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Im With The Band

Author's note: what inspired me to write this book was my love for music and making it big. also being in a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: what inspired me to write this book was my love for music and making it big. also being in a band. the hardships and a few fights that might happen.
i hope you guys like this book and think its good  « Hide author's note
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chapter 3:music, my love

leaning back in my chair i sighed silently. wishing for maths to finish.
its only first period and im just about ready to bolt out the door and head home, then dive straight for the couch or my bed.
whichever one i reach first.
i just couldnt wrap my head around why we need math.
i mean with my music career, i wont need it.
i'd only need it when im countin' the cash that im gonna be rackin' in.
right now, my ipod was blasting out "Raised by wolves" by the epic band, Falling In Reverse.
the awesome guitar works of jacky vincent never cease to amaze me.
not saying that he's the best because there are a few other guitarists out there who are "awsum.
like for instance, jake pitt-lead guitarist for the epic band Black Veil Brides. hmm, there was ummm, jinxx, also from BVB. there is also jimmy hendrix and slash from Guns 'n' Roses. never forget slash.
i could spend all day naming my guitar heroes but then i'd waste a lot of time.
well i wouldnt consider it a waste of time but you might.
i dont know if youre the type of person who appreaciates my music.
i bet most of you dont know who Johnny Franck is.
if you dont then you seriously need to et out of your little preppy hole and go to the record store.
ask for attack attack, right now not sure which album he was in before he quit but just ask them for the one with the song "stick stickly" and "smokahontas".
i could just die listening to him sing.

i was snapped back to reality by the loud bell.
i grabbed my book and walked out across the hall to the english side.
i then did a 180 and walked back into the math room to get my slip signed.
i made my way into english.
the teacher, Mrs Loona, really was crazy. guess that explains the name huh?
anyways, i was made to seat with that same group again after i had done the same intro like before.
the day pretty much went like that till lunch.
i bolted out of the room and straight to my locker.
quickly doing my combo i then yanked the door open and grabbed my wallet.
i grabbed a crisp twenty out of it and shoved my wallet back in my bag then locked the locker.
i bolted down the stairs towards the room i had walked past on my way towards 3rd/4th period science/chem.
it was like atwo very similar classes.
i spent them doing nothing.

i stood in line waiting to get some food wheni got fed up.
these people were WAYYY too slow.
i got out the line and marched right up to the front.
the lady who was running that line had her back turned.
i slid right at the front and ordered a slice of pizza, coke, sticky finger bun and a lollipop.
"Hey! i was in here first." a whiney blonde haired girl said, attempting to pout towards her boyfriend, who i take it is a popular jock, and glare at me.
"who cares if you were here first, im here now so shove a tampon in it." i glared as i received my change from the lady.
i grabbed my try in both my hands and walked towards the back exit whixh was wide open.
i walked out the doors and towards a huge shady oak tree.
nestling myself in a chair like part of the tree i whipped out my ipod.
i took a big bite of my pizza and popped open my coke.
chugging a bit down i burped. loudly enough to turn head.
i guess i wasnt lady like after all.
oh who am i kidding.
i have never been lady-like.
not even as a baby.
i pulled my phone out of my jacket and sent a quick message to sean.
an old buddy who's still back in new york.
i miss my apartment like crazy.
he texted me back a hello.
me-how is it our there without me
sean-boring, i can tell you that
me-ha, i knew it!!
sean-come backkk :(
me-if i could then i would but i cant so i wont XD
sean-but its horrible here
me-what happened to the fashion shows, subways and random dancing at time square
sean-that all left when you left, beside, i cant dig up enough courage to go dance there by myself.:'(
me-awww dont cyr.. i feel soo love :D
sean-why you so happy
me-im not, this school is a total bummer, dad's touring with justin bieber and im home alone....for six months....AGAIN! >:) i feel like a bit of plotting but have no one to help me prank.
sean-havent you made any friends yet
me-nah, there's this group who i sat with during class, but the teacher made me do it, they dress like they're in a band black hair, piercings, one even has a tattoo on his bottom, dont ask how i know,im still scared.
sean-sorry bub, gotta go but i'll call you tonight right?
me-yupperty yippers, dont forget xx
sean-i wont xx

i sighed and put my phone on the ground.
dont get me wrong, sean is definitley attractive, border-line sexy but we're just buds, plus hes gay.
so yup.
he doesnt act like the cliched weird gay, ones that act like chicks.
no way, he more man than....than..... umm..more man than...TOM CRUISE!!! yup tom cruise.
now thats saying something.
i closed my eyes and turned up the volume on my ipod.
not long after my sun was gone.i lazily opened one eyelid to find two tall boys.
i squinted my eyes to find the emo twins. what were they're names again?
oh yeah, zac and tom clark.
"sup dudes, what can i do you for?" i asked them in a bored tone.
"can we sit with you?" tom asked.
"sure, my tree is your tree."
"yes!." zac yelled.
i pulled out my ear phones out my ears and the music blasted out as the earphones accidently de-tached themselves from the gadget.
right now it was the scream bit in "tragic magic" by falling in reverse.
"cool music, fave bands?" tom asked.
i turne my ipod off and shoved it in my pocket.
we started whole music based conversation, me excluding detail of how i sing and play epic guitar.
turns out the twins play instruments
tom played the drums while zac rocked the guitar.
they also told me about the rest of the gang. brad played the bass and elijah screamed and played really good guitar.
i doubt he could beat me.
i was trained by the best.
half the time i was barely listening.
as the bell rang i grabbed my note book and headed towards the music rooms.
turns out i have all classes with the "Awesome foursome" of deadly rockers.
i question zac and tom about why they didnt start a band, their reply was that they were too lazy.
i laughed sarcastically as i walked into the music room.
brad and elijah were already perched ontop of the desks in the corner, strumming away on a guitar while chatting.
i sat away from them till tom and zac literally picked me up and threw me into a chair near them.
i huffed and crossed my arms ove rmy chest.
"if thats ho you treat me, a normal girl who you dont know, then i feel sorry for whoever you marry." i snarled as i leaned my head back, looking at the ceiling.
"hello class, i see we have a new student, umm, Ms Stone? is it," i nodded," can you come up here and introduce yourself?"
i growled and walked towards the fron.
this class was mainly filled with "scene" kids and a few punks. there was a groupd of preps at one end but that didnt matter.
i gave a brief intro and attempted to go back to my seat.
key-word: attempted.
"why dont you place us something, you do play something right?" mr ketchum looked at. he was a fairly young teacher.
looked to be fresh out of college.
very good lookin but not my type.
"i play guitar and drums?"i replied, it sounding more like a question.
i walked over to the drum kit, grabbing the drum sticks off JJ as Mr ketchum likes to be called.
i sat on the stool behind the kit and thought of a song when the perfect one came to me.
i shoved my earphones in my ears so the other instruments could be heard, along with the audio.
i couldnt play drum unless i know how the other instruments go.
i raised my hands in the air and hit the first beat.
playing perfectly along with the song "Smokahontas" by Attack! Attack!.
at the end i added my own drum solo and let myself get carried away.
when the song finished i looked up.
mouths were gaped open, gawking eyes settled on me making me feel proud yet uneasy.
i cleared my throat and that seemed to awaked everyone else from their trance.
"wow.." a boy the back said.
"i thought i could play but damn." Tom mumbled while looking at the faces of everyone who was in the group.
all mirrored each other: pure shock.
"good! good! not i wanna see your guitar skills." JJ said amazed.
i placed the sticks on the seat and walked towards the red and white fender against the wall.
i plugged it in the amp and turnd the amp on.
"is the mic on?"i questioned JJ.
he coughed and nodded.
i stood by the mic and struck a few chords to see if the guitar was tuned.
it wasnt all tuned.
i placed my self on the piano stool and tuned it.
when i was done i checked the mic.
"test 1 test 67, i got pie from 7/11."
i stood up and started playing the guitar riff, the starting one, for "Knives And Pens" by Black Veil Brides.
singing it at perfect chick pitch and not getting a word wrong i then progressed to the pre-chorus.
screaming in perfection and totally having fun.
it would be moe fun with a band up here though.
after the first chorus i did the guitar solos in the middle of the song and started singing "caraphernelia" by Pierce The Veil,as in i cut off the song after the solo and just sang that.
after that chorus i then changed chords swiftly and smoothly to "Sink Or Swim" then fnished with a massive guitar solo.
through-out the song the chords where changed to match all the songs and done swiftly, almost as if this was your first time heairing it you'd think it was the actualy song.
i looked into the eyes of every student in the room.
pure amazement was all could see.
in some there was jealousy and envy but oh well.
"im totally lost for words." JJ said as he brought his hands together and started clapping . soon the whole class was clapping along with him and whoops and hollers could be hear from the direction of the door.
i turned my head there and saw what looked like the whole school but i miught be over-exaggerating.
a LOT of kids were there, gawking at me, like boy's who'd never seen a girl before.
i felt awkward under the spotlight, awkward but proud and happy. But still awkward
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CeciliaLee-Anne said...
Mar. 20, 2014 at 10:30 pm
Hey guys. Its Cecilia and I'd just like to let you guys know that I'll begin editing and uploading more frequently (ONE OR TWICE A WEEK) and I hope ya'll will like it.
crazy-polish-chick-1 said...
Sept. 9, 2012 at 1:41 am
i want more!!!!! this is probably one of THE coolest bookest i have ever read!!!!! and trust me i have read alot!!!!! please add more its too good not to be finished!!!!! 
darklove38 said...
Jan. 19, 2012 at 12:46 am
im in love with tis book

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