Everything Happens for a Reason

December 18, 2013
By Nathalie Sanchez, San Diego, California
Nathalie Sanchez, San Diego, California
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Californian Hazel Linus disapproves of crowds, displeasure's socializing, and disfavors Alex Shepard. A adolescent Teen who prefers to spend her Friday night watching romance to horror movies on Netflix with her Best Friend Sophia and eating anything but Chinese takeout food or spending Her night reviewing flashcards for a not so upcoming test, than partying and getting intoxicated with drugs and alcohol relating to the 50% of the teen population . Her only main priority is to qualify and get accepted into UCLA , Her dream college, and to become a Neurologist, is her only wish. Like her busy Father and older Brother. During her process to achieve that goal, She encounters a person named Alex Shepard Who accidentally reads and takes her personal journal, He is assigned to work with Her in AP Biology for a project. She then gets to know the popular, good looking, well known water polo captain that she thought wrong about. They bond and create a trust like no other two opposite beings ever once did. As they contribute a strong relationship,They also notice they occupy the same interests, feelings, and past despise their differences in school grounds. Later on Hazel gets diagnosed with a cloaked tumor a year after she collapses on an ordinary day, that caused compulsive headaches daily for most of her life.
In the end only professional surgeons. And Alex Shepard can save her from the drowning waters of internal sadness caused by anxiety, depression, and a tragic accident She’ll never forget.

Nathalie S.

Everything Happens for a Reason

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