lucid dreamz

October 6, 2017
By amber.skyz, petersburg , Virginia
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amber.skyz, Petersburg , Virginia
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Author's note:

its realistic fiction its based on somthing real but i added a simple touch 

OH GOD! Not again. I can't stop the dreams. I have to go see Mr.Latty, RIGHT NOW! Thoughts so many thoughts flooding in my mind.

Log Entry #1
Hi my name is ravin. Im 14 and I have a bit of an unusual life. I go through these sleeping phases. Once i fall asleep i have dreams or nightmares, and ik what you're thinking that's normal but when i have these dreams i can't wake up till the dream ends or i end it. Right now i'm taking the bus to go see my sleep monitor or decoder Mr.Latty.

Mr. Latty Mr.Latty i need to talk to you! I had the dream again. I said with a shiver in my voice. Well which one? The one with the fly and space. Alright Ravin I thought we were past this. I know Mr.Latty but they're back. The room goes quiet for a moment while Mr.Latty processes everything. Alright raven i'm gonna hook you up to this new machine and i'm going to enter your dreams and we will figure out the cause of all these dreams. Alright… but will it hurt? Oh no. you won't feel a thing.

Log Entry #2
So Mr.Latty is going to hook me up to this machine so he can see my dreams, and he told me to write a log before we start the process. I'm a little nervous because what if nothing happens or what if nothing changes. What if worst of all he gets stuck in there with me. Well  I think it's time for the process. Hope everything goes well. 

Ok so we're going to have you sit in this chair. We're going to put some wires on you. If anything hurts let us know. Oh and ravin try not to move to much. Ok Mr.Latty, but are you sure you want to do this. I mean it could be dangerous. Yes ravin… yes i'm doing this to help you. Alright well hook me up then i'm ready.  Alright ravin sit still for just a moment and drink some warm milk if you would like, or anything you need to help you sleep. I sit quietly while i watch them cover me in wires as if it was my blanket. Out the corner of my eye i see Mr.Latty whispering to someone. Alright take your time and go to sleep when you can. The room starts fading and it gets darker and darker.

 this would happen. It's ok ravin just try to focus and re enter the dream from earlier. Alright ill try. I focus and try to put all my attention on the dream the surrounding slowly start to change. Im at my house in my room. Ravin is this part of the dream? Yes this is where it all starts. What's that noise? The setting of my dream is a house party. Well how is that scary? That's not the bad part just wait. He will come soon. Mr.Latty looked at me at nodded. I took a sow look around everything in my dream looked and felt so real, but for some reason i couldn't look outside there was just nothing there. Alright Mr.Latty we should should keep going forward. I agree. I open the door and look down the hall to see all of my family and friends having a good time. Loud music is playing kinda hard to hear what people are saying.  This is the part where he comes. Who comes. You no … him.

We walk into the living room. Everyone is talking to each other. I see both of my brothers my sister my dad and a bunch of his friends. What happened next in your dream. Well i walk into the front of the room and he comes. We look at each other. I walk to the center of the room and slowly scan all the people. Omg hes here. Ravin just no i'm right here with you but i can't help you it will have a negative interferance. I'm shaking at the thought of it. it bug eyes. Long mouth, and worst of all his human like appeal when he's far from that. It  spotted me and starts to come closer. Im panicking! Hello someone help! Please anyone. It slowly sucks the life out of me not letting me move or even scream. At this point there's no sound. Ravn. RAVIN! I'm coming for you. Help me please Mr.Latty. I felt like i hit my head i open my eyes. I can't tell if i'm still in the dream or not, but then i hear Mr.Latty calling my name.

Ravin… where are you Ravin? I'm over here Mr.Latty. Ok quick come with me. He takes my hand and runs into the testing room i realized we were back in the lab. I look around and see all the images from my dream. How did you get these. It was simple the machine i hooked you up to analyzed everything, and i think i figured it out. Wait… so you know what all this means? Yes this was easy. Ravin dear you fear that your family will leave u more than they already have. You fear that no one will be there for you and your worst nightmares will come true. Most importantly you feel you can never love or trust. We both stood here quietly. I can't help but no he is right and deep down i knew all of this to scared to admit it. Thank you Mr.Latty you have helped a lot. I think i know how to overcome it. Ravin let me know if you need anything else. I smile and turn to walk away.  Bye Mr.latty. 

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