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For Longer or No Longer

Author's note: This was a story written for a school asignment.
Author's note: This was a story written for a school asignment.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 4

Dinner was delicious. A four course meal served on silver platters. Mom and Dad seemed so amazed by the service, but my brother and I loved the all you can eat ice cream bar. We started our dinner off with an appetizer of with spicy Buffalo wings that left Sam drinking five glasses of water and only to start with. Then we had a family size salad complete with colorful vegetables and flavorings. After that we had our main meal that included tender chicken cooked with vegetable rice and served with steamy carrots and spaghetti with red sauce. Finally we had our dessert and trust me, we left knowing that we had eaten enough ice cream to last one person a life time. Thought there was a reason for that. The ice cream was soft and smooth, not too thick or thin, but just the perfect combination to leave you wanting more. The bill wasn’t too bad either considering everything we ate. “A price no one can beat.” Is what our waiter said.
As we headed back up to our room, we noticed a crowd of people that had formed outside the zoo entrance. Faintly through the dark I saw neon strips of yellow tape with black writing on them and a long mysterious black bag that looked as if something up to six feet tall and three feet wide could fit inside. Some trucks and cars were parked out front with lights flashing on them every few seconds. We were all too tired and full then to realize what had happened, but soon enough we would find out what had occurred and what was no longer. We took the elevator up to our room, which was located on the 10th floor. Slowly the four of us stumbled down the hallway and into our room where we changed our clothes, brushed our teeth and went to bed. Although before I could fall asleep Sam started to snore and I started to wish that I didn’t get the window seat on the plane.
The next morning I awoke to the sound of the television. Mom had just turned on the TV and was watching the local news. I slowly crawled to the end of the pull out bed where she was seated and plop down next to her.
“Good morning and thank you for tuning in to Honolulu News.”
“Today we have a story on the zoo outbreak that occurred last night at the Pacific Beach Hotel.” Mom and I gasped at the same time. That was our hotel! I ran over to the window where we had a clear view of the zoo. All I saw was the yellow tape for last night and some police cars. Form the window I could hear the news reporter clearly.
“We were told that the Tigers at the zoo somehow broke out and attacked one man by the name of Robert Pickleberry. The man was closing down the zoo when he was attacked; the tigers then left his body and headed off. Sadly, Mr. Pickleberry was dead when the police arrived and the tigers had already made their way to a new location.” I looked at my mom. Mr. Pickleberry was the man that had so kindly told me about the White Bengal tiger’s yesterday afternoon. I thought for a minute wondering if he knew that the tigers were going to break out and that he would be their first victim. The news reporter went on.
“Police have locked down the city and have started their search for these tigers. They ask that all citizens and vacationers stay out of harm’s way and remain in a safe location. Once the city is safe again and the tigers have been found all may be free to go out and continue with their day to day life.” I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. Are vacation was ruined, Mr. Pickleberry was dead, and some deadly tigers were on the loose. I was scared, I was angry, and I wanted to go home! Then a though accrued to me.
“Where are Dad and Sam?” Mom looked at me.
“Oh, they just went to find some breakfast. They’re still in the hotel, don’t worry.” That took some weight off my shoulders. Mom and I sat there in front of the TV until Sam and Dad returned. When we told them what happened Dad seemed a little frightened, but Sam, he seemed as if he just took a ride on the coolest rollercoaster in the world.
“Awesome!” he shouted. “So there are murderous tigers freely roaming around here? Cool!”
I wanted to tell him that this was not cool at all, but I knew that would only lead to arguing. When we turned back to the TV screen they were continuing on the story.
“Police are now informing us that they have found the body of a woman in the Ala Wai Canal. She has seemed to have been mauled by one, if not both of the White Bengal Tigers that escaped from the Pacific Beach Hotel yesterday afternoon. The identity of this woman has been asked to be kept confidential, but we will have more on the story at noon.” I wasn’t scared anymore I was terrified, these tiger were going to kill anyone that became part of a problem for them.
The next three days were spent in the hotel and around the hotel. We didn’t dare go off the resort property because the hotel was the only safe place we knew of. My brother and I swam in the pool, walked around the hotel, and mostly drove my parents crazy. By the time my parents turned on the TV Friday night the few days we had been there felt like months. My parents were tired and board right along with Sam and I.
“Good Evening and welcome to Honolulu News. We have breaking news directly from the Police about the Tiger outbreak earlier this week.” My Dad turned up the TV.
“Two of the search groups that have gone out looking for these troublesome tigers have spotted their suspects. It was told to us that the tigers were found in the process of attacking their prey. Although this time there prey was an unlucky school of fish that just happened to be swimming up river at the time. So far these predators have killed two people that are known of by the Honolulu Police. The Tigers are being pursued right know and by morning the police will have the tigers in a secure location and all will be able to go back to their day to day life.” We were all tired so we decided to go to bed and in the morning go for a hike in the rainforest because our vacation island was now safe.
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