Her Eyes

January 11, 2017
By Hailey_Mae BRONZE, San Diego, California
Hailey_Mae BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Your value does not change based on someone's inability to see your worth


This is a story of love and loss. A story of finding yourself. Dean and Emily are sibilings and their parents have friends who have children close to them in age, Mae and Eddie. The four have always been very close. Well Mae and Dean became very close one summer, but things took a turn for the worst six months later when they are reunited. Mae leaves Portland crushed. She decides to cut Dean and Emily out completely and rebuild herself into a new person. This story starts the following summer when Dean and Emily fly out to surpise Mae. Mae is not happy to see Dean in the least, but feels awful because she missed Emily a lot. Both Dean and Emily are surprised by Mae's sudden change in appearance, interests, and attitude. Can Emily and Dean bring back the real Mae? Will Dean and Mae work it out or is their relationship ruined forever?  


Her Eyes

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