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Unfortunate Stories of Unfortunate People

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Liam’s Story starting in 08/01/11

I woke up in the pitch darkness and I didn’t know what time it was, but it didn’t matter either way. I knew my parents were downstairs partying because I could hear the thumping of the loud irritable music. Man, I hated pop music; it was so annoying and so happy sounding. I got up from my bed and walked across my room to silently open the huge window in my room that had black long curtains draping down from it. Those curtains were there because my parents didn’t like anyone looking inside of the house. They were everywhere, around every corner I saw, but their curtains were a maroon color. Mine was black because it shows nothing. Like me on the inside, I’m empty. I felt a cool breeze as it crawled through the window. Ah, the aroma of fresh air. I hated the smell of my house which was always the dreadful scent of either marijuana, pot, or anything else my parents did that I don’t even know of.

I tore off the screen it had which I always took off anyway, because every night I escape out of this nightmare which is reality. I liked to explore the outside world, which was magnificent. Other than that, I just liked to have my own time alone under my tree in the middle of no where, which is where I live pretty much. That’s the only place I feel safe other than away from this mess of a place. I don’t even call it home anymore; it doesn’t feel like it at all. My parents don’t even talk to me either since they started using. I take care of myself now, and I’m almost 15 years old.

I jumped out the window within the night, and just walked slowly enjoying the silence of the night. My parents, Layna Elizabeth Winsky and Ronald Robert Winsky are always partying, like that makes a difference. They don’t care about me either way, all they do is use, party, drink, and sleep. I don’t even see them eating, but who cares? I miss the old days when they didn’t do all this crap. I was with them all the time, but I was little. They always played with me, brought me to the park, gave me toys and games, and just plain were there. I don’t miss the things I got from them, I miss them. I miss their natural selves, when they only wanted to eat natural food. They were vegetarians too until they started all of whatever. I don’t know, maybe I was too much for them but who cares now? It was all in the past, and I bet they just stopped loving me. Yeah, that’s right. When I was 10 years old they first started going out late at night to bars once in a while. I didn’t like it; I was never home alone at night until then. Then they started going every night and after a while they started having parties at the house, they do that every night now. Then they started everything else after they started hanging out with these couple named John and Olivia. They are real potheads and rednecks. They were always mean to me from the start. But oh well.

I sat down at my tree and just listened into the night, hearing the chirps of crickets. I loved the nature, I loved animals too. The kids at school mostly hate me; they always call me “Goth” and what not. Oh well, they can’t judge me either way. I can dress how I want to and listen to what I want to as well. I have two friends though; they are kind of like me. I’m not too close to either of them, but they come around once in a while. Bailey is very pretty and nice, I sort of like her. She has dark brown hair that lengths to her shoulders and she has very pretty green eyes. My other friend is Matthew, he’s pretty cool too. He is very tall and has brown hair that’s long and close to black eyes. I don’t like hanging around with a lot of people, but I don’t know why. I like to be alone most of the time, and just think. Or draw, yes I like to draw and sing a lot. Singing is what I do when I’m not around anyone.
I started to sing my favorite song, Helena by My Chemical Romance, and just relax. All of a sudden, I heard the thumping of feet on the ground that seemed like whoever it was were walking towards me. I sat up quickly, and ran behind the tree silently.

“So, Ronald, you’re moving?” Asked one of my dad’s drinking pals Alexander.

“Yeah, Alexander, I can’t get caught here in this small town. The police already know something weird is going on in this house. My wife, my kid,” He snorted, I rolled my eyes, trying not to cry, “and I need to move to some place HUGE, that’s not too far away.” My dad told him.

“Hey, I can hook you up.” Alexander replied.

“Oh, really?” My dad asked him surprised. I could tell he was close to being drunk.

“Yeah, c’mon,” Alexander almost yelled because he seemed excited, “let’s go inside and I can show you on the internet.”

“Okay…” My dad replied, and they started walking towards the house again.

Wow, now we’re moving…How great! I sarcastically thought. I wonder if my parents would ever change if they moved to a big city, but I doubt it.

I ended up falling asleep under my tree and got up in the middle of the night to walk back to my house, and sneak back into my room through the window. I wonder if my parents would even mind if I ran away… because I felt like doing that.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 17 Next »

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