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New York Robbery.

December 18, 2015
By Anonymous

“And finally the World Championship Series Winner is SKT TELECOM 1!.” the announcer shouts as the crowd roars and chants SKT.
The crowd goes wild as the team makes its way up to the center stage. The stage crew brings in the World Champion trophy as they gather around, each touching a part of the trophy. The team holds up the beautiful, shining award together in honor of the victory. Faker, one of the most happiest team members of SKT T1 walks up to the award and holds it up to give it a prolonged kiss at the top.  Their coach does the same and the rest of the team members start to stand confidently around the trophy.
‘BEEP!’ “Move out of the way!” shouts a cab driver.
James just came out of the stadium along with other cheering fans chanting SKT. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.There were many wonderful places to go in New York. James decided he wanted to go down to Manhattan to visit one of the famous areas, Carnegie Hall.

“Where to go?”, asks the cab driver.
“Manhattan, sir.”
James looks out of the cab window to see people in suits, bikers, and many families that look like they’re on vacation. The streets are now filled with cars and bikers. Many of the bikers, irritated by the traffic, start to surpass the cars by biking in between them. One of the cars next to them had started to turn and unexpectedly hits a biker. The biker falls to the right and slams into James’ taxi driver’s car.
“THUD” The biker was now on the hood of the car with a few bruises and scratches. The taxi driver gets out of the car and helps the man. Afterwards, an argument starts with the two taxi drivers and the biker.  Oh no! It’s 5:00!
James gets out of the car to pay his driver, and leaves. He rushes down 7th Avenue in New York. Finding his hotel, James enters the Westhouse Hotel.
“Hello, sir. What may I help you with?” asks the front desk assistant.
“I have a room booked for me, James Ronalds.”
“And you’ll be staying for two nights, is that right sir?”
“Yes that is true.”
He receives his room card and grabs his luggage. 6 o’clock already? James looks at his watch. Well I won’t be able to make it to Carnegie Hall… I’ll just put my stuff down for now.
He walks onto the elevator and presses the floor seven button. Peaceful elevator music starts playing as James starts to become sleepy. The doors open as James gets out and looks for his room. Room 723, it was the closest room to the ice machine and laundry rooms. He walks in his hotel room, finding colorful and bright objects and furniture. Just here to drop off my luggage, and then I’ll get some dinner. James thinks.
There’s a Subway near here, and other restaurants, but I only have $20 and my other credit card left. I guess I’ll go to Subway then.
It was dark out, and the streets and buildings were still full of light. James had finished his Subway sandwich and started to walk towards his hotel room. By this time, there were only a few people out on the streets and other tourists have probably gone into their hotel rooms.
Floor 7 Room 723. Floor 7 Room 723… He didn’t want to forget his room number. James walks past a family in bathing suits. He opens his door and plops onto his bed.
“Ahhhh. Finally some time to rest.”
James starts to fall asleep as many voices occur.
‘’Are there people in there?’’ a person whispers.
James wakes up in alarm. Who’s there? Oh, I must be dreaming. He goes back to bed to watch some television and falls asleep again.

HONK HONK HONKK “Move!!’’ The sounds of New York in the morning had just woken James up. After cleaning up and brushing his teeth, James goes downstairs into the hotel lobby.
Today I’ll go to Carnegie hall. James walks to the nearest Starbucks and orders an iced coffee with some warm oatmeal.
He finishes his food and starts to walk in the direction of Carnegie Hall. A sunny day with barely no clouds, James thought it was a perfect day to walk. As he gets to the corner of Carnegie, James gets pulled on from behind. He hears loud footsteps, possibly going towards him. James was wrong, a man had just stolen his wallet and it took him a few seconds to realize it. By that time, the man was gone.
‘’I’m calling the cops!’’
James dashes to where he thought the man might have been. At the corner of his eye, he could see the man, still running.
Surprisingly, no one had cared about what was happening. Everyone was busy on their phones or walking to somewhere. The streets were busy and the honking of the cars had made it harder for other people to notice what was happening. After a few minutes, James was catching up to the thief. He wasn’t going to quit because of his ID and credit cards that were in there. James was now a few feet away and he had just reached the man.
James tackles the man and gets thrown to the ground. He snatches his wallet back, and just as the man escapes, the police arrive.

“What’s going on here, young man?” an officer was looking confused, but at the same time, ready to arrest someone.
“I…. I… was robbed by the man who had just gotten away.’’
“Sure you were, son. And what explains all the bruises and scratches?
Even before he had a chance to say anything, James gets pulled to the police car and is handcuffed.
“But, I didn’t have time to explain!’’
The officer pushes him into the car and drives off.
“SILENCE, young man. I don’t want to hear a word from you.”
The car drives off to the local sheriff's office on Long Island. As they get there, James lets out a long sigh. The officer pulls him out of the car and leads James to the cell.
“Why did you steal this wallet?”
“Officer, I didn’t steal it, the man who ran away had taken it out of my hand and left.”
“So what explains your bruises and scratches, mister?”
“Well, I started chasing him and eventually caught up to the man. Then, I tackled the man and he tried to punch me. I finally got it back just as you came, Officer.”
“Let me check this wallet of yours.”
The officer takes the wallet and checks the contents of the inside, ID, money, and a few credit cards. He takes the ID out of the wallet and takes a closer look at it. Trying to identify James, he looked at the ID, back at James, and again to the ID. The sheriff takes a long sigh and shakes his head.
“Call your parents, your free for now but I still have to find the man who stole your wallet.” the officer says, “By the way, I’m Officer Jones.”
“Officer Jones, I did see the man’s face. He had a beard, ponytail and the back, and… light brown colored skin.”
“Ok, we’ll go out to search for him. While that happens, I want you to stay here until your parents come.

“Hello?” it was James’ mom.
“Hi mom, I’m at a police station right-”
“YOU WHAT!!!?!?!”
“I’m at a police station.”
“I already know that. Why are you there? What happened?”
“Can I explain it to you later? I need you to pick me up so I can get out and go home.”
“James Dillingham Ronalds, tell me right now why you are in there.”
Several minutes had past while James tried to explain what happened and his mom interrupting him with more repeating questions. His mom probably was more worried than James. The cup noodles began to get cold. He and his mom kept talking about the situation, and later about the trip.
“Can you ask the officer if you can just leave instead of me traveling to New York to pick you up?”
“The officer who drove me here is not here right now. I’ll just wait for him then.”
James just finished his instant ramen, now cold and empty. Officer Jones arrived and was followed by the man who robbed James.
“Hi there, is this the man who robbed you?”
“Y… Ye.. yes officer. Can I leave now? I have to get back to my hotel.”
“Sure thing, James. Remember to be safe out there.”
He threw away the ramen bowl and his chopsticks. James opened the door and left the department, now feeling more cautious than ever. A taxi had just stopped for James and he jumped in. Ahh somewhere private.
“To?” inquired the taxi driver.
Minutes later, James arrived blocks away from his hotel. He payed the taxi driver and walked to the hotel. Ahhh finally. James was at his hotel room now, watching television. What a busy day. Now I need to be able to wake up at seven o’ clock. Deeply tired, he started to fall asleep. ‘‘ZZZZ foooooooo…. zzz whoooo….’’ James started snoring as the clock ticked to eleven at night.

RING RING RING RING RING! James’ alarm clock wakes him up. “I have to catch the flight to Illinois!” he thought to himself.
“Taxi! Taxi!” yelled James waving his hand wildly.
“Where to?” asked the taxi driver.
“JFK International Airport.”
After about an hour and twenty minutes, James had arrived to the airport. More cars and taxis were either entering, or exiting. James rushed to the airport platform and opened the entrance. Lots of people were talking with their family and a loud voice on the intercom started.
“Flight 7A. Be prepared to board.”
“Phew… I thought I would be late.”
James takes his luggage and rushes to a line. Five minutes later, it’s his turn in line. He gets his plane tickets and goes to the baggage check. James finishes going through the scanner, and puts on his shoes.
“Flight 3D. Your flight is boarding.”
His flight was flight 8C. James had finished going through the gate and waited for his flight. Tired, James started to fall asleep.
“Flight 8C. Flight 8C.”
People around James walked to the lady on the counter. A line was forming as James was still sleeping. The last person in the line had finished and gone through the hall.
“John Cenator. Jennifer Lawrento. James Ronalds. Flight 8C.”
Outside of the room, the clouds had just cleared up and the sun was shining into the room. Two couples came running in. They gave their boarding tickets to the lady and entered inside. The lady at the front desk, still waiting for James Ronalds. After a few calls, she looked around to see if there were any people still there. The room was almost empty, except for a few people who were waiting as a layover or for the next flight. She noticed a young man who was sitting fairly close to the entrance. Looking closer, the lady found that he was sleeping.
‘Should I wake him up? What if he’s not even boarding this flight?’ the attendant pondered for a few minutes.
The attendant eventually tapped James on the shoulder. A few more times afterwards when she started noticing he was still sleeping.
“Hmmm?” James had waken up from his nap.
He was surprised to see a lady right next to him looking rushed.
“Are you James Ronalds? Your flight is taking off soon, they’re just waiting for you.”
James stands up and takes his bag. Now alert, James gives the lady his ticket and runs to the plane. Everyone inside the plane was seated now and ready to go. He finds his seat, the only empty one in the plane, and sits down. He starts to relax and calm down. The plane starts to fly as a flight attendant checks that everyone’s seat belt is secured.
‘Ahhhhh’ James starts to fall asleep once again. Now for a 2 hour flight that James could take a break.
The plane flew, passing the clouds and the sun following. Everything was now fine, in James trip. He would fly back to his family in Illinois and tell them about everything he had experienced.

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