The lost Children of Denali

October 23, 2014
By Silence_of_the_me BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Silence_of_the_me BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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i cant drown my demons they know how to swim or i need you like a boy needs his mommas side.... this is not what it is only baby scars


     We were never what you called normal. We were the definition of strange. We all stuck together, and it was fine. No parents to care about us, and no body to know anything about us. It’s been this way since we were kids; we all were abandoned on the same day, at the same place, for the same reason. Our parents had all been killed, in the same way. We didn’t all have mommies and daddies, some of us had mommies and no daddies, some of us had daddies and no mommies, and some of us had both but we accepted each other easily into our lives.
     We knew we were special and it was okay that way because either way, we were pretty much the only family any of us had left. Being who we are is just what we do, we are all different in our own way, but we are also all the same. We are all stuck in the middle of a never ending battle between the normals and the paranormals. We are a little of both, and they call us the Spiras. Spiras are a mix between human and demon, or angels in some cases. Like that’s not crazy enough, we are also looked at as gods because we have the powers of BOTH angels and demons and add human emotions into the mix and you got very powerful Spiras that only few things can defeat.
     The six of us, Desdemona (which is me), Carsyn, Cyrus, Monica, Mayce, and Chrys have stuck together since then. We were left in front of Denali house for orphans by strangers that claimed our parents were friends of them. Now we are in danger, and the Denali’s can’t save us, so we have to save ourselves.


The lost Children of Denali

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