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The Epic of Sidewinder

Author's note: I got the idea for Tabasco from a character I made on Guitar Hero, and the story just evolved...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I got the idea for Tabasco from a character I made on Guitar Hero, and the story just evolved from that. Also, her little lesbian run with Diane, she wanted to do that. Tabasco "told" me what to write.  « Hide author's note
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First Chorus

First Chorus
The next morning at school, while Tabasco was at her locker, Kris walked up and said, “Hey Tab.”
“Hey Kris,” Tabasco replied, turning and smiling at Kris before returning to the task at hand.
“I just wanted to…” Kris began, then continued, “apologize for my little hissy-fit way-back-when, and I thought that maybe we could-”
“Let me stop you right there,” Tabasco cut her off, though not unkindly. “I know you’re trying to hit on me, but…” Here, she paused to slam her locker shut and turned to face Kris, smiling. “It turns out I’m not very good at being homosexual.: Then she turned around again, and walked to her next class.

Third period science class. Just late enough that most students were conscious, but still considered morning. Tabasco sat next to Michael at one of the ten or so tables in the room. They were arguing about bands smashing their guitars (Tabasco being all for it, Michael completely against it), when the morning announcements came on over the intercom. They put the conversation on hold to stand up and recite “The Pledge of Allegiance” (Michael, as usual, doing it in an accent, causing Tabasco to giggle), then they all sat down. Instantly, all of the previous conversations resumed, drowning out the various announcements, but everyone silenced when they heard this:
“Attention all musicians and bands out there,” the slightly distorted voice of their assistant principal said from the speaker. “Wanna perform live for your fellow classmates and maybe win a prize?”
“Done it,” Michael whispered, but Tabasco shushed him. She didn’t doubt that Sidewinder would win, but she wanted to hear what the prize was to see if it would be worth the effort. She ignored the runner-up prizes, then listened intently when the voice said, “And first place, grand prize is…a one hundred dollar Visa gift card for all performers in the winning band!”
Michael blinked twice, his eyes wide in surprise. He and Tabasco looked at each other and grinned. A hundred each didn’t sound as good to Tabasco as the concept of four hundred for Sidewinder did. A few seconds later, her phone buzzed softly, and as she pulled it out of a pocket, Tabasco felt it vibrate again. She opened the message window and opened the one from Cliff first.
It read, “400? we gotta do it.”
Zac’s next, which was, “Tab, we gonna whoop sum noob ass?”
She sent them both the reply, “hells yeah!”
“Tabasco!” Mr. Cook, the teacher, snapped. Tabasco jumped a little and answered, “Yes?”
Mr. Cook tapped the rim of his glasses. “I thought I saw a cell-phone, but these glasses are pretty old,” he said. “If I see it again, I might have to go over there and check.”
The rest of the class chuckled the way teenagers do when someone else is caught, usually while they are also doing the illicit activity. Tabasco shrugged and said, “Sorry, just playing a little air-guitar.”
Mr. Cook shook his head, but smiled slightly, then returned to the lecture.
As he turned his back to the class to write on the board, Michael slid a sheet of paper over to Tabasco. She glanced at it and smiled.

“-lights!” Tabasco sang into the microphone, then finished playing the guitar part to one of her favorite Evanescence songs. As it loaded onto the computer, Tabasco took a sip of her water bottle and shook her left hand. She had just recorded the guitar parts for all of the eleven songs destined for Sidewinder’s next CD in one go, so her hand was a little sore. The computer dinged and Tabasco clicked “Track 12-4” when it popped up in the menu. She listened as the song played and she started to smile, which grew bigger as the song progressed. When she reached the end, she dragged it over to the center of the screen, putting it with the other recordings made by the rest of the band.
She smiled again as Michael’s heavily distorted bass began the intro, which was originally for a cover of another Evanescence song that Tabasco had decided to put on this song, then Tabasco’s guitar part kicked in. She had just reached the solo when she heard from downstairs, “Suzette! Dinner!”
“Just a sec, Ma!” Tabasco shouted back. She dragged the little arrow back to the beginning of the solo and hit pause. She laid the guitar on her bed, went to her door, and down the stairs to the dining room. She sat down at her seat and noticed that the only things on the table were four drinks and four empty plates. Tabasco looked toward the kitchen just as her Ma walked out of it, a large pan of what looked like jambalaya in hand. Her Ma looked a little frazzled, with some of her make-up having run and her hair resembling a bird’s nest. She set the jambalaya on the table and nearly fell into her seat, sighing heavily.
“Ma, are you okay?” Tabasco asked, her confusion more apparent than her concern.
Her Ma sighed again. “Well,” she began, “I decided yesterday that I’d surprise you kids with a genuine, home-cooked meal. I was thinking of ideas when I remembered how much I loved my Ma’s jambalaya.”
“Uh-huh…” Tabasco said, nodding. She had never made it herself, but from what she had heard from kids in Home-Ec, jambalaya was not easy to cook. She looked down at the jambalaya, which looked pretty good, though she had no idea what jambalaya was “supposed” to look like.
Mostly for her Ma’s benefit, Tabasco put a large scoop onto her plate. Once everyone else had served themselves, Tabasco ventured forth to try it.
Since she did not know what to expect, Tabasco was surprised when the rice and a piece of shrimp hit her tongue and her brain screamed, “HOT!” Her face flushed red and she began to sweat as she grabbed her glass of soda and drank the whole thing in one go, flushing the spicy food down with it. Once it was all down, Tabasco squealed, “Damn, that was hot!”
Salt and Pepper looked at her skeptically, so they each took a bite of their servings. Instead of freaking out like Tabasco had, the twins smiled and positively shoveled the food into their mouths. Their Ma took a few tentative bites, then also began to eat it in earnest.
Once her tongue had recovered, Tabasco took another bite, and realized that it was delicious, especially the sausage.
There was no further conversation, each mouth too busy chewing their Ma’s jambalaya.
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