Unit Comet

December 30, 2015
By Wesley1, San Diego, California
Wesley1, San Diego, California
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Lieutenant Jessica Alison is the main commander of the women battalion force Unit Comet during the war in Afghanistan. Jessica is originally a friendly and social commander. But things take a downspiraling turn when one of her Sergeants, Trisha Catalica, loses her brother from a roadside bomb. In a depression-fueled rage state, Trisha engages Jessica in a vicious mudfight. Over the next two days, Jessica feels deep resentment to Trisha for the fight. However, Jessica's closest friend, Second Lieutenant Hailey Rincoln, must convince Jessica to let go of her anger towards Trisha, fearing that it could jepoardize her own friendly reputation. Can Jessica overcome her anger and forgive Trisha?

Jessica and Unit Comet are also thrust into real combat when a colleague of Jessica's superior, General McCoy, arrives with a request for assistance in seizing a Taliban stronghold. In the ensuing battles, Jessica's skills as well as those of her comrades will put to the test as they will be forced to endure enemy charges on their defensive lines, a temporary transfer of command, and a dangerously risky charge into the enemy's stronghold.

Wesley C.

Unit Comet

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