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Cherry Blossom

March 11, 2019
By audrayy, Pueblo West, Colorado
audrayy, Pueblo West, Colorado
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So much heartbreak for such a young sixteen year old girl. Her life seems normal, but reality woke up from a day dream. Alexa the class president of her high school, encounters grief after tragedy. Her friends and family help her on her journey. Alexa will come out stronger, she Hope's.

Audra Y.

Cherry Blossom

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mkazmierski said...
on Mar. 27 at 11:40 am
mkazmierski, Reno, Nevada
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Easy to read and very relevant subject. The writer does a great job of drawing the reader in and making them feel the loss in the story.

gyocum said...
on Mar. 27 at 12:02 am
gyocum, Pueblo, Colorado
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A gripping story that shows the other side of suicide.

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