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A Misdeed

January 6, 2015
By Michael Prado, San Diego, California
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Michael Prado, San Diego, California
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Author's note:

I had some sort of idea like this for a while. I don't think it fits so much as a novel, I would have liked it to be graphic novel or a comic. But I had this oppurtunity so I took it, and I think it came out pretty good. 

“It’s a rainy day here in the city of Newton, but the NPD is still currently looking for the killer who has been making a name for himself these past few weeks, The people are calling him The Elusive Killer.” The detective searching for the killer, Mark, passed right by a store that had tv’s in the windows, the news was reporting recent crimes. 
“He’s running!” shouts Mark. Mark runs after the running witness.
“I didn’t help him!” yelled the witness as he ran. Mark uses his knowledge of gymnastics and free running to tackle him down. Mark’s partner, Ed, comes running down the street after both of them.
“Jeez Mark, you’re always running around like a monkey catching these guys.” say’s Ed.
“I told you to stop calling me that.” Mark says as he handcuffs the running witness. Later that day, Mark and Ed question the witness.
“Mr. Davis, what’s your connection to the killer?” Mark asked. They sat in an interrogation room, alone.
“I don’t have a connection, I don’t even know him.” implied the witness, Sam Davis.
“Really? Then why were you running from us?” asked Mark. “If you don’t know him, there’s really no reason to run. You were there, you were at the crime scene, you saw what happened.”
“I only saw him leaving the place, are you sure it was really him?” Sam said.
“Yes i’m sure. He’s had the same gimmick since the beginning. He gets the victim’s blood, he smears it into a bloody X, what kind of sick freak does that?” Mark said. “Tell me what he looked like.”
“Well, he had a dark coat on, a hat, some dark glasses, a beard, and a scar on his left cheek.” said Sam.
Sam shook nervously throughout the interrogation. Mark was out for a bit looking through Sam’s files. After a while, he comes back in.
  “So, you’ve been lying about your connection to the killer, haven’t you?” Mark implied.
Sam became even more nervous. He was terrified of going to prison.
“I swear it was only for a short time, man. I barely knew him.” said Sam.
“You were in the killer’s gang at one point? you thought you would get away hiding something like that?” Mark said as he got up.
“Where does he hide out?” Mark asked.
“Small apartment, Main street.” He answered.
Mark got the killers location and decided to head out with his partner.
“Mark, maybe you should take the day off, it’s getting late, your family’s probably waiting for you.” said Ed as they drove to the location.
“I already called and said i’ll be late.” Mark answered back. It took a while, but they finally arrived at the apartment.
“Here it is.” said Mark as he walked inside. They both walked slowly, avoiding detection. It was late at night, 11:44pm. They found the apartment and slowly opened the door, it was dark inside. All the windows were blocked. Mark and Ed had their guns out, slowly walking around. They both heard subtle beeping noises, Mark realized no one was inside. He walked to the light switch and turned it on. They were both shocked.
There were tons of bombs and c4 ready to blow. It was a trap. Both Mark and Ed ran as fast as they could outside. Mark and Ed were nearly an inch away from the door, then the bombs detonated. The explosion nearly killed the two. Mark was lying on the ground, he could hear sirens in the distance, he saw Ed also lying on the ground knocked out from the blast. Mark was still on the ground, he was still shocked from the blast. Then he saw a dark figure in the distance of the smoke. He was walking towards them, getting closer. The smoke cleared and Mark saw the killer. The killer grabbed Mark by the throat.
“Get the hell of me!” Mark shouted.
In a low, deep, intimidating voice, the killer says,
“How did you not see this coming? You actually thought it would be this easy?” He tightened his grip on Mark’s throat, Mark struggled. “Consider this a warning, I will let you live, but...i’m taking him” The killer pointed at Ed.The killer’s crew arrived. They tied Mark to a chair in the middle of the street. Then they dragged his partner Ed away.

Mark was left beaten and bruised. Medics took him to the hospital, where he woke up a few hours later.
  “Did you find Ed?” Mark asked the doctor.
“I’m sorry?” he answered.
“Did you find him?” Mark yelled.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about sir, should i call in your chief?” he asked. Mark nodded.
The doctor went out to make the phone call as Mark laid there waiting for his return. While Mark was waiting for his chief, his wife, Kate, and 14 year old son, Jack, came in.
“What happened?” asked Kate.
“I just got into a small fight, thats all.” Mark implied.
“Hey dad.” Jack said.
“Hey buddy,” Mark answered.
Jack hugged his dad, who was lying on the hospital bed. Kate smiled at the two. She patted Jack on the shoulder, they had to leave because Mark’s chief arrived.
“Could you two leave us alone for a minute?” The chief, Mike, asked. Jack frowned a bit, Kate and Jack went to the waiting room.
“Where’s Ed?” Mark asked.
“We don’t know, Mark, the killer has him.” he answered.
“You haven’t found him?” Mark asked.
“We’re still looking.” he answered.

Mark let out a stressful sigh.
“Mike, you’re not doing your job well. i’m gonna have to take this investigation into my own hands” Mark said.
“What do you mean i’m not doing my job? we’re dealing with a trained killer, he knows what we’re up to. if the NPD can’t find him, what makes you think you could?” he answered.
“I have connections to certain people.” Mark said.
“Mark, you can’t...you can’t go digging up the past.” he said.
“He can help us. i’m sure he knows something about him.” Mark said. “I used to work for him, remember? He trusts me. i’m the only guy on the NPD he trusts.”
“Thats not your life anymore, Mark. Leave it.” Mike said.
  “Alright, alright. I guess I don’t have to, but don’t wait up, I need you to head back to the station and find out anything you can.” Mark said.
Mike nodded in agreement. Mark’s family stayed at the hospital for a bit. Mike went back to the station to look for any evidence of the killer.
The next day, Mark got ready, he got his suit, he put on his coat, it was raining outside. He put on his hat and headed out the room. He felt good, he still had some stitches but he felt good enough to run.

“Hey you guys can head home, i gotta work on a case.” Mark told his family. They nodded and hugged him, then they left. Mark got into a car the NPD left him and he went searching for his friend. He roamed the streets, he searched everywhere, he listened to the police radio, waiting for the killer to strike again. Finally there was a report of a homicide, a cop had gotten murdered. Mark rushed to the scene hoping to find witnesses, or a clue. He arrived at the crime scene.
“Any witnesses?” he asked a medic.
“No witnesses.” the medic said.
Mark walked over to the body, looking around for clues. He took a look at the cops wound. He had the same bloody X just like the others. Mark tried to recreate the murder in his head.
“If the bullet entered his chest here then the trajectory the bullet came from will lead me to the killer’s location from where he shot him.” Mark was thinking to himself. He lined up to where the bullet came from and he followed the path. The killer was on a rooftop when he shot him. Mark went up the stairs which led to the rooftop of the building.
“This is where the the bullet came from, but there’s no sign of the killer.” he thought. Thats when he noticed a note. He picked it up and read it.
“I’m watching you?” Mark read. He looked around in a circle to see if he can spot someone watching him. And there he was. Mark stayed still as he saw the killer on the other side of the rooftop. They were standing there, staring at each other. When finally, Mark decided to act. He ran towards the killer. But the killer threw some sort of smoke bomb at the floor and ran. Mark lost him in the smoke. He managed to spot him running, but the killer was already in the street.
“He’s fast.” Mark thought. Then as fast as he could he rushed down the stairs hoping to catch the killer, but the killer was already a block away, headed towards a car. He got his gun out and started shooting at the killer, who was getting in the car.
“Stop!” Mark shouted at the killer. Police arrived at the scene to help Mark. They drove after the killer. They shot at his car from the windows. There were three police cars after him. Mark was in the one in front. Finally, the killer stopped in an alley, which had a dead end wall.
“There’s no escape now!” shouted a police officer.
“Now!” the killer shouted.
Suddenly, there were guys jumping out the windows with grappling hooks shooting at all of them. Mark and the officers took cover behind the police cars. One of the guys helped the killer escape. They got him and helped him inside through a window.
“No!” Mark shouted as he shot at them. The shootout lasted maybe fifteen to twenty minutes. When the crew ran out of ammo. They all walked towards the cops at the same time. One guy threw grenades at the cops, causing the cars to blow up, leaving the cops that were still alive helpless. Reinforcement were still a long way from coming. The crew dragged the cops away. Mark tried running but one guy shot his leg. They were taken somewhere else.
Mark woke up in a dark lit room He was tied to a chair.. He looked around and saw that he was surrounded by other cops. Then he saw him, he saw Ed, he was either unconscious or asleep, at least thats what Mark was hoping. He tried to call his name, but the killer came from behind Mark and started choking him. 
“No talking.” The killer said ominously. He let go of his throat. Mark struggled to get away. He tried to untie himself, but he couldn’t. Suddenly, a couple guys came in and placed a camera in front of Mark and the cops.
“What are you doing?” asked one cop. The other cops looked at him. The cop could tell what they were thinking, shut up. Mark looked around, trying to find something to help. One of the crew guys went up to the cop and hit him in the gut.
“Shut up!” he told him.
The killer put on a white mask and his guys got the camera ready. Mark kept trying to untie himself. Spotlights turned on, they placed the lights on each cop.
“Sir, we’re ready.” one of the crew said.
The killer looked at each cop.
“I hope you’re all ready.” The killer said.

“Hold on, it seems we are getting a live message from an unknown user.” the anchorwoman says.
Cops down at the NPD watch in horror as  
they see their friends being tortured on live television.
“What the hell is going on?” Mike, the chief, said furiously.
“Sir, the killer’s got our guys.” one cop said.
Mike paused for a minute. He walked over to the tv and watched.
“Track the network, get every available guy we got surrounding that place in less than an hour, now!” Mike yelled. The cops rushed to find the killers location.
Back at Marks home, his wife watched the entire thing. She called the police hoping that they were doing something about it. Jack, his son, was in his room. He didn’t notice his father was in danger, he was just in his room talking to his friends in an online game he was playing.
“Whoa, dude. you heard about your dad?”  Jacks friend asked.
“What about my dad?” Jack asked
“My mom was watching tv, she said your dads being held hostage by that killer guy, the elusive killer.” he answered.
Jack paused for a moment in shock.
“are you being serious right now?” Jack asked.
“Yeah, man.” he answered.
“alright, i gotta go dude.” Jack said.
He turned off his game and went to his mother.
“Hey mom, where’s dad?” he asked her. She didn’t pay attention to him, she was on the phone talking to the police. He walked over to the tv and watched the message.
The killer was saying
“one of these guys is getting killed today, i’m
going to kill one of them on every episode. yes, episodes, i will message the news every day with a video of me killing these cops. If you news people don’t do as I say and air these episodes, i will find you, and i don’t really have to explain what happens when i do.”
Everyone in the news room looked at each other. They were all scared of being one of his victims. They all nodded at each other in fear.
“Now, i’ve been talking for too long, lets pick one.” The killer said. He walked around every cop. He walked pass Mark. Jack was watching.
“Mom!” he yelled. His mother came.
“what’s wrong?” she asked. He pointed at the tv. Mark was still trying to untie himself. The killer walked in a circle around the cops. He stopped and shot a cop, live on tv. Kate, Jacks mom, covered her sons eyes and sent him to his room.
“You can’t watch this, go to your room.” she said. Jack nodded and went back to his room.
Mike got a track to the killers location. He sent almost every available unit to the location.
“it seems you have found us.” the killer said, looking straight at the camera. He knew Mike was watching.
“Good luck getting in.” He grabbed a gallon of gasoline and poured it around the warehouse. A couple of his guys went to guard the outside. Some got another gallon and helped. Some people watching turned off their television. The killer kept pouring the gasoline until the warehouse was full of it.
“Thats enough.” He said. Mark untied himself, he was waiting for them to leave so he could escape. The killer got a lighter and set the room on fire. Him and his crew left. Mark and one other guy who untied himself got up.
“Hurry up, untie the rest!” Mark said as he was coughing. The other cop nodded and they both rushed to untie everyone. Mark ran over to Ed.
“Ed wake up!” Mark slapped Ed’s face slightly. Ed woke up and looked around.
“Where...where are we?” He said.
“Come on, theres no time to explain, untie everyone!” Mark yelled. Cops and Swat arrived at the burning building. The Signal from the camera was gone and the news went back on the air. Swat broke into the burning building, they went up to the 2nd floor to rescue the cops. They couldn’t get in, the flames were surrounding the cops.
“We can’t get in, we need a hose!” yelled out a swat member. Mark looked around. The flames would burn them alive if they waited longer for the hose to come. Mark looked straight at the entrance covered in flames. He saw no other way to get out.
“Alright guys, we gotta go through the flames, and get out through that entrance!” Mark yelled. The cops looked at him.
“What? we’ll get burned alive!” one cop said.
“We’ll get burned either way. Lets take the chance.” Mark said. The cops looked at each other and nodded in agreement.
“Its your call guys!” one of the swat yelled out.
“I’ll go first.” Mark said. He backed up a bit and looked straight at the entrance. Then he ran as fast as he could and jumped through the flames. Mark yelled in pain. He got burned by the intense flames. One swat went and helped Mark up.
Then one cop went, then the other. Finally it was the last two.
“Mark, i don’t know, i’m not as agile as you and those guys” Ed said with a worried face.
“everybody could do it, so could the two of you.” Mark said. Ed and the other cop got ready to jump through the flames. Mark looked at the floor, he noticed that it was cracking.
“Hurry up!” Mark yelled.
Ed and the cop both ran through the flames and out the entrance. The floor broke and fell. The swat took the injured cops to a hospital.
The medics arrived and so did the fire department. a medic went over to Mark and fixed him up. A few minutes later, Mike arrived.
“You and these men need to go to a hospital.” Mike said.
“No, I’m not going to a hospital, not now. I need to investigate this place and find the killer.” Mark said.
“Good, I was hoping you’d say that. First, you need some rest, start tomorrow.” said Mike.
Mark nodded and went home. Kate was asleep on the couch with the phone still in her hand. Jack was in his room sleeping. When Mark got home he decided to let them sleep. He put a blanket over Kate and put the phone back on the table. Then he went and said goodnight to Jack. He was tired and exhausted. He went to bed but he couldn’t sleep. The killer was still out there. A few hours later, it was 7:11 am. Mark woke up. Jack goes to school so he was gone, and kate has a job down at a local shop. She left a note for Mark.
“Hey! noticed you’re back and i didn’t want to wake you up. Glad to know that you’re safe. Me and Jack were worried. I’ll be back later, be safe out there. Love you.” The letter was signed Kate at the bottom. Mark smiled and put the letter down. Then he went to get ready. He put on the usual suit and coat and then headed out. He stopped by a small place and quickly got a coffee. Mark went down to the station first to pick up a squad car. Mark thought its best to take another car instead of his to an investigation, just to be safe.

It was early in the morning, around 8:00. Mark arrived at the investigation. The building was barely there, it had came down with the fire. Mark looked around for a bit, realizing there was nothing. After a while, Ed had arrived. He handed Mark a coffee.
“You feeling better?” Mark said.  “Pretty much.” Ed said. “You found
anything?” Mark shaked his head.
“Nothing here. But you see that building?”
Mark said as he pointed at the building.
“Yeah.” Ed said.
“There’s a chance the killer escaped onto that rooftop. Nobody saw him leave through any of the exits, so I’m gonna head over to that rooftop and see what i can find.” Mark said. Ed nodded and went along with Mark. They building looked abandoned. They went up the stairs to the top floor. Then they went up the fire escape due to there being no entry to the roof.
“I don’t see anything, How would the killer even be able to get here from the other rooftop.” Ed said.
“With that.” Mark said as he walked over to a mysterious object.
“Whats this? some sort of grappling hook?” Ed asked.
“You could say that. This is the type of stuff you get from the army. Its a sort of...zip line, you know, those things you and your kid went on when you went on that trip.” Mark said.
“Oh those things? Man, those were fun.” Ed said.
“Hey where is your kid? He still living with Abby?” Mark asked.
“Yeah, he’s better off with her. I’m not home most of the time so it isn’t exactly safe for him.” Ed replied. Mark nodded.
“So anyways, This was probably what was used for the killer to escape, and he was pretty dumb to leave this behind.” Mark said.
“Maybe he was in a rush, i mean, this whole block was full of cops.” Ed said. Mark paused for a minute.
“Wait, if this whole place was surrounded, How’d he escape in the first place?” Mark said looking at Ed.
“Maybe we should check downstairs?” Ed asked.
“Yeah, lets go.” Mark replied.
They both headed down one floor. The building was 3 floors.
“You check that room, I’ll check this one.” Mark said and Ed agreed. Mark headed into room 117. Ed headed into room 118. They were looking for anything that might involve the killers escape.
“I got nothing!” Ed yelled from the other room.
“Yeah, me neither.” Mark yelled back.
The search went on for another hour. They searched every room.
“What now? He didn’t escape from the inside of the building.” Ed said.
“Wait. Lets check the alley.” Mark replied.
Mark and Ed both stood in the alley. Ed was looking at Mark with a confused look. Mark was recreating the crime scene in his head. He looked up and imagined the killer swinging across the building to safety. He looked at the wall of the building behind him. He was visualizing almost everything, He saw the killer going down the stairs with his crew. He also noticed that they never even went inside any of the abandoned apartments. The just went downstairs, so if they couldn’t go out the front door, they would go out the back. Mark turned back at the alley and thought to himself.
“But there’s nothing here.”
He looked around the alley. Then he noticed the open sewer hole in the far back of the alley.
“That’s the only way he could have escaped.” Mark told Ed.
“The sewers?” Ed asked.
“Yes the sewers, Its the perfect escape route for a mass murderer on the run.” Mark said.
Mark climbed down the ladder leading to the sewers.
“Oh god. I don’t know about this. It reeks.”
Ed said.
“Stay back then, I don’t need you whining about the smell the whole way.” Mark replied.
“This is why we always get into trouble, you always take these things to the extreme, you’re not a cop or a marine anymore, you’re a detective, you don’t go chasing murderers through the sewers pretending to be a hero.” Ed told Mark as he followed him. Mark stopped and looked at Ed straight in the eyes.
“You got it all wrong. This is my job. This is what i’m supposed to do. Investigate and put a stop to criminals. You gotta stop being lazy and do some good.” Mark replied.
“Lazy? You calling me fat?” Ed said.
“No i never said that, lets just keep moving.” Mark told him. Ed hates being called lazy or fat, he kept thinking to himself, “Damn it, i’m just a few pounds overweight, no need to bring it up.”
“Least i ain’t a damn monkey.” Ed muttered to himself.
“What’d you say?” Mark told him. Ed looked at him.
“Forget it. We got a job to do.” Ed said. They
both looked at each other with an uncertain face. Mark decided to let it go, they both kept moving. Mark looked around the tunnels, there were spider webs almost everywhere, it smelled horrible, and they were getting their suits wet in sewage water.
“Why the hell would the killer and his guys come through the sewers? its disgusting down here.” Ed asked Mark.
“I’m telling you, its the only way they could’ve escaped.” Mark replied. Ed sighed and kept following Mark down the tunnel. Mark found a few bullets leading a trail, they were close.
“It smells like gasoline.” Ed implied.
“We’re closer than we think. Get ready.” Mark said. They arrived at the smell, they looked through a vent to see what was going on. The killer and a couple of his guys were trying to figure out the tunnels.
“Damn it, we can’t take them. there’s too many.” Ed whispered.
“We gotta get a tracer on them.” Mark whispered back.
“Don’t be stupid.” Ed said.
The killer looked around the room, sniffing the air, as if he was an animal. He took off his mask and whispered to his guys. Mark and Ed stayed quiet, laying down in the disgusting water. The killer took out his dagger.
“I can smell you, detective.” The killer said menacingly. Mark and Ed both kept quiet, hoping that the killer didn’t actually know they were there. The killer came up to the vent they were hiding in, he crouched down to look through it. Mark and Ed had each moved to the left and right side of the vent, where they were safely hidden. When the killer got back up, Mark quickly, and quietly, put a tracer on the bottom of the killers shoe. The killer left with his crew, leaving Mark and Ed in the clear. They both got out of the vent and left the sewers.
“That was pretty close.” Ed said.
“You don’t say.” Mark said sarcastically

Mark and Ed both got themselves cleaned up from the sewers. Mark went back to the station and told the chief about the incident.
“I managed to get a tracer on him, we’ll know where he is, and where he’ll strike next.” Mark said.
“Wait, check it out.” Mike, the chief, said. He turned the volume of the tv up. Mike closed the door of his office and him and Mark both watched the live message the killer was giving.
“Citizens of Newton. I trust you all know who I am.” The killer gave a sinister laugh. “I feel that lately the police have been in my business far too much, I’m not saying i don’t like it, because i do. It is absolutely intriguing messing with all of you. From firefighters to police officers to the DA and to my personal favorite...the detectives.” Mike looks at Mark with a worried face.
“I realize that i’ve been labeled as a killer, the elusive killer to be exact.” the killer once again laughs. “Catchy, not really, But I’d like to correct you on that name. I am not a killer, from now on I am a terrorist.” the killer self appointed himself a terrorist to Newton city. “This city needs a better kind of criminal, thats where I come in. Your streets won’t be safe, Newton.” the killer then pauses for a moment to take off his mask, then he closes up on the camera. “Never again.”

Ed suddenly came inside Mike’s office in a rush. “Guys, we got a location on the guy, the Elusive killer.” he said. “Mark’s tracer is at one spot, he’s not moving, now’s our chance.”
Mark tried to leave until Mike stopped him at the door,
“Where do you think you’re going, detective?” Mike said. “Incase you forgot, you’re a detective, you investigate, you’re not a cop.”
Mark gave him a determined look. “Then make me one.” He said.
“Make you one? a cop?” Mike said.
“Mark, we’re partners, you can’t do that.” Ed said. Mark looked at both of them for a long minute.
“I can’t make you a cop, Mark, your profession is at a higher level than that of a cop, forensics is your job, I can’t demote you.” Mike said.
“Mark.” Ed sighs. “There are other criminals in the city besides the Elusive killer. Just because this guy is all about the theatrics doesn’t mean he’s special. Sure, a couple murders, a couple shootouts, and a couple of death threats, all of a sudden he’s the mastermind of criminals? no. He’s a nut.” Ed said.
“Hopefully you’re right, because this nut, however crazy he is, he might just turn out to be this city’s worst nightmare.” Mark replied. The room was silent and you could hear the busy cops outside the office working.
“No no no. Mark. He’s just another serial killer on the loose. We’ll handle him. But what i want to know is, why the hell do you give a damn about this guy anyways?” Ed said. Mark paused for a moment and looked down.
“This isn’t just about the killer. Remember the guy we never catched a few years ago? The one who killed my mother.” Mark said.
“Thats what this is about?” Ed asked.
“I failed her Ed. She died because of me. I put her in danger when Pegorino found out about her.” Mark said.
“Well, maybe its because you get too involved with mob bosses like Pegorino. For the last time, its not your job to chase after criminals, its your job to help the cops catch ‘em.” Ed said.
“Alright. Alright! I understand.” Mark said.
“Alright then.” Ed said.
“Tell Mike I left.” Mark told Ed.
Mark then got into his car and drove away. He still had the tracer on the killer. Mark wasn’t so sure about breaking the rules, but he always does when it comes to stopping guys like the killer. He stepped on the brake and headed for the killers location. Mark was driving at a very fast speed. Then he arrived at the docks. Mark got out of his car and walked towards the marked location. It was 8:27pm and it was dark out. Mark noticed that the cops still hadn’t come. He was looking at the tracer when all of a sudden, the signal was lost, and the tracer on the map vanished. Mark didn’t know what happened. Since he lost signal, he snooped around the docks for a bit with no specific to look for. But he knew he was looking for the killer, he was here somewhere. Its possible the killer smashed the tracer when he found it. But now the cops won’t be able to find him. He snooped around a bit more, noticing that the docks was full of scattered guys guarding the area. Mark peeked around a corner of a freighter, he spotted two guys having a conversation.
“Aye, you know about the gang wars that been going on?” The 1st thug asked.
“Yeah man, the boss has been messing around with the killer. Getting into trouble with the feds.” The 2nd thug says. Mark noticed they mentioned the killer. One of the thugs phone rings. He answers.
“Yeah?” he says. he doesn’t speak for about a minute because whoever was talking to him surely had a problem. He was making that face like he thinks something’s wrong.
“Yes, sir. I’ll be right there.” Then he hangs up and looks at the other thug.
“Aye, the boss wants me. says there’s a problem. Stay here.” He says. The 2nd thug nods. The 1st one leaves through a door right behind the two thugs. Mark see’s that there’s only one thug now, so he crouches down a bit and walks slowly towards the thug. The thug was leaning on a streetlight smoking a cigar, facing the opposite direction from where Mark was coming. Mark went up to the thug and grabbed him from his face.
“Mm MM! Mm!” The thug tried to yell, but Mark was holding him down, he knocked out the thug and got up. He looked at the door and went in, leaving the unconscious thug outside. The door didn’t lead inside anywhere, It was just an entrance to the other side of the freighter. There were more guys guarding. Mark decided to go around by climbing the freighters and sneaking above them. Mark crouched down, trying to not get caught. He climbed down when he thought it was safe, but when he got down, he heard a thug say something.
“Hey guys, hold on, I gotta take a leak.” he yelled. He walked towards the place Mark was. Mark hid behind a couple crate’s hoping the thug wouldn’t see him. The thug walked right passed Mark, he stopped a few steps after that and did his business.
“ahhh.” The thug sighed. Mark knew that when he finished, he would turn back around and see Mark there, so Mark went up to the thug and also knocked him out. Then he heard the other thugs yelling.
“Tommy, hurry the hell up! You taking a dump or something?!” One guy yelled. The group of thugs didn’t hear a response. “Come on man!” One of the thugs was headed towards Mark and the knocked out thug. Mark quickly hid the body in between two freighters and he also hid with the body. “Yo tommy!” The thug looked around. He went back to the group of thugs. “Tommy ditched us. He’s gone.”
“What? what do you mean he’s gone?” one thug says.
“He ain’t there man, he probably couldn’t handle the heat and just left or something.” The thug said.
“Boss ain’t gonna be happy.” The other thug says. They all went to a small ship that was docked nearby. Mark saw them and he was about to follow them until he heard sirens coming. The police had arrived. Mark went to the police, he showed them his badge and demanded that he wanted to go in with them. The cops let him. The docks were stormed with cops. They had every corner of the docks surrounded. Mark went in with the cops and stormed the ship. They took out every thug they saw and got closer and closer to the main room, where the killer most likely was. They had finally arrived at the main room after taking out a couple of thugs. They broke through the door.
“Get down on the ground now!” The cops were yelling. Mark looked ahead at the boss. It wasn’t the killer who was on the ship, it was his old friend, and local crime boss, Mr. Pegorino. It didn’t make much sense as to why he would be here. He heard thugs talking about the killer being here. Mr. Pegorino looked a bit beat up, he had a black eye and he looked sick. Like he was going to throw up. Mark went over to Pegorino and arrested him. As Mark was putting him into a police car, he looked over to the far end of the street, which was dark, the streetlights were turned off. Mark thought he saw something, but it was probably his imagination. He left the scene with Pegorino in the back seat with handcuffs. Thats when it started to rain. As Mark was leaving, he looked back at the street. A light of thunder flashed the street, and for a moment, Mark saw the killer. He was just standing there, he was possibly going to murder Pegorino tonight, Mark thought to himself. The light of thunder went away, and when it came back to flash the street again, the killer was gone. Mark thought he was imagining stuff. He was driving towards the station when he got a phonecall.
“Yeah?” Mark said.
“Its Mike. I hear you personally decided to arrest Pegorino.” He said.
“Yeah so?” Mark said.
“So, Pegorino’s gonna want a lawyer. We gotta put him in a holding cell for the night. Head over to the station and leave him there. I want to keep a close eye on him.” Mike told Mark.
“Yeah sure. I was going to do that anyways. I...I gotta talk with him. I’ll see if he knows anything.” Mark said. Mark hung up and took Pegorino to the station for the night.
“How’s it been, Mark?” Pegorino asked him.
“Shut up. What do you know about the killer” Mark said.
“Remember our good times, Mark?” He said. Mark paused for a moment, remembering his times as a thug working for Pegorino.

I was only 18 years old when I joined up with Pegorino. I lived with my mother and I needed money. My Father had gotten killed in a car accident when I was 12. My mother got ill one day, I took her to the hospital. She had some sort of illness in her liver, a virus. And if they didn’t operate on her, in 4 months, the virus will spread causing her to die. The operation costed $4,000. And I promised her I would get enough money for an operation. We were poor at the time. I wasn’t making enough money at my job at the restaurant I worked at. And one day at our restaurant, we got a customer, a very important customer, Mr. Pegorino. Nobody knew much about him. He kept his first name a secret and would only be addressed as Mr. Pegorino. I was his waiter so I went up to him and I was very nervous.
“May I take your order sir?” I asked, with a shaky voice.
“Uh just give me the best thing on the menu.” He said. He was having some sort of important meeting with someone. So I turn to him and ask-
“Would you like anything, sir?” And we must’ve gotten off on the wrong foot or something because suddenly he says-
“Don’t you see I’m having a discussion with someone here.” I didn’t know what to say.
“I...I’m sorry sir...I...I’m just taking your order.” I said to him. Then he goes and says.
“Who do you think you are? Disrespecting me in front of everyone here. Who told you that you can speak back to me?”
“I’m not disrespecting anybody. I apologize if I offended you in any way, sir.” I said. Pegorino just sat there. As if it were a tv show. Most of the people in the restaurant were watching.
“Did you not just hear me say not to speak?!” He yelled.
“You didn’t say that, sir.” and I guess I’ll admit, i was being a smart ass. But, really, he never said that...specifically. That’s when he got up.
“You consider yourself a wise ass, huh?” He said.
“No sir, I’m just doing my job, taking your order is my job incase you haven’t noticed.” I told him, and I sort of thought I was gonna die after I said it. But I didn’t, In fact, all I got was a beating. He and a couple of his bodyguards took me out to the back and beat the hell out of me. Afterwards, they took me back inside and left me on the restaurant floor. The guy said goodbye to Pegorino and he left. Pegorino then stared at me lying on the ground. I was bleeding from my nose, which was broken, and my mouth, which was from the teeth that were knocked out. I had a black eye and many bruises on my body.
“Hey, hey kid.” He said to me, calmly. I looked at him.
“Come over here.” He said as he gestured me to sit down. I struggled to get up and when I did, I walked slowly to the booth he was sitting in. I sat down, confused. I just took a beating from someone, now I’m sitting next to somebody who’s probably just like him. I could barely talk, and when I did talk, you could barely understand me.
“Wh...what?” I asked as I wiped away the blood from my face.
“I could use someone with your guts in my organization. The way you stood up to Barnes.” He said to me.
“What k...what kind of organization?” I said as I breathed heavily.
“Something you can only know if you accept and make a life commitment to.” He said. I pause for a moment to think.
“How much does it pay?” I ask.
“Depends.” He says.
“On what?” I asked.
“On how hard you work, and how good you are.” He answers. I accepted his offer and he later took me to his mansion to discuss my role. He told me about himself. He’s a criminal who’s greatly feared in the criminal world. I told him I wasn’t good at fighting but that I was agile. He got me a personal trainer and I worked hard for two months. I learned how to box, I learned some MMA and I worked on my gymnastics. Soon, I learned many skills, Fighting, Parkour, Free Running. And then I told Pegorino that I had 2 months left to get enough money to save my mother. He said that I was ready to take on some jobs. The First week I officially worked for Pegorino, I carried boxes...yeah, not a good start. But, I got payed $50 by the time I finished. The next week, I guarded his home. I got payed $50 for that as well. In total, I had only $100 from working with Pegorino. I demanded more from him. He gave me a position in Heists. Which was good, Except, We were starting out sticking up liquor stores. Which got me about $400 in total. After two more weeks, I was robbing banks, making more money than I intended for. Soon, I had more than I could’ve asked for, I had $22,000. I payed off my mother’s bill for the surgery, everything was going well, she was going to be released in 3 days. So I went to Pegorino and I told him that I was done working for him and that I didn’t need any more money. I gave him the leftover money as a gift.
“You cannot leave! You made a commitment to this lifestyle!” Pegorino yelled. I walked away.
“Sorry, sir. I don’t need any more money, I’m sorry.” I said as I walked away from his mansion. I left. But Pegorino wasn’t done, he didn’t take my departure to kindly. He didn’t want to risk me snitching on him to the cops. Later that day, I went home and rested for a bit. I woke up from my nap at around 7:00 pm. The phone started to ring, I picked it up and it was the NPD.
“What’s wrong?”  I said. The cop on the other end had a sympathetic voice, as if something happened.
“Sorry to tell you this, son, but your mother is dead. She fell victim to a deadly shootout at the hospital.” He said. I couldn’t talk for a moment, I was overwhelmed with sadness, and anger. I knew it was Pegorino who killed my mother, and he was surely coming after me next. I went to the hospital and my mother was being taken away in a bodybag. I didn’t know what to do. I went to the police for protection and the good thing is they never asked how I payed off my mother’s bills. Me and Pegorino had an agreement, even though we never talked about it, it was something obvious. He stayed away from me, I don’t rat him out. I stay away from him, he doesn’t rat me out. I became friends with a couple of cops at the station, they all thought I should join the force. They probably thought I was some kid who needed a reason to shoot a gun at a bad guy. But I never got any revenge, I never went after Pegorino, I never avenged my mother. I didn’t believe in vengeance. I became a cop, shortly after that. And after a few years serving on the NPD, I became a detective at the age of 30. Now, we’re near present day. Might as well tell the rest. I was assigned a partner, Ed. Full name, Eddie. This guy was pretty lazy at first, he still is, but he was lazier at the start. But he grew on me. First year as a detective I saw many murders, I solved many murders. Second year was pretty much casual, we didn’t get much crime those days. So when the Elusive killer came out of nowhere leaving bloody X’s at his scene, it caused a bit of stir in the NPD.

“I can see by that stupid expression you’ve had for the past five minutes that you remember those good times.” Pegorino said. Mark didn’t talk for a second, then he sort of came back to reality.
“Look, are you involved with the killer?” Mark said.
“What happens if I say yes?” He said.
“Then you get even more questions your way” Mark said.
“Will I be under protection here?” He asked.
“Why? Is the killer after you?” Mark said.
Pegorino told Mark about the gang wars going on. He and the killer had been going at it for a while now.
“Mark, you know I can still rat you out to the NPD, right? I have control here. And what I want is for you to leave me here in police custody. Safe from the k-” Pegorino started coughing a bit. He looked ill.
“I’m calling the shots here, alright? you can’t threaten me saying you’re going to tell the cops what I did. You think they’ll believe you? They’re wise to your act. They know you can’t do anything in here. We got a court date set up for you next week. You’re going to be there and after that you’ll be going to prison for a long time.” Mark left Pegorino handcuffed, coughing, in the interrogation room. Mark went back home for the day and rested. For about a week now there hasn’t been any reports or sightings on the Elusive killer. Mark didn’t exactly think he had given up. If the killer wasn’t being active, surely he had other plans in mind. Meanwhile, there was a Newton city parade downtown. The mayor was going to be there, Mark had been told to go, just so he can keep an eye out. It was downtown, there’s tons of buildings, rooftops, or crowds for someone to hide in. Mark arrived at the parade, which was being held for Veterans day. Mark’s phone started ringing.
“Mark, you down at the parade?” Mike said.
“Yeah I’m here, don’t worry, I’ll keep a lookout for anything suspicious.” Mark said.
“Alright, I’ll be here at the station keeping an eye on Pegorino. He doesn’t look good, Mark.” Mike said.
“What do you mean?” Mark asked.
“He looks like a freakin zombie. I already called in medical to check on him. He’ll make it to court.” Mike told Mark.
“Alright, keep a close eye on him. Make sure he doesn’t get harmed. We need him alive.” Mark said. He hung up and continued at the parade. Mark checked some of the nearby building, and the rooftops. He looked in the crowd, making sure nobody was doing anything suspicious. Mayor Reynolds went up to the podium and called for everyone’s attention. Mark stood from a distance, he looked around and so far nothing suspicious. He saw Ed and went up to him.
“Ed, what are you doing here?” Mark said.
“Same as you, looking for suspicious activity, making sure the mayor is safe.” He said.
“Good. Help me look around, search for anything suspicious you might find.” Mark told him. Ed nodded and they both went separate ways. The mayor then began his speech.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to honor these brave americans who fought for our nation. They fought for our freedom and for that I’d like to thank every veteran here personally by offering donations.” Mark and Ed kept looking for anything. Mark could hear the mayor’s speech in the distance as he investigated a nearby shop. Nobody was in the shop at the moment. Mark noticed a bit of blood leading up the stairs. He pulled his gun out and headed upstairs. Meanwhile, back at the parade, the mayor finished his speech and the annual marines began their march. To Mark’s horror, he stumbled upon a murder scene. There were fifteen men, all which were blindfolded, gagged, and undressed. It looked like whoever did this, stole these men’s clothes and left.
“The marine’s!” Mark said. He ran downstairs and outside. He went back to the parade which was right around the corner. Mark arrived at the parade just a bit too late. There were fifteen marine’s who held their guns up. Everyone thought it was all part of the parade. They all shot the mayor at once, instantly killing him. Everyone screamed and scattered in the streets. Ed ran up to Mark from behind, out of breath.
“What happened? Why is everyone running?” Ed asked.
“Call in for backup, Ed, the mayor’s been murdered!” Mark yelled. As the crowd scattered, so did the marine’s. And soon, they were gone, they disappeared into the crowd. And at that moment, an explosion was heard in the distance, and Mark could see smoke coming from the direction of the police station.
“What the hell is going on?” Ed asked Mark.
“The mayor is dead! And now somethings going on at the station.” Mark told him. Mark and Ed got into Ed’s car and drove to the station.
“Damn it. What do you think happened?” Ed asked.
“I don’t know. Probably a fire.” Mark said. They arrived at the station. There were ambulances and firetrucks surrounding the area. Cops either dead or unconscious on the ground. Mark went up to a fireman and asked-
“What the hell happened?”
“We really don’t know, we still have to search the place for police officers.” He said. Mark looked at the burnt down building.
“Damn it. Mike was in the building when this happened.” Mark told Ed.
“So was Pegorino.” Ed said. Mark sighed and went over to a restaurant across the street.
“What happened? What did you see?” Mark asked the owner, Bob.
“I didn’t see anything at first, sir. I was right here serving customers, next thing you know, bam!”
Bob said with his Italian accent. Mark went to a customer who was sitting in the outside area of the restaurant.
“What did you see?” Mark asked.
“Well I was sitting down eating, then I saw that building blow up out of nowhere.” He said.
“Blown up? So...like a bomb?” Mark asked.
“Yes! Exactly.” He said. Mark looked over at the station and whispered to himself.
“The killer.”
“Hm?” The customer heard Mark slightly whisper to himself.
“No, nothing. Thank you for your time.” Mark told him. Mark leaned on a street pole across the street as he tried to recreate what was going on in the station. It could’ve been many things. The killer could have sneaked in dressed as a cop and planted a bomb. Or somebody dressed as a cop was really working for the killer and planted the bomb. Mark went up to the ashes to investigate. He saw Mike on the ground with half his face blown off. Mike was possibly close to the bomb when it happened because Mark only saw this kind of injury on four other cops. Then Mark saw chunks of a body scattered around the burnt down building. He took them as Evidence. Maybe this person had the bomb strapped on to them and blew up the station. Mark couldn’t find Pegorino, leading him to believe maybe the killer wasn’t behind this after all. Mark went over to his old Forensics lab across town. He took a bit of DNA from the chunks. Then he tested the DNA to see who was the culprit who attacked the station. Mark sat down and waited for the results. He called Ed.
“So this means cops from this part of town are gonna have to go across the city to the other station.” Mark said.
“That means less patrol in our part of the city.” Ed replied.
“Yes.” Mark said. Then the computer starts beeping. The test was done.
“Oh hey its done, I gotta go.” Mark told Ed.
Mark hung up and went to the computer. He looked at the results and the computer identified the DNA to belong to Pegorino himself. Pegorino had blown himself up? This doesn’t make any sense. Mark thought to himself. I don’t understand, Pegorino didn’t even have any bombs on him when we checked him. How’d he get them inside the station, and why did he blow himself up? Mark had a small theory, What if the bomb came from inside of him? Maybe thats why he felt ill. But now there’s more questions, Did he know or not? Did he purposely plant it or was it done by someone else? Did he even know he had it inside him? All these questions raced through Mark’s head. Mark stayed there all night thinking, recreating, theorizing. He had heard some guys at the docks talking about a gang war. A gang war between Pegorino and The Elusive killer. Mark went home with a final decision on the story.

A few months have past, the killer left a few murder scenes for the cops during those months. Some were cops, some were lawyers, politicians etc. The city was still without a mayor and the police commissioner's spot had been replaced by some guy named John Wells. It was the month of December, usually there were lots of robberies in December, but not so much this month. I also forgot to mention that the killer had taken down Pegorino’s crime family. Now guess who’s the kingpin of the entire criminal organization, The Elusive Killer. This is what happens when you underestimate your enemy.
“We’re getting reports of the Elusive gang doing drive by's downtown, get our units down there now!” John yelled to the cops.
“Ed lets go!” Mark yelled to Ed. Ed followed Mark to the car.
“Hey, you two be careful now, don’t go getting in the way of the police officers.” John told Mark. Mark ignored him. They didn’t really get along all that well. Mark drove downtown. It was filled with cars. Apparently, the killer’s gang had stopped their cars and ran on foot. Now there was no way of getting in.
“Ed wait here with the car.” Mark told Ed. Mark ran to some units.
“On me, come on!” Mark yelled at the cops. They followed his lead. They all ran for the running gang. Mark saw them go running into an alley. Mark told the cops to stop. He knew these kinds of traps. The alley was surely a dead end, with a whole gang waiting for us. Mark decided it was best to call in for backup. They ran to the alley and took cover behind a car. They had to keep the gang waiting while backup came. Mark was right, there were men in masks waiting for them in the alley. Mark and the cops opened fire and so did the gang. Shots were being fired from both sides of the alley.
“Backup arrives in 5 minutes!” one of the     cops said.
“Good, lets keep these guys busy!” Mark yelled. One of the cops had gotten shot in the shoulder. Mark got down to check on him.
“Are you alright?” Mark asked. The cop nodded saying yes. Mark continued the assault on the gang. Back and forth, bullets being fired everywhere. Finally, two trucks full of swat and a helicopter arrived. They surrounded the gang. The gang surrendered and they were taken into custody. They took them to the station across the city. Mark took one of them in to the interrogation room.
“Where is your boss hiding?” Mark asked the thug, identified as Miles Jackson. Miles didn’t even look at Mark, he had his head down. His dreads hung over his face, covering his eyes.
“Please, Miles, I need to find this guy.” Mark said. Then at that moment, Ed came into the room. He smashed his fists into the table, which kind of startled Miles.
“Where the hell is he?! Huh? Come on, tell us where he is?!” Ed shouted at the thug. Miles looked up at Ed. In a Jamaican accent he says-
“You will not find him. He constantly moves operations around the city.”
“Write that down, Mark.” Ed tells Mark. Mark writes it down. The killer moves locations constantly. Miles then spits on Ed’s face. Ed then punches him in the face. Mark puts his hand on Ed’s shoulder.
“Thats enough, Ed.” Mark tells him. Ed sighs and wipes off the spit on his face, then he walks out. Mark sits down and looks at the thug.
“You tell us what we need to know, and I promise you that your time in prison doesn’t go over 6 years. I mean, with all that you’ve done? You deserve at least 18 years. Hm, lets see.” Mark looks through the thugs file. “Multiple accounts of murder, multiple accounts of theft, credit fraud, hacking into police servers, and the list goes on.” Mark then takes a good long look at Miles. Miles knows he doesn’t have any other way. He takes up Marks offer and decides to talk.
“He has many plans in progress. He has many targets, one of them which is you, Detective Rogers.” Miles says. Mark looks at him.
“Really?” He pauses. “Well then let him come after me. See if he can take it. If he didn’t have his little crew, or his stupid tricks to get him out of trouble, I’d bet I can take him no problem. What I want to know is, Where can I find him?” Mark asks.
“He has a meeting 4 days from now, in Liverpool.” Miles says.
“England?” Mark asks, confused.
“Yes, he’s planning on expanding his operations.” Miles tells Mark.
“When does his flight leave?” Marks asks.
“Tomorrow, 3:35pm. He will be boarding flight 771 along with several civilian passengers who won’t know he’s there” Miles tells him. Mark then gets up from his chair and informs Ed and the Chief.
“We need to take this lightly. We don’t want to harm the civilians, a head on raid on his flight is too risky. I’ll send my men on a flight right away. We’ll catch him over in Liverpool when the time is right.” John says.
“We can’t! We have to take care of this now! He will expand operations causing even more chaos! We need to stop him on his plane!” Mark yells.
“I just told you why I can’t do that Mark. Civilians.” John says. Ed stays quiet. Mark leaves the station but Ed catches him outside.
“Mark, you know it’s the best way.” He says.
“What’s the best way? Letting him on a flight filled with passengers? who knows, he might hijack the plane, we don’t know! We never know with him!” Mark tells Ed.
“Its too late Mark. Chiefs orders.” Ed says and walks away. Mark goes home. When Mark arrives, he’s greeted by his wife and his son, who were in the living room. Mark tells them he’s stressed and that he’s gonna rest. While he’s resting, his wife Kate comes in.
“Hey, I totally forgot to buy some milk, I’ll be right back, I’m taking Jack.” Kate says. Mark gets up from the bed.
“Alright, be careful, it’s getting late. I’m gonna go watch tv.” Mark says. Kate nods and leaves with Jack. Mark goes and watches tv for a bit. Mark turns on the news and is devastated by what he see’s.
“Citizens in the street watched in horror as they saw an apartment building blown up out of nowhere. Victims of the explosion were, Amanda Phillips, Bruce Johnson, Tom Clinton and his brother Eddie Clinton.” Mark stayed sitting down in shock. His partner was killed an explosion. Mark stared at the tv in utter silence. Then that’s when Jack, his son, came rushing into the house with tears in his eyes. He stuttered as he tried to get his words out and he cried.
“Dad, Mom she…” He cried and couldn’t finish his sentence. Mark stood up from the couch.
“What happened? where’s your mother?” Mark asks.
“She’s dead! Somebody...somebody shot her right in front of me and I came running back here!” Jack says. Mark then got his coat and ran outside.
“Where is she?! Show me!” Mark asked Jack. Jack pointed to the far end of the street. Mark ran to the scene, which was surrounded by a crowd and medics. Mark pushed through the crowd.
“Let me through! Let me through!” He yelled. Then when a medic tried to stop him, he pushed him out of the way. Then he saw his wife. She was dead. Lying on the ground, with a bullet through her head. Mark couldn’t focus at the moment. He fell to her side and started to cry. Jack went to his side and cried as well. The crowd and the medics watched, saddened to see the two crying. Mark looked at a far rooftop. He saw the killer standing there, looking directly at him. His sadness instantly turned into rage. He punched the ground in rage. The medics came and said-
“Sir, we need to take her.” Mark wiped away his tears and stood up. He nodded, letting them take her away. He put his hand on Jack’s shoulder. They both looked as Kate was taken away in a bodybag. The killer left the scene. Mark took his son back home to pack his stuff.
“You’re gonna be staying with your friend for a little while, okay? Its not safe for you to be with me for a few days.” Mark tells Jack. Jack nods, but is silent. Mark takes him to his friends house and he then heads over to Ed’s scene. When he arrives, he finds a burnt down building, firefighters still putting out the fire left by the explosion. Mark goes to the ashes and crouches down. He picks up a letter in the middle of the ashes. Its a clean letter. Like it was put there after the explosion. Its for Mark.
“You brought this on yourself.” - Yours Truly. Mark ripped up the letter and threw it on the ground. Then he went back home. He didn’t even bother investigating. What was there to investigate? He already knew who did it. So he tried to sleep. But he couldn’t. He cried the whole night. He missed his wife. The next morning he woke up a mess. He didn’t do anything, he didn’t report to station, he didn’t go out looking for criminals. He just laid there, looking at the ceiling. Then he remembered that the killer was leaving for Liverpool today in just a few hours. Mark was filled with sorrow and rage. He got his things and he got dressed, then he headed out to the airport. On the way there, he couldn’t concentrate. As he made his way to the airport, he thought about how quickly things happened. All he could think of at the moment was getting to the killer and ending his crime spree. Somebody told John that Mark was disobeying orders. He got a cab and left for the airport to try and persuade Mark into stopping. But then he thought about what Mark’s been through. The killer had killed his wife, his partner, the mayor, the police commissioner, plus the many other innocent’s who he murdered. John decided that he would try and help Mark when he got to him. If there were civilians on that flight, then the killer had to be stopped, either dead or alive, but this had to end. He told the cab driver to hurry it up. He was only a couple blocks away from the airport. There was some traffic that was making him wait, But he would get there soon.

Mark arrived at the airport. He had his gun and his backup gun. The killer’s flight leaves in 10 minutes. Mark was in a rush, he went inside and showed his badge to the security, claiming it was a police emergency. He got through security and ran for flight 771. He couldn’t find it. He asked a lady for the location of the plane.
“Excuse me. Where is flight 771?” Mark asked.
“Oh, I’m sorry, that plane is currently taking off. The doors have been shut.” The lady said. Mark was stressed out, he looked out the window the plane was already getting ready to leave. He ran outside. But John was waiting outside, in his car.
“What are you doing, Mark?” John asked.
“It doesn’t matter now.” Mark said. John paused for a moment.
“I’m gonna help you out on this. But you owe me.” John said. Mark was confused.
“Get in!” John yelled. Mark got into the passenger seat and John drove into the plane’s runway. They were driving after the plane, which was already taking off.
“What are you doing?!” Mark yelled.
“Helping you!” John yelled. He drove to the side of the plane, where the door was. Suddenly, a guy with a gun opened the plane door from the inside and started shooting at John and Mark. John shot him and the door was left open.
“There’s your chance!” John yelled.
“Thank you!” Mark yelled. John nodded. He kept driving near the plane as Mark got on top of the hood of the car and jumped onto the plane. He went in with his gun pulled out. He kicked open the door which led to coach. There was nobody. Mark was confused. He went to first class. Nobody was there. It was strange. Then the killer came out from the pilots room. He had a grenade.
“Hey, look. I don’t know what you plan on doing here. But you won’t accomplish it.” The killer said.
“I came here to show you not everyone in Newton City is afraid of you.” Mark says.
“You come near me and we’re both dead.” The killer says as he puts both hands on the grenade. Mark has his gun pointed at the killer.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Mark tells the killer. The killer laughs.
“What do you mean?” He says.
“You know damn right what I mean. You’ve been watching me. I know. You killed Ed, and you killed my wife.” Mark says.
“I wanted to see what you were made of, and you didn’t disappoint.” The killer said.
“You want to see what I’m made of? Pull the pin.” Mark says. The killer then pulls the pin on the grenade and throws it at Mark. He dodges it and moves quickly. Mark then shoots the killer in the leg and goes for his parachute. The grenade explodes, causing the planes engines to fail. The plane was going down. Half of the plane ripped open. Mark put on the parachute and looked at the killer.
“I’ll let your fate decide whether you live or die. This way, I don’t kill you, Revenge isn’t gonna solve my problems, but at least now you won’t be loose on the streets.” Mark says. The killer then runs at Mark, throwing him and Mark out of the plane. Mark tries to get him off of him. The killer hung on to Mark tightly. Mark tried to push him off but couldn’t. He had to concentrate on landing. He looked down and saw a small parking lot. He landed there. As soon as he landed, the killer let go and pushed him down. The killer tried to escape but Mark tazed him. He got his handcuffs and arrested him. He got his phone out and called the station.
“Hey I need backup. We got him.” Mark said proudly. Backup arrived in less than five minutes. Suddenly, the whole parking lot of Rusty’s donuts was filled with cops, helicopters, and news reporters. Mark escorted the killer into a patrol car and avoided answering any questions. Mark left the scene with the killer and headed to the station. Mark was stopped at the door by a cop.
“Hold on. Chief wants to run his blood for DNA.” He said. Mark nodded and let him take the killer to John. Mark waited.
“Mark, you’re not gonna believe this.” John said. Mark looked at him.
“What’s wrong?” Mark says.
“The killer’s DNA doesn’t match anybody thats alive. His fingerprints, no match. His blood, nothing. His clothes were custom made, thought you should know, they got no labels.” John tells Mark.
“Wait, no matches. What does that even mean. You’re saying there’s no record of him anywhere?” Mark asks.
“Pretty much. Only thing we got is that he worked as a mercenary for none other than mr. Pegorino himself.” John says.
“I don’t care. He can’t be allowed to ever be free again.” Mark tells him.
“No need. He’ll be executed tomorrow, first thing in the morning.” John says. Mark stays quiet. John leaves Mark and goes back into his office. Mark goes into the interrogation room, where the killer was waiting, handcuffed and blindfolded.
“Ah, detective, right?” The killer asks.
“Whats your name?” Mark asks the killer.
“You know, funny thing is I don’t remember.” The killer says.
“Stop with your games. What is your name?” Mark asks again.
“Detective, I don’t have name.” The killer says.
“You know what, we’re done here. I got nothing else to say to you.” Mark says as he gets up. As Mark is about to leave, the killer tells him this-
“If you keep this up, locking up criminals for the good of the city. You will one day end up paying an even bigger price.” The killer said. Mark stays quiet and closes the door behind him. Mark goes home for the night. He picks up his son on the way there. The killer was executed on the fifth of January. Mark wasn’t there to witness it, he planned a funeral for his wife. Mark was offered a medal for his bravery, but he turned it down. He also ended up leaving the NPD and his job as a detective. Mark had stopped the killer and decided it was best he left the life which caused the death of his wife. And even though the killer had been stopped, and a crime boss killed, it didn’t mean peace for the city. There were still other criminals loose in the city. Criminals who are more aggressive, more ruthless than the Elusive Killer. Someone would have to bring those guys to justice. But not Mark, his time as a detective has passed and he moved on.

The End

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