October 8, 2014
By DavidFridayII, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
DavidFridayII, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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The country of Koyagia is made up of two different kinds of people. One being the Koians, the natives to the land that is not Koyagia, and two being Ayags, a minority from unknown lands to the west of Koyagia, past the Bivarian mountains.

     Roy Lindor was an Ayagian presidential canidate for Koyagia, but was beat by his Koian opponent, Andy Malva, and a majorly Koian government was put into office. They immediately began exilie government personell like Roy Lindor because they had the power.

     Lindor was brough deep into the Bivarian Mountains by Koian personell and was dumped somewhere within them. Soon enough he found lands called New Koyagia, which were in the moutnains, with President McKnight at the leader.

     One day after his arrival, New Koyagia attacked Koyagia, which brought no good. They both had nuclear capabilities, so all that would come of that would be Mutually Assured Destruction. (M.A.D.)

David F.


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