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Cirque Du someday

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Money aint' no friend

As the ocean water was crashing into the shore in closed my eyes and felt the cold breeze from the ocean on my face and knew that I was at peace. I was happy. Soon enough my eyes opened to the bright sunlight through the balcony. I had slept through dinner all the way into the next morning. Walking into the bathroom I grabbed a cloth and dampened it with cold water. Dabbing my face and looking into the mirror to examine it. Today I think I’m going to try something new. Grabbing the bag of makeup, and hair curler. After 45 minutes of perfecting my makeup, and curling my almost waist length hair. My hair was filled with waves and had natural brown eye shadow and mascara for makeup. I placed out a pair of black jeans and a peachy pink shirt. Walking downs stairs my aunt and uncle were sitting at the table. Rhonda was eating her gross non fat yogurt with flax seeds, and they had put out a bowl of my favourite cereal. “Honey your friend.. Viola called? She said she wanted to pick you up this morning, so I told her to go ahead. Is it alright if she takes over my job for this morning” “Yea for sure did she say what time she would be here at?” sitting down at the table and pouring the milk into the bowl filled with frosted flakes. “She said that she would be he-.” Aunt Rhonda’s sentence was cut off by the blow of the car horn. Taking in one more spoon full of the milky cereal and grabbing my bag I ran out.
There miss Viola sitting in a black Mercedes. Totally different to the car she was driving yesterday. “ZOE! So great to see you all dolled up. So what do you think, you like? I needed a new change, one to represent a new year” “yeah Viola it’s amazing” “thank you I picked it up this morning on my way to pick you up, and I realised I had some spare time so..” Viola reached into the back seat of the car and grabbed a beautifully packed bag with pink tissue. “Here you go, I couldn’t let you wear whatever else you would have to my little get together this Friday, It’s the least I could do” reaching into the white and pink bag and pulling out the light pink and black lace dress I had tried on yesterday. “Viola you really shouldn’t have” “well I did, you really saved my life yesterday, it’s the least I could do! Anyways you can’t take it back so you have to keep it.” Turning the car on Viola slammed on the Gas and off we went to school.
The day felt like forever, I was so excited for later on that Friday night. Wow meeting a whole group of girls I do not know at all, yeah I’m shy but I wonder what is going to happen. I really hope they’ll all just see the real me. The thought was abruptly interrupted by a group of boys approaching me asking me if I could do any clown tricks for me. Confused I kept on going walking and then a boy asked said, “Hey I’m snowflake, what’s your clown name?” walking away laughing with a group I was concerned and confused. I walked to my locker and started unloading the books that I had brought home the night before.

All of a sudden Sam came up to my locker. “Oh my goodness, I cannot believe her!!” Sam said in a very angry tone. “Excuse me, care to explain I’m so confused!?” Sam pulled her laptop out of her bag and opened a web page. A video popped up of Nicole dressed up as a clown. The video started and she started talking “So as hopefully most of you know, we have a new student! Have you heard? We have a new student, she’s a circus clown! Now I think all of seaside should give her our best clown welcome to this freak!” The video closed and a picture of me dressed in a clown suit and a yellow clown outfit pooped up laughing. I cannot believe this, only 3 days at this new school and I’ve already made enough enemies that I can count on two hands!
Viola ran up, “Oh my goodness Zoe, I am surely going to pay that bag a visit. How rude is that”. The bell rang and it was then time Science. “Viola its okay, she’s in my next class ill talk to her.” “Tell that Martian that I’ll give her a good piece of mind if she doesn’t leave you alone” Viola shouted across the hallway. As all the seats in the class where filling up, I saw Nicole sitting down and quickly slid into the seat next to her. “Hey Nicole, What was with that video. And what did I do to deserve that?”. “Look Zoe, This school is not easy to get situated into, well at least not for me. So when I saw you walking off with viola yesterday it struck a bone in me. “Well if you want friends then that are defiantly a way you’ll get them.” About to get up and move seats but then Nicole grabbed onto my arm. “Please, I’m really sorry. But just don’t let me sit beside myself.” I was gladdened to see that someone actually wanted me to sit with them. The class was long and boring and I`m sure I slept through most of it. I’m really glad that I and Nicole are actually starting to become friends. More friends mean a better year. The thought of a better year made me feel warm inside.
Walking outside the afternoon sun blinded me for a few seconds, looking for Viola I couldn`t seem to get my visuals focused. Then grabbing my books and using them as a visor. “Zoe!! How excited are you for tonight?! I have so much planned! So much to do! Your still in for helping me with set up, right?”, “yeah for sure!” I brought all my stuff with me so I can just change and get ready before the girls come over!”
It seemed like we had been driving for at least a hour through Beverly Hills, after seeing Violas car I was so ready to see the home, or should I say mansion that she lived in. Turning down a private road we came to a giant gate. Viola rolled down her window, “Yes Charley its Viola. Open the damn gate, your keeping the guest waiting.” Letting out a laugh “who in the world is Charley?” “It’s my butler, I swear he’s def.” Driving up the driveway that was practically the width of any other highway the side of the road was covered in tropical plants and flowers. Finally we came to the end of the driveway.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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