Maci Brooks

December 12, 2011
By ellie5474, highland, New York
ellie5474, Highland, New York
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“Jamie, do not hang-” the line went dead. “Bitch,” I mumbled. I turned back around so my back was no longer towards the man on the bench, and crossed my arms.
“Sounds like you got some problems with that girl Jamie.” The man said.
“You were listening to my conversation? Seriously?” I asked.
“You were right there, I couldn’t help it.” I realized that by the sound of his voice the guy sitting next to me wasn’t much older than I was. Though, I was still skeptical about his actual age because his hood was down and covering his face. “Why are you in the park on such a crumby day?”
“I was looking for someone. How ‘bout you?” I asked.
“It’s my day off.”
“So you come to the park to sit on a bench?”
“Well that, and too think.” He lit up another cigarette.
“You got another one of those?” I asked.
“Yeah, here.” He moved one seat over on the bench and handed me a cigarette, then a lighter.
“Does you grandmother know that you smoke?” He asked.
“Nope, I got to leave the apartment too.” Out of curiosity I leaned over to see the face of the person that I was talking too. Who else would know whom I am living with but-“Tony?” I ripped off his hood.

Ellie A.

Maci Brooks

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