Everything Before Us

October 29, 2015
By simply_diana, Everett, Washington
simply_diana, Everett, Washington
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When Jean Peters and Chloe Thompson first met it had been under a painfully and poorly conducted interview for their school newspaper. The second time they met each other, he was drawn to her from her kind smile and passionate persona. The third time they met, she was drawn to his eyes and how they curiously stared at her. The fourth time they met, they fell for each other hard;allthewhile, remaining strangers. They had yet to mutter more than five words to the other and lived seperate lives. They hardbored their feelings secretly and life continued. But by the fifth time they met, they had a good feeling. 


Everything Before Us

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BashfullyShy said...
on Nov. 3 2015 at 12:11 am
This is really good! I'm really sad actually that not many people are reviewing to this diamond in the rough...hopefully more people will, because it's really good. I like the way how you switch up the POVS between Jean and Chloe. Gives us the readers a better insight to both of them. The pacing seems a little fast, I mean Jean seems like he's already into her...but nothing is wrong with that! Especially since Chloe is so oblivious. My only complain is maybe you should work on summaries more. I feel lie if you had a better summary more people would be interested in reading your work. Don't give up though, we can't all be perfect. Anyway I'm looking forward to the update so hopefully I'll be hearing more from this story.

on Nov. 3 2015 at 12:04 am
Interesting idea. It's a familiar concept yet completely different. Hopefully there will be an update? Keep up the good work!

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