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Katie's Glass

February 16, 2017
By wilka21 BRONZE, Monticello , Illinois
wilka21 BRONZE, Monticello , Illinois
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The story starts in a poem. The poems are written by Grace Talbert and the paragraphs are written by Kayla Wilson. The poems are  an imaginated fantasy story about a hero named Abigail who takes on an obnoxious squire as a partner as they take on a quest.

In the real world, the protagonist's name is Simon Evans. He is trying to ask a quiet, daydreaming girl named Katie to the dance, but she is a loner and wants to be by herself. 

This stories conflict is between Simon and Katie. Simon is trying really hard to give Katie somebody who will bring her out of her daydreams and make her live life.

Kayla W.

Katie's Glass

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