Love recipe

April 13, 2016
By Anonymous


Jessica is an American orphan girl.Her mother died because of some mystery decease that she didn't even know.Two years later,her father remarried her stepmother,Ariana who is as mean as a devil.She lived her live like hell doing all the houseworks while her stepmother watching the television and her father working hard for them at the construction site.Her father didn't know about it and thought that Ariana that did all the housework.Luck was not with her.When she was 14,her father died in an accident.Ariana took the reparation and use it to live in Japan.She also sold the house and sent Jessica to an orphanage since she was still underage.There,she met Irene and they became close and Jessica was registered at the same school by Miss Carrie,the orphanage owner.When she was 18,she moved into a flat with Irene to let young orphans live in the orphanage and be independent.Once in a week,they visited the orphanage with hands full of presents for the kids.


Love recipe

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