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The loss of mind

December 18, 2014
By Karina Marquez, San Diego, California
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Karina Marquez, San Diego, California
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Author's note:


In the town of Rosewood a mass murder case has been going around town Girls from the ages of 12 to 22 have been going missing out of sight one day they are there and the next day they are not. Some folks say that the murderer or murderers have been hiring kids there own age to find a way to forget who they are. These murders have been known of a or many guys stalking a girl when they are young then secretly kidnapping them and throwing them in an unknown  lake in the town of Pure Vista.

Can these rumors be true? And who is the next victim?

The mayor of Rosewood and the mayor of Pure Vista were never friends they had hted each other for what there citizens did to each other.

Delilah Heart was laying in the grass looking at a cloud that looked like other big puffy clouds all bunched up together. To Delilah it looked like a big bed  mattress, the more she looked the more sleepy she felt.

    “Delilah are you sleeping back there!” shouted the coach.

Delilah had been watching the clouds while her coach was lecturing her and her softball team on how terrible they all did on last weeks game. Delilah hated when her coach did this she felt as if it was her fault.

“No.” Delilah replied unexpectedly

“Well then don’t just lie there!”, he yelled, “Get Up!”.

Delilah Quickly got up and tried not to go back down.

After practice Delilah’s mom came to pick her up. Her face was red and sweaty, while walking toward the car Delilah was drinking water a whole pint of water like it wasn’t going to be there the next day.

“Hard work out today eh?”,her mom wondered.

“I had to run half a mile for laying down while coach smith lectured us about last weeks game” Delilah answered.

“Delilah”,she sighed “i thought we already had a talk about this”

“I just couldn’t help it today the clouds looked interesting and I  just couldn’t stop staring at them”,said Delilah.

“Delilah!”, her mom argued “I did not pay all that money for equipment for you to just stare at clouds.”

When they got home Delilahs dad and little sister Helena were already home making dinner together, which was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Helena was peeling potatoes then putting them in a bowl so they can be ready to be mashed, her dad was there adding the final touches to the sauce that was going to be for the meat loaf.

“So meatloaf today eh.”, her mom wondered

“ yup!”, Helena exclaimed “I made the meatloaf all by my self”.

When I was 12 years old my mom had gotten pregnant  with my little sister Helena. To me it felt weird having a younger sibling that was going be 12 years younger because that meant when she turned 12 I was going to be 24 and when she was 24 I was going to be 36 and have my own children most likely.

On the day my mom left to the hospital that was when everyone in my family like the my dad, grandmother, aunts and uncles were rushing threw the hospital doors.The waiting room that we waited in was packed with everyone in the family. When anyone else tried to come they'd look through the window sigh and walk away looking for an open room. Whenever the doctor walked in to talk to us our whole family would stand thinking that we were finally going to see her but almost each time we were wrong until...

"Um is this the Heart family", asked the doctor.

Everyone nodded in excitement.

" Ok well the child is going to be delivered soon so and Lily would like to see Gina Bryce and Brittany Branch." The doctor announced in a British accent.

Gina Bryce is my moms sister and Brittany Branch is a lady who has been my moms best friend since they were in third grade. I remember how disappointed I was in my mom for not wanting me in there with her.

When Aunt Gina and and my moms best friend Brittany came back they looked really tired like they just ran a mile, soon my dad came running down the hall in scrubs.

“Delilah! Delilah!”, he shouted “come meet your new baby sister”.

That was when I jumped out of my seat in excitement running towards my dad in the hallway. When I got to the he was he turned around and started running with me so he could show me to my mom and my sister.

“You excited?” he asked.
I nodded my head answering his question. But in my mind i was not sure if i wanted a little sister or not because for most of my life I was the only  child and now i was going to have to share my parents with a girl I am just about to meet.

When we enter the room it was quiet.

“Delilah?” my mom asked

Her voice was quiet and had sounded like she was just about to lose it.

I look at my mom wondering why she was whispering and seeing a little baby girl resting calmly  in her arms.

“Yea?” I ask

“Come and meet your new baby sister” She answers

I get closer seeing more details on what the baby looks like. She had little black curls in top of her head. And for a babys weight she was normal not too small nor not to fat, unlike me I was underweight and had to be feed immediately.

“So what are you going to name her?” I ask.

“I don’t know,”she answered “What do you want to name her?” she then responded

“Heather!” I answered  in excitement

“ Hmm Heather” She soon said “ That name is too common I was thinking sort of a name like Ella”
“Ella?” I questioned

“Hey why am I helping you find a name why not dad?” I questioned again

“Oh your father is no help on finding new names for people or pets when i first met him he had a dog and when I asked ‘hey whats your dogs name’ he said ‘oh i haven’t given him a name yet’ so of course i thought “oh did you just adopt him’ and he tells me ‘no I’ve had him for three years’”

“Wow.” I exclaim

Soon I turn to my dad who is in front of the tv watching Dr. Phil, then I turn back to my mom  who had also been watching him.

“So  Heather and Ellen hmm..” I wondered “What if we combine those two names?” I then ask

We both sat there thinking of a good combination for the names. It took awhile you can make a lot of good names and a lot of horrible names with the names like Ella and Heather.

“Helena!” My mom said with excitement

Thats when Helena opened her eyes she did not cry nor make a sound. She had just opened her bright blue baby eyes when I saw her eyes they were perfection to me. They were blue like diamonds, and after seeing her eyes is when I was glad she was my sister and that was when I fell in love with her.

Helena still has had them the  same colored  since then.

When mom dropped me off at school this morning it felt weird of her not saying ‘Bye’ or ‘Love you’ all she had said was ‘ok you’re here now’. Then waited for me to get out of the car and drove away. I didn’t feel hurt about it or anything it just didn’t feel normal.

After school I went straight to the girls dressing room to get changed in my softball uniform and started practicing my swings with the bat weight. Thats when the coach came to me.
“You ready for the game Heart or are you going to take a nap in the grass” He questioned

“I wasn’t sleeping,” I answered “I was looking at the clouds.”

“Oh well then you should meet an old friend of mine in a movie” He chuckled “His name is Ponyboy he digs sunsets and you dig clouds”

That was when he started laughing hysterically, but the thing is I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me. Because the actor who played Ponyboy is either way too old or dead.

I soon then ignored him then walked away to go grab my bat glove and helmet from my team room locker. I then thought about why the coach made such a big deal about me looking at clouds when all he was doing was telling us how awful we all are at playing softball.

The next morning mom woke me Helena woke me up with a blood murdering scream

    “A SPIDER!” Helena screamed from the top of her lungs.

    Soon mom, dad and me ran into her room only to find tiniest little daddy long legs spiders. Mom rubbed her eyes showing Helena how it was way too early in the morning for small things like this. Mom then got tucked  her back into bed and went back to sleep. When everyone left I went back to my room and tried to go back to sleep. When my mom finally got back up to get ready for work, I then also sat back up to get ready I had then realized that I had been staring at the ceiling for 2hrs. straight.
    “Wow you woke up pretty early this morning”,  my mom said

That was when I then turned to the clock seeing that it had been 5:30 the usual time my mom wakes up.

“So hey what’s for breakfast”, I question.

“Um eggs and toast”, she answers.

Thats when she then goes to the fridge grabs an egg then goes grabs two slices of bread and hands it to me, showing me that she was not making breakfast at 5:30 in the morning. She then went to the bathroom and took a shower. Soon my little sister woke up and ran toward knowing the smell of eggs and toast her favorite meal.she then looked at me blinking thinking I was just going to give up my breakfast to a little brat that woke me up at 3:30 in the morning because of the tiniest and most non harmful spider God has ever created. She still kept sitting there expecting me to go and give her food, so I then got up went and grabbed an egg and two slices of bread and handed it to her.
"What do you expect me to do with this?" she questioned.

"Make your own breakfast because I'm not going to make it after you woke me up at 3:30!" I yelled.

That's when mom heard and yelled.

"Hey what's going on down there Delilah!" She shouted.

"Nothing." I yelled back

"No Delilah is not feeding me breakfast!",Helena interrupted.

"That's because you can make your own food", I yelled.

That's when my mom came out of her room walked to the kitchen, took the egg and toast i gave her earlier and made Helena her.

“Delilah you should start getting ready  because i not going to wait thirty minutes for you again”, she strictly told me “Oh and by the way I am not going to be able to make it to your game sorry I have to help your grandma do laundry today and she said it might take awhile.”, Mom explained.

“Okay” I said

I didn’t care that my mom was going or not going and also I didn’t want her to watch me getting yelled at by coach Smith.

I then went up stairs and started getting dressed for school.


When mom dropped me off at school this morning it felt weird of her not saying ‘Bye’ or ‘Love you’ all she had said was ‘ok you’re here now’. Then waited for me to get out of the car and drove away. I didn’t feel hurt about it or anything it just didn’t feel normal.

When I was six years old my dad introduced me to softball. He had done knowing that I was in love with baseball and would always tell him ‘when i all grown up I’m going to be the first girl to ever play for the Angels’ that was when my dad then decided to then decided to put me on the little leagues softball team. He had first taught me how to hit the ball correctly with the bat and he also taught me how to catch the ball. He had done this so when I was put on the team I would already be a pro at it and be the number one player on the team.

    Once I was put on the team While all the other girls had struggled and had to use the tee after like three hits I always atleast hit the ball on one of the first three hits. The only thing I would actually struggled on and still struggle on was pitching this was because my pitches were either too high or too low. After that first season of softball I won second place for being one of the best players out of all of the other girls who played for the little league company at the age of six.

       I remember other girls being sort of jealous of me especially Sarah Smith daughter of my coach for high school girls softball team. She had only been mad and jealous of me because her father had told her if she did not get first or second place he would disown her and of course that meant he did not like me either. He even didn't want me on his softball team knowing if he put me in the team he would most likely not be able to put his own daughter because she sucked at the sport so much. So now to this day coach smith still finds way to run extra laps or miles, he's even once tried to kick me off the team.

Before the game started we practiced throwing the ball back and forth to each other. I practiced with Cherry. She has been my best friend ever since we were four. Our parents took us to the same daycare, preschool, and other schools so I know her pretty well.
    “Ready for todays game”, she asked

“ I don’t know I feel like he going to put all the suckine players first and make me go last so his daughter get to go up and bat more than me even though she can’t even carry the bat with one arm”, I replied.

Yea Smith is still upset at you for making a home run that easily could have been caught but nope she had to have missed it by a long shot and little poor you has to deal the guilt” She said agreeing with what I had said.

“So which team we playing?” I questioned.

“Pure Vista” she answered with a disgusted tone in her voice.“They f*ing always cheat I’m sick of having to play against them this is the fifth time we are playing against them” she then

“Yea coach Smith says ‘oh the more you play them the better you’ll do at playing against other teams’” I had then agreed to what she said.

That’s when a Pure Vista School bus came rolling into the parking. When it had stopped the girls came rushing out of the little bus making shake a little.

“ Who’s ready to kick some ass again” One girl had shouted.

That was when I turned to Cherry who still had the ball in her glove but was too distracted by the other team to then throw it.  When I then looked around all the other girls on our team had also gotten distracted by Pure Vista. Our whole team had paused staring at the opposing team.

Their coach had came and Walked up to coach Smith shook his hand and said.

"Good luck" said the other coach.

"You too" Smith had told him in a very mature manner.

Soon Pure Vista came on to the field like a swarm of bees. Then one of the girls had walked up to Cherry and me. She didn't say anything she had only came sort of study us. She then grinned and ran back to her team.

"Yea we can kick their asses easily!" She shouted.

When I looked back to Cherry she was giving them the most evil look I have ever seen in my life.

"Just ignore them," I told her " they are going to just get more hyped up if they see you are mad".

After thirty more minutes of practice the referee came and told us to get into our positions. We all then rushed to our stuff and grabbed our caps. Pure Vista was going to be starting at the bat first. When our team spreaded out on the field I went to block second base and Cherry was pitching she was the best pitcher out of everyone in the team, so she had always been pitching first on our games I was her substitute meaning if something bad happened to her during a game I would be the person then pitching. And which luckily nothing bad has happened to her yet.

Once the game started the first three girls didn't make a single base so we easily got to batting next. When we went up to bat Cherry was first she had hit a ball that took her to second base on the second throw. After her it was Sarah and she barely made it to first. I don't know why but today Pure Vista was doing horrible. After Sarah it was me who was next the grip of the bat was making my hands sweat. Once the ball got close to my bat I swinged the bat as hard as I could and whacked it the ball went over the fence Smith had been screaming from the top of his lungs

"Run!" He shouted

On that hit I ran faster than ever before. I went up to third base, I could've  gotten a home run but I did not want to risk losing everything by being tagged out. But at least Cherry and Sarah got to runs in for the team.

After me it was Carol the worst batter on the team, she is okay at catching and throwing but when it comes to batting she just doesn't even try.

The pitcher then throws the first ball.

"STRIKE ONE" yells the catcher

The pitcher throws the second ball.

"STRIKE TWO" he yells

"Come on Carol if you don't make this one you’re kicked off the team", yelled Smith.

I can see her face getting redder from either anger or embarrassment. The. Then the pitcher throws the third ball.

"STRIIIKE THREE YOU’RE OUT" yell the catcher.

"GET OFF MY FIELD!" Coach Smith shouted

Carol then grabs her stuff and leaves. Her mom is there screaming at Smith.

"Why!" Carols mom shouted

Once they left the field the game continued. It was Barbara she hit an automatic home run that's I started running. The girl with the red curly hair was zonal lose to catching me but had missed when I got to home base the crowd was cheering when I looked back at the redd head she was really frustrated she even started throwing a tantrum. She then looked at me ran to their teams stuff grabbed her bat and started heading back. I had been on my phone minding my own business.

Suddenly that crazy red head chick started running toward my direction, coach Smith the pushed me out toward her so he can protect Sarah when the girl was after me not Sarah but he decided to risk my life even though she only wants to hurt me. The next thing you know once I turn WHACK! she hits me right in the head wit around the bat.

When I wake up I feel nauseas I do not know where I am at now, not until I look outside the window and see the baseball field. Now I know I am at school.

“You okay sweetie you suffered a pretty hard hit there do you know who you are and where you are at?” asked the nurse in a soft sweet calm voice.

“Uh I think I am okay” I answered

“Do you know what your name is?” She then questioned.

“Delilah.” I answered.

“Okay are you walking home today or getting picked up by your parents?” she asked

“Yea my parents are picking me up” I said.

“Okay thats good now here is a note to give to your mom or dad so they know what happened today and remember if you get any really bad headaches or start feeling light headed go to the hospital immediately.” She said in a serious manner voice.

She then handed me a note to give to my parents.

“Okay thank you” I told her.

“Bye Bye” she then responded

I waved I went to the parking lot to where someone might pick me up hopefully I get picked up because I dont even recognize where I am at. Thats when I realize that I left my stuff at the field so thats when I go wait for the game to end then I wait for everybody to grab their stuff then Whatever is left I hope is mine. When I go back to the parking lot I see a blue truck with a guy in it. Hes bald and has creepy moustache.

“Delilah?” he questioned.

“Yeah” I answer back.

“ok so you are Delilah,” He sighed “you look

    His truck had looked like he just bought it from a drug dealer oil had still been leaking out of it like a little river. In the car it looked like he tossed things in there as a garbage disposal. And the smell was wretched it smelled like he killed a bunch a skunks and before they died they sprayed him or something.

“I do?” I asked

“Yes you do” he exclaimed

“So wait who are you?” I then asked so I knew who the heck I was talking to.

“Um I’m your dad.” he then said.

Thats when I then realized my dad came to pick me up ‘thank god’ I thought. Luckily it wasn’t no kidnapper or murderer I thought.

So hey we are going to go to a hotel today we found termites in the house and the hotel we are going to a hotel because our house has termites and it is tented for a week.

“Yes!!” I exclaimed.

I loved the thought of being in a hotel and the thought of a free pool and hot tub and room service was great the only problem was that it was going to be a long drive.

“So how did you randomly find termites in our house”, I asked never hearing anything about dad finding termites.

As we drove he had never answered my question. I know I didn’t remember much I do remember not hearing dad talk about termites. But the funny thing was when I looked at this guy I just remember any memories with him. When I try to think of my dad my mind goes blank.

“So how nice do you think the hotel would be” I asked.

“Nice enough hopefully,” he said “I paid good money for that room.”

When  was young 5 I remember having my first actual Christmas. What I mean by that is before that my parents would just take me to grandma and grandpa’s house. I would either get a small toy or a dress. I never got any present from the man who calls himself Santa. The only reason I started getting presents from him is because I started questioning my parents about this guy and how all my friend at daycare were coming to daycare with new toys and wearing. And when I asked how their grandparents gave them so much they replied ‘our grandparents didn’t give us these’ thats when I was shocked ‘yeah Santa Claus gave this stuff to us did you get any presents from santa’

“No” I replied sadly.

“OOOOO that means you were bad this year so you didn’t even deserve them” they shouted.

Then I remember the whole daycare kids were laughing at me. I soon then ran off crying to a corner of the indoor playground set. When my daycare nanny came to see what was wrong I told her what happened and then she tells me that I have been sitting here crying for the past two hours. And that it was lunch time when I went over to go grab my lunch the little kids were staring, whispering and pointing at me. I then went to go sit down with my friends.

‘’Um what are you doing.’’ they all asked.

“Sitting and eating lunch with my friends.” I replied.

“No Delilah we are not you friends anymore because if we hang out with you anymore we won’t get any presents next year and I really want toys.” said one of the girls.

Then they all left. I then sat there wishing I had gotten something from Santa. I then cried and cried wishing that I Can run away home and see if santa came and dropped off a late gift.

When my parents came to pick me up I ran up to them crying saying how sorry I was for being A bad child this year and wished for forgiveness. Both of my parents looked at me like if I were crazy or something. I then looked at them saying will he come and give me my presents. While my dad was driving us home he started telling me how Santa was going to give me all my presents by tomorrow and how “Santa made a mistake’’ and not them.

That night my parents ‘’left to the north pole to make sure Santa still had my presents”. They left me home alone and told me to not answer the door and to not answer the phone or use the stove in the kitchen they told to just to go to sleep and that they will be here the next day when i wake up.

The next day I woke up with our little crappy Christmas tree surrounded by tons and tons of gifts. Half of the gifts were just clothing and the other half was toys and all the cool stuff I really wanted. When I looked at my parents their faces had a smiles across them. I then smiled back at them.

As we drove for miles and miles I looked at him and asked “So do you know when we are going to be there”

      "I don’t know" he answered.

      "Okay." I said back.

       We then kept driving for hours and hours I then thought how awfully early we all as a family had to wake up tomorrow morning just to go to work and school. When I looked out the window all I could see was corn stalks. I then look at my dad and how he is not complaining about the drive like he usually does.

       When I think of my dad now I remember how he acts,  the things he did for me and what we did together but his face is still so unrecognized I really want to see a picture of me side by side with the guy who is taking us to a hotel at a far away place.

        "So where is this place at?" I ask.

          "it is in Pure Vista" he answers.

           "Hey I was just playing against that team today for softball today" I exclaimed.

    “Hey you could’ve saved gas and hitched a ride on the way home.” he said.

    I laughed sarcastically because of knowing if I did I probably be dead. Thats is when I then remembered about the note I had to give him.

‘’Oh hey here is a note from the nurse explaining what happened today.’’ I said.

I then handed him the note. He skimmed over it while driving. He then looked at me with a really strange look.

“Uh you ok” he asked.

“I guess” I responded.

He then shrugged and looked back at the road which was another unusual thing he did.

"Why do you not care", I asked.

“I dont know you seem fine and I don’t see any bumps or anything” He explained.

We then kept driving and driving> I then saw a Hotel titled The Rest Lot.

“Here we are” he said in a fake excited way.



The hotel we were at was not a hotel it was a motel. Which really turned me down when I saw the name “Americas finest Motel”. I gave my dad a really angry look So I let him know how angry I was.
    “Hey I thought this was suppose to be a motel and wait where Is mom And Helena they aren’t here yet like you said they would be?” I questioned

    “Sorry I said hotel on accident didn’t mean to put you down like that and your mother and your sister should be here shortly.” He explained.

    When we got assigned to our hotel room it was a crappy little room with two beds and a bathroom.

    In the bathroom The toilet looked like it has never been cleaned properly before, it had been so dirty you can see what the last guest had for their dinner while they were here. The little room also smelled like the toilet as if no one even had a chance to spray febreeze or Glade in the room to make it smell pleasant at least. The bath and shower probably was the worst part of the whole room, you can still see the vomit and period stains in the tub and only the shower faucet worked the tub itself was out of order did not mind me knowing that i would be soaking with those stains and getting a weird infection or disease while I’m suppose to be getting cleaned.

    When I went back to the bedroom I grabbed the remote sadly the TV in the hotel only had three channels PBS and two other channels that were in spanish. When I looked out the window i saw the motel pool but sadly it was empty only with a nasty green puddle. I then sat on the bed and took a long nap.


    In my dream while I was taking a nap was strange things that I have forgotten earlier started coming back to me. When I first fell in the dream I had first woken up this morning like I did in real life. I then creeping down the stairs getting my breakfast I see my mom a lady with short black hair and bright brown eyes. She then hands me an egg and two slices of toast. I then hear little footsteps running down the stairs and it was my sister who tried to make me make her breakfast. Then I see my mom running down the stairs so she can make Helena her breakfast. After that I went up stairs to get ready for school then I saw him a man waking up in his nerdy Spider man pajamas with his curly blond hair just like mine but shorter than I thought about the man who drive me to this motel and looked backed to the the guy in my dream and they looked nothing alike I then dropped down to my knees and screamed as loud as I could in anger, frustration, and sadness.

“It’s over for me” I yelled.

I’m already gone and dead even though nothing hasn’t happened yet I know I’m gone. I then look back in my dream and run up to my dad and hug him as tight as I can.

“I’m sorry I forgot you” I cried.

The more I cried I hugged him tighter and tighter. I then heard a chuckle from him something he rarely does, I then looked up at him and saw the stranger who took me. I pushed him away. I then woke up.

When I woke up he was taking a shower I got up so I can wake up and be more awake. I grabbed the lamp  from the counter it had been heavy I started walking towards the bathroom where he was.      


When I was young maybe about three or four before my dad got his job as a lawyer our family lived in a place called the Ghetto. In the neighborhood we were in there were a lot of people yelling in their houses at night back then I had slept in my parents bed with them so I could hide from all the ruckus that  we could hear. When my dad was living  there he was still in college getting his lawyer degree. When my mom was home with me she would want me to follow her wherever she went I went I was too scared to be alone anywhere in the place we lived any one can take me or shoot be or beat me my mom thought the same thing so when me and her would garden in the front yard we would see kids my age walking around with a family size bag of hot cheetos and no shoes on. My mom would just look at me with a look like “I do not want to ever see you do that” I would then just tell her how this place was too scary to wander off alone in.

Once my dad finally got his degree and got his job as a Lawyer we saved up money for the big house we have now that had cost us about two hundred thousand dollars. When we finally moved in the house I felt like I was in heaven no more yelling at night no more gunshots at night no more ruckus, I don’t know why but I had felt more free than ever it was probably because  I could actually go and make friends without being scared of someone taking me or shooting me or beating me. I had made a lot of friends in my new neighborhood including my best friend Cherry. I had not been more happier than ever since.

Now thinking about the house gives me the feeling of really wanting to be there in my room knowing that no one could harm me. But instead I'm here in this hotel waiting for the moment when my life is at risk.

When I take a step closer to the bathroom door the shower turns off and I hear the shower curtain swing open. I freeze with the lamp in my hand and not knowing what to do now I put my hand on the door knob until I hear wet foot steps heading my way SPLISH SPLASH SPLISH SPLASH. My heart had been beating faster and faster. I then swing the door open and BANG. The sound of the lamp crashing into his hide made my ears ring.

I watch him struggle for awhile not knowing what to do at this point I then decided to run for my life, not knowing that I had waited to long to make that decision. I see him running right behind me I try to run faster but for an old guy he is a very fast runner. By the time I got to the elevator he had grabbed me by my collar and started dragging me through the long hall. I knew my life was gone by this point.


That is when people then started opening their doors and stares at me with fear in their eyes for me. That's when he grabbed a gun out of his pocket and started aiming it at people who were staring and still no one did anything to help.

"LET HER GO!", screamed one man.

He then turned around and shot him the man fell to his death. He continued to drag me down the hall until  we got back to our room.

Once we got to our room he tossed me down in the floor and pulled his gun out again and BANG. He shoots me right in the elbow. Then whacked me in the head with the gun in his hand.

When I woke up I was at the side of a freeway left to die the were cuts and scratches all over my body. I did not know where I was but I did know there was no way I can go back home.

I layed there knowing that I had nothing. When I looked in my bag to see if my phone in my bag, and of course I did not when I looked to see if I had any of my things in my bag I did not I was left with only my school notebooks and my pencil pouch. He took everything from me my money my phone my new headphones and other electronics. He even took off my diamond earrings my dad gave to me for my seventh  birthday.

I then decided to start walking until I saw a gas station or anything that could help me go back home.

The walk was long it was a long way for just walking a straight path to home. As cars were driving I would look and see who was driving. Someone I could trust anybody perhaps.

I had been walking for three hours already and I’m still on the same road that I started on I thought all hope was lost until.

“Need a lift?” she asked.

“Oh my god yes please” I reponed while I jumped up with excitement.

“Well then come one in” she then said.

She had short curly brown and big brown eyes she looked like she was my age.

What are you doing here all by you lonesome self”  she questioned.

“ It’s a long story” I said

“I’m listening” She responded.

    I then told what had happened from the time I got picked up from my softball game till the whole thing of what happened at the hotel.

    “Wow”she said after I told her my story.

    “So where do you need to be” she asked.

“ Rosewood” I responded.

“ Street name?” she asked.

“ just take me to rosewood please” I asked politely.

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