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They Also Serve

March 9, 2014
By DannyBreslow, Wyckoff, New Jersey
DannyBreslow, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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This is a Short-Story I wrote for my English class. The only restrictions on our creative writing was that the story had to end with, "So, she put on her glasses -- looked out over the lake, and her life was never the same again." My story focuses on 45 year-old Cassandra Cooper, proud Wife of 17 years and Mother of two. We find Cassie asleep at her desk in her boring, routine job as an attorney. The time is mid-December, and mid-Afternoon. Cassie awakes to find that she has overslept, and she has a plane to catch, a place to be, and very important people to see. Read to find out how Cassie gets to the lake, and what event changes her life forever.

Daniel B.

They Also Serve

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