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The lady violinist

November 12, 2015
By Anonymous


   Kainoa originates from the Islands. A places where their is no such concept as status and luxury. Instead everyone lives in the same manner as their neighbor. Music is an integral part to Island culture and is used in various ceremonies and festivities. 

   Kainoa's mother was a famous island player with a gift for music no matter the instrument. Her playing becomes so famous that people on the mainland start to take notice of her. She piques the intrest of a certain city merchant and soon the two of them have a child that they would name Kainoa. 

   Sadly both of them perish in a tragic sea accident and Kainoa is sent to live on the mainland with her strict uncle. Born with a gift of music like her mother, Kainoa must find a way to demonstarte her talents in a socity where woman are forbidden to play and kind of music.


The lady violinist

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