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The Healing

Author's note: This isn't the complete book, but I am too excited to wait until it's done to submit it! Be prepared, it's intense.
Author's note: This isn't the complete book, but I am too excited to wait until it's done to submit it! Be prepared, it's intense.  « Hide author's note
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Healing Begins

“Did I ever tell you how good of a brother you are?” I ask Joe. We’re both sitting on the hood of my car and I’m sketching.
“No. Thank you. You’re a good sister.” He laughed.
“Don’t get me wrong, I want to strangle you sometimes but I love you.”
“Do I have my sister back?” He said moving my hair from my face. My face was still sallow, with dark circles under my grey eyes; they used to be blue, but no more.
“Maybe.” I smiled.

Monday came. Mother still didn’t know what HE did, not that I wanted her to. She survived in her thought that HE still loved her. I felt so bad for her. It was January, and cold and wet. I pulled on one of Joe’s old sweatshirts and my old jeans. I drove to school in my new car, awesome. I take notes for once in school. It’s like a veil has been pulled off my senses. I can feel everything; I care.
“Hey,” James Blockwood says while I’m getting my art stuff out. “You’re Jenna right?” I know him from church. He plays guitar for the little kids, though you would never know it from looking at him. He’s tall, I mean really tall, I’m 5’7” and he’s almost a head taller than me in heels, he has brown hair that’s cut pretty short and I think his dad is native American, anyway, he always wears a black T-shirt and jeans, always. I’ve had a crush on him for almost a year. Why he’s talking to me I have no idea.
“You play electric guitar right?”
“Well, I know this is weird, but we need a lead guitar for our band.” Right, he was in a heavy metal band! I knew that. “I was thinking, maybe you could play. Joe said you were really good.” I roll my eyes; I knew Joe was in on this. “Here’s my address, we practice in the basement, just tell my mom your there for the band. Come over after school.”
“Ok?” He takes a pen from his pocket and scribbles down his address and hand it to me.
“Thanks so much! You will do it won’t you?” What should I say? I mean: I want to but do I really want to? What if something happens? What if one of his band wants to go out with me? Then what?
“Of course. I would love to.” Did I just say that?
“Cool! See ya’!” He says and rushed off to class.

I had gotten a guitar from HIM four years ago, same reason HE gave me the car, for my thirteenth birthday. I took lessons and had really gotten good but then I shut down and I haven’t picked it up for a while.
I ran home after school and picked it up, along with my amp. I took out my iPhone and got directions to James’ house, it wasn’t that far away. A tall blond lady came to the door when I rang the bell.
“I’m here for the band?” I made it a question.
“Oh yes! You’re Jenna! Come on in. They’re just getting started, go on down.” She opened a door with stairs that lead downward.
I went down the carpeted steps. Their basement was not a basement at all. There were French doors leading to the backyard, a flat screen mounted on the wall, and there was a mini-fridge in the corner. The only thing that was different was there was a twin bed in the corner and the walls were painted black with posters of all my favorite bands.
“Oh. Hey, Jenna! Guys this is Jenna, she’s gunna replace Rob.” There were three more guys, I found out their names were Paul, Kirby, and Lance. Who names their kids Kirby? They were all wearing black or some neon color, how original. I waved.
“I have to warn you. I haven’t played in a couple of months.” I said, taking out my guitar.
“That’s okay. Here, we’re playing these songs.” Lance hands me a folder. I flip through it. Most of it I’ve played before so this won’t be too humiliating.
“Cool.” I say. Awkward pause.
“Well. Lets warm up.” James claps his hands and we get started. I warm up with a few plucks, then strum the beginning of “World So Cold” by Three Days Grace. Then move onto “From The Inside” by Linkin Park, a song in the folder.
“Dude. You’re good.” Kirby says. I notice they’re all looking at me.
“Yeah. James, you have good taste!” Lance says. I smile.
“Thanks.” I mumble, smiling and tuning my guitar.

We “practiced” for a good three hours before we all had to go. I had friends. Wow. I had friends that made me want to go to school. I had “buddies”. Is this what having a life feels like? Awesome.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 14 Next »

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