even more confused this time. A couple of feet away I heard a laugh; I looked to find that it was Eric. I glared at him and knew instantly that it was Eric who had tried to drown me. I quickly got out of the lake and stalked towards him furious. He was with a bunch of girls and I could see that he was clearly still wet. “Leave!” I growled to the girls. They quickly scurried off taking a second look back at us. Once we were alone I let it all out “What the hell did you do that for! Sure I punched you but jeez I never thought you would sneak up on me and try to drown me! Honestly, I always thought you were a coward but this drops it to a whole other level.” He smirked “You went for a cheap shot that doesn’t exactly count and another thing,” he got closer to me “What are you going to do about it.” I stepped back and quickly swung my right arm towards his face. He ducked and shouldered me. The air that was in my lungs quickly fled out and I felt no air rushing back in. I lay flat on the ground gasping for the air that needed to refill my legs. I felt dizzy and quickly went into unconsciousness.
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FallenAngel1 said...
Jun. 15, 2011 at 2:42 pm
Oh my goodness! That is so sad, aplastic anemia is a rare condition. Avery would be so sad. :-( I love the book, i mean it! I LOVE IT!! Its sad and romantic at the same time. You have got to have to finish it. Please?
Itz_Bobbi18 replied...
Jun. 20, 2011 at 1:25 pm
Haha i am already on it :)
SunSabreeinaBunny said...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 5:52 pm
I loved 
Itz_Bobbi18 replied...
Jun. 8, 2011 at 1:34 pm
aw thank you
FallenAngel1 said...
Jun. 6, 2011 at 1:36 pm
This is really good so far. PLEASE...keep on writing, this is so cute. Avery and Blake would make a cute couple. Great Work!! :-) :-)
Itz_Bobbi18 replied...
Jun. 6, 2011 at 11:11 pm
Thank you!! N i am ITs going to be great please keep reading my book i cant wait till you read the end :)
FallenAngel1 replied...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 1:59 pm
I can't wait to read the end. Your work is very good and i would just like to say, Kudos to you! If you have time could your see some of my work? The book's called Forbidden. From what i have read there are few, if any, grammer mistakes. Does Blake have a terminal disease or something, is that it? Sorry but i was just curious. I like to ask questions. Keep up the great work Itz_Bobbi18
Itz_Bobbi18 replied...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm
You will just have to wait and see :)
Itz_Bobbi18 replied...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm
and ok ill definetly make sure to read your book:)
FallenAngel1 replied...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 9:27 pm
Thank you for the comment, actually i have written a sequel to it. Its called Trapt. (Supposed to be Trapped but i misspelled it when i was writing the title.) I will read more of your book, can't wait.        :-) :-) 

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