January 20, 2014
By Juliet Regan, South Salem, New York
Juliet Regan, South Salem, New York
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I always wondered what dying felt like. I wondered if the hundreds of movies, TV shows, poets, and artists had correctly captured the raw emotion of a human heart ceasing to beat. Death didn’t occupy my thoughts really. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, my life revolving around my mother, father, sister and dog, Snickers. I went to kindergarten, got stung by bees, fell off jungle gyms, broke my ankle, struggled to learn how to tie my shoes, but I was happy. Time was infinite to me. Every person in my life and everything I touched was immortal, and I began to believe my false illusions that my
life would never end.

People ask me why I did it. People ask at what point my life went wrong. And looking back, I know the exact moment. I never told anyone why I did it. That was a secret for keeping. But now, nobody can ask me questions. Nobody can get the answer they want.
They got what they wanted.
They wanted me gone.
And now I am.

Juliet R.


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