Pencil Scar

December 14, 2017
By EmmyL, Cincinnati, Ohio
EmmyL, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Casie's contagious attitude whisks anyone in her presence along with her into a dreamlike world where anything is possible and every day has something to be excited about. Today, that thing to be excited about is the trip to the art museum, and as groggy as her classmates and chapterones might be in the morning, they can't help but be excited too. Casie sometimes gets ahead of herself; a joie de vivre so intense as hers can be hard to rein in, and sometimes she's too out of control for her own good. On this particular day, Casie lays eyes on some of the most beautiful artwork she'd ever see but her life changing moment arrived not upon viewing a particular painting, but the moment Casie locked eyes with Jane. 


Pencil Scar

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