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Recovered chance

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous


Two teens named jim and korissa are both having issues with their parents. Korissa is abused at home by her dad who is an alcoholic. JIm on the other hand is a little brat with parents who just want ot know how to help him. Korissa and jim have a history together as best friends. Later korissa started to become distant from jim and before he knew it she was his bully. After having a harsh time in high school, korissa was contemplating weather ir not to commit suicide. On night at midnight the two were out by themselfes al alone. jim was laying against a tree while korissa was driving. Korissa then decided she wanted to kill herself so she drove as fast as she could and drove into the woods. In the woods was jim laying aganist the tree. Korissa was going at high speeds and eventually crached into the tree were jim was laying against


Recovered chance

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