Before You Know It

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

It was New Year. My brother and I were on the lake that night. It was a full moon and all the stars that light up the sky reflected the lake making it look like a dream. I had a red dress that fell to the floor, with my red lipstick that accented my red hair. The new year was just around the corner only a few minutes. We had a plan that day, we were going to my happy and no one would tell us what to do, no longer.

But a tragedy occurred when the clock hit 12:00, in that instant we lost control of the boat. It hit a large rock we had not notice and made turn the boat upside down. Lucky me I was able to get out and swim to the edge of the lake.

There was no sign of my brother, I don’t know if he got out of there or if he was still there. I screamed and screamed like a maniac but there was no answer from him.

“JASON! JASON!” I cried with all my force, “Where are you? Can you hear me?”

Finally, after 20 minutes had passed I decided to call the cops and tell them what happen. In a just a matter of seconds, everyone was there. Cops, ambulance, my mother and my father, reporters and almost all the town of  Winterfield.

I was surrounded by doctors, they were checked if I was doing fine and that I would not have any contusions. They cleaned up my bruises so that they wouldn’t get infected. I had two big ones on the right leg and one on the face that wasn't so big.

When the doctors finished doing their jobs. The cops came in but I couldn’t stop crying and telling them to go look for my brother that hadn’t come to the edge.

Immediately, they sent a patrol to look after him, but there was no sign at least for another 20 minutes. Until they saw a red-haired head floating. I was Jason’s body. They brought him to the shore where I can see him. He was dead. No pulse and he had some serious wounds. I thought to myself, only if I had called them before maybe, just maybe he would be alive and the could save him. I started to cry more and more.

When my parents got to the place of the accident they treated me like always, like if I was trash. They only looked for my brother, of course, he was their favorite. But when they saw him there cast in the dirt, dead, with his face without color, his eyes fully open like his soul already had left his body and the temperature of his skin cold like ice. My mom’s reaction was surprising, I would never imagine my mother so wreck. She threw herself to the ground and started to cry and do a scandal.

“Oh my baby, my poor baby. Who has done this to you? Why this happen to you?” She said to herself repeatedly.

While my father was behind her with his eyes shocked and crying like a baby but unlike my mother, he was in silence. I have never seen my dad like that, not even a single time. He never showed his soft side.

“Ho-ho- honey I think we should let the doctors and the police do their job, please let's go back home,” my father told my mother through his crack voice and his watery eyes.

“No! What you think he is Maxon?” My mother exasperated answered my father.

She never called my father by his name, almost never in her life. I had only heard her call him Maxon one time, it was a long time my father once got drunk enough he couldn’t walked my mother almost kicked him out the house. My mom has always had a strong temperament that is difficult to control. If someone does something that disturb, she takes it as a sign of war. Making that person’s life miserable.

“Honey they need the body to look at it and examine it. So please, I am begging you to give them space to do it.”

“But- but he is our baby honey, our Jason that is now dead!” She broke down again in tears but this time she backed up to let the doctors and the police do their job.

After they took his body all the reporters started to intervene with all these questions.What happen? was the first question I heard from one of them. What was the cause? I was in shock I didn’t knew how to respond.

My father calmed down the reporters and told them that we wouldn’t answer any questions then he took me first and apart from everyone else and directly to a big fat police officer. He started to asked me some questions.

“What happened?” This big fat cop asked me like of he blame me for what just happen.

Then I carried on with my part of the story and told them exactly what happened, well not exactly I don’t tell them our intentions on the boat and why we were there I change it a little. 

“I- I was in the boat with my brother celebrating the New Year and when the clock hit midnight the boat hit some type of rock and I the boat lost balance and flipped. Everything was on fire so we tried to go out as fast as possible. The last thing I saw was my brother behind me, but when I got out. I lost him. I couldn’t find him. When I got to the shore I tried to look for a sign but there was nothing, then I call the cops.” I couldn’t hold it more I started to cry to tears. My heart was devastated and my Jason is dead. Now I am alone.

The cops let me go and send to my parents. My mother took me by the arm and pull me like if I was an animal to the back of the white Range Rover. F***, I thought, now is all screw-up. After a few minutes had passed and both of my parents finished talking to the cops we could finally go.

In all the way back their mansion, they didn't say a single word. Anyways, not that I wanted to talk to them. they got in the garage parked the car. I when out faster than them and went straight to my room. Start to cry again and repeat the event in my mind a thousand times in my mind. Thinking and saying to myself that changes always happen on a new moon.

Part l

Chapter 1

Eight months before the accident.

In school, everyone is my pets. They do whatever I want them to do. People can do everything only to fit in, they are so pathetic.Only because my family is the owner of almost all the land in town. Even some teachers and the director want to have a good reputation with mommy and daddy.

They own almost all of the land and one thousand hectares of maple foster. The main family business maple honey, to be specific the name of the company is Caileys’ Maple Honey. It has passed through generations, first, it was my grandfather’s dad, then my grandfather and now daddy owns it. I imagine he wants Jason to continue with this huge company. But Jason they have put a lot of pressure on him. He has football and daddy is always telling him about the scholarship, since he is the team captain and only the team captain can win it.

Unlike me, my parents are always expecting that I’m little miss perfect. Not only that I have good grades, I’m not bragging but I have a GPA of 4.2, but also they treat me like if I was a doll they can control. I don’t have a voice in my house and in my life. If my mother says to do this I need to do it, if my father says to do that I need to do it.

Of course, I am the queen of Winterfield's High School. Since I’ve been taught that nobody
can say no to the Cailey family, I treat everyone like my servants. I’m the richest girl at school and obviously the prettiest one, so nobody would tell me no.

But there's this boy with dark hair, blue eyes name Lukas. He’s one a senior and I am one year before him. When he looked at me it’s like he gives me this feeling that he's looking through me and not only at me. That makes my skin bristle. And he’s the only one at school that treats me different like if I was a normal girl and not the richest girl. Maybe sometimes we disagree but I like that because no one disagrees with me. 

Actually,  I know he lives with his mother because his father is the leader of some motorcycle gang, The Serpents. Nobody in school is near him since they are afraid that he will do something to them. There are many rumors of him, one of them is that he beat four guys that tried to punch him and he knocked all of them in five minutes. But my favorite is the one of the snakes. Well, this rumor consists of him bringing a snake to school and putting it on Mr. George’s desk. He is our English teacher and when he saw that he fainted.

The Serpent's are the main gang of the town. All the members of the gang have a tattoo of a snake that is their symbol. They are known to be drug dealers, thieves and much more. I know that they do some dirty business to make money for daddy sometimes. I know this because I heard daddy talked on the phone in some kind of code since I was little, I hid behind the walls of his office. The mansion has some secret tunnels where you can get from a room to another. My parents think I don’t know about them I think that they are locked but what they don’t know is that I open mine.  Well back to the topic of the calls is that when years passed I have decoded the words and trust me, is not to be admired the things that daddy do.

I know that Lukas is an outcast so he doesn’t fool with everything I say, do, or try to do. He doesn't want to fit in, that's why it’s so intriguing that makes me want to know more about the person he is. But my father won’t let me get close to him since he says he is dangerous. You not what they say the more you are forbidden, the more you will want to do it.

My house is a disaster. When I got home from school, Mother is always waiting for Jason and me its like if she had a timer in her head that tells her at what time we arrive. She’s always prepared to judge or tell some kind of stuff that we need to do. We don’t have a f***ing break from that red-haired witch.

“Jason go up your math tutor is waiting for you,” my mother said in her demanding voice, “oh and honey, you have to go to the gym you are a little over your weight.” she is such a b****.

“Yes, mother I’ll go straight up where he is,” Jason answer with a calm tone.

“Mom I’ll go tomorrow, because I have much work to do,” I express my friendliness with so much hypocrisy,

My brother and I looked and each other and pretend that nothing was happening. Of, course we wanted her to kill her. But since, we were the perfect prototypes of son and daughter every family wants to have we didn't say anything. So we continued doing our chores.

My mother is the reason why I almost got into anorexia last summer. Fortunately, I got professional help from my psychologist. Neither my mother nor my father were the ones that worry if I was eating or not like other parents would. So, one my bodyguards find out I was throwing all my food in the trash when no one was watching. He told my parents and my parents told my psychologist.  His name is Winson. Winson is a  nanny to Jason and me. He has been with us since we were born. Our lives would be more than a mess that they already are.

I went up the stairs like if I wasn't hearing what she just said and went directly to my room. I love being there alone, no one can bother me. My room and the tunnels are the only places in my house where I can finally feel peace and I can relax. I open the door of my white room, then I leave my glamorous bag in the hanger that is beside the door and throw to my king size bed with velvet sheets.

Lonely, as the darkness of my bedroom, encompasses me,  I lay on my bed, where the boring pillows sit flat on top of it. White, nostalgic walls without any decoration. A military green chair in the corner of my room, accompanied by a ragged light brown stuffed rabbit. The big fuzz ball with huge eyes that seemed to follow me and make you feel uncomfortable being by yourself. Looking out the window a cloudy, rainy day. Thunder is striking, leaving an echo in the room and twitching lights that haunt.

I close my eyes and look up just staring at the roof. My mind was full of ideas and feelings of pain. I only want to scream. To be in the top of a mountain alone and just scream to the wind. I wanted to tell my mother to stop, to shut her mouth to tell her that I have feelings and that listening to her is just a waste of my time. All that she says is trash. But as I do all the time I just swallowed my feelings. tears start to fall down my cheeks. It was only matter of time that I fall asleep.



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