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Red Popsicle Summers

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Hannah's First and Unforgettable Date

“I can’t believe it. Max and I have never been in a fight before. But he also has no reason to get mad at me right?” I asked.
Katie and I were hanging out in my room; I was fretting about Max’s call at the moment. It was Friday night and she was sleeping over.
“I don’t know what to do Katie! You’ve got to help me!”
I was freaking out! Had I been all wrong in attacking Max the way I did? I thought what I said was okay as I was talking to him. But now that I think back on it, it was pretty harsh. He didn't lose track of time on purpose... it was an accident. Great, now he hates me.
“You did nothing wrong. I think it’s his fault, and actually he might just be a tad bit jealous of the fact that you have a date. Don’t you think?”
“I guess so.” I said, “I just feel really bad about being so rude to him. I don’t think he deserved it.”
“Come on, you have to stick up for yourself. Things just might be changing now that we’re in high school. I know you guys have been friends forever, but, well, maybe it’s time for a change.”
“Yeah, maybe. I still feel bad though. I mean, Max is my best friend and all, I should feel bad. If I didn't, that would be the bad thing. That I didn't feel bad. Ahh, it's so confusing."
“Just don’t let Adam see it. He might think there is something more between you and Max and might not want to see you again. And that wouldn’t be good.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“You go for it girl, oh and about that thing with Eric, I noticed it at lunch today. I wonder what’s going on with that boy.”
“I don’t know but I don’t want to think about it right now.” I ended, ”This whole thing with Max is making me really frustrated and confused.”
It was getting late so Katie and I resolved to watching Legally Blonde, our favorite movie, halfway through the movie I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open. I'd focus my eyes and then ten seconds later find myself slowly closing them. I must have fallen asleep sometime in there because when I woke up I was with my mom and my Aunt Clara. We were in New York, and all three of us were dressed up to the tens. I looked down at the ticket in my hand. It was glittery pink with sparkles all over and read, Legally Blonde: The Musical. I was so excited. When we took our seats in the theatre, I suddenly found myself on the stage. I was about to get myself off when Max suddenly showed up in my way. I ran to the opposite side and there was Adam. I ran back to the center of the stage, just as the show was starting. The lights hit me and I felt like I was paralyzed, but then I got my muscles working and jumped off the stage, I had thought the floor was right underneath me but then it opened up and I fell through a hole and just kept falling, falling, falling...
"AHHH!" I woke up out of breath from screaming as I fell. I finally went back to sleep after lying there staring at the ceiling for what seemed like forever. The rest of the night I slept ok, enough so that I wasn’t dead when I awoke.

In the morning Katie and I both got up late and hung around the house.
“Good morning mom!” I said coming down the stairs, Katie following close behind me.
“Good morning girls!” My mom was sitting at the table in her robe; underneath it she had on pajamas pants that had little sheep all over them and a matching tank top. She was drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper. “How did you sleep?”
“Okay, you?”

“Very well. Now, Hannah, ” she said looking up at me, “what are you going to wear tonight? You know you must look fabulous. I mean it is your first date with him.”
It surprised me that she had remembered my date with Adam. I had thought I would have to remind her. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and it hit me. I had nothing to wear!
“I have no idea.” I answered.
“How about we go out and find you something cute to wear, Hmm?” she asked.
“Can Katie come too?” I said looking over at Katie who was standing beside me.
“Sure, as long as it’s ok with her mom.”
I eyed Katie and she said, “I’m sure it’s fine but I will call to make sure.”

“Woo hoo!” I screamed as I ran up the stairs with Katie.

After she called her mom, we quickly got dressed as fast as we could and ran back down the stairs.
My mom was still sitting at the table drinking her coffee when we re-entered the kitchen.
She just looked at us and said, “Well I see you guys are very excited! How about I drop you guys off so I don’t hold you back from having a good time.”
“No way mom.” I said, “You’re going to get dressed in your best outfit and then you're coming with us!”
“Oh ok.” She said happily. I could tell she really did want to go. And after Katie and my help she looked fabulous. She’s always in her bland outfits and make up and I think color really helps her image. We ended up choosing a cute patterned mid length dress and simple black sandals. I let her hair down and fixed her make up for her.
We went downstairs and got in the car, heading off for a fun filled day of shopping and prepping for the date tonight.

When we returned I rushed upstairs so I would have as much time as possible to get my self completely ready, Katie rushed after me and she had most of the packages.
I had picked out a cute dark blue scoopneck dress along with white sandals from Urban Outfitters. It was a little more expensive than I had expected but my mom said it was a time I would remember forever and that I had to look good.
I ended up getting my hair done at a salon and they curled it beautifully so that it looked like I came right off the cover of a magazine. In it I had a thin white headband.
My mom lent me this beautiful necklace and matching earrings that my dad had given her as a present once, she treasures them so much. I have asked to borrow them before and it has always been no.
I think this is as much of a big step for her as it is for me. Katie left about five minutes before the doorbell rang.

Adam was there right on time and he looked very handsome, and sexy, in his jeans and dark t-shirt. It was just tight enough so that you could see his lovely six pack showing through but it wasn't overly tight, so as my mom would still approve.
My mom invited him in and she was not at all embarrassing. I was expecting the worst from her but she behaved well. It made me proud to call her my mother.
We all sat down in the living room right off the front entryway. It’s never used except when we have company, which is not very often. I was surprised we sat there instead of going into the kitchen or dining room.
“So you must be Adam?” she said, “Hannah has said wonderful things about you.”
“Why yes I am. And I am glad to hear that Hannah talks about me.” He said with one of those dazzling smiles of his.
I think my mom was impressed. Her smile brightened. I knew she could tell why I liked this guy. He was amazing.
“Where will you guys be going?” she asked.
“I thought we could stop at Zed’s pizza and have dinner then head out to the movies. If that is ok with you Ms. Leigh.”
“Oh that sounds fine, but what movie were you planning to see? I would like to approve of it before you go.” She said still smiling, she was pleased, thank heavens!
“I thought I would let Hannah pick, since she’s my date.” He replied.
“Oh how sweet of you!” she cooed, “I knew I would like you. You seem like a fine gentleman. Now where do your parents work?”
“Ok I think it’s time to go.” I said springing up from my seat. I knew if she got into where his parents worked and related topics we would be there forever.
I grabbed Adam’s hand and pulled him along. I didn’t even have time to think about the fact that I was holding Adam’s hand!
“We’ll be back by 10 o’ clock mom!” I yelled, pulling the door shut quickly as we left.
Adam and I were alone for the first time. There was an uncomfortable silence, when I noticed there was no car waiting.
I turned to Adam and said, “By the way, how are we getting there?”
He looked back at me and blushed. He is so cute when he does that!
“We have to walk because my parents couldn’t drive. I’m sorry! I k-know this must look bad. I have a date with an amazing girl and I don’t even have a way to get her to where we are going!” he said looking down at his feet.
“It’s ok!” I said, “Trust me walking is so much better for me anyway and then we can be alone. Not have your parents listening to us talk.”
“Oh I am so glad you’re not mad! All the other girls I have gone out with would have been super pissed and walked away.” He replied.
“How many other girls have you gone out with?” I asked coyly.
“Only one and it turned out horribly…” He said and blushed again.

We walked right up the street and a little ways to the outdoor shopping mall called The Block.
We had no trouble getting there and Adam made sure I was safe crossing the street. He is such a nice guy. I have to admit I was a tiny bit scared to be alone with a guy with all the things that you hear and see about guys taking advantage of girls, but he never once did anything to make me uncomfortable. I didn’t think he would, but you can never be sure.
It was a pleasant walk and we talked and laughed all the way there. We got there sooner than I expected and walked into Zed’s Pizza, the swinging door closing behind us. Everybody who’s anybody comes here on Saturday night and I couldn’t wait to see the look on Amy Williams’s face when she saw me with Adam. For a little background, we were best friends in fifth grade up until seventh grade and then she turned cool and popular and I didn’t exist anymore. She treated my horribly and never gave me a reason why she dropped me. I would ask her constantly and she would just ignore me.
I remember a time when she humiliated me in front of the whole grade. In the end it backfired on her and caused me some great fame. I wasn’t considered weird after that, people thought I had guts instead.

It was near the end of seventh grade. She and her little posse would make fun of me for my clothes and for being friends with Max. She invited me to her party and I, being very stupid back then, thought she was actually being nice to me and accepted.
She lived in the biggest house I had ever seen. It was four stories high, and she had the whole third floor to herself. I remember getting lost one time in fifth grade and I had to scream her name for almost five minutes, I had been down in the basement without knowing it.
So it was the first boy/girl party ever in our grade. Well not the first, but it was the first pretty much non-exclusive boy/ girl party ever. She invited almost the whole school and the house still wasn’t full. It was destined that she would have the first boy/girl party because that’s just how things worked. If you even tried to have one before her it would never work out, she would find some way to ruin it.
It was half way through the party and she had instructed we all bring our swimming suits because she had a heated pool out back with a Jacuzzi. We were playing truth or dare and Amy dared me to go skinny-dipping in her pool. Of course I was like now way am I doing that and then they all started calling me chicken and saying I was a loser because I wouldn’t do it.
“Loser!” They all screamed. “L-O-S-E-R!”
I couldn’t take it much longer. It was strong and overpowering.
“Fine,” I said loudly, so I could be heard over the chorus of “loser”, “I’ll do it if you do something for me.” I added mischievously, lowering my voice for effect.
It became really quiet then everyone shut up and looked back and forth from Amy, to me and then back.
“What are you saying?” She asked me.
“I’m saying I’ll skinny dip if you will make out with Ugly Larry.”
“Ew!” All her little friends squealed.
Ugly Larry was what we all called this nerdy kid named Larry who still acted like a kindergartener in that he still picked his nose and ate glue. Yes I know, very disgusting. Amy’s closest friend Jamie whispered to her. “Don’t do it it’s not worth it.” But Amy ignored her. Instead she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “It’s on, Hannah, it’s on.”
“Wait, I’m not done yet,” I added, “Also you have to promise that from now on you’ll leave me alone.”
“Fine, now strip Hannah Banana.” She replied using my old nickname.
“I mean really leave me alone, that includes all the comments, tricks, pranks, they are done.”
‘Whatever you want.” She said nonchalantly with a flick of her hand. “Now stop stalling and go, so we can get this party really started!” She lifted the glass in her hand and looked around at all her guests.
“Ya’ll don’t want to wait forever do you?” She asked.
“NO!” They all screamed,
“Shake on it!” Someone screamed.
She stuck out her hand and we shook on it. I really thought she would leave me alone after, she did lesson up but the sneers and jabs never ended. I guess deep down I did know it wasn’t possible. Amy was Amy, never changing.
“Okay now go!” The same person screamed out.
“You first.” I said.
She stared at me for a time and then snapped, “Fine!” She handed her cup to Jamie and walked defiantly over to Ugly Larry slightly wobbling in her five inch heels. She led him to a bench by the pool sat on his lap and leaned in and kissed him hard. She did it a couple more times and then got up leaving Ugly Larry sitting there stunned beyond belief.
“Done! Now strip Hannah. This is getting boring, all this standing around, stalling, nothing can help you now, hunny buns.” She said with a sickening sweet smile on her face taking her drink back from Jamie and taking a large sip.
“Fine!” I snapped back.
Katie was standing beside me and she looked at me and said, “You’re really going to do this?”
“Yes I am Katie. I don’t really have a choice now do I?” I said with a shrug.
“I guess not.”
“And don’t worry,” I added, “I got this covered.”
I winked at her and then walked over to the side of the pool and looked in. I couldn’t believe I was doing this in front of everyone.
“Hurry up! God, you’re so slow Hannah!”
I looked down into the still water; it wouldn’t look that way for long if I went through with this. I stepped away from the pool edge and walked over to the cabana style pool house.
“What are you doing, Hans Banans?” She called out, “You know we had a deal. Are you going to chicken out now?”
“Don’t get too excited Amy.” I said coolly, “I was just going to make this a little more exciting.”
“Oh nice.” One of Amy’s friends murmured, gaining herself a death glare from her leader.
I stepped into the little hut and stared at myself in the mirror. Was I really going to do this? I thought. Yes was the only answer I had. I stripped and looked again at my reflection. I saw a strong girl looking back at me, the total opposite of who I normally was. It felt good to be in control of myself, even if it was for only a moment.
I hovered by the door, preparing myself for what I was about to do. As I couldn’t wait any longer I stepped out into a sprint like never before, I threw my hands down on the hard ground and landed a simple cartwheel followed by a back handspring ending in a perfect dive that broke the surface of the cold water. I had always been a great swimmer and not to mention the intense gymnastics training I took when I was six. I still had it in me. I had quit when I was ten but still practiced every so often.
I surfaced and smiled at Amy’s shocked face. Her mouth had dropped like a heavy weight. Everyone was cheering for me. I had turned what should have been a humiliating moment into something completely different.
Katie ran into the pool house and grabbed one of the many Victoria’s Secret robes. And I pulled myself right out of the pool and into it. I mock waved and blew kisses to my “fans” and laughed. Katie’s panicked expression from before was now full of joy that things hadn’t turned out badly.
It made me seem like not such a un-cool person and many of the people who hadn’t liked me before decided to get to know me and they soon saw that they were all wrong about me. I soon became a lot more outgoing and people accepted me and almost everyone became my friend. I was popular in a non-controlling sense like Amy. I was just simply nice and friendly to everyone I met.
The incident never hurt Amy in any way. She now had less power over me but people still yearned for her approval all the same. But ever since then she has always wanted to get back at me. I knew she didn’t like me before but now it was a blazing, fiery hate.
It became a silent war between us, which I was reluctant to participate in. But I did either way; I couldn’t just ignore her. It didn’t work that way.
Now this is one thing I’ll have before her, Adam. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t agree to go out with him just to piss Amy off, I’m not that low. It’s just an added bonus to going out with such a great guy. People never forgot that night. Nobody ever brought it up anymore but I knew it would be there forever. It would never leave my memory.

As we walked in I noticed how busy the place was. It was amazing! I had never been here before because I was never invited to go with anyone and you can’t go alone. It is a social suicide.
The place was hopping with people and everyone looked to be enjoying themselves and I had the sudden feeling I had been missing out on so much.

Adam took my hand and led me to a table near the back corner. It was a perfect intimate tale for two. I savored the feeling of his hand in mine. It was smooth and soft and I didn’t want to let go and almost didn’t.
I looked around and saw Amy with all her friends at a table right across from ours. It was a bigger table and the people there were obviously on a triple date.
I turned back to Adam and the waitress handed us our menus. She asked for our drink orders and we got 2 creamy vanilla milkshakes.
When she left Adam and I started talking about ourselves and got to know each other better.
“So, is this place ok with you?” he asked.
“Yeah, I have always wanted to come in here but never got the chance.” I said..
“Well, I’ve actually never been here either. I hope it’s good.” He said and then he smiled and I just melt right then and there when he does.
“Me too.” I replied, “So Adam, I am so sorry about my mom. I told her to not be to nosy and I think she was ok but what did you think?”
“I thought she was perfectly fine. No problems at all.” He added with a grin.
“I have to meet your parents now and compare.” I said
“Oh but with it you get to meet my crazy sisters.” He joked back.
That’s when the waiter came back with our drinks. I had almost forgot where I was for a moment. When I saw the shake, I laughed right out loud. They had made one mega big shake and put two cute straws with hearts attached in it.
“I hope I was right in bringing the date shake.” She said looking embarrassed.
”Oh no it’s just perfect!” I said still laughing.
“Okay good. Are you two ready to order?” She asked putting the drink down in the center of the table.
“Yes,” Adam started, “We will split one small vegetarian pizza and an antipasto salad. Those sound good to you Hannah?”
“That sounds perfect.” I said smiling. It felt nice to have Adam order for me. It made me feel special.
“Okay I’ll bring that to you as soon as it’s ready.” She said and then turned to wait on another table.
I wanted to try the delicious looking shake but just as I leaned in to take a sip so did Adam and our heads bumped together and we both pulled away holding our hands on our heads. When we saw each other we both started laughing. It was pretty funny.
“Sorry.” We both said at the same time and started laughing again.
I made a move back towards it and he did too. I leaned back and said “After you.”
“No after you.”
I leaned forward and tried the shake with out physical contact. It really was heavenly.
“Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed, “You have to try this. It’s the best shake I have ever had.”
“Okay.” He said leaning in the try it for himself, “Mmm…I totally agree with you.”
We took turns one after the other taking sips until our food arrived and neither of us took our time getting some food into our stomachs.

When we finished our meal we walked out and made our way to the movie theater. The Block was just crawling with couples on dates.
When we got to the theater, Adam asked what I wanted to see. He said it was up to me but I said I think he should choose and we went back and forth constantly. Finally we decided on one, got our tickets for it and headed inside.
He picked a seat towards the middle back part. I didn’t really know what he meant by this or if it was an innocent act. Most of the time when people sit in the back row they don’t normally spend their time watching the movie but instead did other things, if you know what I mean.
I really wasn’t sure if I was ready for that exactly. But didn’t want too bring it up in case he actually wasn’t thinking about that.
The movie started shortly after we got seated and it started off good. About half way through the movie, how it happened I don’t know, but his arm was around me and I was snuggled into him.
It felt really good and I was sad when the movie ended and I had to move away from him.
We walked back and all was well. I concluded in my head that the night had gone very well and then I noticed I hadn’t even had a tiny thought about Max at all and it made me fell slightly guilty but I brushed it away. I didn’t want to ruin the perfect night.
Adam walked me to my door and we stood there awhile.
“I had an amazing time tonight, Hannah.” He said, “You’re a really great girl.”
“I had a great time too.” I said and smiled, “I had my doubts but you turned out to be a great guy and I’m glad.”
He leaned a little closer and my heart started beating a little bit faster than it had been.
“I’m glad you like me,” He replied and he kept getting closer “because I feel the exact same way, about you.”
At that moment he leaned in closer and his lips touched mine and they locked together. It felt amazing and my heart was going crazy in my chest. I almost completely forgot to kiss him back but something in my mind triggered my senses. I remember talking with Katie about this moment she said you should lean to the right and just follow the guy. I never knew exactly what she meant but now I do.
It lasted for some time and like all the other things that had happened tonight I never wanted it to stop. But of course we couldn’t be there all night and so we split apart and that’s when I noticed Max standing there, at the front of my walk, a strange look on his face. He had beautiful flowers in his hand.
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wordlover27 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 11:37 am
This is the first time I read a whole book on Teen Ink! I was hooked on your story and just HAD to finish it! Just wondering though, why is it called "Red Popsicle Summers"?
cdmswimmer9 replied...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 11:40 am

The title is tentative right now. It refers to the memory of Max's sitting out on the tree with Hannah, eating red popsicles. I'm really bad at titling my work. :/

Just wondering, would you pick up the book in the store

ThespianChickAnnie said...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Oh MAN, this is good! Like, seriously. Amazing. :)

I agree with remembermyname, you should TOTALLY write a sequel. :)

cdmswimmer9 replied...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 9:34 pm
Thank you :)
remembermyname said...
Dec. 18, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Okay, first thing first, I freaking love this! It was not what I was expecting. AND that's a good thing. I was expecting the whole typical love story cliche. I loved.

Secondly, I was really hoping for Max and Hannah to fall in love, but when they didn't I was like, "Wow! That turned out pretty good anyway!" =)

Thirdly, MAKE A SUEQUEL OR SOMETHING! I was yearning for more when I  new I was almost done with the 25th chapter. I hate when the story ends at a re... (more »)

cdmswimmer9 replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 11:11 am
Thank you so much! I will definitely look at your work. I wrote this a couple years ago and it was m first, so it makes me very happy to hear such great things about it. :)
remembermyname replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm
NO problem!  Do you think you will make a sequel? It is going to be fantistic!
cdmswimmer9 replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 10:04 pm
I have already started one. But I only did a few chapters before I stopped. This was about a year ago, I haven't really looked at it since.

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