"The Fantastic Five"

September 4, 2013
By pgarcia1222 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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pgarcia1222 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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"What's meant to be... will always find it's way."

Author's note: I really love to write. And, it seemed very easy to write a teen fiction. The characters are in a way related to my sister and I, but none of the events actually happened in reality. I enjoyed writing this story because I felt I was in it. Everything that happened to the girls, all the feelings they had....I felt it too!

The author's comments:
This is the beginning. You get to meet the girls.

In the world there's a lot of different personalities. Blonds,brunetts, populars,geeks,rockers,etc....There are many people you would least expect to know eachother.It may take a while for them to like each other,but they will become best friends soon.There will be lots of drama and everything in between.Five distinct girls will become best friends even though they are totally different people.First is Tanya Adams.She is a beautiful,dark-haired,seventeen-year-old,who is known for her looks in Greene High School.Her parents own half the city and a huge empire.She is a millionare,who doesn't think twice about wasting her money in a Victoria's Secret store.Next is Beatrice Jones.She is the most distinct from the other girls.She is as rebellious as her red hair.She has an attitude against the world because her parents died when she was twelve-years-old and was forced to live with her controllative aunt and uncle.She has always seen herself as poor,but little did she know that her parents left her their huge fortune,which was under-control of her aunt and uncle.Thirdly is Ashley James.She is a light-brunette,who acts as if she rules the world.She can be pretty bitchy sometimes,but she is mostly warm-hearted when it comes to donating money to charity.Her parents are proud of her when she does that,even though they're the ones that give her the money.Her dad and Tanya's dad are collegues in making the town a better place where their daughters can be safe.Ashley's family gets half of the profits made in spending time thinking about ways to improve the community.Tanya and Ashley are the only girls that know eachother.Fourth is Alexa Almond.She is a sweet,warm-hearted black-haired girl.She believes in peace and tranquility.Altough,she acts like a hippie,she doesn't look like one.Last is Patricia Pinkerton.She is the weirdest from all the girls and the smartest.She believes that everyone should stop judging eachother.She fall into the "geeks" category of Greene High School.Tanya falls into the "cheerleaders",which is half off the "populars".Beatrice is in the "burn-outs" clic.Ashley is in the "populars" and Alexa is in the "art freaks" clic.Don't let their differences fool you.The only thing they have in common is that they are all just normal girls trying to fit and survive a world where you have to be somebody to be recognized.

The author's comments:
Each of the girls get changes in the lives.

It was Saturday afternoon and all Tanya could think about was her totally hot,European boyfriend,Cristiano Ronaldo.She had a major obsession with foreign men.It was a huge turn-on for her.She had to stay at home to pack her things for their family's movement.She would leave her Malibu Barbie house in Beverly Hills to go live somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan.She was repelled by the idea of leaving her credit card behind because she thought that nowhere was fashionable enough for her except Beverly Hills.Tanya looked out the window.It was a beautiful day out.They sun shined on her beautiful face,making her silky,brunnette hair shine and her emerald eyes hypnotize anyone looking at her.A tear drop manage to escape from her eye as she looked at that breath-taking view of Beverly Hills.Tanya had already finished packing and knew that they would leave at any moment.Leaving Beverly Hills was hard for her.It was like leaving her childhood behind,even though she wasn't born there."Tanya.We're ready to go,"her mom called out from the kitchen."Coming!"Tanya yelled back as she wiped the tears from her eyes with her hands.She would miss Beverly Hills,but she would miss her boyfriend even more.They had been together for two years and felt they were in love with eachother.Grand Rapids would be very different from Beverly Hills.This princess was in for a rude awakening.
Beatrice lay in her bed wondering what she would offer the world to get her parents back.She felt angry all the time.She didn't understand why the world was so cruel."What have I done to receive this punishment?"she thought to herself."I'm poor and an orphan,"she said outloud to no one in particular."Beatrice.We have some news for you,"her aunt said bursting in the door."Your uncle and I bought a house in Grand Rapids."What Beatrice did not know was that the money was hers.She wanted to enter a dance school for a long time and they always said they didn't have enough money."If you want money,you have to work for it,"they always said when she brought up the subject at the dinner tagle.Her rebellious acts caused her to get grounded for months.She didn't care because she thought that without her parents it didn't matter.Beatrice's response was an eye-roll and she laid in her bed."Pack your things!"Aunt Josie yelled.Beatrice wasn't ready to move yet another time.She had begun to make friends in her school.She didn't want to lose them,but she didn't make the decisions.
Ashley arrived in her red Ferrarri.She took her shades off and entered the door to her house.Her parents were waiting for her in the livingroom.Like all the other girls,she too have to move to Grand Rapids.Tanya's dad told him that they had to move to Michigan because of a promotion.Ashley had tons of shopping bags and she gave them to her attendant,Mark.Mark is a seventeen year old,who took the job because his parents forced him to.Well,he also had a huge crush on Ashley.Ashley couldn't socialize with him because he was not one of her "kind."She was rich and he was poor.He was only an attendant and her last name was too valuable to have some other last name to it.She wanted to tell him that she did like him,but it was inproper for a rich girl to be talking to an attendant."You must only give orders to attendants.Never talk to them.You are too rich and classy to be talking to low class people,"her mother told her when she first talked to Mark.Ashley sat and waited for her parents to say something."We recived a call from the Adams' family saying that we have to move Michigan.I know we've lived here for a long time,but we'll get more money towards your college tuition."Seems fair.At least I'm going to see Tanya.We have so much to talk about,"Ashley said.Ashley sat down and thought about Grand Rapids.She was eager to see Tanya.They had been best friends since third grade.

Alexa helped her dad carry the stuff into the Uhaul truck in the parking lot.Her dad had been wanting to move to Michigan since Alexa was born.It was only Alexa and her dad.Her mother left her when she was a baby.Everyone looked at them from their houses.They had lived there since they found out a baby girl was on her way.Everybody liked Alexa and her dad.They were like family to the neighborhood.Their movement would be a sad one.Alexa stopped helping her dad and went to see her best friend Matt,who was standing on the sidewalk watching sadly at Alexa and her father."Do you really have to go?"Matt asked Alexa."I told you that my dad has been planning this trip since my mom left us,"Alexa answered.Alexa knew that Matt would always love her no matter what.She would still be on his mind when she left.Alexa's dad closed the back door of the Uhaul truck and smiled at Matt and Alexa."Gotta go,"Alexa said sadly.Matt smiled at her and Alexa hugged Matt tightly.She turned around and entered the passenger door of the truck.She closed the door and they were off.Alexa would miss Brazil a lot.

Tom hugged his daughter and told her that they had to evacuate the house by tommorow.Patricia asked why and he said that they had an inconvinience with the previous owner."But I've made good friends here,"Patricia said."I'm sorry,but we have to,"her mom said."Where would we go?"Patricia asked."Well your grandparents had this house in Michigan,which was left for you when they died,"Tom said.Without saying anything else,Patricia stood up and took out all the clothes from her drawer and threw them on the bed.Her parents knew she needed sometime alone,so they left.Patricia recapped the last few months she spent in North Carolina.She still didn't understand why they had to leave.She had to go with her parent's decision.She took one last look at the window and continued packing.

The author's comments:
The girls try to settle into their new lives.

Tanya looked at a picture of her boyfriend and sighed.She would miss him a lot,but she knew that it would be a long time before she could see him.She took her things out from a box and started decorating her room with them.She thought that, now that she was in this foreign country, that she should make the best of it.She looked out the window and saw that Michigan was so different than the beautiful Beverly Hills.Tanya had a lot of garbage to throw out so she grabbed the bags and headed downstairs.Her parents were unpacking as well.Tanya wished that her step brother would come to live with them,but not her step sister.She stepped out the door and felt different.Out next door stepped a blond boy with green eyes.He smiled at Tanya and she smiled back.She threw her trash away and he walked towards her."I'm Brad Linges.You're new aren't you?"the boy asked."Yeah.I moved from Beverly Hills,"Tanya answered.Brad checked her out and said,"You look too rich and beautiful to live in Grand Rapids."Tanya wasn't surprised by his comment.She was used to guys flirting with her."Thanks,but I have a boyfriend,"Tanya said.Before Brad could respond to Tanya's comments,a beautiful blond girl appeared in the doorway of Brad's house.She gave Tanya a I-know-you-like-him-but-he's-related-to-me look.Her name was Missy Linges.She was Brad's bitchy annoying sister.Without Missy saying anything,Brad knew that he had to go inside."See you,"Brad said.Tanya smiled and walked back to her house."Who was that?"her parents asked when she entered the front door.She knew that they were spying on her."I don't know and I don't care,"Tanya replied."Give the people here a chance,"Tanya's dad,Micheal,said."I'll try,"Tanya said.
Ashley arrived in her new house.It was a bit smaller than her old house in Miami.Mark carried all her luggage to her room."Their stuff was already in the house."I have to go visit Tanya,"Ashley said as she walked up the stairs to her room.Mark was already in her room,"admiring" her price less sculptures from Paris."Anything else?"Mark asked in an admiring tone."That's all,"Ashley said,avoiding eye contact.Mark wanted to say something to Ashley,but he just left silently out of her room.Ashley knew that she had hurt Mark yet another time.She wanted to tell him that she too liked him,but her mother wouldn't accept it.She put on a sun dress and threw on her shades."I'm gonna visit Tanya,"Ashley said.Ashley exited the front door and got in her red Ferrarri.She put on loud music and drove off fastly.

Beatrice ate a nature valley granola bar slowly in her new room.She had already unpacked all her belongings. "Beatrice!"Aunt Josie yelled.Beatrice rolled her eyes and went downstairs."Get ready.We're going to pay a visit to the next door neighbors and introduce ourselves,"Josie said."No 'Do you care to come with us?'"Beatrice said."Get ready!" Aunt Josie exclaimed.Beatrice rolled her eyes and went upstairs and sat in her couch."I wish I were dead,"Beatrice thought.She had no only hated the world,but herself as well.She looked out the window.She knew that there were going to be al lot of changes in this strange,new place.She knew it in the back of her mind.

Alexa missed Matt a lot.He had been there when her mom left.He had always been there when she needed someone.He had given her a picture of himself to always remember him.She looked at the picture and a tear managed to escape her eye.Her dad hugged her dad and said,"We could visit him in the Summer,"Alexa's dad,Ben,suggested."Yeah"Alexa said."I really miss him"

The author's comments:
The girls start going to school or continue going.

All the girls knew that they were going to Langton Greene High School.All these girls would soon fall into a category in the school's social system.Tanya was the leader of the Populars.She joined the cheerleading team on her first day.Normally,it would only take one day for people to decide what clic you would be in.Alexa is in the art freaks social group.Ashley is also in the populars.Beatrice is in the burn-outs clic and Patricia is in the Geeks.All the girls were in different clics.The only two that talked to eachother were Tanya and Ashley.They had plenty of similarities ,but all of them were very much alike.It was the seond day of school.Tanya and Ashley arrived in a red Ferrarri.Beatrice was dropped off by her aunt and uncle.Patricia was also dropped off,but by her parents.Alexa was dropped off by her dad .They all stared at eachother,but with their you-better-not-mess-with-me look.Every guy turned to look at Tanya and Ashley.Ashley looked down,looking at Mark,who came in bicycle."That guy was checking you out,"Tanya said.Ashley just looked at Mark.He looked at her with sad,hurtful eyes."Isn't that Mark,your attendant?"Tanya asked ."Yeah,"Ashley said."I didn't know he went to this school,"Tanya said.Tanya looked at Ashley and smiled."Let's go talk to him,"Tanya said."Maybe he can give us a grand tour around the school."Without hearing an answer from Ashley,Tanya walked towards Mark,who was talking to Missy , Brad's sister.Tanya quickly recognized her."Hey Mark,"Tanya said."Oh.Hey Tanya,"Mark responded."You look lovely today.And Ashley,you look beautiful as always."Ashley knew that those words were just wasted in her mind because her mother had forbidden her from talking to Mark.Tanya smiled and said,"You two make a cute couple,you know that?"Mark and Ashley both kept silent.Mark walked away and Ashley said"Let's go Tanya" and she pulled Tanya away.Tanya said "What's wrong"and Ashley was mad and said "Don't ever say that again" and Tanya said "Okay I'm sorry" and they walked to their class.As they were walking to their class,all the guys turned to look at Ashley and Tanya. Guys whistled at them as they were walking to their class.The girls weren't surprised at this act at all.Everywhere they went the same thing happened.Both of them smiled at everyone .They entered their class and sat in the empty chairs in the back.Mark,Beatrice,Alexa,and Ashley were there.All of them looked at eachother.Mark starred at Ashley.Tanya was too busy looking at herself in her mirror.Beatrice rolled her eyes at the different girls around her.All of them had different expressions on their faces when they looked at eachother."Ok,we are going to experiment a little with a group project,"the teacher announced.Everyone winned and everyone looked at eachother.In these cases,you didn't know who was going to get stuck with you."Ok. I don't want to put the same people together.Let's put some of the new people with others who already know what I expect when I mean cooperation,"the teacher said,eyeing those who pretended not to know what she was talking about."Ok.I'm going to put Ashley,Alexa,Tanya ,Beatrice,Patricia, Mark, Missy,and Brad in the same group.I know Missy and Brad will explain my expectations to all of you,"the teacher finally said.Brad and Missy stared at eachother, but Missy caught a curious glimpse from Tanya,who was watching the class eagerly and curiously.Tanya mean mugged Missy and continued with her observations."Get together one of these days and work on the topic I will assign your group,"the teacher said.The teacher walked around giving a topic to the first person she called for the group.The teacher walked over to were Tanya and Ashley were sitting at."Ms. James.You will have the name for your topic.Your topic is on elete sports.You and your group will have to decide whether you think sports are good for our society or not,"Ms. Johnson said."Can everybody get in their groups,so I can explain your project in futher acknowledgements,"the teacher called out.Everyone formed their groups,thinking before they did so.Ashley and Tanya leaded the group,since no one else knew what to do.But the other four girls weren't going to get brain-washed over some prissy girls.The other girls sat 10 feet away from eachother, almost forming their own circles.Mark kept looking at all the girls in the circle,seeing that there will be tension between the girls and lots of drama.No one wanted to start the conversation.The teacher came over to tell everyone and clarify the question more."I've decided that the captain for this team is...,"Ms.Johnson said."Ashley."Everybody wanted the presticious job of captain for a big team.Missy quickly protested."But she will probably only want us to do the job.And besides, you said it yourself:she doesn't know your expectations for cooperation,"Missy exclaimed."I also said that you and your brother will be "pleased" to show them my expectations,"the teacher replied.Missy and all the others kept quiet,all looking at Ashley and Tanya.

The girls sat quietly listening to why poetry is good for you.The other girls stared at Tanya and Ashley,with envious eyes.After class,the girls went to take their stuff to their lockers.Ashley and Tanya didn't have their lockers together,so they had to take turns going to their lockers. Everyone turned to look at them as they walked towards the cafeteria.Some guys even let them cut infront of them,which envied other girls.In Greene High School,it was hard too get a table, especially if you were new.All the tables were already classified into different social groups. Tanya and Ashley,of course, sat wherever they wanted to.They chose the populars table.Some girls in that clic refused,but the guys were more than eager to show the girls around.Alexa found a spot in the art freaks table.Patricia found a table in the geeks table.Although she was very beautiful,she just couldn't imagine herself being with populars.Beatrice was in the burn-outs,or the rebels.Missy threw a you're-not-gonna-fool-me-with-your-looks stare at Tanya and Ashley.Missy walked over to the populars table slowly.The guy talking to Tanya was a blond guy with green eyes named Morgan.Missy quickly noticed that they were talking and stared at him with seductive eyes.Once Missy got there,she said,"Hey Morgan.I love your blond hair.How are you today?"Everyone in the table was staring at Missy like if she was crazy.Morgan had his eyes wide opened.He too was surprised by Missy's encounter."Oh!Hey Ashley,"Missy said surprisingly."Tanya."Tanya smiled and turned away."You barely came from Beverly Hills,right?"Missy asked in a questioning tone."Yeah,"Tanya said,throwing Missy a fake smile."Must be difficult.I guess you have to stop being a little priss to fit into this town,"Missy suggested.She smiled and whispered something into Morgan's ear.Tanya had never been called a priss before,so she was left without words.Missy smiled and left.All of the people in the table were silent."Don't worry about her.She's always been like that.Just make sure that you don't let her words get to you,"Morgan told Tanya as he stood up.Everyone else stood up and left the table,leaving behind a lot of tension between Tanya and Missy."Don't worry about her.She's just jealous of you,"Ashley told Tanya.Both of them stood up and left the cafeteria. The left to their next class silently.They knew that what Missy had against Tanya was more than just jealousy.

The girls were early for class,but that didn't stop them from getting attention.Alexa arrived late to class for some reason."Why are you late , Ms.Almond?"questioned the Biology teacher,Mr. Mason."I was picking up some papers from the office,"Alexa answered.She didn't like people staring at her with such intensity."Have a seat next to Ms. Adams," Mr. Mason ordered.Alexa took her seat and smiled at Tanya."Is it your first day too?"Tanya whispered to Alexa."Yeah," Alexa whispered back.And the class went by fast.All Tanya could think about was why would Missy tell her such mean things to her, she never did anything to her. Ashley was writing notes to Tanya. Tanya couldn't think straight.The Period ended, and Tanya and Ashley went walking silently thru the hall to get to their other class. Ashley asked Tanya"What's wrong with you", Tanya answered"Why does she hate me".Ashley said"She's just jealous of you, you have to get over it" and Tanya answered"Okay, lets just forget about this" and they went to their next class.Tanya checked her phone and saw a message.It was from her boyfriend.Tanya read the message outloud to Ashley."I'm in town.Meet me at 4:30 outside of your house,"Tanya read.Tanya was so elated because she really wanted to see her boyfriend.Tanya, missed him with all her heart. She was so excited because she was going to see the love of her life.Tanya waited until it was time to go and was more than eage r to see Cristiano.After school,Tanya and Ashley stopped by the mall to buy some beauty products.They went to Victoria's Secret,Tanya's favorite store,and bought a lot of stuff.

Ashley dropped Tanya at her house,spotting Cristiano in the front of the house.She smiled and waved "hi" to him.He waved back and Ashley drove off.Tanya was so happy.She jumped on Cristiano's strong arms and hugged him until he couldn't breath.How did you know I would be here?" Tanya asked excitedly."Well,after I didn't see you around anymore,I asked your next door neighbor and he said you had moved here.I told him that I was your friend and he told me the location were you lived,"Cristiano replied."I really missed you"Tanya said."I missed you 2"Cristiano said. "Why didn't you tell me you were moving"Cristiano said, Tanya responded"It all happened so fast, I forgot to tell you".Tanya said"How did you get here?", Cristiano said"As soon as i found out where you moved, i got a cab and went to the airport"Tanya said"That's so sweet of you to come looking for me".Cristiano said"I thought I was never going to see you again"Tanya said"Me 2"and they hugged again.Cristiano said"I don't know what i would've done without you".Tanya said"I can't imagine living in a world that doesn't include you".Cristiano said"Let's not think about the past, let's think about the present".All Tanya could think about was that her boyfriend was there,and that he was going to stay.She was extatic.She forgot about everything when she was with him. She was truly in love with him.They took a walk around the neighborhood and decided to go to the park.The other four girls were in the park as well.Missy,Brad,and Mark were also there.

Alexa's dad,Ben,rushed his daughter to the nearset park.He dragged her all the way to the bench."Why are you dragging me all the way here?"Alexa asked her dad curiously."I already told you.I have a surprise for you,"Ben replied to his daughter.He adored her a lot because she was the only one he had on Earth.Alexa looked on back of her father and saw Matt,her friend from Brazil.Matt smiled at her and Alexa runned to him.Once she got there,she threw herself at Matt.They hugged tightly and eternally."I can't believe you're here!"Alexa exclaimed."You're dad told me that you missed me and he offered me money to come here.My parents told me that I could spend the rest of the Summer here with you and your dad,"Matt said.Alexa turned at her dad and hugged him."Anything for my little girl,"Ben said."Thanks daddy,"Alexa responded.While the Almonds received their surprise guest Meanwhile,Patricia sat with her sister,Kylie.They sat admiring mother nature.Kylie was not admiring mother nature,but its inhabitants.She saw cute guys pass by them.Most of them stared at her sister."Why are you always paying more attention to things that don't have any meaning to them," Kylie asked Patricia.Patricia kept silent and ignored her sister's stupid question."Mother nature has a significance.It means embracing who you really are,'Patricia said in a monotounous manner.Her voice never changed pitched.She spoke the same all the time.Kylie rolled her eyes and continued her observations of the people in the park.She hated that her sister was smarter than her.
Beatrice left the park once she saw people coming.She didn't like seeing people show off.Tanya and Ashley sat on the ground tanning.Guys past them and looked at them.Mark was in a bench talking to Missy.I don't really know why he talks to her.He was just listening to her speak,which she did a lot.Instead he was staring at Ashley intensively.Cristiano was sitting next to Tanya,admiring her mesmerizing beauty.He knew that all the guys in the park were envious of him for being close to two beautiful girls.He looked at them and they stared at him.Missy quickly recognized Tanya and Ashley.She stopped talking to Mark and headed over to where the girls were sitting at.Anyone who witnesses the incident in the cafe teria knew that there was going to be drama.Tanya and Ashley saw Missy coming towards them so they stood up."What do we have here?"Missy said."The two little prissies of the town,"Missy exclaimed."We don't want to start something with you,"Ashley said."You might think that you rule the school,but I'll show you what it's like to have the ex-popular girl against you,"Missy said.Cristiano said,"Calm down!First of all,who are you?" Missy smiled and walked over to Cristiano."I'm Missy.I didn't have the pleasure to meet you before,"Missy said,grabbing Cristiano by the neck. Tanya quickly charged at her.But,Missy was smart.She knew what Cristiano was to Tanya.She backed away before Tanya could touch her."I know I cause a lot of tension between people.I'm just warning you to watch who you pretend to be in an unknown school because their always somebody that knows everything about you,"Missy said winking at the three people.Before Missy could leave,Mark came to say "Hi" to them without knowing that Missy had caused a lot of tension."Oh!I forgot to tell you that Mark and I are going out,"Missy announced before she left.Ashley's heart was broken into a million pieces.She was truly in love with Mark,but Mark didn't know that.Ashley run away as fast as she could, Tanya and Cristiano went after her.Ashley was crying uncontrollably, Tanya said"Don't cry Ashley"Ashley said"How can I not cry when, he's with her". Tanya said"She's just saying that to pissed you off, she knows how much you love Mark"Ashley said"I don't want to be here anymore,I'm going home" Tanya said"Okay, but call me later" and they hugged each other and Ashley left.Cristiano said"Everything will be alright, don't worry"and he tried to comfort Tanya.They continued their walk on the park.Tanya wanted to beat Missy's ass so bad, she could'nt believe that people could be so evil. She had never hated anyone as much as she hates Missy. She messed with her best friend and her boyfriend, she was never gonna get away with it.
All the other girls saw the comotion and forgot about it later.Their problems were more important than eachothers.Alexa and Matt took a walk alone without Alexa's dad.He knew that they would always be close to eachother.But he didn't know that they wanted to be more than friends."So how do you like it here?'Matt asked Alexa."Well,I think it's a little better because I don't have the memory of my mom when she left us,"Alexa answered."I wouldn't imagine leaving you alone,"Matt said trying to comfort Alexa."Thanks,Matt.You've always been like a brother to me,"Alexa said.Matt and Alexa continued their walk around the park.Patricia and her sister,walked slowly around the park."I think we're lost,"Kylie told her sister."We can just get help,"Patricia suggested."We'll look like a bunch of retards asking for help,"Kylie said."We're new to this town,so we won't look retarded,"Patricia responded.Right at that moment,three guys were passing by.Kylie suddently had an idea."Let's ask those guys,"Kylie suggested.Patricia didn't understand why her sister was so obsessed with boys.I mean she wasn't into her same sex,but her sister was so exagerated .She was literaly obsessed with boys.Patricia just followed her sister to see what she was going to do.She didn't want Kylie to do anything stupid.Patricia knew that Kylie wasn't gonna ask for directions, she just went to flirt with them.

As they were approching them,Kylie stared at a guy with the most unique eyes.They were green,but blue at the same time.Patricia was also mezmerized by those beautiful eyes.Unlikely,those eyes weren't looking at her.Their were looking at Kylie,who was staring right into them.Kylie ran to the boy's arms. The boy seemed to know her and pretty well.

The author's comments:
There are some things that are not being said....

Patricia was extremely puzzled by her sister's action.She couldn't even speak."Patty,this is my boyfriend,Alex," Kylie introduced."Alex,this is my sister,Patricia."Alex waved "hi" and Patricia waved back." Nice to meet you,"she said monotounously."Kylie never told me that she had a boy friend.Neither did she tell my parents,"Patricia added.Kylie stared at her sister with mean and painful eyes."Oh.I thought she did,"Alex said.Kylie stared at Patricia with hate-filled eyes.She knew that she had ruined the relationship between Alex and her sister."Can I talk to Alex alone?"Kylie asked.Patricia nodded and left to the nearest bench.

Meanwhile,in the Adam's house,Adrian and David Lee,Tanya's stepbrother and sister,arrived at the big mansion.David gave Tanya a look of satisfation into moving in her house.For some reason,Adrian sensed something going on between her brother and Tanya.Tanya and David smiled at eachother as David brought his suitcases inside.Tanya was excited to have David there.David would treat Tanya better than his own sister, and they would always hang-out all the time.They would sometimes become inseparatable. Adrian knew something was going on between David and Tanya. Before Adrian could go upstairs,she eyed Tanya and said,"I know that you have a little thing for my brother,but I won't let you get in between my brother,his girlfriend,and me."Adrian smiled and walked satisfactionally up the stairs.Even though Tanya already had a boyfriend,the news hit hard in her fragile chest.She could barely bare it.She ran up to her room and locked the door.
When she turned around,she saw her stepbrother sitting on her bed.She was startled to see him and said,"David.What are you doing here?"David smiled and said,"I just wanted to talk to you."Tanya was standing five feet away from David,standing in a Roman-like statistic statue."About what?"Tanya asked."Its something I have been hiding,ever since I met you"David said.Tanya stared at her step brother with curious yet worried eyes,thinking if it were something bad or good."I love you,"David said.Tanya smiled,thinking thay he meant it in a brotherly way,when he didn't."I love you too,David,"Tanya replied."But not as a sister.As a woman,"David clarified."David.Are you drunk?"Tanya asked."No,"David said softly.He caressed Tanya's beautiful face.David stood up and stared into Tanya's grassy eyes."I'm deeply and profoundly in love with you,"David said.David prepared himself to kiss Tanya,but Tanya wasn't sure whether she wanted to kiss him or not.Tanya was beginning to get nervous, before Tanya could move away,David locked lips with her.She felt a connection with David and but she couldn't be in love with her brother, this can't happen, because she was in love with Cristiano.
Before they could continue,there was a knock on the door."David!Are you in there?"Adrian called out."Why is this door locked?Tanya open the door!"David had already planned how he was going to escape.Before Tanya could say anything else to David,he was out of sight.Tanya opened the door to tell Adrian why she had locked the door."Why did you lock the door?"Adrian asked."I was gonna get some rest,"Tanya said,"rubbing" her eyes slowly."Hmm.Have you seen David?"Adrian asked suspiciously.Adrian looked inside Tanya's room and turned to look at Tanya's amazed expression."Adrian,why don't you give up, trying to make me look like a stalker?Just admit that you're jealous of me and that you're just judging me harshly,"Tanya said.Adrian said"Yeah whatever" and she left to her room.Tanya couldn't believe what just happened.She layed in her bed thinking about what David told her.And why was Adrian so jealous of Tanya.Was Adrian in love with David?All these questions were in Tanya's mind, and she wanted answers.Tanya suddently felt herself drowning in a pool of thoughts and questions.

At Beatriz's house,there was nothing happening.No dirty little secret for Beatriz.But Ashley was not sure who she was going to tell her secret to.Mark waited for Ashley at the livingroom.He had a plane ticket in his hand.He inhailed and saw Ashley coming in."Mark!What are you doing here?My mom's gonna kill you if you if you haven't cleaned the pool,"Ashley said in a surprised tone."Ashley.I have to go,"Mark said."What?"Ashley asked."I got a scholarship to the University of Colorado,"Mark responded."And I'm leaving."Ashley knew that he had already been taken away from her and him leaving was the worst thing that happened."You can't leave,"Ashley pleaded."You can't leave me alone."Mark looked into Ashley's eyes and saw sincerity in her words."I mean,we have treated you like family and I've become really attached to you,"Ashley clarified herself."I've been wanting to get into this university for a long time,"Mark said."And you don't know much how your words make me happy,but I can't continue here."Ashley was really looking for a reasonable answer as to why Mark was leaving."Is it because of Missy that you can't stay here a little longer?"Ashley asked Mark."No,it's not Missy.It's you,"Mark said.

Ashley was puzzled at Mark's answer."Me?"Ashley asked."Yes.I'm always gonna get hurt when you're here.I'm in love with you.That's why.And knowing that we belong in different social classes,we could never be together.And I know you like me to but you don't want your mom to find out about it".Mark responded. Ashley felt like she was going to cry her eyes out."I'm sorry,but I have to go."Mark gave Ashley a kiss in her cheek and grabbed his luggage.Ashley saw as Mark left through the front door.She felt like the world was suddently falling on top of her.She couldn't believe that Mark was leaving her forever, and she felt like it was a nightmare, but as much as she wished that it was all a dream, it wasn't.She felt like a huge hole has been punched in her heart.It was hard for her to see the love of her life leave.She got in her car and drove off to anywhere she could go.The place she didn't want to be in the place where the love of her life left.

The author's comments:
The girls start to finally settle into their lives.

Tanya felt the sun's hot rays hit hard on her face.She covered her face,avoiding the sun's light.She still remembered what her step brother had said and done.She couldn't tell her parents.She just couldn't.She knew that her stepmom was going to call her a liar and her dad wouldn't accept that.She didn't want her dad's personal life to end because of her own personal issues.Adrian already suspected some relationship between her brother and Tanya,so she would tell on Tanya if she saw something or at least think she saw something.Tanya decided to call her friend Ashley to tell her about her problems.But what Tanya didn't know was that Ashley was also struggling with a problem.She grabbed her phone and called Ashley.Ashley answered and agreed in meeting at the nearest cafe.

Without saying another word,Tanya stood up and changed to meet up with her friend."I'm going out,"Tanya told her dad as she walked down the stairs quickly."Where to in such a rush?"Adrian asked.Tanya gave her a none-of-your-business look and said,"Going-out with a friend."Adrian smiled and walked away."Don't stay out too late,"Tanya's stepmom said.Tanya waved bye to everyone and left through the front door.Outside,David waited for Tanya.He was leaning on her yellow Lamborghini."Where to?"he asked her."I'm going to talk to...someone,"Tanya replied."Gonna tell her about us?" David asked.Tanya smiled and rolled her eyes."What?"David said."Nothing.I have to go,"Tanya said,avoiding eye contact with David. She couldn't though.His mesmerizing eyes were too powerful for her emerald eyes.David stood infront of Tanya,stopping her from leaving.He wanted to kiss her again, but she said"Don't do this here,David.Please,"Tanya told David."Someone might see us."David smiled and said,"Ok.But I need to know whether you like me or not.Meet me in the guest house at 9:45 PM,"David said.Tanya nodded and got in her car.She drove off waving bye to David.David blew Tanya a kiss and Tanya turned away.She knew that her step brother liked her,but he had to be a little secretive about it.
Alexa smiled at the thought of having Matt closed to her.They were living under the same roof now,because Alexa's dad let him live there for the Summer.She was really excited.She stood up and left to the kitchen.She thought about making her dad and Matt breakfast.She took out a fresh pack of strawberries and a box of pancake mix.She smiled and continued making the pancakes.The breakfast meal was done before her dad or Matt woke up.Her dad's face was an astonishing one."You made breakfast?"Ben,Alexa's dad,asked."Yeah.I woke up in a good mood today,"Alexa said."I can see,"Ben added.Alexa was so happy that she even decorated the kitchen with flowers from the garden.She addded scent to the kitchen as well.She decorated the plates for her dad and matt with strawberries and syrup.Matt entered minutes after Alexa's dad."What are we celebrating?"Matt asked.Alexa had a huge grin on her face and said,"I woke up with a great attitude and made breakfast for you...guys,"Alexa said.
Matt smiled and sat on a chair."I could tell by all the girly-girlness implanted on the kitchen,"Matt said grabbing a flower from the table.Alexa blushed and said,"I do need to be a little more girly-girl.But you never know when my tomboyish side is gonna get out."Matt smiled and picked up a a pink rose and said,"You're like this rose.A uncovered beauty from the outside,but a total mystery on the inside."Alexa smiled as Matt gave the pink rose."Thanks,Matt,"Alexa said.Alexa turned to look at her dad.He didn't seemed bothered at all by Matt's tenderness.On the contrary,he smiled and clapped at Matt,probably wishing that that poem was dedicated to him.Alexa sat down and ate panckakes along with her dad and....Matt.She was starting to think that she was in love wtih Matt.But what she didn't know was that he was in love with her.She smiled at Matt and continued eating.

Patricia heard her sister talking to her boyfriend on the phone every night.Sometimes she couldn't even sleep.She was envious that her sister had confidence to talk to guys.The closest she had gotten to a guy was when she was 6 years old.She liked her next door neighbor and he chose her sister.The second encounter was yesterday at the park when she met Kylie's secret boyfriend,Alex.She hadn't told her parents about it and neither did she intend to.Kylie's personal life was not important.Her own personal life was more important than anyone elses.Patricia stood up and left to the backyard.Kylie was outside with her boyfriend.For some reason,Patricia was happy to see Alex.She had a crush on him ever since the day she was introduced to him,which was yesterday.She had even dreamt about him.She smiled when she saw him.He smiled at her too and Kylie turned to look at her sister.Patricia turned away right away.Kylie sensed that Patricia had a crush on her boyfriend. Patricia knew that Alex would never really pay any attention to her. Patricia continued reading her book and sighed.
Ashley waited for Tanya at a table at the GR Cafe.She ordered two Mocha Swirl lattes for her friend and her.Even though she didn't call Tanya to meet up at the cafe,she was anxious to tell her about her own problems.She was wearing sun glasses because she had been crying all night.She loved Mark and was devasted by his farewell the day before.Tanya arrived minutes after Ashley and sat down with her."How have you been?"Tanya asked Ashley once she sat down."I'm having problems,but why did you call me?"Ashley said.Ashley didn't want to sound so desperate to talk to someone."Well,I just found out that my step brother likes me and I don't know what I'm gonna do,"Tanya replied."David?"Ashley asked."Yeah,he told me and he kissed me,"Tanya said.Ashley awed and said,"I have a problem to."Tanya sighed and said,"About who?"Tanya didn't like the fact that Mark was so obsessed with Ashley,and that he didn't tell her about his feelings towards her."It's about Mark,"Ashley said looking down and sighing."He left."
Tanya was irritated that Mark couldn't face his feelings for Ashley."What he didn't have the balls to tell you he liked you,so he left,"Tanya exclaimed angrily."No,he told me he liked me before he left,"Ashley corrected."He got a scholarship to the University of Colorado."Tanya sighed and said,"A lot is happening around us.I think we should just get out of here.You know like a girls night out,"Tanya suggusted."But only us two.I think we should get more people to come,"Ashley said."Yeah.I could invite my friend Jess from Miami."Tanya and Ashley smiled at eachother for a long time."I think we should invite different peole from our school.Even if we don't know them,"Tanya said."I hope this trip helps get over the problems in our lives,"Ashley added."I hope."

Beatrice looked out the window of her room and smiled.She kind of admired Michgan.Her beautiful sight turned into a rage of screams.Her aunt was calling her to got to the store."Coming!"Beatrice yelled back.Aunt Josie gave Beatrice money to buy her some groceries in the nearby store.Before leaving,Beatrice grabbed her Ipod and left through the front door.She listened to her music silenty and slowly.She walked very calmly,but not even that could stop her from bumping into Stephen King.He was indeed a very beautiful boy,but she didn't seem to care."Sorry," Beatrice said as she walked away."Wait!You dropped this,"Stephen yelled.Apparently,Beatrice had dropped all the money her aunt gave her.Before Stephen could get to Beatrice,she was already inside the store.He went inside to see if she was there.She was there,picking fruits from the produce aisle.Stephen felt an attraction to Beatrice when he saw her.He ran to where she was and gave the money to her."You dropped your money outside when you bumped into me,"Stephen said."Thanks.And I didn't bump into you!You bumped into me,"Beatrice said.Stephen laughed and said,"I'm Stephen King."Beatrice smiled and said,"So you're named after a famous poet?"Stephen said,"Yeah,guess so.I think my parents were big fans of this poetru and they decided to name their first son sfter him."Beatrice chuckled and said,"I'm Beatrice Jones." Stephen smiled and helped her take the groceries to her house.

The author's comments:
The girls and a lot of their friends go camping...smelling trouble.

Tanya and Ashley walked to class slowly,carefully observing the girls that walked by them.They thought about it and finally decided that they were going to plan a camping trip.They thought about inviting only three people but,it was automatically decided that Cristiano,Tanya's boyfriend and Jess Edwards,Ashley's best friend from Miami were going.They had four people,but they wanted more.It was in English class that they decided to invite the girls of their group.Patricia,Beatrice,and Alexa were invited.Unfortunetly,Missy and Brad were in the group,so they had to come.The girls were allowed to take two people at least.All of the girls loved the idea because,they too,had a lot of problems going on in their lives.The problem was coming up with an excuse to tell some of their parents.Alexa's dad would let her go.Beatrice already knew that her aunt would appose to it,but her uncle would let her go.Tanya's parents were too over protective,unless she brought her step brother or sister along with her.Ashley had total freedom of her life and Patricia had to take Kylie with her.They all agreed to call eachother later that day.They all exchanged phone numbers and left to lunch.All the girls were very anxious to step into their own little world.
Alexa rushed home to ask her dad for permission to go to the camping trip.She saw Matt sitting in the livingroom watching T.V."Hey,Matt," Alexa said as she sat next to him."Hey,Alex,"Matt replied."I have an offer for you.And you'll like it because there's gonna be a lot of pretty girls there,"Alexa said.Matt smiled and said,"What is it?""A camping trip with a couple of girls from school,"Alexa answered.Matt thought about and smiled at last."Did your dad let you go?"Matt asked seriously."Because if he didn't and I go,he'll send me back to Brazil."Alexa laughed and said,"Don't worry.I'm gonna ask him right now.And if he sends you back,he sends me too.Matt smiled and looked at Alexa.Alexa's dad appeared 10 minutes later at the livingroom."Dad.I was looking for you..to ask you something,"Alexa said when her dad appeared at the livingroom."To tell me what?"asked Ben."If I can go a camping trip with some girls.From school,"Alexa answered."Well,you have to take someone with you,"Ben said.Ben turned to look at Matt.He said"If you want me to go with her, I'll go and take care of her"Ben agreed and said"Okay,you can go and you have to take Matt"Alexa smiled and hugged her dad, Alexa said"Thanks, Dad" and Matt was happy that he was going with Alexa.

Tanya arrived at her house, and she saw that Adrian was tanning outside,and David was staring intesively at her.Tanya waved "Hi"at David and he waved back.Tanya went inside to go look for her dad Micheal,she went to look for him in the kitchen and she found him in his office.Tanya knocked on the door, and Micheal said"Come in, Tanya"and Tanya went in.Tanya said"Dad,can I go to this Camping Trip with Ashley and some other girls"Micheal said"It's too dangerous for you to go alone"Tanya responded"Dad,I'm not going to be alone"Micheal asked"Who is going to be taking care of you?"Tanya answered"My boyfriend Cristiano"Micheal said"I still don't know"Tanya said"Please,Dad"Micheal said"You have to take your brother to take care of you"Tanya responded"Dad,Cristiano can take care of me"Micheal said"If your not taking your brother, you can't go"Tanya answered"Okay,fine I'll take him"and she left the office angrily.Tanya didn't want to take David, because there were going to be some problems between Cristiano and David.David never approved of him, but Tanya knew that David was just jealous of Cristiano.Tanya didn't want to cause trouble.But she had to obey her father's rules.

Ashley arrived in her Ferrari fastly.She wanted to escape.She couldn't be in a place where Mark wasn't.Even though she wasn't going to Colorado,she needed to be somewhere else."Dad!Can I go on a camping trip with Tanya and some other girls from school?"Ashley screamed.Ashley went to her room,without caring were her dad was.She grabbed her pink bag and put anything she could find."Sure,but is there going to be any parental supervision?"John asked his daughter."Sure.Um..Tanya's dad is coming,"Ashley lied.John said"Micheal??"Ashley continued lying and said"Yeah"and then John said"Okay, you can go"and she continued grabbing anything she could to take with her on the Camping Trip.She was overlly excited of going out with her friends.She said friends because friends were people that went with you..to camping trips.

The author's comments:
A lot of uninvited guests show up at the camping trip.

The girls called eachother and told eachother the great news.All of them were very excited.Alexa would take Matt.Tanya was going to take Cristiano,David, and Adrian.Beatrice invited Stephen to go to the camping trip with her.Ashley would take her friend,Jess from Miami.Patricia was going to take her sister,Kylie,and her boyfriend,Alex.What the girls didn't know was that there was more people that were going to come.Cristiano's ex-girlfriend Christy Long.Christy came in town a week ago,but he didn't want to tell Tanya about it.He knew that telling her would cause problems,but what he didn't know was that Tanya was bringing David,the hot step brother that's in love with her.Tanya and Cristiano were hiding a lot from eachother,which will cause problems between them in the future.The girls decided to wait in their houses that Friday.They all lied to their parents that they didn't have school,so that they could have the whole weekend in the camping trip.The all seemed very eager,but they didn't know the drama that was about to unfold infront of them.The worst was about to happen.

Tanya and Ashley both took their cars so that there could be enough room for all the people going.Tanya took David and Adrian.She would pick Cristiano up next.Ashley rode wildly with her friend Jess.Jess had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.She met Ashley in Miami last Summer.The decided to pick up Alexa and Matt.Eva was taking her car just in case they need more space,which they did.So it was all planned out.Tanya, Cristiano,David,and Adrian would be riding in one car,Ashley,Jess,Matt, and Alexa would be in another .Beatrice,Stephen, Patricia , Kylie,and Alex would be in another.Well,it was until David decided to bring his girlfriend and Cristiano his ex-girlfriend.Christy, and Heather,David's girlfriend,were fighting over a spot to ride in Tanya's car with their beloved ones.After minutes of arguing and tardiness,Adrian decided to go to Ashley's car.So there they were.Tanya liked David,who liked her back,but had a girlfriend,who was in love with him,but Tanya was in love with Cristiano,who loved Tanya back,but had some feelings for Christy,his ex-girlfriend,who was crushing on David the second she saw him.It seemed awkward for all of them,especially Tanya because she stopped David from really loving Heather and Cristiano from being with Christy.
Meanwhile,in Ashley's car everyone got along very well.Matt and Alexa got along with Jess and Ashley.But Adrian was majorly disgusted by the people in the car.She thought she was too valuable and pretty to talk to meaningless people."So what's your name?"Matt asked Adrian.Adrian tried to ignore Matt,but she thought he was kind of cute.She couldn't let him talk her into talking to him."Why are you talking to me?"Adrian exclaimed."I was just trying to be nice,"Matt stuterred."What's your problem?"Alexa asked Adrian angrily for her rude comment towards Matt . "Right now your my problem"Adrian responded.Alexa said"He was just trying to be nice".Adrian said"Look, just don't talk to me"and the rest of the drive was quiet.Ashley could'nt believe how rude Adrian is.She wondered how Tanya dealt with her, and her little attitude.

When everyone arrived,they greeted eachother.The boys went to their own group for a while and so did the girls.In the girls side,they were talking about...girl's stuff."So are you going out with Matt?"Ashley asked Alexa."Um..we're just friends,"Alexa answered.Ashley and Jess rolled their eyes and Ashley said,"I'm sure he wants to be more than that."Alexa knew that she was the one that liked Matt.And she didn't even know if Matt liked her and not some other girl she didn't know about."Well...I sort of like him,"Alexa said.Ashley smiled and said,"I knew it!You totally look like you do."Alexa blushed and the conversation was over.On the boys group,the boys were talking about...well,what boys talk about."So you're going out with that Tanya chick?"Tyler asked Cristiano."Yeah,we've been going out for two years,"Cristiano answered.David stared at Cristiano with anxiety and hate as he spoke."What about that other girl?"David asked Cristiano in a questioning tone.
Cristiano smiled and said,"You're Tanya's step brother,right?"David flashed a fake smile at Cristiano and said,"Yeah.I am."Before Cristiano could answer David's question,the girls called the boys to the fire pit they made."Who wants smores?"Ashley called out enthustiastically.Matt and Alexa sat together.Cristiano sat next to Christy and Tanya.Beatrice sat next to Stephen.Patricia sat next to Alex and Kylie.Ashley and Jess sat together with David,Heather,and Adrian.Even though all the people knew eachother,they still couldn't step out of their own bubble with their...loved ones."So are you liking my idea of "fun"?Alexa asked Matt."Well,yeah,"Matt answered."There's a lot of fun people here."Alexa almost laughed at Matt."A lot of pretty girls,you mean?"Alexa corrected."Yeah,their all very beautiful.But not as beautiful as you,"Matt said.Alexa looked deeply into Matt's eyes,avoiding his gaze meeting hers.Matt leaned towards Alexa,approching a kiss.When they were half way close,Adrian came to talk to Matt.Matt excused himself from Alexa's side and left with Adrian across the fire where she was sitting in.Alexa saw Adrian make an apologetic face and then Matt and Adrian were laughing,together.Alexa felt envy for Adrian at that moment.She knew that Adrian was just doing it to make her jealous for calling her out earlier.

Tanya sat quietly as she stared at David and Heather cuddling up near the fire.Cristiano sensed something wrong and asked her right away. "What's wrong?"Cristiano asked Tanya."Nothing,I'm just thinking of how glad I am to get out of my house for a while,"Tanya replied.Cristiano hugged Tanya tightly and soon they were cuddling like Heather and David.Now David was the one looking at Cristiano and Tanya.Christy stared at Tanya and sighed.She knew that Cristiano was once in love with her,but now he was in love with someone else.Someone who wasn't as crazy for him as she was.Christy knew that was the reason why he broke up with her.That and nothing else.She decided to talk to someone besides staring at what could of been her.She went to talk to Stephen,who was sitting next to Beatrice.She approched him slowly."I'm Christy.What's your name ?" Christy introduced."I'm Stephen and this is Beatrice,"Stephen said looking at Beatrice,who was gazing into space.Like that,Stephen and Christy began talking.Without saying a word,Beatrice watched as Christy flirted with Stephen.Just like that.

"Ok.There are tents for only two people to fit in.So you decide who you're sharing with,"Ashley called out.Matt quickly chose Alexa."I call Alexa,"Matt yelled.Ashley and Jess,Kylie and Alex,David and Heather,Tanya and Cristiano,Beatrice and Stephen.Adrian and Christy were sleeping in the same one and Patricia had to squeeze in with her sister and Alex.Alexa was very confused about Matt,but she still liked him.They turned their own ways in the camping trip,but when Matt called Alexa everything got romantical."Alexa?Are you awake,"Matt asked.Alexa answered "Yeah,"and at the same time,Matt and Alexa turned towards eachother.In an instant,Matt and Alexa were centimeters away from eachother.They looked into eachother's eyes and Matt broke the silence."Umm..you need more pillows?"Matt asked still staying close to Alexa."No,I don't need any,"Alexa stuttered.Matt smiled and just before he could turn around,Alexa was in Matt's arms,holding him tightly."Thanks.For being here with me and coming back to be by my side,"Alexa whispered on Matt's ear.Matt said nothing and gave Alexa a kiss in the cheek.
"I would do anything to be next to you.I just...I couldn't let you go,"Matt said."Well,now that I....found out...that my mom's sick."Alexa thought about when Matt had been there for Alexa when her mom left her."I'll be there next to you..because you were next to me when my mom left,"Alexa told Matt.Matt always got angry when the topic of Alexa's mom leaving her came up."I would never leave you.I don't know why your mom did it,"Matt said.Alexa knew that there was always a reason for her doing it.But she still didn't know it."Thanks,for being here.For being alive,"Alexa finally said.She ended her conversation with Matt by giving him a kiss on the cheek and turning around."Goodnight,"Alexa said."Night,"Matt said.Alexa would expect that Matt would turn around,but he didn't.He just laid there,staring at Alexa's back.As Alexa and Matt shared their feelings with eachother,Tanya and Cristiano did the same thing.Except Tanya and Cristiano were more open about it.They snuggled and played playfully . The shushing of people kept them from making a lot of noise.

"I love you,"Cristiano whispered in Tanya's ear.Tanya loved Cristiano too,but she secretly liked her step brother."I love you,too"Tanya struggled to say.She managed to say the words that many people thought were involuntary or over-rated.She knew that they those words would stay with Cristiano forever.She was confused,because she was in love with Cristiano, but liked David.But she knew what she had to do to have David and Cristiano to herself...and not anybody else.Tanya and Cristiano kissed eachother and they went to sleep,snuggling.

Everybody woke up eager to start a new day.They all got a good night sleep and wanted to see what the day awaited for them. "Goodmorning, beautiful"Cristiano said as he held a tray of food tightly in his hands.Cristiano cooked bacon,eggs,and prepared a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.Tanya arose as she inhailed the delicious aromas that circulated the tent."Goodmorning,"she said."What's this?"Cristiano smiled and knew what she meant."I made breakfast for you,"Cristiano replied.Tanya smiled,gave Cristiano a kiss,and grabbed the tray of food.She barely touched her food,but Cristiano didn't notice.He was outside.Tanya hurried to finish her food or at least pretend to.She needed to see if her boyfriend was flirting with Christy,his super hot ex-girlfriend.She seemed to be jealous of her,even though Cristiano told her that she was the hottest girl in the world.Tanya went outside and saw Cristiano talking to Alex,and he was looking at her.Christy was talking to Beatrice and Stephen.Beatrice was sitting there quietly,nodding whenever Christy said something understanding.Beatrice was jealous of Christy for talking to Stephen.
Cristiano called Tanya over and soon,Tanya joined the conversation.As Tanya was conversing,Alexa was thinking about Matt.Her thoughts were interrupted by Matt calling her."Alex!Are you here?"Matt called Alexa.Alexa took off the covers and stood up.Both of them were,again,very closed to eachother."Yeah?"Alexa said."I wanted to see if you wanted to go eat,"Matt said almost making his moving lips almost touch Alexa's. Matt grabbed Alexa's neck with his right hand and brushed his lips lightly on Alexa's.Before he could completely kiss Alexa,Adrian called Matt. "Matt,are you there?"Adrian called.Matt froze and opened his eyes,which were closed.Alexa opened hers too and sighed.Matt made an apologetic face and said,"I have to go."Alexa nodded and watched as Matt left the tent.Alexa knew that the only thing standing between Matt and her was Adrian.Matt entered the tent again."Meet me outside at midnight,"Matt told Alexa.Before she could say anything,Matt was out of the tent.

Alexa was confused,but she would know later that night,when she would tell Matt about her feelings.She went outside and saw everyone enjoing the day.She looked for Matt and found nothing.She saw all ther girls,even Adrian,but no guys.She decided to ask Patricia."Where are all the guys ?"Alexa asked."They went on a fishing trip,"Patricia answered.Alexa nodded and decided to go to talk to Adrian.She needed to tell Adrian to stay away from Matt.In the fishing trip,the guys were talking about what guys talk about."So,you're going out with Alexa?"Stephen asked Matt, who was very thinkative.
"No,but I like her,"Matt responded."I just don't know if she likes me and if I do something wrong,I feel like she won't want to talk to me." Stephen studied Matt's face expressions as he talked and knew that he was serious."Well,I think that you should tell her how you feel and hope that she likes you back,"Stephen adviced."And if you're afraid to hurt her,then you should tell her that."Matt nodded and continued his thinking.For some reason,David and Cristiano didn't talk to eachother.They avoided eachother Sometimes Cristiano would be talking to Stephen, and he saw that David was coming Cristiano just left.And sometimes David would be talking to Alex,and he saw that Cristiano was approaching,he would leave.
At the camp side,the girls were talking about the boys as well.Alexa was just sitting there when she heard a conversation between Adrian and Christy...about Matt."Yeah,he looks cute and he looks like he's a good kisser too,"Adrian said.Alexa touched her lower lip and remembered Matt's almost-kiss.She knew that Adrian was just trying to make her jealous."Have you kissed him yet?"Christy asked Adrian."No,but I plan to.And I can't do it with that girl Alexa in the way,"Adrian said."She looks like she likes him and he does too,but at the same time he looks at her in a very protective way.Almost like a brother and sister relationship."Apparently Adrian heard about the midnight meeting and she planned on being there. Alexa stopped her eavesdropping and stood up to go to the tent.
Patricia sat and watched her sister agonize her boyfriend's unfortunate trip.She didn't want him to go,but he was very eager to get away from her,even thought he didn't tell her that."When do you think they'll come back?"Kylie asked Patricia,pacing back and forth."I don't know,but I don't think it's gonna be soon,"Patricia answered.It was hilarious to see Kylie stressed over something unfortunate and small.Finally,Kylie sat down and pretended to read a magazine.Patricia laughed lowly and Kylie left to the bathroom.

All the girls went to their tent around 11:30 P.M,they got tired of waiting for the guys.Although they were in their tents,they weren't asleep. All of them only waited for the guys to come.Alexa was the most anxious to talk to Matt.She needed to tell him about her feelings.Around 11:57,the guys came.They sat in the campfire and waited until the girls came out.Alexa saw Matt talking to David.She HAD to talk to him.She went to Matt's side and whispered to him,"I need to talk to you."Without saying a word,Matt excused himself and left with Alexa.Alexa walked to through the forest.She needed to be away from everybody and be alone with Matt.Once they got to a good distance,Alexa stopped.They got close and Alexa said,"I need to tell you something."Matt nodded and said,"I need to tell you something first."Matt sighed."I don't know if your dad will be able to accept it when we come back,"Matt said."I'm not even sure if you're gonna accept it."Alexa didn't expect good news,nor bad news."Well here it goes,"Matt said."I like you."Alexa felt her jaw almost drop.She knew she liked Matt,but she didn't expect him to like her back.Alexa smiled and said,"But back there with Adrian."Matt smiled and said,"Now the question is:Do YOU like ME?"Alexa smiled and said,"That's exactly what I was gonna tell you."Alexa and Matt got even closer and Matt leaned down to give Alexa a kiss.Alexa closed her eyes and prepared for Matt to do it.Finally,Matt and Alexa kissed....without interruption this time.Alexa and Matt were only seen in the beautiful moonlight.
Meanwhile,back at the camp fire,Adrian was looking for Matt."Where's Matt?"Adrian asked Christy.Heather,and Adrian were talking while Adrian asked the unfortunate question."Well,he's with his girlfriend,Adrian,"Heather responded."They aren't going out,"Adrian said angrily."Are we getting jealous?"Christy said playfull."No.I just want the guy to get some ass.And besides I want to feel desired.I like feeling like that.The guy I really like is...someone,"Adrian said.Christy and Heather looked at Adrian for a minute and then turned away."Let's go look for him and..Alexa," Adrian said as she stood up and walked to the woods.
Tanya sat next to Cristiano.She knew that David was watching her too.For some reason,Cristiano stood up and left to the tent".Tanya continued to roast a marshmallow in the fire.David stood up and sat next to Tanya."I'm gonna tell him to stay away from you,"David said as he sat down . "Don't," Tanya said."Why not?"David asked angrily."Well,because he's my boyfriend,"Tanya replied seriously."But you don't like him and you don't want to hurt him,so I'll make it easy for you,"David said as he stood up and headed towards Cristiano,who was already out of the tent.
Tanya tried to stop David,but he was off.Without Heather and Adrian there,no one could stop David from doing what was going to happen next.With a thud,Cristiano fell to the floor.Tanya ran to his side and Tyler and Stephen were holding David back.Tanya tried to tell Cristiano not to stand up,but he stood up and charged at David.He speared him to a pile of logs and in seconds both men were laying in the floor.Tanya ran to get by Cristiano's side,but once she got there,she didn't know who to comfort.Was she going to comfort her step brother,a beautiful person who was deeply in love with her,or her boyfriend,a person she longed to live with forever?

Adrian,Heather,and Christy rushed past Tanya and helped both guys up.Heather and Adrian helped David up and Christy helped Cristiano up. Tanya pushed them out of the way and Tyler and Tanya stood Cristiano up.Adrian and Christy pushed Tanya and laughed.Tanya fell to the floor and Tyler helped her up."Watch it,"Stephen exclaimed. Christy and Adrian moved while Tyler helped Tanya up.When Tanya stood up she approched Adrian and slapped her in the face.She then stood infront of Christy and did the same thing.Both girls ran back to their tents.Tyler did the same and helped Tanya get Cristiano inside his tent.Stephen helped Heather get David inside their tent.
Fifteen minutes later,Matt and Alexa came and heard about the ruckus."I'm gonna go see Tanya,"Alexa said once Eva told her the news."I'm gonna see David,"Matt said.When Matt left,Eva said,"Are you going out?"with a smiled.Alexa smiled softly and said,"Yeah,just don't tell anyone." Eva smiled and said,"Pinky Promise."Patricia sat and watched all the ruckus around her.She sat back and minutes later,Alex entered the tent without a shirt.Patricia stood up and decided to leave the tent.Alex stopped her and said,"What?You can't be in a tent with your sister's shirt-less friend?"Patricia kept looking at his beautiful body and said,"I could.But just imagine how my sister would act if she saw me and you like that."Alex smiled and got closer to Patricia.Patricia backed away,but she was cornered.She had to admit that she always fantasized about him in that position,but it was wrong for her."I have to go,"Patricia said trying to escape.Alex smiled and leaned to give Patricia a kiss.
Patricia moved because she heard someone coming.Their tent was the one in the corner,so she figured that if she left now,that no one would see her.She got away from Alex and exited the tent.She looked if no one saw her.She then sat next to Eva and Beatrice and talked to them.Beatrice waited for Stephen to stop talking to Christy.When he was done,Stephen sat next to Beatrice."So,are you enjoying this?"Stephen asked Beatrice once he sat down next to her."Umm...sure,I guess,"Beatrice answered.Stephen smiled and said,"You're not really into this,right?"Beatrice nodded because she had no reason to lie about something she didn't like to do."Do you want to go back to the tent?" Stephen asked."Yeah,but you could stay here,"Beatrice answered."Well,actually,everyone's already going to their tents,"Stephen responded.

Stephen and Beatrice went to the tent.All of the other people also went to their tents."I'm going outside,"Matt told Alexa when they entered . Alexa nodded and turned around.Matt was going outside for some air and Adrian was coinidently going outside as well."Matt!"Adrian excalimed. Matt smiled and said,"Hey."Adrian knew that something had happened with him and Alexa in the woods.She just knew it."I was thinking that today ...maybe,you could sleep in my tent and Christy could sleep with...Alexa,"Adrian said,trying to seduct Matt.Matt knew that their was something between Alexa and him."Umm..I think that we should just stay the way we are,"Matt answered.Adrian didn't want to give up,she needed to feel wanted."You're going out with Alexa?"Adrian asked Matt seriously."No,but...-"Matt said.Before Matt could finish,Adrian continued for him."You like her,but you want me,don't you?"Adrian said.Matt sighed and continued to talk."Adrian.You're very pretty to be wasting your time on me,"Matt said.Adrian was trying to seduce Matt by grabbing his neck,but it didn't work.Adrian decided to give Matt a kiss."Well,you won't accept it,then I'm gonna have to give you a goodbye,"Adrian said.Adrian kissed Matt for as long as she could.Matt kissed her back because he too knew that he didn't love Adrian and it was the last time they would see eachother in a romantic way.What Matt didn't know was that Alexa was standing by her tent and watching them heartbroken.Matt sensed someone watching and opened his eyes.

Matt stopped kissing Adrian and took his hands off Adrian's hips.Adrian turned around and saw Alexa standing there.Alexa's eyes managed to release a tear.She wiped them off once she felt Adrian's eyes.Matt looked at Alexa with a sorrowful look.Alexa turned around and ran back to her tent.Matt followed her,but Adrian stopped him."You still like feeling like sleeping my tent?"Adrian asked.Matt nodded because he knew that Alexa wasn't going to talk to him until tomorrow.Adrian nodded and gave Matt a kiss in the cheek.
Tanya cuddled along with Cristiano.Tanya looked at Cristiano and said,"Cristiano,do you think that you belong with people you're not supposed to?"Cristiano smiled and said,"Are you doubting your beauty and brains and saying that I'm better than you?"Cristiano asked.Tanya looked away and sighed."Tanya,sometimes I think that you're better than me, but I can see that you're only afraid of losing me,"Cristiano comforted."Is there some one that I need to be aware of?"Cristiano seemed angry at his own remark."No,it's just that I'm afraid that someone's gonna take you away from me,and eventually someone's gonna take me away from you,"Tanya said.Cristiano hugged Tanya and said,"No one's gonna separate us."Tanya looked away,closed her eyes,and thought,"Let's just hope that."
While Beatrice was planning her evil sceme,Ashley sat in the fire with David.She knew David pretty well."So you like Tanya?"Ashley asked David."So,she told you?"David asked back."Well,she's my best friend.Why wouldn't she?"Ashley asked.David thought of a great plan to make Tanya jealous.He would go out with Ashley."I don't know why she told you I liked her,"David said."I mean,it was probably a plan of hers to try to make you..I don't know...jealous."Ashley turned away and said,"Why would she lie to me?"David knew that he had to win Ashley over,so his plan could work."Because she's the one that likes me and she got jealous that I told her I liked you," David replied.
Ashley knew that she couldn't believe David,but she seemed confident that David's excuse was reasonable."I like you,but Tanya wants to get between my feelings for you,"David said grabbing Ashley's face.David was about to kiss her,when Heather called him over."I have to go,"David said."Think about what I'm saying.I'm not telling you to question your friendship with Tanya,but think about her loyalty to you."David stood up and left Ashley,breathless as to what to say.Ashley sat there for five minutes and stood up.
Alexa tossed and turned.She couldn't sleep.Matt didn't sleep there.He slept at Adrian's tent.Christy went to sleep at Alexa's.Alexa stood up and left outside.She wished she had never told Matt about her feelings.Alexa stared into the sky and suddently saw Matt standing next to her."Alexa,I need to talk to you,"Matt said seriously."About what?About the fact that you don't like me like I like you?"Alexa said.Matt tried to speak,but he couldn't."I think that maybe we should just forget about what happened and continue our lives before we said..what we said,"Alexa finished.Matt couldn't say anything,but he grabbed Alexa's arm.David came out and took Matt's arm away from Alexa's.Matt looked at David and said,"Don't get into this."Adrian came out and said,"David.Don't get in a fight with Matty for this piece of trash,"Adrian said."Looks who's talking,"Alexa said.As David was taking Alexa to her tent,Adrian was with Matt.Matt knew that he loved Alexa and he couldn't let her go.Matt went after David and Alexa."Wait!Alexa!"Matt yelled.Matt ran and grabbed Alexa's arm.

Matt and David pulled Alexa like a ragdoll."Stay out of it!"Matt yelled at David.David moved Alexa out of the way and said,"Okay,then let's start a new problem so you could be in it."David and Matt were grappling eachother back and forth.Alexa was going to stop it,but Adrian came in and pulled her hair.In the chaos,the other people got in and tried to separate the people.But that just brought new problems.Heather fought with Kylie. Christy fought with Tanya.Cristiano,Stephen,and Tyler were trying to break up the fight.Cristiano tried to separate Christy and Tanya.Alex and Patricia tried to separate Kylie and Heather.Eva,Beatrice,Ashley and Jess also got in.After moments of separating the two guys,once they were finally pulled from eachother,everybody settled in their tents.Matt decided to sleep with Tyler,and Eva with Alexa.
Tanya was somewhat worried about what was happening around her,but her own problems were more important than anyone elses.She was stuck between her stepbrother or her own boyfriend.She was suddently taking other options in mind.She even thought about suicide.She knew that two guys was just a number,but she was afraid to hurt someone.She couldn't even think about hurting either one of them.She went outside and ran through the forest.She knew what she had to do to forget all her problems and..not to hurt anyone but herself.She ran and looked back,making sure that no one saw her.She took some pills she had in her pocket and swallowed and swallowed.
Cristiano looked outside and didn't find Tanya.He didn't know that she wanted to disappear from the world.He called her,but she didn't answer the phone.It took 10 minutes for Cristiano to call a search party to look for Tanya.Everyone looked for Tanya everywhere.No one knew that she was laying in the floor of the forest.Cristiano decided to look in the forest.David was also searching for the love of his life.He didn't know what he would do if she got lost or hurt.He also tried not to act so shocked because,Ashley was next to him.Cristiano and Tyler went to look for Tanya in the forest.Once Cristiano saw Tanya lying in the floor,he fell to his feet and started to cry.He couldn't take seeing her lying on the floor, without moving.
He reacted and knew that she was still breathing.He carried her back to the tent and called Tyler to get her car started so that he could take Tanya to the nearest hospital.David insisted that he should go because he was her step brother,but Cristiano suggested that he should stay with the girls. He knew that he felt something strong for Tanya.But Cristiano was going to fight for her,even if it meant hurting someone.Tyler and Ashley went with Cristiano.Ashley was really worried about what happened to her friend.Cristiano knew that Tanya was strong enough to survive,but he didn't like seeing her like that.He let Tyler drive so that he could be with Tanya in the back seats.
Back at the camp,a lot was going on.Matt didn't want to see David.He preferred David to go to the hospital.He watched as Alexa avoided looking at him.He thoughly hurt by what had happened.Adrians sat next to him and watched him stare at her."You wanna go back to the tent and get some sleep?"Adrian asked Matt.Matt nodded and said,"I think we should stay out here to hear any news,"Matt responded seriously.He stood up and walked to where Alexa was sitting at.She was sitting with Jess and Eva.Both of them looked up at him and looked away after a minute."Alexa,can I talk to you?"Matt asked quickly.Alexa thought about it for a minute and said,"Okay."Alexa and Matt walked to a tent.They didn't necessarily go inside,but far enough not to be seen.
Stephen and Beatrice talked about what was going on quietly."So,do you think that Tanya's gonna be okay?" Stephen asked Beatrice sincerily. "Um..well it depends on how many pills she took,"Beatrice answered.Stephen agreed and asked himself,"Why did she do it?"No one knew why,but they would find out soon.Stephen and Beatrice watched tbe fire together and waited to hear any news about Tanya.Actually,everyone waited to hear news on Tanya's health.Back at the hospital,Cristiano was waiting in the waiting room with Tyler and Ashley.Tyler and Cristiano already knew eachother.
"Do you think she's gonna be okay man?"Cristiano asked Tyler."I'm sure that's she gonna be alright,"Tyler replied.Cristiano smiled lowly.He knew that Tyler was right,but he also knew that that was Tyler's positive opinion for the occasion.He knew that Tyler meant to say something else.Cristiano turned to Ashley,who was really depressed to what had happened."I don't know why she would do such a thing,"Ashley said.Cristiano nodded and suddently Ashley dug deep into her thoughts and found what Tanya had told her when they had met a week ago.She tried to suicide herself because she had to chose between her hot step brother and her attractive boyfriend.She knew why her friend have committed such idiocy. But she couldn't tell Cristiano about it.Although she knew that Cristiano would find-out or David himself would tell him.Cristiano has always sensed that David had some strong feelings toward Tanya.Although Ashley didn't want to say anything to Cristiano,she had to in order for him to know what had caused Tanya to want to suicide herself."Can I talk to you,Cristiano,"Ashley told Cristiano.Cristiano nodded and walked with Ashley to the hospital's hallway."What is it?"Cristiano asked Ashley once they got to an appropriate spot."It's about Tanya.It's something that I should of thought of the moment I found out she was going to the hospital,"Ashley answered.Cristiano nooded,signaling Ashley to continue talking.You could see Cristiano's expression focuse on Ashley's sorrowful face."Well,when we both moved here,Tanya called me,to meet up with her so that we could talk.She told me that...that..her step brother...liked her,"Ashley struggled to say.She didn't want to,but her evidence would help Cristiano find out about her incident.Cristiano's face turned hard and full of anger.He knew that David had feelings for Tanya the first moment he saw him."So,what does that have to do with Tanya wanting to suicide herself?"Cristiano asked Ashley.Ashley didn't want to tell anyone about Tanya's problems.In fact,she hadn't told anyone about Tanya's problems.
Ashley stopped staring at Cristiano and looked down."Is there something that I need to know that you're not telling me?"Cristiano asked Ashley angrily.Ashley didn't answer.At that moment,Cristiano was shaking Ashley liked a ragdoll.Cristiano let Ashley go because he knew that there was some nosey bistanders watching curiously.Cristiano left angrily and Ashley knew that exactly were he was going."He's going to confront David," Ashley thought in her mind.Ashley knew that if something happened between David and Cristiano,that she would get worse than she already was. Ashley ran after Cristiano and tried to stop him."You don't want to do this!"Ashley screamed at Cristiano while trying to stop him."You'll only get Tanya upset!"Tyler came and tried to get some sense into Cristiano,who was throughly aggrevated by Ashley's confession.Tyler stood up after a minute and walked over to talk to Ashley,who was really worried."What did he say?"Ashley asked Tyler."Well he's very sad and mad,but he said he'll calm down because of Tanya's health,"Tyler answered.Ashley responded"I just can't help,but think about Tanya how she might be feeling right now"Tyler asked"Why,do you think that?"Ashley answered"Because I told Cristiano the truth,and she will never forgive me"Tyler responded"I think that she will be glad that you told Cristiano the truth"Ashley asked"You think?"Tyler responded"You actually saved her life,because if something would have happen with Cristiano and David,I don't know what could've happen to her"Ashley nodded.
Cristiano was looking down,angry at everything.Ashley walked to him and sat next to him."I'm really sorry if I hurt you,"Ashley told Cristiano. She always thought that he was cute,but she couldn't steal him from her best friend."It's okay.I think I over reacted a little,"Cristiano said,looking at the floor."I didn't mean to hurt you."Ashley smiled and said,"It's okay."Ashley had a crush on Cristiano since she saw him.But she knew that Cristiano's relationship with Tanya would over-power her.Ashley put her hand on Cristiano's shoulders and then took it off quickly.
Tyler called Eva to tell her that he hadn't heard any news from the doctro about Tanya's health.Eva was so glad to be talking to Tyler.But she knew that if Nancy found out,she would kick her out of the squad.Eva decided to keep her friendship with Tyler a secret.She didn't even know how she was going to tell Nancy about Tyler.Was she going to tell her that she had disobeyed her and talked to Tyler.Eva was very confused.She didn't know what to do.She didn't know if Tyler was more important than cheerleading.
Back at the camping sight,Matt and Alexa discussed their problems."I think we should just pretend that none of this happened and leave it in the past,"Alexa said.Matt tried to convince her that he did like her and what happened between Adrian and him was nothing compared to what could happen between them."Look,Alexa,I like you,but you don't give me a chance to show you how much,"Matt said.Alexa wasn't sure what to do.She was as confused as any of the girls."Matt,I'm at a point were I questioning the love I have for you,"Alexa snapped at Matt.Matt looked down and said,"I guess that you're right.And I was playing with you.Because I'm in love with Adrian,"Matt said."And she's the most beautiful girl in the world."Alexa shook her head and said,"You know what?I believe you,but I think that we should just stay away from eachother's business.And you know just forget about everything that happened,"Alexa said.Matt nodded and hugged Alexa tightly.Alexa didn't pull away.She held him tightly too.Adrian appeared just seconds later."Matt,Tyler called and said that there aren't any news about Tanya's health,but that their will be,"Adrian said fastly.Matt let go of Alexa and went with Adrian.Adrian got close to Matt and turned to look at Alexa like if she won something from her.

Alexa rolled her eyes and followed them.Patricia was still very confused about Alex's insinuation.She knew that she couldn't tell anyone about it....not even her own sister."What are you thinking about?"Matt asked Patricia.Patricia was startled when she heard Matt's voice."Oh,nothing," Patricia." Just your typical problems."Matt nodded and said,"You shouldn't have these problems ruin your camping trip.I mean,my camping trip is already ruined,but don't let these problems ruin yours."Patricia nodded and said,"Thanks." Matt left and sat next to Adrian.Adrian knew that as long as Alexa didn't talk to Matt,that she was free to make her jealous.
Adrian was talking to Christy and Heather while Matt was talking to Stephen and David."So has he made a move on you?"Heather asked Adrian. "No.He's still not over his little friend Alexa,"Adrian answered."It's getting me frustrated that he loves her so much and respects her."Heather and Christy nodded and Christy said,"I know how that feels."She turned to look down at the floor and then said"That's how I feel about Cristiano and Tanya"She said"He loves her so much,and I can see that she doesn't feel the same way about him"Adrian said"It's kind of wierd because she used to be crazy for him, and I don't know what happen"Christy responded"I was crazy about him,and I still am"Adrian asked"Do you still like Cristiano?" Christy responded"Yeah,I'm still in love with him,I just can't forget about him"Adrian said"I'm pretty sure that he has forgotten about you"and she could see that Christy was getting angry.Christy said"How would you know?"Adrian responded"I'm just saying,things like this happen all the time, Christy"Christy responded"Your probably right"And they went back to their tents.

The author's comments:
There are a lot of mixed and newfound emotions after the girls come back from the camping trip.

The girls returned back from the camping trip with a lot in their minds.Tanya was laying in her hospital bed, wondering whether she had done the right thing.Beatrice wondered if she liked Stephen or just needed him.Eve was thinking about her feelings towards Tyler and her secrecy with Nancy.She knew that she didn't have to lie,but Tyler was enormously more important that her friendship with Nancy.Patricia was thinking about what Alex did in the camping trip.She knew that she couldn't tell her sister,but she HAD to tell someone.Alexa was thinking about her mistake of taking Matt to the camping trip.Their relationship was a lot better before the camping trip.She knew that their relationship was not the same and will never be.Ashley thought about what David had said.She didn't know whether to believe him or not.She didn't know whether to question her long-term friendship with Tanya.
The girls were all stuck with their own pool of questions.Tanya laid quietly in her bed,thinking about what she had done to deserve everything that has happened to her.She knew that she was almost not going to see the love of her life.Tanya looked out the window.The sun hit hard on Tanya's face,making her emerald eyes shine and her brunette hair glow.Tanya glanced outside and sighed.I have to find a way to overcome all these problems I have in my head.The best way is to ignore Cristiano and David,Tanya thought.Tanya closed her eyes and,minutes later,the nurse came in.She was blonde and very beautiful.You could tell that she was an intern because of her lack of knowing what to do and her slowness. By her name tag,the blond's name was Jennifer.Nurse Jennifer.Tanya watched her attentavely while she added injections into the tubes that were going into her blood stream.

"Am I gonna have visiting hours?"Tanya asked the nurse."Um...yeah.I think you are.It's in an hour,"Nurse Jennifer replied."Well,if I do,then tell them that I can't receive them,"Tanya said.The nurse turned to look at Tanya and quickly turned away.Before Nurse Jennifer could say anything ,there was a knock on the door.The nurse seemed to be whispering."Yeah,I'll ask her,"the nurse said.Without letting the person in,Nurse Jennifer closed the door and returned to her position next to Tanya."Um...I'm afraid that you have an urgent visit,"the nurse said.Tanya nodded and,without thinking,she agreed to let the person in.Nurse Jennifer stood up and opened the door.

In came Cristiano.Tanya sighed and knew that she had promised herself not to talk to none of her love interests.Tanya stopped from looking at him in his eyes because he would know that there was something wrong with her."Hey.You feeling better?"Cristiano asked Tanya enthusiastically. "I'm....all right,"Tanya replied monotounously,looking away when she spoke.Right away,Cristiano saw something.But,he didn't ask her about it. "So,the doctor said that you could get out today.And I was thinking...that maybe we could go out later," Cristiano said.Tanya knew she had promised herself not to talk to Cristiano,or David.But,she just couldn't say no to him.His angelic face reminded her of a lost boy she had seen dying when she was smaller.
"I don't know,"Tanya said looking down at the cold,hard marble floor.Cristiano grabbed Tanya's chin softly and said,"Tanya,I know why you tried to suicide yourself and it hurts me.I want you to know that you're my life and I won't let him hurt you in any way."Tanya felt confident about Cristiano's promise.But she couldn't forget about David."Okay.But,not for long,"Tanya warned."I have to do a lot before I could return home.I have to talk...to a lot of people."Cristiano smiled and hugged Tanya hard.Tanya breathed on Cristiano's chest and sighed.
After Cristiano left,Tanya called the nurse.Nurse Jennifer looked at Tanya with a puzzled stare and said,"The doctor said that your stomach is all cleaned out.It's okay for you to go home."Tanya nodded and waited for the nurse to go and get her some clothes.Nurse Jennifer did not like Tanya. She seemed to have a problem with her.After Tanya changed,she went to see the doctor in his office.The doctor was really young and really handsome.The Doctor's name was Dr. James.He had blonde hair and green eyes.
"You are free to go today,"Doctor James announced."We have cleaned out your stomach and you seem to be okay right now.If you have any problem,you could come to my office at any time."The doctor smiled and looked closely at Tanya."I would like to ask you how this happened," Doctor James asked.Tanya looked at Cristiano nervously and said,"I tried to commit suicide and I know that it was something really stupid for me to do,"Tanya replied.Doctor James looked at Tanya and then at Cristiano."I would like to you to stop by my office tomorrow,"Doctor James assigned Tanya."You could stop by at any time."After Tanya and Cristiano left the doctor's office,they exited the hospital quietly."So,where are we going right now?"Cristiano asked Tanya."Um..well,I would like to go home and tell my parents that I'm okay,"Tanya said.She hadn't told her parents about what happened,but Ashley probably told her parents and they told her parents.When Tanya and Cristiano arrived at Tanya's house,Cristiano said,"I'll pick you up at 6:30."Cristiano hugged Tanya tightly and drove off.When Tanya entered her house,she awaited cries and hugs.Surprisingly, everyone greeted Tanya normally."So,how was the camping trip?"Tanya's dad,Micheal,asked.
She was surprised that Adrian nor David told her parents about her trying to commit suicide."Well,it was fun,"Tanya replied.She smiled and saw David and Adrian eyeing her."We asked Adrian and David and they both said that it was boring,"Tanya's stepmom said.Tanya sighed and took her stuff upstairs.David and Micheal insisted on David taking her things up to her room.But Tanya made herself a promise,in which she already broke by talking to Cristiano.Tanya apologized and said that she could take them up herself.

The camping trip left a lot of things in Alexa's mind.Alexa woke up early and went to the kitchen.She woke up awfully early.She sat on the table .After a minute,she couldn't handle it anymore.She went outside rapidly.It was raining hard,but Alexa didn't seem to care.Alexa ran to the backyard and fell to the dirt.She stained her yellow t-shirt and her white shorts.She laid in the ground,wishing her mom where there to advise her on what to do with Matt and their relationship. Alexa laid in the mushy dirt,the rain falling hard on her.
Matt saw her through the window of his room and ran downstairs.When he got there,he picked Alexa up from her position."What are you doing ?"he asked Alexa."Matt,I need to tell you something that's been hurting me,"Alexa replied.Matt nodded for Alexa to proceed with her comment."I think that we should forget about what happened and continue our lives the way they were,"Alexa said.Matt stared at her seriously and said,"I think that we should continue as friends, but aren't you happy that I told you how I felt about you?"Alexa sighed."In a way I'm glad,but,I can't be with you because we were always friends and for us to come out on liking eachother,I don't know...-,"Alexa said.Matt hugged Alexa and took her inside.He grabbed her a towel and wipped her off.They sat on the kitchen table and ate some eggs and bacon.Alexa thought that they were better off as friends than partners.Even thought Alexa was madly in love with Matt,she thought that she liked him more as a friend.

Beatrice looked at Stephen and said,"Stephen,I'm pregnant."Stephen looked at Beatrice sighed.Beatrice and Stephen were the lead couple in the school's play about teenage pregnancies.They had been practicing all week long in Stephen's house after school.After their routine practice ,Stephen and Beatrice walked around the house."So,are you an only child?"Stephen asked Beatrice as Beatrice looked at the picture frames on the walls."Yeah I am.My parents died when I was a young girl.I live my annoying aunt and uncle,"Beatrice responded sincerely.Stephen nodded in understanding.
"I see that you have a lot of family portraits,"Beatrice said."I wish that were me in that picture."Beatrice left the picture frame that she was holding and looked down.There was a disturbing silence before Beatrice said,"I have to go."Stephen looked at the clock and did realize that it was time for Beatrice to go.It was exactly 5 o' clock,a time barely accepted by Beatrice's aunt and uncle.Beatrice grabbed her script and sweater. Stephen grabbed his car keys,and they both exited through the front door.
When Stephen was infront of Beatrice's house,he said,"Well,I'll see you at school."Stephen smiled at Beatrice as she got off the car."Oh,and here's my number if you want to talk about the script...or about anything else,"Stephen said as he handed Beatrice a piece of paper with his phone number on it.When Stephen drove off, Beatrice left inside her house.She knew that she could have a relationship of any kind with Stephen.Her aunt and uncle would disapproved quickly.She went straight up to her room and laid in her bed,thinking about Stephen.
Ashley looked at her credit card,before she started the engine.She had a new attendant now.His name was Jake.Well he wasn't really an attendant .He was a guy that her parents said was part of a rich family they knew.He was cute,but she liked Mark more.As her attendant...not so much.But as a man,a lot.So,Jake had to be in the passengers' seat.He was only making sure that Ashley was okay and to carry her bags,as well.
When they arrived at the mall,Ashley tried on a variety of thing.Bathing suits,shades,shoes,shirts,skirts,etc....Jake just watched her.He was blinded at such beauty.He too had a crush on her.After the shopping day was over,Jake sat on the couch.He was very exausted.Ashley parents weren't home.They had gone out.It had been a daily routine every Monday."Your parents aren't here?"Jake asked Ashley once it was all quiet . "Yeah,they always go out on Mondays and Thursday nights,"Ashley answered grabbing ice from the freezer and pouring orange juice into a glass cup.

She served herself as well to Jake."Thanks,"Jake said as Ashley handed him the shiny,cold glass cup."I have to do a lot of things,but I could stay here and keep you company,"Ashley said.Jake smiled and said,"I wouldn't want to ruin your plans.Just pretend that I'm not here,"Jake said as he stood up and headed to the kitchen with his glass cup in his hands.She knew that Jake liked her.It was tempting to have such a beautiful figure so close to her,but she couldn't do it.If she wanted to have physical contact with Jake,he would be more willing to accept her insinuation.
Ashley went to the kitchen and leaned on the counter.She watched him as he poured more juice into his glass.Jake was definetly beautiful and breath-taking,so Ashley was very tempted into having his body against hers.She stared at him still leaning against the counter.He didn't seem to notice her presence.He continued cleaning up the pieces of ice that he dropped on the counter.Ashley decided to try something on him to see what would he do.She liked him and knew that Mark had left her without promising a return.
Without putting any further thinking or debate,Ashley walked towards Jake,who was looking inside the refigerator for something to munch on. Ashley grabbed his shoulder and kissed him hard on his smooth,pink lips.Jake closed his eyes at the exhillariting sensation of feeling Ashley's strawberry-flavored,light pink lips have contact with his.After a few seconds,both of them seperated and Jake had his eyes closed.Ashley smiled and left upstairs without waiting for a response from Jake.
Her parents wanted her to find compassion and love in Jake.In fact,that was their main reason in contacting Jake. Ashley went to her room and for the first time since she knew Mark,she was thinking about someone other than him.Jake too kept thinking about Ashley.Althought he knew that he could easily go upstairs and continue sharing intimacy with Ashley,he decided to stay downstairs and let things go slowly.Ashley also knew that he would take things slowly,so she didn't wait for him to come.She awaited that long night of thoughts.
Patricia sat in a long,narrow chair in the backyard.She looked at the blazing sun,shining into her sky,blue eyes.Her sister jumped into an inflatible pool that they bought the Summer before."Do you think that Alex will give me a second chance?"Kylie asked her sister,who didn't pay attention to anything her sister said."Um...I don't know.You cheated on him with three of his best friends,"Patricia said,snapping out of her flush of thoughts."Well,I know it was bad,but I could easily convince him that I didn't,"Kylie said,going to the surface of the pool.
Patricia was surprised at her sister's self-confidence.Amazed,to be exact.Her sister had looks,but she overpowered them by her cockyness.She knew that Alex wouldn't be stupid enough to believe Kylie.Patricia stood up and left inside.She grabbed a cup of water and started to chug it down. "Hey,"Patricia suddently heard someone say.She turned around and saw Alex standing there,looking at Patricia."Oh,hey.....Alex.What are you doing here?"Patricia said."I came to see how you were doing,"Alex responded."Well,I'm doing fine,but I think it's Kylie that you have to worry about,"she responded back.Alex smiled and said,"I know that you don't like me for breaking up with Kylie,but just give me a chance,"Alex said. Patricia knew that she didn't care whether Alex broke up with Kylie or not."I don't really care if you broke up with her or not.I just care whether you'll be stupid enough to believe her story about not cheating on you,"Patricia said.
Alex got three inches away from Patricia and said,"I know that you would never do that to me."At that moment,Kylie stood at the door. "Hey ,Alex,"Kylie said."Long time no see."Kylie grabbed Alex's shoulder."I just came to stop by to see how....things around here were,"Alex responded while looking at Patricia.Patricia was really flattered by Alex's words and compliments,but she knew better than to hook up with him easily.She knew that there was still something going on between her sister and Alex.She decided to give their relationship some time."Can I talk to Alex?Alone?"Kylie asked Patricia.Patricia took the hint and left outside.She watched as Kylie seduced Alex with her looks.She knew that guys were dumb,but not Alex.Alex had let her down.

Beatrice looked outside the window of the detention room and the heard the clock tick.Finally,detention was over.She ran outside and towards her house.Her aunt and uncle were going to kill her.She walked so fast that she decided to stop by the bar nearby to visit her friend,Myra.Myra was as rebellious as Beatrice.Beatrice would stop by the bar and say "hi" to her friend.When she entered,she was looking for her friend.It was five minutes that Myra called Beatrice's name out.Myra had black hair and a piercing in her nose."How have you been?"Myra asked Beatrice. "Um.. well,it's been tough,but thankfully I'm okay,"Beatrice responded."How's everything with your aunt and uncle?"Myra asked."Well,they're still trying to control me and my life,"Beatrice said."Looks like you feel trapped in your house,"Myra said.Myra walked towards the cashier and grabbed a piece of paper.The paper said:"HELP WANTED!"
Beatrice did want and need a job so she decided to accept whatever offer Myra was going to offer."We need more table assistants.I'm a table assistant,so we'll be working together,"Myra said as she showed Beatrice the sign.Beatrice decided to take the offer,so she quickly said,"Yes,I'll do it."Myra smiled and said,"I'll talk to my boss to see if she'll take you in.If she does,then you could work here.I'm sure she'll say yes,"Myra said.Beatrice smiled and said,"Well,I gotta go.My aunt is gonna kill me."Myra hugged Beagtrice as she left.She was up for the job and telling her aunt and uncle was going to please them.They just didn't want to take care of Beatrice like if she was a little girl and of course they didn't want to waste money on her either. So when Beatrice got home,she ran to her aunt and uncle,who were in the livingroom."I have a job now,"Beatrice said not excitedly.She saw Mike,the guy that his aunt got to woo Beatrice.It hadn't worked though.Beatrice was much too smart to pay attention to him.
Beatrice's face expression changed from a happy mood to a irritated face."Hey,Beatrice,"Mike said.Beatrice didn't notice the roses in Mike's hands.Mike had swift brown hair and green eyes.He seemed attractive to Beatrice,but she couldn't have friends.She just couldn't.The only friends she had were Myra and Mandy,a girl that Beatrice had met in Chicago.Beatrice smiled fakely and said,"What's with the visit?"Aunt Josie blushed at Beatrice's embarrassement.She didn't approved of Beatrice acting "Un-woman-like" as aunt Josie would say.Beatrice laughed at her aunt's made-up- words,but didn't hesitate to do it again just to cheer herself up."Uhh..I just wanted to...visit and..see how you were,"Mike studdered. Beatrice rolled her eyes secretly and turned away without saying anything."Aww...that is sooo cute," Aunt Josie said enthusiastically enough that she woke up Beatrice's nerves.
Beatrice was not awwed at Mike's compliments or references.She knew the were all hard for him to say."I brought you some flowers,"Mike said as he handed Beatrice the flowers.They were red roses,Beatrice's favorites."I love roses!"Beatrice exclaimed.Beatrice didn't like Mike,but any guy who added small details into things,was surely a good person."Yeah,I remember when you told me last summer,"Mike said.Last summer,Beatrice was a little more socially relevant last year than this year."We'll leave you to talk,"Aunt Josie said."Oh..and if you want to take her out,feel free to do so. She has permission from us."Aunt Josie pulled her husband towards the kitchen.What Beatrice didn't like was that her aunt and uncle approved everything that Mike did.
"You want to go out?"Mike asked Beatrice when there was complete silence.Beatrice remembered that there was a party at Ashley's house.She didn't really talk to her,but she planned on going."You know what?That sound like a great idea!"Beatrice exclaimed.Beatrice pulled Mike,almost making him trip.She was anxious to see her friends,but what she didn't know was that Stephen was going to be there.

The author's comments:
One of the girls hosts a party, where the main ingredient is drama.

Tanya was very excited to go to Ashley's house.She needed to talk to her and explain her actions.She decided to wear her favorite cotton dress.It was pink and had a white belt around her waist.And it was a short dress.She decided to look like a new person when everybody saw her.She knew that she had a lot of explaing to do to Ashley.She sprayed on some perfum and headed downstairs.She knew that she had to tell her parents and that would include inviting David and Adrian.She decided that if she was going to start over,she might as well be nice to them.After all,they hadn't done anything harsh to her.She walked slowly downstairs and smiled.It was the first time Tanya had actually smiled.She had smiled fakely before and she didn't like being a hypocrite or lying about her true feelings.
"Wow!You look beautiful,honey,"Tanya's dad said when she emerged into everybody's view.David stared at her imensly and smiled.Adrian just rolled her eyes.Tanya noticed Adrian's rude gesture,but paid no attention to it."Thanks dad,"Tanya told her dad."I'm going to a party,if....you don't mind."Tanya's stepmom came in an said,"Of course we don't.Just have fun and come at a rational hour."Tanya decided to speak up and invite her step brother and sister."I would like to invite Adrian and David if it's okay with them,"Tanya said shyly.Normally,Tanya wasn't shy,but it was the first time she had spoken what was on her mind for the first time.
David smiled and said,"Sure."Adrian was putting lipstick when she said,"We're already ready.We were already invited."Tanya smiled fakely and said,"Ok,then I'll give you a ride."We did need a ride,"David said.The three people exited and got into Tanya's car.David sat in the front with Tanya. And Adrian sat in the back.They were up for a long night.A night of many suprises.
Matt sat in the living room while he waited for Alexa to get down.Alexa couldn't decide on what to wear.She was going from some jeans and a formal shirt to a dress.She decided to wear a dress.The last dress she wore was when she used to go to church.She would wear a russled white dress.She quickly put it on and brushed her hair.She hadn't dressed that fancy in a long time.She hurried downstairs to tell Matt that she was ready. Matt was really amazed at Alexa's beauty."You look incredibly beautiful,"Matt said once Ashley was in the livingroom.Alexa smiled and they left. Alexa and Matt were invited to Ashley's party as well.
She exited the door next to Matt.On the way to the party,since Matt didn't drive,they saw a group of two guys and two girls.The girls quickly saw Matt and smiled.The guys saw Alexa,but she paid no attention to them.The group of four was walking in front of Alexa and Matt,so they slowed down."You guys going to the party too?"asked the boy with the light green eyes.His name was Jay.He was tall and had swift brown hair pushed to the side.Alexa said"Yeah, we were invited"and smiled."Well,Ashley invited us too,"the girl next to Jay added.She was a red-head with dark-brown eyes.Her name was Viola.She looked very envious of Alexa for some reason."I heard that it's gonna be awesome,"the other boy said.His name was Benjamin.He had black hair and blue eyes."Yeah,it is,"the other girl added,looking at Matt.Her name was Lily.She had curly,blonde hair and light-brown eyes.
All of them were different,but all had the same interests.As the group arrived,there was loud music and lots of lights playing over Ashley's house.Ashley quickly noticed the group and smiled."I see that you've met Matt and Alexa,"Ashley said to Jay and the other people.Alexa and Matt were amazed at how big and beautiful Ashley's Mansion was."So,you live her?"asked Alexa in astonishment."Yeah,everybody has houses like this nowadays,but ours was custom-made," responded Tanya and Ashley proudly.Alexa nodded and smiled.
Patricia didn't whether she would go to the party.She had been invited,but she didn't whether she would go.She was sitting debating when Kylie came in."I told you that I could get Alex to believe me,"Kylie said,a pitch of satisfaction in her tone of voice."He's just so....easily-influenced,you know?"Patricia rolled her eyes and continued to pick on a piece of celery with her fork."Congrats,sister,"Patricia said dully.Kylie noticed her sister's serenity and smiled fakely."What are you still sitting here?"Kylie said suddently."Are we going to Ashley's party?"Patricia rolled her eyes one more time and said,"I don't know if I should go"Kylie said"Come on,let's go."
Patricia did want to go out.She just couldn't stop thinking about what an idiot Alex was.How could he believe her sister's fake story?!One word to describe him would be easily-manipulated.She sood up,smiled,and headed towards her room to change.Kylie went to do the same thing shortly.Once Patricia threw on a skirt and a shirt,she hurried to the bathroom to fix her hair.She just let it loose and put on moose and spray.Kylie called Alex and they left.

There was alot of people.Tanya,David,Adrian,Beatrice,Stephen,Matt,Alexa,Jake,Patricia,Kylie,Alex and a lot more people.What Tanya, and David weren't aware of was that Ashley invited Christy,Cristiano,and Heather.Tanya was planning to get things straight between her and David that night.But,unfortunetly,her plans were ruined.The three people arrived shortly after eachother.Lily,Jay,Benjamin,and Viola followed Matt and Alexa everywhere.It was getting kind of irritating.There was a new person that caught Cristiano's sight.She was one of Ashley's friends.Her name was Maryse Collins.She had black hair and mezmerizing hazel eyes.
She glanced at him several times and smiled.He smiled lowly and continued to talk to Adrian,who was blabbering about a fashion statement she should put out to the world.He didn't do any mild flirtation because Tanya was there.Tanya kept looking at Benjamin,who seemed cute for her taste.She liked his looks and he seemed to like her as well.He smiled at her and she smiled back.Cristiano coming over was the only thing that stopped her from continuing her gaze.She didn't want to be caught flirting with another guy.Cristiano was a very jealous person.And Tanya herself was also a jealous person.They were keeping alot from each other.This will cause some very serious problems for their relation in the future.They hung out with eachother a little,and then departed from eachother.
Tanya went to look for Ashley."Ash!"Tanya yelled."Where are you?!"Tanya was looking around the kitchen when she heard,"Looking for Ashley ?"Tanya turned around and saw Benjamin,standing there."Yeah,I'm looking for her,"Tanya responded with a huge smile on her face."She's coming in a minute,"Benjamin responded.Benjamin smiled and leaned on the wall,examinating Tanya.Tanya seemed to know what he was thinking and smiled. Benjamin sighed and smiled,sort of embarrassed that Tanya caught him.
Ashley came in a minute later and hugged Tanya."You look better than before Tanya,"Ashley said after she pulled away from Tanya.Benjamin was still there,looking at the two girls.After a minute,Ashley said,"Tanya,this is my cousin, Ben."Tanya never heard about Ben before."Ben,this is Tanya ,my best friend,"Ashley said.Ben studied Tanya and smiled." We just moved back from California,"Ben said."Pleasure to meet you,"Tanya said.Ben left and Tanya and Ashley were left alone to talk privately.
Ashley stared at Tanya when they settled in the kitchen with some drinks and chicken wings."What?"Tanya asked, scared that Ashley was going to say something scary."Is their something wrong?"Ashley sighed,thinking about what she should say before spilling the beans."Well....um...it's about Ben,"Ashley replied."What about Ben?"Tanya said, preventing the release of a slight smile."Well...he's not the person for you,"Ashley said.Tanya was throughly confused. She didn't know what to say next."I'm not saying that he's a bad person,but it's that..he's the last person you would want to flirt with.His girlfriend is psycho and she's in this party."Tanya looked nervous,but she wasn't a woman of many nerves."Well,I did think he was cute,but with two "lovers",I don't think that I'm going to get another one,"Tanya said. Ashley remembered what David had told her weeks ago in the camping trip.She shook his words out of her head and smiled at Tanya.
Matt and Alexa sat down drinking a soda from the refreshment table.Jay sat next to Alexa and Lily sat next to Matt. "So,where do you live?"Jay asked Alexa.Before Alexa could answer,Matt said,"So,how are you guys related to Ashley?"Lily and Jay looked at eachother."We're her cousins," Lily answered softly.Alexa had extreme jealousy when Lily talked,especially to Matt."The other girl too?"Matt asked."Viola?No,she's Ben's girlfriend,"Jay answered,looking at Alexa."Lily,Ben,and I are related,but Vi is not."Alexa and Matt nodded and smiled.

Patricia watched Alex and her sister kissing in the back booth.She sat next to a guy that kept staring at her."Um... excuse me?Do you know where the bathroom is?"the boy asked.Patricia shook her head and said,"No,I don't,but I could ask Ashley,"Patricia responded.She stood up and the boy followed her.When they stopped in the kitchen door,he stopped and said,"I'm Kyle,by the way."Patricia smiled and said,"I'm Patricia."Patricia walked inside the kitchen and saw Ashley in the kitchen with Tanya,still eating chicken wings."Hey,Ashley?Um..could you tell me where's the bathroom?" Alexa asked randomly.Both Tanya and Ashley turned around and Ashley said,"Oh,sorry.It's down the hall."
Kyle left and smiled at Patricia."Sit down.Patricia,right?"Ashley said once Patricia sat down"So how are you enjoying the party?"Patricia responded"It's really fun"trying to fake a smile,but she couldn't.Ashley saw that she didn't really like parties"You don't like parties,do you?"Patricia nodded and said"Well,It's not that I don't like parties"Ashley said"Then what's the problem?"Patricia "It's that I don't like people who like to show-off"Ashley nodded and said"Okay"and Ashley got up and went to the Kitchen with Tanya.
Beatrice was sitting on the table with Stephen.Stephen asked Beatrice"Do you wanna dance?"Beatrice responded"Sure"and they walked together on the Dance Floor.They danced various songs until the song turned romantic."May I have this dance?"Stephen said before Beatrice sat down. Beatrice nodded.Beatrice and Stephen were really close that Beatrice felt Stephen heart beating.Unlike Beatrice's,his was slow and at pace. Beatrice's heart was beating hard.Stephen let a slight smile,telling Beatrice know that he noticed her nervousness.Beatrice looked around and wondered if they would be like that or just friends.She never felt like that before."So,I've heard many different stories about you,"Stephen said as he held Beatrice close to him."Really?"Beatrice said in a shocked tone."What have they been saying?"Stephen smiled and said,"That you're a very rebellious,yet shy,girl."Beatrice knew why her reasons for being the was she was.Shy because she couldn't talk to anyone that would judge her.And rebellious because she hated the world and it's habitants.
Beatrice thought for a moment and said,"It's just that they have never given me the chance to tell them why I'm like that."Stephen made a confused face and said."Why do you think that is?"Beatrice herself made a confused face and said,"Because they probably think that I'm weird." Stephen let out a small chuckle."Well,I don't think you're weird."Beatrice gave a huge sigh of relief and crossed out "weird" from the "possible feelings that Stephen has for me" list in her mind."And,I would understand why you act in that way,even though you're the coolest girl I've met," Stephen said.Beatrice looked into Stephen dark-brown eyes.The danced until the song was over and sat once it was over.

The author's comments:
The girls decide to talk to different people, causing even more drama.

The girls continued to party.It was about 12 o'clock when the party started to get interesting.Tanya sat in the corner booth.Cristiano had gone to his house for an emergency.Tanya sat alone looking at everybody dancing.Tanya looked at everybody when Ben suddently appeared next to her. "Wanna dance?"he asked.Tanya smiled and said,"I have a boyfriend."Ben smiled slightly and said,"It's just one dance.And I don't have bad intensions ."Tanya decided that he was right and she did like him.She stood up,grabbed his hand and went to the dance floor.The song was slow,so Tanya decided to avoid getting caught or misunderstood.Before she could leave,Ben grabbed her hand.He didn't pull her.He just stopped her from leaving,but in a soft and careful way.
"You don't want to dance this song?"he asked."Um..I think that it's for people that want to get personal,"Tanya replied."Well,you have a point.But,I think that we should just dance this last song,"Ben said.Before Tanya could hold Ben again,Viola shouted,"What the hell are you doing,Ben?!"Ben and Tanya turned around and so did everyone else in the party."What are you doing with this skank?"Tanya let go of Ben.Before Ben could say anything,Viola grabbed Tanya's hair.She jammed her to the floor and pulled her hair strongly.Tanya tried to take Viola's strong,but fragile-looking ,arms off her.
Everyone tried to get Viola off of Tanya.When they finally did,Tanya charged at Viola.Tanya,nor Viola,received any physical damage.Ben held Viola so that she couldn't do anything to Tanya."Let's go Ben,"Viola said as she walked out.Tanya looked at Ben one last time and looked away."Im sorry,Tanya,"Ben said before he left.She knew that before she could hang out with Ben,she had to get rid of Viola.Alexa and Matt were startled when this happened and so were the other girls."Um..I gotta go.but here's my number,"Jay told Alexa as he handed her a piece of paper with a phone number on it.Alexa hidded the paper as quickly as she could from Matt.If Matt knew he would make a scene in front of everybody.Lily knew that Alexa was pretty and didn't have any problem against it,but she knew that she had to keep her enemies close.
Everybody left after the fight.Nobody wanted to be involved with Viola,Tanya,and Ben's love triangle.They knew better than to get in Viola's way.Alexa decided not to even make eye contact with her.Once Viola started to look at her,she turned away.Matt talked to Lily on the ride home . Jay drived and Alexa had no other option but to sit on the passenger's seat with Jay.Alexa saw Lily and Matt flirting from the corner of her eye. She tried to make sure that Matt and Lily didn't see her,but they managed to see her a couple of times.She decided that she might as well talk to Jay."So,what kind of music do you like?"Jay asked Alexa."Pop and Rock."Jay nodded and said,"What bands do you like?""Um..Coldplay,I guess."Jay made a confused face and said,"I guess?"Alexa nodded."Yes,because I don't have any favorites."Matt seemed to be hearing the conversation because he just stormed in."Yeah you do,Alex.You like Coldplay and Muse."Alexa rolled her eyes and stared at Jay,who seemed very annoyed at Matt's streaming into their conversation.
Lily knew exactly how Alexa felt about Matt. She knew more than she was expected to know."So,are you going out with anybody?"Lily asked Matt once they got to start their own conversation."No.Why the question?"Matt replied."Well, because I assumed that you and Alexa were more than just friends.Aren't you?"Matt knew that even though Alexa and him felt something deep for eachother,their relationship would be nothing more than just a crush."No,we're not going out,"Matt replied."Well,I made that assumption because you acted so boyfriend-like when my brother was talking to Alexa,"Lily said."No,I acted like that because I don't like liars."Lily knew that Matt would always like Alexa,but she also knew that she could be a little...distraction for Matt."I would never lie to you,"Lily said,rubbing Matt's shoulder.Matt smiled.After all,what could he do?Was he going to grab Lily and hug her infront of her brother and Alexa,his crush?He decided to just give Lily a chance.He wanted to forget Alexa.He needed to forget Alexa."She's just a crush.Just a girl," Matt thought.
Patricia and her sister,with Alex,came in their house at around one o'clock in the morning.Of course their parents didn't go to sleep until Patricia and Kylie came."How was the party?"Jasmine asked her daughter,Patricia."It was....good," Patricia replied.Kylie rolled her eyes at her mom for being too protective of them,especially to Patricia."Well,we were just gonna watch a late night novella with some T.V. diners.Do you want to join us?"Tom asked Patricia."Sure,dad," Patricia answered."How about you kids?"Tom asked Alex and Kylie."Dad,we're not kids and no thanks.We're gonna be in my room.So,good night,"Kylie said."Okay.You guys be careful,"Jasmine said as Kylie pulled Alex up the stairs.She knew that her daughter was jealous of Patricia for getting all the attention.
Patricia and her parents sat down infront of the t.v. and watched "The Crocker Chronicles."She watched it all,but when her eyes started to get tired at two o'clock,she stood up."Are you going to bed already?"Jasmine asked Patricia as she stood up."Yeah,I have to wake up early tomorrow go to Tennis tryouts,"Patricia replied."Tomorrow's Saturday," Jasmine told her daughter."Yeah,but if you want to tryout for any team,you have to be there by 9 AM,"Patricia added.Jasmine kissed her daughter in the forehead and gave her a goodnight kiss."Night,sweetie,"Tom told Patricia as she started to walk towards the stairs."Night,dad,"Patricia responded.She walked slowly up the stairs and heard loud noises that you could only hear if you passed by."Why does she always have to come up in our conversations?!"Kylie yelled."I can see that I can't bring up anybody into our conversations!"Alex yelled back."Why do you always think wrong of everything I say?!"
Patricia moved out of the door and walked towards the bathroom.In that moment,Alex came out,struggling to put on his jacket with a furious-looking expression on his face.It was impossible that Alex wouldn't see Patricia."You're done watching the late night novella with your parents?" Alex asked Patricia,knowing that she knew that he was there.Patricia turned around with a smile."Yeah,it was...interesting,"Patricia replied."I'm glad you enjoyed it,"Alex said with a smirk."What were you and my sister talking about?"questioned Patricia.Alex stayed quiet and looked at the door to Kylie's room."I just assumed that you two were...problemless."Alex smiled and said,"No,you know how....jealous Kylie can be."A part of Patricia told her that Kylie was telling Alex to stay away from her.But,she wasn't too sure of how she felt."Who was the conversation about?" Patricia asked in a questioning tone."I see that you've been a little noisy,"Alex said with a smile."Patricia looked down and knew that she needed to know who they were talking about."Was it about...me?"Patricia asked very seriously.
Alex smiled and sighed at the same time."Was it?"Patricia asked again.Alex just kept quiet.Patricia got closed to him and looked Alex in the eyes."I don't...need anyone to get in a fight because of me.And I don't need you to feel sorry for me or pretend that you like me just because you want to make my sister jealous,"Patricia said,almost in a whisper.Alex smiled and whispered back,"Do you think I tell you how I feel about you because I feel sorry for you.Or because I want to make your sister jealous?"Patricia didn't know what to say,but she heard her dad coming up."Just promise me that you won't get in a fight with Kylie because of me,"Patricia said."I'll do anything to win you over,"Alex said.Patricia smiled in confusement."I mean...win over your confidence and trust,"Alex corrected."Well,I'll see you tomorrow," Patricia said as she walked towards her room."Ok,um....goodnight,"Alex yelled back.Patricia opened her bedroom door a little just to see what Alex would do. She heard some footsteps down the stairs and then the door closed.Patricia knew that she felt something deep for Alex, but she knew that nothing could ever happen between them.He's my sister's boyfriend.I have to stop my little crush before it gets serious,Patricia thought.She closed her eyes and went to sleep.
Beatrice came home with Mike.She wanted to come with Stephen,but then Mike would tell her parents that she had a boyfriend.Beatrice and Mike got off the car silently.Once Aunt Josie saw that Beatrice was with Mike,her furious face turned to an excited one."How was the party?"Aunt Joise asked Beatrice."It was kind of boring,"Beatrice replied. Beatrice's Uncle,Paul,wasn't very happy."Josie,it's more than one o'clock in the morning and you act...so happily?"Uncle Paul yelled."Honey.They were just having fun,"Aunt Josie said,looking at Mike's reaction."You know what,Aunt Josie?I think my uncle is right.I mean,you would start yelling at me if I came alone at this time,"Beatrice added.Aunt Josie gave Beatrice a petriful stare."Well,we can't go back and stop you from coming late.Can we?"Aunt Joise said seriously, looking at Beatrice.
"Well,I have to go to the bathroom,if you can excuse me?"Mike said as he left to the bathroom." I thought Mike was going home,"Uncle Paul said when Mike left."No,he's not.I gave him permission to stay here,"Aunt Josie say proudly."What?!"Uncle Paul and Beatrice exclaimed ."Why?" Beatrice asked."Well,because he's a good guy for you and he's my friend's son,so my doors are open for him,"Aunt Josie said.Beatrice and Uncle Paul rolled their eyes and crossed their arms.Oh,great.Now I have to be his babysitter,Beatrice thought.Just great.Now I have to take care of my niece from my wife's little toy,Uncle Paul thought.
"Well,I'm going up to my room,"Beatrice said as she walked up the stairs."Make sure you don't lock the door,"Aunt Josie yelled."Why?"Beatrice yelled back."Because,he's sleeping in your room,"Josie said."What?!"Uncle Paul exclaimed.Beatrice ran down the stairs and yelled,"Are you out of your mind?!"Aunt Josie had a smirk on her face."Be quiet and lower your voice,"Aunt Josie warned."He might hear us."Beatrice and Uncle Paul looked at Aunt Josie like if she were crazy."You have gone delusional,Josie.What's wrong with you?"Uncle Paul told Aunt Josie."I'm not crazy.I think that you two are the ones that are crazy,"Aunt Josie said."Beatrice,Mike Capella is a nice boy.Why don't you stop your little "sourpuss" role and give him a chance."
Beatrice knew that,for the first time,her aunt was right.She had indeed been playing a sourpuss role."Josie,I won't allow you to talk to Beatrice like that.I would certainly not allow you to let a boy sleep in her room,"Uncle Paul yelled."Ok,Paul.I'll tell him to sleep in the room that used to be Kevin's.I'd assumed that you wouldn't want anybody be in that room since...he left,"Aunt Josie said calmly.Uncle Paul nodded and said,"Our son left because he wanted to not because we kicked him out,"Uncle Paul said."Whatever you say,honey,"Aunt Josie said as she walked to the kitchen.
"Don't listen to her,Uncle Paul,"Beatrice said."Don't worry,honey.I'll make sure that you never end up with Mark," Uncle Paul told Beatrice. "Um...his name is Mike,"Beatrice corrected.Uncle Paul smiled and hugged Beatrice.Aunt Josie came in minutes later,laughing and joking with Mike.Beatrice looked at Aunt Josie and then at Mike."I'm going to sleep," Beatrice announced."Aren't you gonna let Mike tell you goodnight?" Aunt Josie asked Beatrice as she was walking up the stairs.Beatrice stopped and turned around."Yeah,you know what?I am,"Beatrice replied."Aunt Josie.Uncle Paul.Can I have some time alone with Mike?"Aunt Josie nodded happily and,with struggle,Uncle Paul nodded too."What do you wanna talk about?"Mike asked Beatrice.
"Well,I want to tell that I really appreciate everything that you did to me last year and I've decided to give you a chance,"Beatrice answered.”Really?”Mike asked Beatrice.”Yeah,I mean.You’re not a bad guy,”Beatrice replied. Mike smiled and hugged Beatrice.”But I wouldn’t be too confident if I were you.”Mike made a confused face and said,”Why not?”Beatrice knew that she had sto tell him about her uncle’s promise.”My uncle doesn’t...like you,”Beatrice said. Mike knew that already so he just sighed.Before Mike could say anything,Uncle Paul was at the livingroom door.”You should be getting to bed,Beatrice,”Uncle Paul said.Beatrice stood up,looked at Mike,and then at Uncle Paul.Beatrice went to her room.She locked the door and laid in her bed.I’ll try to give Mike a chance,Beatrice thought before she went to sleep.
Ashley and Tanya sat on Ashley’s bed.”Do you want some chicken wings and some drinks?”Ashley asked Tanya.”Sure.Do you want me to go with you?”Tanya asked.”No,I’ll go,”Ashley answered as she stood up and walked to the door. Ashley walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.She took out the box of chicken wings and put them in a plate and into the microwave.Ashley thought about Jake and Mark at the same time.”Hey, honey.Is Tanya staying over?”Isabella, Ashley’s mom,asked her.”Yeah,she is,”Ashley answered.”She had a rough day.”Isabella understood how Tanya felt because she too had fought for Ashley’s father when she was younger.”I’m gonna need to talk to Ben.And I need to have a serious talk with his little girlfriend,”Isabella said.”Mom,I think that Tanya could do it herself,”Ashley said.Isabella understood her daughter’s answer and Tanya’s ways.
“Tanya’s waiting for me,so goodnight,mom,”Ashley said as she took the sodas and the chicken wings.”You need help carrrying all that stuff?”Isabella asked Ashley.”No thanks,mom.Goodnight,”Ashley replied.Ashley walked slowly up the stairs,making sure that she didn’t drop anything.”Need help?”Ashley heard someone say as she walked up the stairs.”I’m okay,”Ashley responded.”Suit yourself,”Jake said.”Ashley,do you want to go with me to Football tryouts?”Jake asked.”Sure, I’ll go with you”and Jake said”I’ll wake you up early.”Ashley nodded and entered the room.She put the plate of chicken wings on Tanya’s side and Tanya waisted no time in digging in.She opened a can of ginger ale and turned on the T.V.They watched it for a little while until Ashley fell asleep.
Tanya stood up and opened the door to go to the balcony.She looked at the sun,almost rising.She grabbed her phone and dialed Cristiano’s phone number.She waited for a response.”Hello?”Tanya didn’t know what to say because,even thought she had been going out with Cristiano for a long time,she still got nervous.”Cristiano?”Tanya asked.”Yeah,where are you Tanya?”Cristiano asked.”I’m at Ashley’s.How’s your mom?Is she okay?”Tanya asked.Tanya knew that Cristiano had to leave because his mom didn’t feel well.”Yeah,she’s alright.She just got too mad at my brother.He made her mad,”Cristiano replied.Tanya knew that she had been slightly dishonest with Cristiano by dancing with Benjamin Jordan.”How was the party?”Tanya didn’t know what to say.She couldn’t say that it was great,but she couldn’t say that it was horrible either.”It was fun,”Tanya lied.”So,are you going early tomorrow for cheerleading practice?”Cristiano asked Tanya after a moment of silence.”Yeah.So,I’ll call you after I get out,okay?”Tanya said.”Okay,”Cristiano replied.Just before Tanya could hang up,Cristiano said,”I love you,Tanya.”Tanya understood that she had lied to Cristiano and she just said,”Me too.”
After Tanya hung up,she decided to hit the showers.She had some clothes at Ashley’s house.She had her extra cheerleading uniform in Ashley’s drawer.Tanya couldn’t stop thinking about how she had lied to her boyfriend.She knew that she could never be with Ben,or any other guy that wasn’t Cristiano.She had to take everyone out of her path to happiness.

The author's comments:
The girls get sporty, trying out different activities at school tryouts.

Beatrice decided that she would tryout for cheerleading and basketball.She decided to tryout for cheerleading simply because she wanted to be a..sex appeal for the opposite sex.She arrived and all the other girls looked very different that she looked.Most of the girls were,of course,blonde .About 1/4 were Brunettes and 1/2 of 1/4 were readheads.”Hello beautiful,”Beatrice heard someone say.She turned around and saw three guys that she had recognized to be in the football team.Beatrice didn’t know if they were talking to her until she saw the guys staring at her.It was until that the guy came up to her that she knew 100% that they were talking to her.”You new here?”the guy asked her.”Do you care?”Beatrice responded ,arm crossed.Beatrice knew that she had to try to be a little nice to everyone here,but she just couldn’t stand hotshots.”You know you should try to be nice to the people here.Especially to us jocks because all we want to do is give you some TLC,”the jock said.Beatrice’s patience was really about to explode.”You know what?I should be nice to you.Let’s start with this,”Beatrice responded.Beatrice slapped the guy,who had already prepared himself for a kiss.
The other jocks ran to stand by the jock.”You know what?You should really watch your back,”the jock said.Before Beatrice could say anything ,she heard someone say,”Is there a problem here?”Beatrice turned around and saw Stephen dressed in a football uniform.Surely he had been practicing because he was sweating.”No,there’s no problem,Stephen,” the jock answered.The guys walked by Stephen to leave and the guy that had been slapped by Beatrice bumped into Stephen.”You okay?”Stephen asked Beatrice.”Yeah,I’m okay,”Beatrice replied.Stephen saw that Beatrice was in the section to tryout for cheerleading.”You’re trying out for cheerleading?”Stephen asked Beatrice.”Yeah,”Beatrice said.“I thought you said that you hated cheerleading,”Stephen said with a smile on his face.Beatrice was kind of embarrassed that Stephen was sort of making fun of her for being a hypocrite.”Well,I’ve decided to try something new this year,” Beatrice replied.Stephen smiled and walked to the football field. Beatrice liked Stephen like she has never liked anybody, but she knew that her aunt will only approve of Mike.She gave Mike a chance to prove himself...good enough for Beatrice.She just wished that she could give Stephen an opportunity.
Alexa wanted to join the Art club.Matt followed her because he wanted to try out for Soccer.Lily and Jay didn’t go to their school.They went to a private school.Alexa and Matt had to walk to school because her dad had gone to work early.Now a reason for akward moments to join their walk.”So,what did you think about Jay?”Alexa asked Matt.”Kind of douchy,”Matt replied.Alexa knew that he was just saying that.”Do you think that Lily’s good for me?”Matt asked.Alexa knew exactly what to say.”She’s out of your league,”Alexa relied.”Out of my league?”Matt asked.”Yeah,I mean she’s smart,beautiful,and on top of that,she’s in a private school,”Alexa said.”So?”Matt asked.”So?Private school kids have a good education and are most likely to be rich.Smart,beautiful,and rich,”Alexa said.Matt kept quiet.”Out of your league.”“I could say the same thing to Jay if he asked me if you were good enough for him,”Matt said.Before Alexa could answer,they arrive at school.Alexa decided to focus on Jay,not Matt.He’s just a guy.Just a guy,Alexa thought.
Patricia arrived just in time.She came with Kylie.Alex would of come,but they got in a fight the day before.”So,why did you get in a fight?”Patricia asked Kylie.”Is it really important for you to know?”Kylie replied.”I was just asking,” Patricia said.”Why is it that you and Alex want to know everything about eachother through me?”Patricia didn’t know what to say.Kylie stopped and pulled Patricia’s arm.”Do you like Alex?”Kylie asked Patricia.Patricia knew that she was,but she just pulled her arm away from Kylie’s.She continued to walk infront of Kylie,mad that her sister told her that.Even though she knew that it was true.she couldn’t show that Kylie was stronger than her.
They arrived and separated instantly.Patricia couldn’t stand her annoying sister.She quickly joined the people from the chess club.She thought about joining the girls basketball team,but she was still undecided. She looked over at the Basketball court and saw a couple of tough girls and some other girls that went there just to see tough guys.She walked over and knew that she was far from looking like a basketball player.Most girls had basketball shorts and a plain white t.Patricia saw Kyle Johnson,a boy he had met at the party the night before.He saw her too.He quickly ran over to her side.“Trying out for the girls’s basketball team?”he asked.”Yeah,but I don’t think I’m properly dressed for..basketball,” Patricia replied.
“Well,I know somebody that’s in the cheerleading team that can let you borrow some shorts,”Kyle said.”Well,it’ll be better to play basketball with shorts than with a skirt,”Patricia said.”Okay,then I’ll tell her right now.You wanna come with me so that she could meet you?”Kyle asked Patricia.Patricia hesitated,but then she said,”Okay.”They walked to the cheerleading section and Patricia felt herself surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls.She felt that Kyle was looking at other girls.”Nancy!”Kyle screamed.A beautiful girl,the captain of the cheerleading team,Nancy,turned round and ran to hug Kyle.”Hey,Kyle.What do you need?”Nancy asked.”I wanted to know if you had a pair of shorts that my friend,Patricia, could borrow for Basketball tryouts,”Kyle said.
“Nancy,this is my friend,Patricia.”Kyle seemed like a guy that should be hypnotized by Nancy’s beauty,but he seemed to be looking at Patricia most of the time.”Yeah,I have an extra pair in my bag,”Nancy said.Nancy went to her bag and took out a pair of pink short shorts.”Here,you can keep them,”Nancy said as she handed Patricia the pair of shorts. Patricia smiled and said,”Thank you.”Kyle smiled and said,”Well,I’ll see you later,Nancy.”Kyle hugged Nancy like a brother would hug his younger sister.Patricia smiled at Nancy and walked back to the basketball court with Kyle.”So,do you have a boyfriend?”Kyle asked Patricia.”Um..no,actually,”Patricia replied.”I thought you did,”Kyle said.”Why?” Patricia asked.”Because you’re beautiful and smart.Oh and athletic,”Kyle answered.Patricia blushed at Kyle’s comment.She wasn’t used to boys telling her that. Kyle was a boy that would be more than a crush to Patricia.
Ashley,Tanya,and Jake walked through the school like they owned it.”So,I’ll see you guys later,”Jake said as he left.Before he left,he smiled at Ashley.Tanya looked at Ashley and smiled.”Why don’t you give him a chance?”Tanya asked Ashley as they walked to the cheerleading section.”He’s just too...I don’t know.Not my type,”Ashley replied.”Oh and Mark was your type?”Tanya asked.Ashley rolled her eyes and continued to walk. ”Well,I’ll see you later.I’m going to Volleyball tryouts,”Ashley said when they arrived in the Cheerleading section.”Okay,call me when you’re done,”Tanya said as Ashley left.Tanya quickly texted Cristiano.JUST ARRIVED AT CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS.WHAT ARE YOU DOING?Tanya texted.She awaited a response.I JUST WOKE UP,GLAD YOU ARRIVED SAFELY,Cristiano responded.WHY WOULDN’T I ARRIVE SAFELY?Tanya texted back.
Cristiano didn’t answer back and Tanya knew that there was something wrong.IS THERE SOMETHING THAT I NEED TO KNOW?Tanya texted before cheerleading practice started.Once it started,she left her phone on,even though she wasn’t supposed to,so that she could receive Cristiano ’s answer.Cheerleading practice started. Tanya saw the captain of the cheerleading team,Nancy.Nancy had a problem with Tanya because of the fact that Missy had talked smack about Tanya to Nancy before Tanya could do it about Missy.These two girls will have problems in the future. Tanya waited anxiously for Cristiano’s response.
Tanya looked around and saw Kyle,standing with Patricia.Tanya had seen Patricia at Ashley’s party the night before.“Tanya!”Patricia called.Tanya walked to where Kyle and Tanya were standing.”Hey,do you remember me?I went to the camping trip and Ashley’s party last night,”Patricia said.”Yeah,I do remember you,”Tanya replied.”How are you?” Patricia asked.”I’m okay,”Tanya answered looking at the floor.”Patricia!You’re up,”someone screamed.”I have to go,” Patricia said as she ran to the tryout section.Tanya and Kyle sat on the bench and talked about themselves.After Kyle left Tanya looked at her phone to see if Cristiano replied.Maybe something is wrong with him,Tanya thought.She decided to text him.ARE YOU OKAY?Tanya texted.Tanya didn’t receive another text.
She sat in the bench when she heard someone yell,”You’re pleased with yourself,aren’t you?!”Tanya looked up and saw Missy,Nancy,and a couple of other girls coming towards her,rage in their faces.”What are you talking about,Nancy?” Tanya asked standing up from the bench.”You know exactly what I’m talking about!”Nancy shot back.”No,I don’t,” Tanya said.”Why are you flirting with Kyle?!”Nancy yelled.”I wasn’t flirting with Kyle!”Tanya yelled back.”Who told you that?!”Tanya looked at the pack of girls behind Nancy.”Missy said that she saw you flirting with Kyle while I was evaluating the girls on their performances,”Nancy said.Tanya turned to look at Missy,who had turned away.”What’s your problem?!Why do you hate me?”Tanya yelled at Missy.Missy replied,”Because I’m in love with Cristiano!”
Everybody looked at Missy and Tanya.”Well,you can forget about him because he doesn’t even know you!”Tanya said. Missy wanted to charge at Tanya when Beatrice came.”Leave her alone,Missy!”Beatrice yelled.”What are you gonna do?”Missy said.”Let’s start with this!”Beatrice yelled as she punched Missy in the face.Missy fell and everybody ran to her side.”Let’s go,Beatrice,”Tanya said as she pulled Beatrice with her.”Thanks for helping me,”Tanya told Beatrice once they got to the soccer field.”I just can’t stand her,”Beatrice said.”You have a lot of problems,don’t you ?”Tanya asked Beatrice.”Well,I just feel guilty that my parents died and that I’m so messed up,”Beatrice replied.”It’s not your fault that they died,”Tanya said.Beatrice and Tanya sat on a bench outside and continued to talk.
Ashley would have to play a game to prove herself worthy to be in the Volleyball team.She had some shorts and a plain white T.She was in a team with a bunch of other girls she had recognized to be in the Cheerleading team.Nearby,she saw Tyler Collins,Mike Capella,and Kyle Johnson.They were looking at some of the girls playing Volleyball.Once the game was done,they had to change.Ashley passed by the three guys.”Hey,Ashley,”Kyle said. Ashley turned to look at the guys and said,”Hey,Kyle.”We went to your party yesterday,”Mike and Tyler said at the same time.”Oh,you’re Mike Capella, Beatrice’s admirer,”Ashley said.”Beatrice’s boyfriend,”Mike corrected.”I thought Stephen was her boyfriend, considering he shared a tent with her when we went to the camping trip.Right,Tyler?”Ashley said.Mike looked at Tyler and Tyler turned away.“And you’re Tyler,Eva’s boyfriend,”Ashley said.”Friend,”Tyler corrected."Yeah,that's what I meant,"Ashley said.Kyle talked to Ashley.Mike and Tyler had their own conversation."Wh didn't you tell me that my girlfriend slept in the same tent as that boy toy Stephen?!"Mike asked Tyler ."That's when you and Beatrice weren't even going out and I didn't even know that you two were going out,"Tyler responded."Well,tell me everything that you know about that little playboy,"Mike said."Well,he's the star of the Football team,but he's not the captain.He's a guy that doens't like problems.Many guys are intimidated by him because he's second in command in the football team.He's a very tough guy and is...a chick magnet,I would say,"Tyler said.Mike smiled and said,"So,why did he share a tent with Beatrice in this so-called 'camping trip'?"Mike asked.
"Well,it's said that Beatrice and Stephen have something going on,but Beatrice doesn't seem to like him because she always ignores him,"Tyler replied."So,he's after her ?"Mike asked."Well,yeah,"Tyler said.Mike smiled and stood up to see what Kyle and Ashley were talking about."So,I have to go,"Ashley said.Ashley knew Kyle as a friend that lived around her block.She hugged Kyle and all the others.Well,she hugged Mike and Tyler because it would look bad for her to only hug Kyle.The guys walked to the basketball court.Kyle insisted that they stop to see the girls there ."So,are you going out with Ashley?"Tyler asked Kyle."Of course...not,"Kyle said."I don't see her in that way."Mike and Tyler stared at eachother in confusement."Why wouldn't you?She's hot,"Mike said."Well,I like someone else," Kyle replied."Who is it,dude?"Tyler asked enthusiastically."Is it Nancy?"Mike asked."No,it's someone much more beautiful,"Kyle said,looking at Patricia.Tyler,Mike,and Kyle continued to walk around.

The author's comments:
Problem's start to stir up in the girls' lives.

Beatrice just finished cheerleading practice.She walked towards the football field."Beatrice!Hold up!"Stephen called out.Beatrice slowed her pace down."Hey,"Stephen said.Beatrice looked down."I heard that you punched Missy and I want to say thank you.I just can't stand her,"Stephen said.Beatrice still looked down."Why do you always act like that when I'm around you?I saw how you were talking to Tanya earlier,"Stephen said.He grabbed Beatrice from walking on.He grabbed her hand."Why can't we do that?"Stephen asked."We?There's no we,"Beatrice said as she took Stephen's arm away from here's."I know that you like me as much as I like you,but the sad thing's that you can't admit it,"Stephen said."Even though you won't admit it,I will.Beatrice,I'm in love with you."Beatrice knew that he did,but she just couldn't tell him the same thing.She needed to tell him."You should keep that in mind when you carry on with your life.Just stop acting like your life is miserable because of guilt,"Stephen said."I don't need you or anybody to tell me how to live my life,"Beatrice said."And even if I did like you,I'm already going out with somebody . Somebody that's already aprroved by my aunt and uncle."Stephen grinned and said,"Oh,yeah and who's this "approved" person?"Stephen asked."This person is real and it's Mike Capella,"Beatrice said as she ran away from Stephen.She didn't need Stephen to be like her aunt.She wanted someone different from everybody she knew.
Tanya walked slowly to Ashley's car.She saw her talking to Kyle and Alex."Hey,"Tanya said."Oh,hey,Tanya,"Ashley said."This is Kyle and Alex ."Tanya smiled becasue she already knew them."I know,"Tanya said.Ashley smiled and said,"I'm gonna give Kyle and Alex a reide to their houses,if you don't mind,"Ashley said."Yeah,it's okay by me.Anyways,it's your car,"Tanya said.Ashley,Tanya,Kyle,and Alex got into Ashley's car.Everybody stared at them while they passed through the school,especially Kylie.After Ashley dropped Alex at his house,she dropped Kyle off as well.Tanya and Ashley got off and entered at Ashley's house."Is anyone here?"Ashley called out.Ashley's mom came rushing in."How was tryouts?"Isabella asked both girls."They were great,"Ashley answered as she hugged her mother."How do you feel,Tanya?Isabella asked Tanya."I'm...better,"Tanya answered."Mom,we're going to my room,"Ashley said."Actually,I'd like to go to my house first.I have to go see them,"Tanya said."Sure,"Ashley said."I'm going to take Tanya to her house,mom."Ashley grabbed her keys and looked at her mom."Okay,take care,"Isabella said.Ashley ran out the door,leaving Tanya behind."Bye,Tanya!"Isabella screamed as Tanya exited the door."Teenagers!" Isabella exclaimed.
Tanya got off as quickly as possible when she arrived.She grabbed her keys from her bag and opened the door.Inside she saw her stepmom, her dad,her step brother,her step sister,and...Cristiano.She ran to hug him."Hey,Tanya,"Tanya's dad,Micheal,said once he saw his daughter.Tanya released herself from Cristiano and ran to hug her father."How were tryouts and your stay at Ashley's house?"Tanya's step mom,Michelle,asked."It was great,"Tanya replied as she hugged her "Cristiano came to see if you arrived and you came right now,"David said annoyed."He can read my mind,"Tanya said as she looked at Cristiano.Cristiano smiled and said,"I just knew you were coming."Tanya ran to Cristiano's arms."Umm...can Ashley come in?She's waiting for me outside,"Tanya asked."Sure, whatever she wants,"Micheal said.Tanya smiled and went outside.
"My dad said that you can come in,"Tanya said.Ashley turned off the car,grabbed her bag,and walked to the front door."Hey,everybody,"Ashley said.Everybody smiled except Adrian."How come she gets to bring her friends?!"Adrian asked her mom."Honey,don't start,"Micheal said.Adrian ran out to her room."Don't mind her.She's just a teenager,"Michelle said.Ashley sat down and chatted with the whole family.Tanya sat there, huggin Cristiano as hard as she could."Let's go to my room,"Tanya told Cristiano."Okay,"Cristiano said.Tanya smiled and pulled Cristiano's hand.No one said anything.Tanya started kissing Cristiano before they got to her room.She started unbuttoning Cristiano's shirt,but Cristiano stopped her."Not here Tanya.You're parents are downstairs,"Cristiano said.Tanya stared at him.Cristiano had always accepted her every decision.In fact,this was the first time that Tanya wanted intimacy with her boyfriend.Cristiano sat in the bed and Tanya stared at him."Is there something wrong?"Tanya asked Cristiano."There's nothing wrong,"Cristiano replied."I know there's something wrong,"Tanya said."What is it?"Cristiano looked down and said,"It's nothing."
Tanya knew that Cristiano wasn't sure of how to answer."You don't trust me?"Tanya asked."I do,it's just that it's something that I wouldn't want you to know because I know you'll worry,"Cristiano replied."Just tell me,"Tanya said.Cristiano turned to look at Tanya and held her hand."Remember when I told you that I had to go home to be with my mom the night of the party?"Cristiano asked.Tanya nodded."Well,I got into a big fight with my brother and I put a death date on my forehead by doing that,"Cristiano said."And,I asked you if you were okay becase apparently their after everybody I love."Tanya seemed confused."How does your brother relate to this?"Tanya asked."Because,he's a drug dealer and he has his 'people'," Cristiano replied."But,why would he do that?"Tanya asked."Because he never liked my parent's preferal for me,"Cristiano answered.Tanya smiled and hugged Cristiano with all her force."I don't care if people want to kill me,we're all gonna die some day,as long as I spend every second of my life with you,I'll be happy,"Tanya said."But,I don't want you to die.And not because of me.If you die because of me,I'll kill myself because I wouldn't have anything to live for,your my only reason for living in this world" Cristiano said.Tanya looked at Cristiano and smiled.Tanya couldn't think about losing Cristiano,she couldn't.
Patricia walked to the changing rooms to change the shorts that Nancy let her borrow."Patricia!"someone called.Patricia turned around and saw Kyle running towards her."Oh,hey,"Patricia said."Where are you going?"Kyle asked."I'm going to change my short shorts,"Patricia replied."Their not...short,"Kyle said."Right.Let's just see you wear them,"Patricia said.Patricia was already in the changing rooms."Okay.How much you wanna bet that they won't look short on me?"Kyle asked.Patricia laughed and said,"I'll risk it."Patricia got into a dressing room and changed quickly."Now,that's looks more like you,"Kyle said as Patricia got out of the dressing room.Patricia smiled and said,"I didn't like the shorts,but Nancy seemed sincere when she said that she would give them to me."Kyle smiled."I know,she's like a...sister to me,"Kyle said.Patricia pulled her eyebrows together."What?"Patricia was certain that Kyle was going out with Nancy."Nothing.I just thought that you and Nancy were boyfriend and girlfriend.I was already having second thoughts about talking to you considering that the whole reason after Beatrice's punch was because Missy said that she saw Tanya flirting with you,"Patricia said."Thanks for bringing me the latest news,Miss Patricia Pinkerton,"Kyle said.
Patricia smiled and said,"You're welcome,Mister Kyle Johnson."Kyle smiled."Who are you,Patricia Pinkerton?"Kyle asked."You're actually the first guy that's ever talked to me and that question is hard to answer because I don't want to sound like a cocky person,"Patricia answered."So,now I know why I make you nervous,"Kyle said."No,you don't make me nervous," Patricia laughed."Look,Patricia,I don't want to make this weird but I like you a lot and I want to prove that to you,"Kyle said."I like you too Kyle and,you know what?I will give you a chance to prove yourself,"Patricia said.Kyle smiled and hugged Patricia."So,can I see you tonight?"Kyle asked Patricia,hands in his pockets."Like a date?"Patricia asked."Yeah,I mean we're boyfriend and girlfriend,and that's what boyfriend and girlfriends do,"Kyle said."Sure,"Patricia said."I'll pick you up at 6:30,"Kyle said as he continued to walk to his house."Okay.But we're are we going?"Patricia asked."Now that's a secret," Kyle said."One more question before you leave.""What is it?"Patricia asked."Um..cam I give you a kiss?"Kyle asked. Patricia didn't know what to say."Sure,"Patricia said.Kyle got close to Patricia.When he was about to give her a kiss,someone said,"I hope I'm not interrupting."Kyle and Patricia turned to look at Nancy,who was standing looking at Patricia and Kyle.Nancy ran."Nancy!"Kyle yelled."I thought you said that you weren't going out?"Patricia asked Kyle."We aren't.She just wishes that we were,"Kyle said.Patricia didn't know what to say or think.Patricia was confused,because she didn't know what to believe.
Alexa walked home silently.Matt had gone with Alex Johnson to the mall.Alexa arrived home very serious.She didn't even have anybody to come home to.Her dad was going to come at 7 PM.She went to her room and took a shower.She thought about Matt.She knew that she couldn't be his crutch.After she took a shower she called Jay."Jay,I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the movies tonight,"Alexa said once Jay answered the phone."Sure,"Jay answered."My sister Lily said if she could go with us."Alexa knew that nothing would happen because Matt wasn't there."Only if Matt went,"Jay added."Well,tell her that Matt is actually at the mall,so he's not going to come with us,"Alexa said.She was sort of glad that Matt wasn't there."Okay,then I'll meet you at your house,"Jay said."In like thirty minutes."Alexa was happy that she had invited only Jay and not Lily."Okay,I'll see you later."
After Alexa hung up,she decided to find what she would wear.She decided to go with a skirt and a simple shirt.She wore a clip in her hair and let it run wild.She waited in the livinroom once she was done.It was until she heard the doorbell that she stood up and ran towards the door.She saw Jay,holding a bouquet of roses."Jay,we're only going to the movies.It's nothing special,"Alexa said as Jay gave her the roses."Well,it is for me,"Jay said.Jay entered and sat on the couch."I'll just go get my bag and we're off,"Alexa said as she walked up the stairs.Jay nodded.Alexa grabbed her bad and looked at herself in the mirror before she walked down.She even put on some makeup,which she hasn't done in a long time.Alexa ran down the stairs and heard some voices.She saw Matt and Jay facing eachother."Is there a problem here?"she asked."What is he doing here?"Matt asked Alexa.She decided to speak with the truth."He came because we're going to the movies,"Alexa answered.Matt looked at her and shook his head."Let's go,Jay,"Alexa said as she pulled Jay's hand.She closed the door behind her and then released her hand from Jay's.She needed to let Matt know that she no longer had feelings for him.

The author's comments:
The girls show us a little more of what they feel deep inside.

Beatrice was struggling to keep her feelings balanced.She liked Stephen,but she couldn't tell him that.She had sworn not to fall for guys like Stephen.She had sworn herself to that because last year,when Beatrice had a social life,she had fallen for a guy like Stephen.She had fallen in love.It was until that she found out that he liked her best friend,practically her sister.Beatrice was hurt and swore to herself that she would never fall in love with guys like that."Beatrice,can I come in?"Mike said."Yeah,come in,"Beatrice said as she stood up from her bed.She had been there in long enough for everyone to notice something wrong with her."Are you okay?"Mike asked her."Yeah,I'm just a little stressed out a little from cheerleading tryouts,"Beatrice asnwered."Oh,okay.Can I ask you a question?" Mike asked Beatrice."As long as it's not personal,"Beatrice said."Well,it's kind of personal,"Mike said."Let's hear it,"Beatrice said."Okay.Do you like Stephen King?"Mike asked.Beatrice's heart started pounding with rage.She stood up,back facing Mike."Why would you ask me a question like that?"Beatrice asked.
"Well,it's just that I found out that you and him shared a tent in a camping trip that you went to with Ashley and some other people,"Mike said."Well,I don't like Stephen,"Beatrice said."Okay.Happy to hear that,"Mike said."What?You think that I'm going to leave you because of Stephen?"Beatrice said.Mike looked serious.Beatrice stood up and faced Mike."I'm not going to leave you just because Stephen thinks that he could try to woo me,"Beatrice said.Mike said"Glad that you think that way"Beatrice said"He is a total show-off,and I just simply can't stand people acting that way"Mike said"Yeah,I can't stand them either"Beatrice didn't want to kiss or hug Mike,but they were going out.Mike got close to her and kissed her.Beatrice tried to push him away,but she couldn't show him she was in love with Stephen.Beatrice had to try to like Mike,after all,he did like her.
Patricia waited at her house for Kyle to come.Kylie didn't like that she was not the one waiting to be picked up for a date."Why don't you just admit that you don't like this kyle guy and that you're in love with Alex?"Kylie asked Patricia."Because I'm not in love with Alex,"Patricia replied.Kylie just rolled her eyes.Patricia heard the doorbell and said,"I'll see you later,everybody!"Patricia went out the front door and saw Kyle get out of his car."You look great,"Kyle said."You too,"Patricia replied.Kyle opened the door for Patricia to get in.Patricia and Kyle talked on the way there.When they arrived,they found a movie and waited in line to buy popcorn.
Patricia sat on the bench and waited for Kyle."Hey,Patricia,"Alexa said once she saw Patricia."Oh,hey,Alexa.What are you doing here?"Patricia asked Alexa."I came with Jay Payton,Ashley's cousin,"Alexa said.Patricia glanced at Jay,who had already made conversation with Kyle.The guys came back with the popcorn and stood up.Patricia saw Alex and Matt coming bye,with Lily and Kylie.They stood infront of them."Decided to come to the movies?"Patricia asked Kylie and Alex."Well,yeah.Might as well have fun ourselves,"Kylie said.Jay,Matt,Alexa,and Lily just kept quiet.Patricia smiled fakely at her sister and they left.It was a coincidence that they were watching the same movie.They sat in front of eachother.
The movie was a romantic movie.Patricia and Alexa felt kind of weird because they weren't really going out with Kyle or Jay.Kyle attempted to grab Patricia's hand,but instead it went into the soda cup.Patricia helped him clean his hand and smiled.Jay stretched him arm to Alexa's shoulders,but instead it reached an old man's arms.The guys were really trying.Meanwhile,Alex and Kylie were cuddling up.Lily and Matt were just sitting there,watching the movie. Patricia and Kyle stood up to get popcorn and sodas."I need to go to the bathroom,"Patricia said.She entered the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.No one was in the bathroom.There was an exit and an entrance for the men's and women's bathroom.It was the same entrance.Patricia saw Kyle on back of her,but she thought that she was just seeing him.It was until she felt Kyle grab her and kiss her that she realized it wasn't an hallucination.
She kissed him back because she knew that it wasn't something wrong.She liked him and he liked her back.They went into a bathroom stall and continued kissing.It was until they heard a janitor coming that they stopped.Patricia got out first and then Kyle.They grabbed popcorn and made it as if nothing happened.They entered and smiled at eachother.When nobody was seeing,they held hands.Patricia really liked Kyle and he seemed to like her a lot.Alexa looked at Jay.He smiled and put his hand on top of hers.Alexa knew that Matt was watching and she just couldn't hurt him.She smiled,but inside her she wanted to take his hand off of hers.
Ashley sat on her livingroom and watched the T.V.She sat there and watched "Mean Girls."She stood up and grabbed some snacks."Can I join you?"Ashley heard.She turned around and saw Jake standing there.She looked at him and said,"Sure."Jake sat next to Ashley."Well,I was thinking about me and you.We could be like boyfriend and girlfriend,"Jake said.Before Ashley could answer,Ashley's mom came in."Ash!I have some wonderful news,"Isabella said.Ashley smiled and said,"What is it mom?"Isabella smiled and said,"Mark's coming."Ashley's heart stopped beating for a moment.She still loved Mark with all her heart."Mark?Our attendant?"Ashley asked."Yeah,honey.He's coming right now,"Isabella told her daughter.The door bell rang and Ashley's heart stopped."So,what do you say?"Jake asked."Sure,"Ashley said before she stood up and ran for the door.Her mom was already there.
Ashley wanted to jump on top of Mark,but she saw a girl.A girl with curly,brown hair.Ashley's smile faded in an instant."Hey,Mark,"Ashley said dully.Mark smiled the smile that Ashley had once loved the most."Who's this?"she asked."This is my girlfriend,Mya Silverstone,"Mark said. Ashley's heart stopped,this time it broke in a million pieces.Jake came to the door and smiled."Who's this?"Mark asked Ashley."I'm her boyfriend ,Jake Hills,"Jake answered.Mark gave Ashley a sharp look."I'm Mark Hopkins and this is my girlfriend,Mya Silverstone,"Mark said."Nice to meet you,"Mya said.
Mark and Mya came in and settled in."There's no more rooms,"Mark said."Well,I can share a room with Ashley,if that's okay?"Jake said.Ashley rolled her eyes at Jake."Well,okay.Mark and Mya could share a room,"Isabella said.Jake took out the stuff he had in the room out into Ashley's room.Mark and Mya finally settled in.Everybody went downstairs and ate a delicious dinner that consisted of a piece of chicken breast,white rice,and vegetables along with bread and plenty of salad that Isabella made.Ashley's father was going to come at 3AM.Isabella let Ashley,Jake, Mya,and Mark get to know eachother.Ashley was awfully silent.Everybody talked,but Ashley just kept quiet.Ashley had forgotten Mark,but now she would have to face her feelings for him,Mark,her attendant.
Tanya slept alone.Cristiano left at 8PM.She was only thinking about him.She laid in bed and couldn't sleep.She decided to go to her balcony.She stood there and felt the breeze.She felt someone grab her by the back.Tanya turned around and saw two girls.Both were blonde,but only one of the was dirty blonde."It's a pleasure to introduce myself.I'm Molly,Christian's girlfriend and this is my friend,Karla.We came to leave a special message from him to you and Cristiano,your bofriend."the blonde said."I won't let you do anything to him,"Tanya said.Tanya kicked Molly and Karla grabbed her.She took out a knife and out it on her neck."Don't try to act tough and don't do anything stupid,"Karla said."You know what,we'll give it to him personally,"Molly said."We don't need to give it to his little skank."Molly and Karla let Tanya go and they just disappeared.Tanya was still in shock.She knew that she couldn't tell Cristiano about this.He would want to do something at this hour and he could get killed.She couldn't lose him.She couldn't.

The author's comments:
The girls start to clear out their feelings.

Patricia dreampt with Kyle.She felt like if she was in love with him.She suddently remembered what Alex had told her two weeks ago."I don't...need anyone to get in a fight because of me.And I don't need you to feel sorry for me or pretend that you like me just because you want to make my sister jealous,"Patricia had remembered saying."Do you think I tell you how I feel about you because I feel sorry for you.Or because I want to make your sister jealous?"Alex had told her.."Just promise me that you won't get in a fight with Kylie because of me,"Patricia said.."I'll do anything to win you over,"Alex said.Alex's last words echoed through Patricia's head over and over again."I'll do anything to win you over."Patricia shook her head and smiled at herself in the mirror.She knew that she had to forget Alex.Now more than ever.Now that she was going out with Kyle and Alex was going out with Kylie.All that would be left of us is the reminder that there had been existense of eachother,"Patricia thought in her head.That's all that would be left...a reminder.
Beatrice woke up early.She knew better than to think about Stephen.She knew that it was better to forget than to forgive.She took a bath and changed quickly.It was almost time to go to school.When Beatrice came out,Mike was in the livingroom,waiting for Beatrice and talking to Aunt Josie.Uncle Paul just rolled his eyes at them."Are you ready to go?"Mike asked Beatrice as she walked down the stairs."Yeah,"Beatrice answered.Mike and Beatrice exited the door quietly.Mike talked and talked,but Beatrice just couldn't concentrate.She kept thinking about what Stephen told her.She knew that he was right,but she couldn't admit it.Mike held her hand while they walked.But what Beatrice noticed was that he held her hand when he saw Stephen.Beatrice made it clear that she didn't prefer Stephen over Mike.She made it very clear.She took her hand away from Mike quickly."I already told you that I don't like him,so why are you trying to make him jealous?"Beatrice said."I just want to show him that he lost you,"Mike said."How could he lose me when he never had me?"Beatrice asked seriously.Beatrice sighed and continued to walk by herself.
She decided that she needed to confront Stephen.She couldn't confront him right now because school was about to start.She was going to confront him afterschool."Beatrice!Wait up!"Mike screamed.Beatrice knew that she had to come up with a plan to get rid of Mike afterschool."I'm really sorry,Beatrice,"Mike said.Beatrice nodded and said,"I have to go to cheerleading tryouts after school.I didn't finish auditioning yesterday.""Okay,I have to go to skating practice,so I'll just wait for you there,"Mike said."Okay,"Beatrice said.Mike and Beatrice walked in and sat in their assigned seats.Mike wanted to change seats with Merdan Reece,who sat next to Beatrice in English,but he refused,saying that he couldn't see the board from Mike's seat.Mike and Beatrice wrote letters to eachother during class time.Stephen eyed Beatrice during half the classtime.
Afterschool,Beatrice and Mike seperated.Beatrice realized that she needed to go work at the bar where her friend,Myra,worked in.She hurried and maked sure that Mike didn't see her exit the school.While Beatrice was walking,she heard someone say,"I guess you did find someone that was approved by your aunt and uncle."Beatrice turned around and saw Stephen walking towards her."What do you want?"Beatrice asked angrily."I want you to admit that you're in love with me,"Stephen answered.Beatrice's heart stopped and then continued to beat with rage."Why don't you just leave me alone?"Beatrice said."Because I want you to admit it,"Stephen said."Leave me alone,"Beatrice said."Just admit it,"Stephen said.Beatrice ran towards Stephen and looked at him in his eyes."I will admit it!I am in love with you,but I've decided to move on because you're not worth it," Beatrice said.She turned around and continued walking.She ran and ran until she got to the bar.Myra was already waiting for her."I thought you wouldn't make it,"Myra said.Myra handed her a cloth for Beatrice to put around her waist.Beatrice went around,taking people's orders.She thought about what she had told Stephen.
An hour passed and she decided to text Mike to tell him that she was at the bar.I'M AT THE BAR,SO WHY DON'T YOU COME OVER HERE, Beatrice texted.She quickly got a text back.WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN A BAR?Mike texted.I GOT A JOB HERE,SO WHEN PRACTICE IS OVER JUST COME OVER.SORRY I DIDN'T TELL YOU,Beatrice texted.IT'S OKAY.I'LL BE OVER IN 2O MINUTES.SEE YOU,Mike texted. Beatrice didn't like Mike very much,but he seemed nice to her."Is that Joseph Wilde?"Myra asked Beatrice pointing at a guy that was coming in. Suddently,Beatrice had flashbacks of last year when she fell in love with Joseph Wilde,the boy that broke her heart by going out with Beatrice's best friend from Chicago,Mandy White."What is he doing here?Didn't you tell me that you had a massive crush on him and he went for that Mandy girl?"Myra asked.Beatrice nodded.She watched as Joseph sat down.She detested him and Stephen.She had to deal with a lot more than she expected coming to Michigan.
Alexa thought about yesterday.She knew that she had hurt Matt by letting Jay grab her hand.Matt sat in the kitchen table afterschool.Of course Alexa's father wasn't there.He had worked to keep the house strong."Wanna go to the diner to get something to eat?"Alexa asked Matt."Sure,"Matt said.Alexa knew that even thought Matt and her would be nothing more than just friends,she might as well get their relationship back on it's feet.Matt and Alexa exited the front door and walked to the diner.It was really close,so they arrived just in time."Hey,dad,"Alexa said when she saw her dad."We came to eat,"Alexa said."Okay,take a seat,"Ben said.Alexa and Matt sat and talked.They talked mostly about school and things that happened before Lily and Jay came into their lives.Ben was happy that Matt and Alexa talked to eachother again.Alexa wanted to pay for the lunch,but his father said that he would pay for it.
When Ben wasn't watching,Matt put the money in the counter.They left and decided to go to the park.When they were walking,clouds started forming.Alexa and Matt didn't think that it was something bad,but then it started raining hard.Matt and Alexa stopped at a store's little covering."So,what do we do now?"Alexa asked Matt."Well,I'll race you to the house,"Matt said."Okay,"Alexa said as she ran.Matt ran after Alexa.They were laughing and playing in the rain like they never did.No one was out in the streets.No one except two crazy kids in love.Matt reached Alexa and tackled her to the wet,mossy grass in front of their house.Once Alexa stopped laughing,she looked into Matt's eyes.She realized that she couldn't hurt him.Alexa closed her eyes as Matt's lips got closer to her.The sound of the a thunder stopped them."We better get inside,"Matt said."Yeah,"Alexa said.
Matt helped Alexa up and they went inside.Matt and Alexa got a towels and dried themselves.Alexa went up to the upstairs bathroom and took a shower.She put on some shorts and a shirt with straps.She thought about Matt.She felt him almost close to her.A part of her wanted the kiss.She got out and went downstairs.She saw Matt sitting there, already dry.They watched a movie,but kept looking at eachother.Alexa knew that that moment was pretty awkward,so she said,"I'm going to my room."Matt nodded and Alexa went up to her room.She laid in bed while she thought about Matt.She suddently felt someone's lips touch hers.She opened her eyes and saw Matt infront of her.She kissed him back because she knew how much she wanted to.
"I like you a lot,Alexa,"Matt said."You don't know how long I've waited for you to say that,"Alexa said."I know you like me too and I want us to be more than just friends,"Matt said."Me too,"Alexa said.Alexa and Matt hugged eachother for a long time.Matt stood up and said,"Do you wanna go downstairs?"Alexa had to think about everything that was going on before she went somewhere else."I'll meet you down there,"Alexa said.Matt smiled and left downstairs.Alexa was breathless.Alexa was glad that Matt finally admitted that he wanted to be more than friends.
Ashley sat in her room.Nothing was on.Not the T.V.Not the radio.Not the computer.Not even the lights.She sat there motionless.She didn't know what to feel or how to feel.Jake came in moments later."What's wrong?"Jake asked. "Nothing.I'm just really tired,"Ashley replied."Then,why don't you go to bed?"Jake asked her."I don't want to,"Ashley said.Ashley stood up and walked around the room."Is it because your attendant and his girlfriend are here?"Jake asked."No,it's just that I don't feel good today,"Ashley replied.Jake got close to Ashley and gave her a kiss in the cheek.
"Believe me.I could give you a kiss,but I want our relationship to go slow,"Jake said."Uhh...thanks,Jake,"Ashley said.She gave him a kiss in his cheek and smiled.She went to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.
Get him out of your head,Ashley,Ashley thought.She brushed her hair into a ponytail.She had been wearing some shorts and a t-shirt.She got out of the bathroom.Jake was looking at a frame in Ashley's bedroom.The reminder of Mark looking at that same photo weeks ago suddently rushed into Ashley's mind."Nice picture,"Jake said.Ashley smiled.Ashley sat on the bed next to Jake.Everything was silent."Wanna make out?"Jake suddently asked.Ashley sighed and said,"I thought you said that you wanted things to go slow between us."Jake smiled and said,"But,how can I resist myself from someone so beautiful like you."Jake kissed Ashley.Ashley kissed him back.Ashley didn't know that Mark was standing there watching everything.Ashley didn't see Mark standing there."We should go downstairs,"Ashley said."Why don't we stay here and do something that I've always desired to do with you,"Jake said.Ashley pulled herself away from Jake,but Jake pulled her back to him.
"Jake!Stop!"Ashley exclaimed.Ashley pulled herself away,but Jake was stronger than she imagined.It was until Ashley punched Jake that he stopped.She ran towards the door,but Jake tackled her to the floor."Ashley,I was just playing with you.I wanted to see what you would do in case if I came drunk and tried to do something to you.And you passed the test,"Jake said.Ashley looked serious."It didn't seem like a test or a joke," Ashley said.Jake said"I'm sorry,if I scared you but it was just a joke"Ashley said"Don't ever do that again"And Jake said"Okay,I promise."Ashley heard her mother yelling for her."Ashley!Honey!We have visitors!Jake!Come down here!"Isabella screamed."We'll be over there!"Ashley yelled back."Don't tell anybody that this happen,"Ashley said."Okay.I won't,"Jake said."You punch like a guy by the way,"Jake said as Ashley and Jake exited Ashley's room.Ashley punched Jake in his arm.
Jake was still grabbing the side of his face where Ashley punched him.Downstairs was Lily,Ben,and Jay."You're cousins came to visit.I decided to invite them to keep you guys some company while we go out tonite,"Isabella said."We'll probably sleep in a hotel since the restaurant is kind of far,"John told his daughter.Ashley noticed that her mother and father were wearing clothes for going out."Okay.Have fun,"Ashley said."If you need anything just call us,okay?"Isabella told her daughter as she gave her a kiss in her forehead."We love you,"John told her daughter as he gave her a hug.After Ashley's parents left,Ashley said,"This is my boyfriend,Jake Hills."Everyone smiled at Jake."Jake,these are my cousins.Lily Payton
Jay Payton,and Benjamin Jordan."Jake smiled at all of them."What's wrong with your jaw?"Ben asked Jake.Jake and Ashley looked at eachother.
"I got hurt at Soccer practice...by the ball,"Jake answered.Ben and Jay laughed."If you want,you could watch t.v.I'll come back.I have to change,"
Ashley said.Ashley smiled at everyone.Lily stood up and ran upstairs with Ashley.
When they got there,Lily asked,"Is he a good kisser?"Ashley laughed and said,"Yeah,sort of."Lily laughed."So,was he good?"Lily asked."What?" Ashley said."I mean,everyone practically heard everything,"Lily said."Oh my god,,Lily.You haven't changed a bit,"Ashley said.Lily smiled."So,I heard that Mark was here,"Lily said.Ashley's face turned very serious."Yeah,he is,"Ashley said."So,then why are you going out with Jake?"Lily asked."Well,because I like Jake and besides even if I weren't he brought somebody,"Ashley replied."His girlfriend,Mya Silverstone."Lily shook her head."So,you don't like him anymore?"Lily asked.Before Ashley could answer,Ben yelled Lily's name."Lily!Get your little butt over here!"Ben yelled.Ashley and Lily stood up and left.It was going to be an interesting night.
Tanya knew that she couldn't tell Cristiano about what happened.She decided to go over to Ashley's house.She grabbed her car keys and exited the door.She drove over to Ashley's in a flash.She knocked on the door.Ashley came to open."Hey,Tanya.Come in,"Ashley said once she saw Tanya.Tanya saw Ashley's cousins sitting in the couches."Hey,everyone,"Tanya said.Tanya sat and chatted with everyone for a long time.Tanya decided to go to the bathroom.She looked at herself in the mirror.Ben found Tanya in the hallway and they stared at eachother."I'm really sorry of what happened with Viola,"Ben said."It's okay,"Tanya said."Tanya!"Ashley yelled."Cristiano's outside!"Tanya looked at Ben."Who's Cristiano?"Ben asked."Uh...he's my boyfriend,"Tanya replied.Ben was in shock.Tanya went downstairs.She knew that she had to tell Ben about Cristiano.Even thought Tanya and Ben weren't going out,they knew that they were attracted to one another.Tanya went outside and saw Cristiano,and she hugged him with all her force.
Cristiano smiled and said,"I wanted to come over to see you."Tanya smiled."How did you know I was here?"Tanya asked."You're stepmom told me that you came here,"Cristiano answered.Tanya hugged Cristiano hard.Tanya and Cristiano walked over to where Ashley was standing infront of the door."Hey,Cris,"Ashley said once she saw Cristiano."Hey,Ashley,"Cristiano said.Ashley smiled at Cristiano.Cristiano entered and everyone looked at him."Guys,this is Cristiano....my boyfriend,"Tanya introduced.Everyone smiled,but in a way that wasn't kind.A smile that meant worry.
Cristiano sat down in a couch next to Jay.Lily sat next to Ashley and Jake sat on the other side of where Ashley was sitting.Ben sat next to Jay.
Thirty minutes later,Mark and Mya came down."Guys,this is Mark,my attendant and his girlfriend,Mya Silverstone,"Ashley announced to everyone.
Everyone said "hi" to Mark and Mya.Mark and Mya took a seat next to Ben,just across from Ashley and Jake.Tanya watched everyone around her.She knew that Ben couldn't have a good time with Cristiano there.Ashley noticed his expression."How wants chicken wings?"Ashley said as she stood up."I'll go help you,"Jake said.Ashley wanted Tanya to go with her so that she can talk to her,but she couldn't be rude to Jake.Ashley and Jake headed to the kitchen.Tanya sat with Cristiano.He hugged her really hard."Can you just leave her alone?"Ben suddently yelled .Everyone looked at him.Ashley and Jake came running."What's wrong?"Ashley asked Jake."You know what's wrong,"Ben said as he looked at Tanya and Cristiano.Cristiano stood up and so did Tanya."Ben,can we talk to you in the kitchen?"Ashley said.
Ben left to the kitchen angrily.Ashley,Lily,and Jay left behind him."What's wrong with you?"Lily asked Ben."You know I'm in love with her,"Ben said."And I can't stand him being so close to her!"Ben threw a pan that was in the table to the floor."Yeah,okay.Hulk?She has a boyfriend.And he happens to be sitting next to her,like right now,"Lily said."She has a boyfriend and you need to get yourself a girlfriend ,that is not Tanya,"Ashley added."Yeah,dude.You can't just say that in front of him.Everyone thought you were..crazy,"Jay said."But...you don't understand.I'm deeply in love with her,"Ben said."Well,you need to get this..little crush out of your head because she's perfectly happy with him.And you should be perfectly happy with Viola,your girlfriend,"Ashley said.Ben looked down."Are we clear?"Ashley asked."Yeah,just stop treating me like a little boy,"Ben said."Then stop acting like one,"Lily yelled.

Lily,Ashley,and Jay went back into the livingroom,leaving Ben in the Kitchen."Sorry,about that,"Ashley told Mark,Mya,Tanya,and Cristiano who were still very shocked."I think his hormones just kicked in,"Jay said."Or maybe he's on his period,"Lily added.Everyone laughed.Ashley sat next to Cristiano."He's in love with this girl,but she's too good for him,"Ashley said.Ashley looked at Tanya."Who's this girl?"Cristiano asked."Let's just say that she's really... close to him,"Ashley replied.Tanya and Ashley looked at eachother again.Tanya and Cristiano decided to leave.Tanya thought about Ben's reaction.She knew that he would react like that.She felt bad about hurting him.She had to get things right between her and Ben.She had to stop this from going any further.She didn't want to keep hurting Ben and David by being with Cristiano.

The author's comments:
The girls start to question their feelings about the people that surround them.

Beatrice cleaned the tables filled with food.It was almost time to go.8:14PM the clock read.Mike had been waiting for her there.He had ordered a burger for him and Beatrice.Beatrice took off the apron and said "bye" to Myra."I'll see you tomorrow,"Myra told Beatrice."Yeah," Beatrice said.Beatrice took a seat in a table close to the window."Mike,we should of just eaten at home,"Beatrice said."Well,I just thought that we could talk a little,"Mike said.Beatrice sat down and took a bite out of her hamburger."Well,I just want to tell you that I'm really happy that you decided to give me a chance,"Mike said.Beatrice smiled and said,"I am too."Mike smiled a big smile."I remember last year.We used to talk a lot back in Chicago,"Mike said."I didn't really ask you why you came here,"Beatrice said."How did you?""Well,when I found out that you left,I had to come look for you,so I asked your neighbors and they said that you had come over here.To Michigan,"Mike answered.Beatrice nodded.
"Well,you know how much of a control freak my aunt could be.I still think my Uncle Paul deserves better,"Beatrice said."Your Aunt Josie isn't a control freak.She's just....controllative,"Mike said.Beatrice laughed and so did Mike."And your aunt and uncle are happy."After Beatrice and Mike finished eating their burgers, Beatrice said,"Well,I think we should be getting home.My aunt and uncle are gonna start worrying.".Beatrice and Mike walked home.Mike took the time to start talking...about the past.Beatrice wanted to go back to the past and forget all that had been happening to her.She wanted to forget Stephen and that he ever existed."You okay?"Mike asked Beatrice."Yeah,I'm just tired from standing up at the bar,"Beatrice answered.Mike nodded and opened the door so Beatrice could get in.She went straight up to her room.She didn't have to get questioned because apparently her aunt and uncle had gone out.
Mike went up to Beatrice's room.Beatrice was making a collage of old photos that she had.Most of them were pictures of beautiful butterflies.
"That's coming out good,"Mike said as he looked at Beatrice making the collage."I wish I were like them,"Beatrice said."I wish I could have the beauty and the wings that they have to fly away from here and go to a place where I can do whatever I want."Mike smiled and said,"You do have that beauty,and what's stopping you from doing whatever you want?"Beatrice looked at Mike,who wasn't standing anymore."My aunt,"Beatrice replied.
"My uncle is cool."Mike smiled and looked at some old pictures Beatrice had in her room.Mike picked up a picture that Beatrice had of him and her."You still have this,"Mike said as he showed her the picture."Yeah,I never forgot about you,"Beatrice said."About me?Or about us?"Mike asked.
"Both,"Beatrice said.She knew that she had forgotten about him.An image of Beatrice's thoughts at one time came back to Beatrice's head.She knew that at one point,when she had met Stephen,she forgot about him.She forgot about everything,except Stephen's face.Everything.
Kyle was coming over to Patricia's house.Patricia called him and he agreed so that he could meet her parents."Kyle's coming over?"Kylie asked Patricia."Yeah,he is.He wants to meet our parents,"Patricia answered."Well,do we have to come down?"Kylie asked."I mean the name of the guy sound gay."Patricia looked at Kylie and said,"You know what?It's better that you don't come down.Or Alex."Kylie rolled her eyes at Patricia and went up to her room.Alex had been staying over for some reason."We're not going to meet this "imaginary" boy that Patricia's talking about,mom!"
Kylie yelled from her room."Don't worry about her honey.She's just jealous that you found a guy when she can't find someone else other than Alex,"Jasmine told Patricia.The doorbell rang and Patricia went to open the door.Kyle stood there and smiled."Come in,"Patricia said.Jasmine and Tom smiled at Kyle.
Kyle,Patricia,and Patricia's parents sat there and talked.After dinner was over,they all sat in the livingroom.Patricia's parents asked Kyle a lot of questions.After the basics questions were over,Patricia and Kyle went outside."Glad I finally met your parents,"Kyle said."Me too,"Patricia said.
"Well,I have to go,"Kyle said.Kyle hugged Patricia and left.Patricia went inside and closed the door.Patricia went up to her room to change.She then got out to go to the bathroom."So,that's him?Your boyfriend,"Alex asked Patricia."Yeah,"Patricia said dully.She knew that she couldn't say that to him,but she said it."I know that he doesn't belong with you,"Alex said."What?"Patricia said."I know that you don't really like him,they way I like you"Patricia was suprised that Alex actually admitted that he liked her,not Kylie.Patricia had some strong feelings for Alex,but he was Kylie's boyfriend."You can't love me,"Patricia said."Why not?"Alex asked."Because my sister loves you,"Patricia answered."And I,I...already have a boyfriend."Alex's expression turned serious."I guess sometimes,you fall in love with the wrong person"Alex said.
"I guess I know that nobody can have whatever they want,"Patricia said."Yeah,I know that,"Alex said.Patricia knew that he was right."Alex,what are you doing here?Talking to my sister?"Kylie suddently said."I was just asking her something,"Alex replied."I know that I promised that I wasn't going to tell you anything about you and Patricia,but I really can't stop myself,"Kylie said."I know that there's something going on between you."
Alex looked at Patricia."Why is there something going on?I have a boyfriend already,"Patricia said."Stay away from him,"Kylie warned."No need to.I promise I won't talk to your little boy toy,"Patricia said as she started to walk towards her room."It's not my fault that you can't find anyone besides Alex to go out with you,"Patricia said as she slammed the door in Kylie's face.Patricia felt like a new woman.She finally had the courage to stand up to Kylie.She slept good that night.
Alexa went to the lvingroom and saw her dad sitting on a couch."Hey,dad,"Alexa said."Hey,honey,"Ben told Alexa.Alexa sat on the couch with her dad."I got great news,"Ben said."I got a new job."Alexa smiled and said,"Congratulations,dad."Ben smiled."I work at an office now,"Ben said. Alexa was happy that her dad got a better job."Yeah,I'll get paid more and I'll spend more time in the house,"Ben said."I'll work from 5 AM to 2 PM.So,I'll get to see you come from school."Alexa was glad that her dad would be in the house longer.But she had to tell him about Matt and her.
"Okay,goodnight dad,"Alexa sad.Ben smiled at his daughter.Alexa went up to her room.She saw Matt waiting for her on her bed."Your phone's been ringing,"Matt said."I didn't read them,if you're wondering."Alexa had three text messages from Jay.She turned to look at Matt."It's okay,if you wanna answer them,"Matt said.Alexa was confused that Matt was acting like this.Then,she knew why."She's sending you messages too,"Alexa said seriously.Matt nodded.Alexa sighed.
"Well,we have to get rid of them,"Matt said."I can't hurt Jay,"Alexa confessed."I can't hurt Lily either,"Matt said."Well,let's just continue talking to them for a couple of weeks and then we'll see what happens,"Alexa said."Okay,"Matt said.Alexa and Matt smiled at eachother.Matt left Alexa's room.Alexa went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.She knew that her mother would be proud of her.Her dad had once told her that she looked like her.Alexa exited the bathroom and laid in her bed.She didn't look at the messages that Jay had sent her.She grabbed her phone and opened it.I WAS WONDERING IF YOU WANTED TO COME OVER TO ASHLEY'S TOMORROW.WE'RE STAYING OVER FOR LIKE A WEEK,the text message read.Alexa thought about it.OKAY,I'LL GO OVER TOMORROW,Alexa texted back.She knew that Lily was probably going to ask Matt the same thing.

Ashley laid on the couch with Jake.They ate ice cream while watching the T.V."It's amazing that you eat a lot of junk food and you don't gain weight,"Jake said."I may have junk food,but I mostly buy it when there's parties,or when my cousins come over,"Ashley said."Believe me,Ben and Jay eat a lot of chicken wings."Jake laughed.Everyone was in their rooms.Lily,Ben,and Jay were in their rooms at the guest house in the backyard.
Mark and Mya were in their room upstairs.Ashley's parents were in the master bedroom."Let's go see what my cousins are doing,"Ashley said as she stood up."Okay,"Jake said.Ashley and Jake left throught the back door and into the guest house.In the game room,Lily was watching T.V.Ben was sitting down listening to music and Jay was playing video games in another T.V.They really enjoyed going to Ashley's house.
"Hey,"Ashley said as she sat next to Lily.Lily had been paiting her nails because there was a bottle of hot pink nailpolish in a table next to the couch.Jake joined Jay."How's Benny?"Ashley asked Lily."Well,he looks like he's in the menopause age,"Lily said.Ashley smiled and said,"Do you guys want snacks?""I'm one step ahead of you,Ash,"Jay said as he grabbed a bowl full of chicken wings and handed it to them."I want a salad,"Lily said.Lily stood up and went to the kitchen.She took out some Romaine Lettuce and some salad dressing."So,where did Mark go?"Lily asked."Well,
he got a scholarship to the University of Colorado,"Ashley replied."So,he's not going to be here for long."Lily looked at Ashley."So,you still like him?"Lily asked."No,I'm going out with Jake,"Ashley answered.
Ashley's mom came in."Hey,girls,"Isabella said."Hey,mom,"Ashley said."What are you guys doing?"Isabella asked."We're making salads for us,"
Lily replied.Isabella looked in the food cabinets and refridgerator."What are you doing mom?"Ashley asked her mom."Well,your dad and I are going to the supermarket and we want to make sure that you have enough food for your cousins.After all,their going to stay here until...-"Isabella said."Until what?"Lily asked."Well,you're mom told me not to tell you,but your family is in ruins.They have to pay the debt of the house in time for the house not to be taken away,"Isabella said sadly.Lily hugged Ashley."It's okay.You can stay here as long as you want,"Ashley said.Isabella hugged her niece."It's going to be okay."Isabella said."Thank you,"Lily said.Ashley had to take care of a lot this weekend.A lot.

Tanya smiled at Cristiano.He came over to see her."Tanya!Someone's coming over.Get down here,honey!"Michelle yelled at Tanya.Tanya and Cristiano ran down stairs.Down stairs,they saw a beautiful blonde."This is Haley Lee.My niece,"Michelle said.Tanya smiled at her and she smiled back.Adrian pulled Haley's hand.Oh great.Adrian is going to try to make Haley go against me,Tanya thought.Tanya and Cristiano went up to Tanya's room.Tanya and Cristiano laid on Tanya's bed.They talked until,Tanya fell asleep.Cristiano stood up and left Tanya a note on her table. Cristiano gave Tanya a kiss and left.He had a hard time leaving Tanya.Tanya woke up in the middle of the night.She went to the bathroom.When she came out,she felt someone grab her.Tanya couldn't see because it was dark.Tanya smelled David's Dolce&Gabbana cologne."David.What are you doing?"Tanya asked."I just wanna tell that I love you," David said.Tanya didn't know what to say to him.She felt no words coming out of her mouth."I just wanted to tell you how I felt,"David said as he left.
Tanya went into her room.She didn't know what to think.She laid on her bed and thought about what David told her.All this time she had been hurting David,and he still loves her.She saw the note that Cristiano left her before he left.She opened it and read it to herself.It said:


I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.I know that you love me as much as I do.I know that you trust me and love me enough for me to tell you that I have left town.I didn't tell you because I can't stand hurting you.I decided to make this desicion because I know what happened the other night.I know that my brother's girlfriend nearly killed you.I told them to leave you alone and that I must pay my own mistakes.Always remember that I love you.This might be the last letter I will send you.I know that if I don't go back to Michigan you will find someone that loves you the way,I did.You're a very special girl.You will always be the love of my life.I will always have a special place for you in my heart.Have me in your heart everywhere you go.Don't forget about me,because I know that I will never forget about you.I love you with all my heart.

Your boyfriend and friend,
Cristiano Ronaldo

Tanya felt like if she was going to fall to her knees.She laid in her bed and cried her eyes out.She couldn't live without Cristiano.He had been her first love.Tanya knew that things will never be the same without Cristiano.She decided to text Ashley.ASHLEY,CRISTIANO LEFT TOWN.HE LEFT!Tanya texted.Ashley quickly texted her back.WHAT?HE LEFT?The text said.Tanya couldn't answer back.She felt numb.The pain was the only reality that he existed.COME OVER TO MY HOUSE,Ashley texted.Tanya decided to go.She couldn't talk to anyone in her house and Ashley's house was always full of energy.Everyone was probably awake at this time.Tanya decided to sneak out through the window.She grabbed her bag with a change of clothes.No one would notice because her parents left to work at 5AM and bothered no one.David and Adrian woke up early and sat in the livingroom without bothering Tanya.
Tanya got into her car and drove off.When Tanya arrived at Ashley's and every light in the house was on.Tanya got off and Ashley was already waiting there with Jake.Tanya and Ashley hugged eachother."I'm really sorry,"Ashley said.Tanya was crying her eyes out.Ashley told Tanya to come in.Tanya didn't want anyone to see her crying,so she decided to stay in the lvingroom."My cousins are at the guest house,my mom and dad are in their room,and Mark and Silverstone at in their room upstairs.Tanya and Ashley talked.Jake went to the guest house and promised not to say anything."He's gone,"Tanya cried."Don't worry,Tanya,"Ashley said."You can tell your parents if you can stay over tomorrow,and you can stay over as long as you want."Tanya smiled at Ashley."Thanks for being such a good friend,"Tanya said.Tanya slept in Ashley's bed,thinking about Cristiano .Things will never be the same without Cristiano.She felt like her life has ended,without Cristiano.She knew that she couldn't live without Cristiano.

The author's comments:
The girls break relationships, but make new ones.

"Joseph,This is Tyler Collins,"Eva said."And Beatrice Jones."Joseph knew Beatrice."Yeah,I know,"Joseph said."You two know eachother?"Eva asked."Yeah,we knew eachother back in Chicago,"Beatrice said.Everyone walked inside.Mike,Tyler,and Joseph started to talk to eachother.Eva decided to talk to Beatrice."So,when did you know Joseph?"Eva asked Beatrice."I knew him last year back in Chicago,"Beatrice answered looking at Joseph,who was talking to Mike and Tyler."Oh,well,he says he came here to see somebody,"Eva said."Do you know who that is?" Beatrice had a feeling that that someone was her."No,I don't know who that is,"Beatrice answered.Beatrice and Eva walked everywhere until Biology."Well,I'll see you later,"Eva said.Beatrice nodded.Eva walked over to her locker."Hey,Eva,"Tyler said.
Tyler came walking with Joseph."Hey,"Eva said.Eva,Joseph,and Tyler walked together to Biology.Eva sat next to Joseph in that class.Tyler sat all the way in the front."So,you're going out with Tyler?"Joseph asked Eva."Yeah,how do you know?"Eva asked."It just amazes me how much he talks about you,"Joseph said.Eva smiled."He already told me how he felt about you."Eva smiled again."I promised him that I would only think of you as my friend,"Joseph said.Eva was happy that he thought of her that way."No,I know.I just want us to be friends,"Eva said.Joseph smiled at Eva.
"Thanks,I'm glad you said that,"Joseph said."No one has wanted to be my friend after what happened last year,"Joseph said."What happened last year?"Eva asked Joseph.Joseph got really serious."It was...a terrible thing that I am very remorseful of doing,"Joseph said."I just wish that I could go back in time to change it I would."Eva looked seriously at him."What did you do?"Eva asked.Before Joseph could answer,the bell rang."Look,Eva.I know that I wanted to be your friend.But,I can't be your friend when I think that I might do the same thing I did to-,"Joseph said."To her that I did to you."Eva was very confused.She walked and thought about it."Eva!Wait up!"Tyler yelled in the hallway.Eva was being too serious.What did Joseph do?Eva thought.
Beatrice sat in the lunch table and thought about Eva's new found relationship with Joseph,the boy that she detested."Tyler seems nice,"Mike said at the lunch table."I think that he doesn't seem like a person that should hang out with Eva,"Beatrice said."Why?They seem like they could be good friends,"Mike said looking at Eva,siiting at a table with Tyler,Alex,and Joseph.Beatrice noticed that she was serious."What's wrong with her?"
Beatrice asked Mike."I don't know,"Mike said.Beatrice thought that Joseph had done something to Eva,so she stood up and said,"I'm gonna go see what's wrong with her."Mike nodded and talked to Brad Linges,Missy's brother.Beatrice walked over to Eva's table."Can I talk to you,Eva?"Beatrice said.Eva nodded and stood up.Eva and Beatrice exited the cafeteria and went to a nerby bench.The outside tables were deserted because it was raining.

"What's wrong?"Beatrice asked Eva."I don't know.It's Joseph.He told me that he did something bad last year,but he wouldn't tell me,"Eva replied.
Beatrice knew exactly what Joseph was talking about and it was the main reason why Beatrice hated Joseph."I know why,"Beatrice said."But,I need you to promise me that you won't tell anyone."Eva nodded."You know that me and Joseph already know eachother.Well,last year we were going out and I was in love with him,"Beatrice said."One day,he decided to get drunk.I told him not to,but he did.And then,he...-"Beatrice stopped.She looked down and a tear managed to roll down from her eye.
"What did he do?"Eva asked."He..he raped me,"Beatrice said.Eva started to cry.She hugged Beatrice tightly."After that,I wasn't the same.I never told my aunt and uncle or anyone I knew,"Beatrice said."I kept it to myself."Eva looked at Beatrice."So,that's why he came?"Eva asked."He came here because his whole family knew,but I told them not to tell my aunt and uncle,"Beatrice said."His family never told anyone?"Eva asked."Well,
they cared more about their honor than their mouth.So they topo moved on and never looked back,"Beatrice answered."Everyone moved on except me.I can still remember everything like if it were yesterday,"Beatrice said.Eva hugged her hardly."I'm really sorry,"Eva said.Eva and Beatrice got in minutes later.Eva and Beatrice sat next to eachother.They talked about something that wasn't what Beatrice had told Eva.Beatrice looked at Joseph,who was looking at her.Beatrice knew that he knew that Eva knew.Sht theme didn't know what would happen between Eva and Joseph's relationship.She didn't know.
Patricia sat close to Kyle.They talked and talked.The teacher had let them group up for a project.Nancy had been staring at them all day."Kyle,I think Nancy doesn't like me a lot,"Patricia said."She doesn't like anybody,"Kyle said as he stared at Nancy."I can see you enjoying looking at her,"
Patricia teased.Kyle smiled and said,"I rather stare at you."Nancy came over and stood infront of Patricia and Kyle."Hey,guys,"Nancy said."I want to invite you guys to a party at my house tonight."Kyle smiled and said,"Sure."Nancy looked at Patricia and said,"Kyle already knows were it is.Right,Kyle?"Kyle looked at Patricia."Yeah,"Kyle said as he looked down.Nancy looked at Kyle one more time and left.She was wearing the shortest skirt that day beause she was,of course,the captain of the cheerleading team."Where does she live,Kyle?"Patricia tesed."Okay,I dated her once and it didn't work out,"Kyle admitted."I know,"Patricia said."I just wanted you to admit it."Kyle smiled.
Class ended.Patricia and Kyle walked over to Patricia's locker."So,do you want to go?"Kyle asked Patricia."Um..sure.It would works to your advantage because you probably want to see Naughty Nancy,"Patricia said.Kyle laughed and said,"No,I want to see Pretty Patricia."Patricia smiled.
"You're so Kind Kyle,"Patricia said.Patricia gave Kyle a kiss in his cheek.School was over.Patricia and Kyle walked together after school."I'll pick you up at 6,"Kyle said."Okay,I'll see you later,"Patricia said.Kyle gave Patricia a peck on the lips and then Patricia left.Patricia entered her house and saw her mom in the kitchen,cuttig up some vegetables."Hey,mom,"Patricia said as she gave her mom a kiss in the cheek."Hey,honey,"Jasmine told her daughter."How was school?"Patricia smiled and said,"It was good."Jasmine looked at Patricia and smiled."How was Kyle today?"Jasmine asked."He was...good,"Patricia answered."I actually wanted to ask you if I can go to a party tonight,"Patricia asked."Sure,"Jasmine said enthustiastically.Patricia smiled and hugged her mom.Patricia grabbed a piece of carrot and left up to her room.She need to find something to wear to the party.
After all,she knew that she need to try to look prettier than Nancy Gage,the head cheerleader.She decided to wear a gray plaid dress that she got from Kylie last year and some gray heals her mom gave her for her birthday.She put on the clothes.She went downstairs and showed everyone her dress."You finally decided to wear it,"Kylie teased Patricia.Patricia smiled and said,"I have to go."Kyle came at exactly 6 o'clock."You look... beautiful,"Kyle said when he saw Patricia."Thank you,"Patricia said.Kyle drove Patricia to the party.It was close to Patricia's house.About 4 blocks away.Nancy was wearing a short pink dress.It was a really skimpy dress.She greeted Kyle with a hug and,of course,she had to greet Patricia with one as well."Thanks for coming to my party,"Nancy said.Nancy let them sit in the couch.Patricia recognized a few people from school.Patricia got talking to one of Nancy's friends."Can I borrow Kyle for just a minute,Patricia?"Nancy asked Patricia."Sure,"Patricia said as she smiled at Kyle.Nancy smiled and pulled Kyle into the front.In the front,there was a stage and a DJ Booth."Everyone,Kyle is going to say a few words to me on my special day,"Nancy announced through the microphone.
Kyle looked confused because he hadn't prepared anything."Well,I guess all I have to say is that you how special you are and I hope you do a lot with your future,"Kyle announced.Nancy smiled,a bit of disappointment in her face.Kyle hugged Nancy tightly.Patricia smiled until the crowd started chanting,"Kiss her!Kiss her!"Patricia saw Nancy saying,"Just one kiss."Patricia saw Kyle refusing,but he gave up.Patricia saw Nancy and Kyle locking lips.Patricia ran out of the house.She ran and ran."Patricia!Wait up!"someone yelled.Patricia kept running until Kyle grabbed her arm."Don't grab me,Kyle!"Patricia exclaimed."You don't understand,"Kyle said."What don't I understand?"Patricia asked."The fact that you are still in love with your ex-girlfriend?!"Kyle looked serious."No,that I didn't wanna do it,"Kyle said.Kyle kissed Patricia and said,"Please don't be mad at me.I didn't want to hurt you,"Kyle said.Patricia and Kyle walked back to the party to get to Kyle's car.Patricia liked Kyle,but she needed to get rid of Nancy first.

Alexa,Matt,and her dad walked over to the diner.They had to be celebrating for Alexa's dad's new job.They ordered some burgers and ate them.
Alexa decided to tell her dad about Matt and her at home.Everyone went home and Matt went up to his room.Alexa sat in the couch with her dad.
"Dad,I need to talk to you"Alexa said.Ben asked"About what,honey?"She began to get nervous,because she didn't know how he was going to react about Matt and her.Alexa said"Well,it's about Matt?"Ben asked"What's wrong with Matt?"Alexa said"Well,we're kind of going-out"Ben said"There's nothing wrong with that,it's all natural"Alexa said"I just thought that you should know""Well,I hope you and Matt the best of luck and I know that I should be saying that I'll kill him if he hurts you,but I know that he's a nice guy,"Ben said.Alexa smiled and knew that he was right.Alexa hugged her dad and left up stairs to her room."Dad!Can me and Matt go over to Ashley's house?"Alexa yelled from the top of the stairs."Sure,but you know your curfew hours!"Ben yelled back.
Alexa went up to her room and saw Matt sitting there.Matt sat on Alexa's bed.Alexa ran up to her closet.She looked for something to wear."You really wanna see Jay,don't you?"Matt teased.Alexa smiled and rolled her eyes."You seem to be more than willing to see Lily,":Alexa teased back.Matt smiled.Alexa looked for something to wear for a long time,but she thought that she just wear a shirt and a some jeans."You look great,"
Matt said.Alexa smiled.Matt grabbed Alexa and looked into her eyes.He gave her a kiss,but then Alexa said,"Don't you think that you should be setting a better image of yourself for my dad?"Matt smiled and said,"I should,but it's hard to do that when I have such a beatiful girl next to me."
Alexa and Matt got into Alexa's dad's car.Ben left Matt use his car to go to the party.
Matt and Alexa drove over to Ashley's house in a flash.They rang the doorbell and Jay came out."Hey,come in,"Jay said.Jay looked at Matt,who was holding hands with Alexa.It seemed as if no one knew about Tanya's meltdown yet.Jay,Lily,Alexa,and Matt headed over to the guest house.In there,Ben was sitting in the couch playing playstation alone.He seemed depressed."Hey let's have a little party right here.Just us,"Jay said. "Uhh. ..just us?"Lily said."That's gonna be boring."Well,tell Jake,Ash,Mark,and Mya to get their butts over here,"Jay said.Lily stood up enthusiastically and said,"Great idea."Alexa didn't know who Mya or Mark were."Who's Mark and Mya?"Alexa asked Jay."Mark is Ashley's attendant,who left because he got a scholarship to the University of Colorado,but then came back,"Jay answered."And..Mya is Mark's Coloradian girlfriend that came with him."Alexa nodded.Alexa smiled and looked at Matt.Matt was actually paying attention to what Jay was saying.This is going to be an interesting night,Alexa thought.
Ashley sat next to Tanya."Are you sure you don't want anything?"Ashley asked Tanya."No,"Tanya replied,a tear rolling down her eye.Tanya had been like that since yesterday.Ashley hugged Tanya and said,"I know you loved him a lot."Tanya had been crying all night."I just don't know what to do without him,"Tanya cried.Ashley hugged Tanya one more time,only this time she hugged her with all her might.She heard someone coming up.Ashley stood up and exited her room.Ashley saw Lily coming up the stairs."Ash!"Lily said enthusiastically."I've been looking for you all over this humongus house,"Lily said rapidly."Alexa and Matt came over and Jay thought that it would be fun to invite you and Jake and Mark and Mya over to the guest house for a little party."Ashley smiled and said,"Okay,we'll be right over."Lily smiled and said,"I'll go tell Mark and Mya."
Ashley called Jake,who was in the bathroom talking a shower.Ashley went back into the room."Tanya,I have to go over to the guest house,but tell me if you need anything,"Ashley told Tanya.Tanya nodded and laid in bed.Ashley left the room and saw Jake in the livingroom."Let's go,"Ashley said as she exited the door.Ashley and Jake entered in the guest house,hand in hand.Everyone smiled at them once they saw them."Alright!Ash and Jake are here!"Jay yelled enthusically.Ashley smiled.Ashley and Jake took a seat next to Alexa and Matt."Hey,Alexa,"Ashley said as she sat down.
"Hey,Ashley,"Alexa said."So,how are you?"Ashley asked."I'm fine,"Alexa answered."You're going out with Matt?"Ashley asked."Yeah,"Alexa answered.Ashley smiled and looked at Alexa's clothes."Why didn't you wear a dress?"Ashley asked Alexa."Well,I just don't like dresses,"Alexa said.Ashley had plenty of dresses,so she thought about lending Alexa a dress for that night.After all,she knew that Alexa wanted to make a big impression on Matt."Come,"Ashley said as she pulled Alexa's hand into one of the biggest rooms in the house.
Ashley had a room in there just in case something happened to her house.She had plenty of dresses there that she didn't really use.Alexa was amazed at how big her room was.It was,of course,pink,Ashley's favorite color.Ashley started taking out a lot of dresses.Alexa just looked at Ashley,who seemed more happy about putting on the dress."I think this one will fit you perfectly,"Ashley said as she showed Alexa a short,strap-less,blue dress."Um..thanks,"Alexa said."Try it on,"Ashley said.Alexa went into the bathroom and tried the dress on.Ashley gave Alexa some blue flats and fixed her hair.Ashley even put Alexa some make-up.Ashley smiled at the feeling of satisfaction.Ashley and Alexa walked back to the lvingroom.Matt seemed amazed.Ashley and Alexa sat down and started talking."Thank you very much,Ashley,"Alexa said.Ashley smiled and said,"You're welcome.The party continued and Ashley seemed happy.Ashley's party instincts ended when she saw Mark and Mya enter the guest house.
Tanya read the note over and over in Ashley's bed.She still couldn't believe that Cristiano had left.Tanya sighed and decided to go downstairs.She walked down the stairs slowly and made sure that nobody saw her.She was a bit hungry.She grabbed some chips from the cabinet and a soda from the fridge.She walked up the stairs.No one saw her except Ben."Tanya?"Ben said.Tanya ran up the stairs and locked the door."Tanya?"Ben said again.Tanya kept quiet until she heard Ben going down.Thank god he left.I just wanna eat,Tanya thought.She opened the bag of chips and ate them.She hid the empty bag and bottle under the pillow.She went to the bathroom.She thought about taking a shower and going down to the party.She just wanted to keep moving so that she won't have to remember the pain.Tanya took a shower and put on her favorite dress.It was black and her shoes were her favorite heels.She put on her dress and went downstairs.She knew she had to move on.
Tanya walked out the door and into the guest room.Everyone was surprised when she entered.Ashley ran to her side."Are you sure that you want to be here?"Ashley whispered at Tanya."I feel good,"Tanya whispered back.She decided to forget about Cristiano.There was music and everyone was dancing.Ben quickly came to ask Tanya to dance."I thought we had this conversation already,Ben"Ashley said."It's okay,"Tanya said."I'll dance with him."Ashley was a bit surprised.Tanya needed to forget Cristiano.Tanya got on top of the table and started dancing.She knew she wasn't drunk or crazy.She just wanted to have some fun."Tanya,are you sure that you're not drunk?"Ashley asked Tanya,who was still on top of the table.Tanya smiled and said,"I'm not drunk."Ashley decided to let Tanya have some fun.Ben was also surprised at Tanya's decision,but he decided to go along with her.Tanya sat down with Ben."I'm tired,"Tanya said.Ben looked at Tanya."Tanya,are you sure that you're okay?"Ben asked Tanya."I'm positive that I'm okay.Just because he....-,"Tanya stopped."Because he what?"Ben asked. Tanya stayed quiet."Who did what?"Ben asked again.Tanya stood quiet.Tanya stood up and left upstairs,where all the bedrooms were.
She ran until she got into a room.She closed the door and waited for Ben to come.Somehow,she knew that he was coming.Ben got in seconds after Tanya did."What's wrong,Tanya?"Ben asked Tanya.Tanya sat down and said,"Nothing's wrong."Ben just didn't buy it."Where's Cristiano?Why are you in Ashley's house?"Ben asked.Tanya just looked down."He left you,didn't he?"Ben asked Tanya seriously.Tanya stood up angrily and yelled,"He did!Are you happy now?!"Ben made a serious face and grabbed Tanya and kissed her.Tanya didn't have a conscious at that moment.She just went with the flow.She only felt like if she needed to forget Cristiano.Tanya knew that Cristiano was never going to come back with her.Tanya kissed Ben back.They then moved to the bed.Tanya and Ben did something that they would have never done.Tanya and Ben had intimacy for the very first time.Tanya just imagined that she had never met Cristiano and tried to forget everything else.Tanya only lived that moment like if it were forever.Only that moment.

The author's comments:
After difficult decisions, the girls face the consequences.

Ashley looked in the fridge for something to eat.She closed the door and saw Jake standing there."I have plans for the movies tonight,"Jake said."Okay,but I have to get ready first,"Ashley said.She had been wearing her pajamas all day."You look..great,"Jake said.Ashley smiled and said,"I'll change really fast."Jake,can you get my favorite pink dress from my room at the guest house?"Ashley yelled from the top of the stairs."Sure!"Jake screamed back.He got out the door and walked towards the guest house.He saw a red head looking at the house.He saw Viola.She looked at him and smiled."If I would of known that there was hot guys in this house,I would of come earlier,"Viola said.Can I help you?"Jake asked Viola."I'm looking for Benjamin Jordan,"Viola said."I'll go call him,"Jake said."Why can't I go?"Viola asked."Is he doing something that he's not supposed to?Viola asked."Is he f*ing that blonde skank?!"
"Just wait here,"Jake said.Jake left inside the guest house and saw everyone sitting in the livingroom."Me and Ashley are going to the movies. You guys wanna come?"Jake asked."Sure,"everyone said.Jake got into Ashley's room in the guest house and took out a pink dress out from the closet."Oh and Ben,"Jake said."What?"Ben said."Viola's outside,"Jake said.Ben stood up and walked out the door.Jake passed by Viola and walked until he got to the house.He took the dress up to Ashley's room and grabbed an apple from the table.He ate it while he watched Viola and Ben argue.He didn't understand their relationship at all.While Jake was enjoying the view outside,Ashley still got ready.She already told Tanya and Tanya was getting ready as well.Tanya was awfully quiet."Tanya,what's wrong?"Ashley asked."Nothing,"Tanya said.She knew that had done some thing that she couldn't tell anybody.Tanya went to the bathroom and told Ashley to wait for her downstairs.
Ashley went downstairs and saw Jake stitting in a couch.Jake stood up once he saw her."Ready,beautiful?"Jake asked Ashley."Tanya's in the bath room,and did you ask my cousins if they wanted to come?"Ashley said."Yeah,but we have a little problem,"Jake said."What?"Ashley asked.Jake went to the window so she could see Viola and Ben arguing."Well,we'll wait until she leaves,"Ashley said."She may never leave,"Jake said."Or,I could just kick her out.After all,this is my house,"Ashley said.Ashley texted Lily so that they could come over to the house to wait for Tanya.
At that moment,someone opened the door so hard that it almost broke.Viola came running in."I know that she's in here!"Viola yelled.Ben and Jake tried to grab her,but she ran to fast.Ashley saw an opportunity and she took it.She knew that if she went upstairs,she would find Tanya.And God knows what she'll do to her.
Ashley pulled Viola's shirt and stopped her from running.Viola tried to push Ashley away.She then pushed her hard enough that she hit herself in the marble stair.Jake and Ben took that opportunity to grab Viola.Ben took Viola out.Jake helped Ashley up."Are you okay?"Jake asked Ashley.
"Yeah,"Ashley said as she stood up.She didn't hit herself that hard,but her head did hurt a little.Ashley went outside and saw Viola leaving."You're girlfriend is crazy,"Ashley told Ben."I broke up with her already,but she keeps coming back,"Ben said."You okay?"Ben asked Ashley."Yeah,I'm fine, " Ashley answered.Everyone got inside and Tanya came down.Ben and Tanya avoided eye contact.Tanya took Jay and Ben in her car and Ashley took Jake and Lily.They were on their way to the movies.A night of many suprises.
Tanya kept her eyes in the road.She glanced from time to time at Ben through the mirror.He looked at her back."Do you think I should drive because you're driving a little too slow?"Jay asked."Okay,but were am I going to sit?"Tanya asked."You can sit next to Ben,if you want?"Jay said.Tanya didn't know whether to sit in the front with Jay or sit in the back with Ben.She didn't want to make things weird between Ben and her.Tanya stopped at the side of the road and got off the car.She opened the door for the passenger's seat and sat.Jay got in the driver's seat and drove off.Jay got his cellphone out and talked to Alexa from time to time.It was better for Tanya because she only saw Ben from the corner of her eye.
While Tanya was happy that she didn't see Ben,Jake and Ashley were having a little more fun.They talked and laughed with eachother and Lily.
"I just got a text from Jay,"Ashley said."It says,"WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?"Ashley texted back."We're almost here,right?"Ashley asked."Yeah," Jake said.Ashley got a text back.I THIINK WE'RE LOST,Jay texted."He's says that they're lost,"Ashley said."Well,we're already here,"Jake said.
"And we can't pick them up because they don't even know where they are,"Lily said.Jake parked the car.WE'LL JUST FIND A WAY TO GET THERE,Jay texted."Well,we just have to wait here,"Ashley said.
Back with Jay,Tanya,and Ben,Tanya got a little worried of where they were."Are you sure that you know were we are?"Tanya asked Jay."Um..yeah I do know,"Jay said.Tanya looked at Jay's confused face and said,"You have no idea where we are,right?"Jay looked at Tanya and said,"I may not know,but I know that we're lost."Tanya sighed."For being too "manly",we got lost,"Tanya said.Jay and Ben looked at eachother."Let me drive,"
Tanya said."No I'll just call someone for help,"Jay said as he pulled over.They were in a deserted road.Jay got off the car and dialed someone.Ben and Tanya stayed in the car."Tanya,I'm really sorry of what we did,and I shouldn't of done that because you were hurt of Cristiano leaving you,"
Ben said."It's okay,"Tanya said."I mean,I like him and everything,but we're not going out anymore and who knows when he's coming back."Ben smiled.It was Tanya this time,who decided to kiss Ben.And Ben kissed her back,because he liked her.A lot.Tanya liked him too.A lot.She went to the back and kissed him.
"Jay's coming,"Ben said as he still locked lips with Tanya.Tanya kept kissing him until she saw Jay coming.She stopped and went to the passenger's seat."Ashley said that we should just go north and we'll find the nearest road,"Jay said as he put his seatbelt on.Tanya nodded and looked at Ben one more time.Jay drove north and they finally saw a road.They arrived at the theater shortly.They got off and saw Jake,Ashley,and Lily waiting for them."How did you guys get lost?"Ashley asked."Well,I was driving,but Jay here said that I drove too slow so I told him to drive,"
Tanya explained.Tanya looked at Jay."Well,let's go,"Ashley said.The six people went inside the theater and ordered tickets to a movie.It would be an interesting night.
Patricia and Kyle walked to school.Patricia kept a look out for Nancy.She saw her coming with her cheerleading outfit.Patricia wrapped her arm around Kyle tighter."Hey,Kyle,"Nancy said with a smile."Hey,Patricia."Patricia smiled fakely and turned to look at Kyle."Patricia,I was just kidding about the whole "kiss" thing,so don't take it seriously,"Nancy said.Patricia kept quiet."I'll see you guys later,"Nancy said as she walked away."How much did you pay her to say that to me?"Patricia asked Kyle."Wait,you didn't pay her anything because from the looks of it she'll do anything for you."Patricia turned her back on Kyle and continued walking.Patricia and Kyle barely got out of a basketball game.It was 6 o'clock.
Kyle raced up to her."What do I have to do to convince you that I don't like her?"Kyle said.Patricia just rolled her eyes."Well,she does have a nice ass,"Kyle added.Patricia looked at Kyle and Kyle laughed."I was just kidding,"Kyle said.
Kyle walked Patricia to her house and left her there.Patricia went into her house.Jasmine was sitting in the livingroom with Tom."I'm home," Patricia said as she went up the stairs."How was the game?"Jasmine screamed back."The game was great.Kyle's team won,"Patricia yelled.Patricia wanted to take a bath,so she grabbed her clothes and headed into the shower.When she got out,she saw Alex leaving Kylie's room.He seemed to be going to the bathroom.Patricia avoided eye-contact with him,but when she got into her room,she smiled.She had a little crush on him even though she was going out with Kyle.She knew that she had to get that idea out if her head.
Alexa and Matt sat in the diner.They talked and laughed."Yeah,I really laugh at that joke,"Alexa said when Matt told her a joke.Matt turned to look at the door.Alexa followed his gaze.He was looking at a girl with curly,blonde hair.She looked very pretty.Breath-taking actually.The girl walked over to them."My name is Heather.I went to the camping trip with Ashley,"the girl said.Matt smiled and said,"Oh,yeah.I remember you."
Alexa looked at him.She smiled fakely."I was wondering if you could show me around,"Heather said looking at Matt.Matt turned to look at Alexa and said,"Sure."Matt stood up and showed her around the diner.Why would she wanna know the diner?Alexa thought.She watched as Heather flirted with Matt.She knew that Matt would easily go for a girl like Heather.She's just perfect for him.Alexa sat and move around her food with a fork.Matt came back shortly.
"I didn't know that she went to the camping trip,"Matt said "Yeah,I didn't know either,"Alexa agreed.Alexa was awfully quiet.Matt kept talking about skating practice,but Alexa wasn't listening."Is there something wrong?"Matt asked Alexa."Um..no.I just don't fell good,"Alexa answered. "Maybe it was the food,"Matt said as he stood up."Yeah.Maybe,"Alexa said.After Matt paid,Alexa and Matt walked home.Alexa didn't talk about anything."Are you sure you're okay?"Matt asked Alexa."I'm okay,Matty,"Alexa said.When Alexa and Matt got home,Alexa went straight up to her bathroom.She locked the door.She thought about Matt and Heather.She knew that he had liked her.She knew."Alexa!Can you tell me what's wrong ?"Matt said as he knocked on the door."I just have a...stomach ache,"Alexa said.Matt stopped knocking.She thought about staying there all night,but she got out because she thought that Matt wasn't there anymore.She got out and saw Matt sitting on the bed."How do you feel?"Matt asked Alexa."I feel kind of better,"Alexa said as she grabbed her stomach.Matt smiled."I'm really tired,Matt,"Alexa said."Okay,I'll talk to you tomorrow,"Matt said as he stood up from the bed.He left because he knew that something else was hurting her,not her stomach.

The author's comments:
The girls discover feelings most of them had never felt before.

Beatrice walked with Mike to school.They walked silently.When they got there,Stephen saw them.Mike grabbed Beatrice and gave her a kiss in front of him.Beatrice pulled herself away and punched Mike in his face.Mike felt to the floor and grabbed his face.All the people around him started laughing.Beatrice walked fastly and angrly towards the entrance of the school."Beatrice!"Mike yelled.Beatrice entered and looked into her locker.She knew that Mike was acting very immaturely.Beatrice walked through the hallway.She saw a guy walk in front of her.He had black spikey hair."I'm Christian.Christian Ronaldo,"the guy said."Do I know you?"Beatrice asked."No,but I just thought that I introduce myself to you,"
Christian answered."Well,I don't really need to know you,"Beatrice said as she continued to walk."Well,I do plan on...getting to know you," Christian said as he reached up to Beatrice."Well,I'm late for class,Beatrice said as she walked faster.Beatrice didn't know what to do with every one around her.
She got in and saw Mike already sitting in his seat.Beatrice looked at him and sat in her seat.They glance at eachother from time to time . Beatrice needed a dictionary,so she stood up and went to get it.The dictionary case was close to Mike's seat.Everyone was talking and the teacher wasn't there.She had left te class in charge of doing their assignments.Beatrice stood up and went to the dictionary case.Mike stood up and grabbed Beatrice's arm."Beatrice,I'm sorry,"Mike said.Beatrice avoided eye-contact with him."Look,Mike,I really don't know why you thought you could kiss me in front of Stephen,"Beatrice said."I already told you that I wouldn't leave you because of him."Mike nodded."But,I don't know if I should keep my promise when you're acting like this,"Beatrice said.Mike smiled and said,"I can't stop when it's so hard to resist you."MIke grabbed Beatrice again and kissed her.Beatrice couldn't push him away this time."Get your hands off of her!"someone yelled.Mike stopped kissing Beatrice.Beatrice saw Stephen next to her.Mike pulled Beatrice next to him.
"Who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do with my girlfriend?"Mike asked Stephen."I'm her friend and she doesn't even like you," Stephen answered.Mike and Stephen kept pulling Beatrice towards them."Wait.You guys can't keep fighting,"Beatrice said."I'm not going with anyone."Beatrice grabbed her stuff and ran out of the room.She was looking back when she crashed into Christian.Beatrice had tears running down her eyes at that moment."What's wrong?"Christian asked Beatrice."Nothing,"Beatrice answered as she pulled away from Christian."You don't wanna talk about it?"Christian asked.Beatrice hugged Christian really hard.She had not felt someone hug her with love in a long time.The last time someone gave her a real hug was when her mom was alive.Christian and Beatrice walked over to the baskteball court.They sat in the bench and Beatrice said,"I really don't know what to do without my mom and dad."Christian nodded at everything Beatrice said.
Christian looked at Beatrice in her eyes.Beatrice noticed how captivating Christian's eyes were."You have really beautiful eyes,"Christian told Beatrice.He closed his eyes and leaned towards Beatrice.Beatrice didn't want him to think wrong of her,so she said,"I think you're going too fast."
Christian opened his eyes and said,"Yeah,you're right.Do you wanna get out of here?"Beatrice raised her eyebrows and said,"Won't we get in trouble?"Christian smiled."I thought you were used to breaking the rules,"Christian said."I am used to breaking the rules,but I've never done any thing as crazy as this,"Beatrice said.Christian stood up and said,"Are you sure you don't wanna go?"Beatrice smiled and said,"Okay,I'll go."
Christian and Beatrice walked out of the school and got into Christian's car."Where are we going?"Beatrice asked from time-to-time.Christian didn't answer.He was being awfully mysterious.They stopped at a very dark,factory.Beatrice started to get worried.Christian led Beatrice into the front door of the factory.It was dark inside.Christian closed the door and Beatrice got more worried.Beatrice felt someone grab her and give her a kiss."I'm supposed to hurt you,but I can't.I like you a lot,"Christian whispered into Beatrice's ear.He gave another soft kiss.Beatrice couldn't see anything or anyone.She didn't understand what Christian was talking about either.At that instant,she forgot about her aunt and uncle.Mike and her parents.And...Stephen.She had never met someone who was someone that could be her enemy and her lover at the same time."I can't hurt you, Beatrice,"Christian whispered to Beatrice again."I will never hurt you."Beatrice continued to kiss Christian back.
Beatrice felt Christian pulling up her shirt.She knew that she too liked Christian.Beatrice started unbuttoning Christian's shirt.She felt his muscles in her arms.She felt him breathing on her.She felt his soft,but strong,arms grab her back.He started taking off her jeans.She started taking off his belt when they heard voices."I think we better go,"Beatrice said,her lips still touching Christian's.Christian continued kissing Beatrice.It was until Beatrice felt Christian trying to unclip her bra that she said,"I think we're going too fast."Christian stopped and said,"I like you a lot, Beatrice."He gave her a kiss and grabbed his shirt.Beatrice put on her jeans and her shirt.She got out with Christian and they drove off.Beatrice had never felt like that about anybody.She smiled from time to time at Christian.
He drove over to a isolated place and stopped.He got close to her again."I like you a lot,but I can't tell you what I do,"Christian said."You're a good person,"Beatrice said."I just can't tell you what I am,"Christian said.He gave Beatrice another kiss."I will never hurt you,"Christian said."I promise."Christian and Beatrice went to the back of the car and fell asleep.Beatrice fell asleep actually.Christian looked at her.He had truly fallen in love with her.He was a drug dealer.Not a very famous one though.He knew that he had to hurt everyone that surrounded his brother,but he just couldn't hurt Beatrice.He just couldn't.He knew that he could kill her at any moment just to get revenge on his brother,but he couldn't do it to someone as beautiful as Beatrice.He fell asleep after doing a lot of thinking.Christian had a girlfriend.Molly.But he didn't like her like he liked Beatrice.

Ashley was looking at some of her dresses.She studied their simple design.She loved all of her dresses.Tanya was now going to the guest house more often.Ashley wondered why.She grabbed one of the dresses and tried it on.Jake was coming up to her room.He entered and saw her in her underwear and bra.He hadn't looked at her in that way.He got closer to her and said,"Ashley,I'm really sorry that I entered when I'm not supposed to."Ashley grabbed the dress and covered herself."It's okay,"Ashley said."I think I should of locked the door."Ashley smiled. "Well, actually I don;t have to lock the door for my boyfriend."Jake smiled and sat on the bed.Ashley dropped the dress and said,"I don't feel uncomfort able around you.She tried the dress on in front of Jake."Looks...great,"Jake said.Jake and Ashley got out of the room and went downstairs.They sat in the living room and watched T.V.
"What time is it?"Ashley asked Jake."It's six o'clock,"Jake answered."I have to get ready because some of my other cousins are coming and some of their friends,but not any older than 19,"Ashley said.Ashley went up the stairs and got ready.Jake also went to get ready.Isabella went downstairs and asked her daughter what they were going to serve."I'll just pop some chicken wings in the microwave,mom,"Ashley said.Isabella smiled at Jake and her daughter.The door bell ran at 7.Tanya came over to the house.Ashley's cousins were also there.Molly and Christian also showed up."Are you sure they won't notice us?"Christian asked Molly."I'm sure,"Molly said.Molly pointed at Tanya,who was talking to Ben,as Cristiano's girlfriend
Christian studied her.Christian went over to where Tanya was."Can you show me where the bathroom is?"Christian asked Tanya.Tanya smiled and said,"Sure."Tanya walked to the bathhroom and opened the door for him.Christian pulled Tanya into the bathroom.Tanya panicked.Christian put his hand in Tanya's mouth."What do you want?"Tanya asked Christian."First,I want you to know who I am,"Christian said."I'm Christian Ronaldo." Tanya's eyes widened."Please.Don't do anything to me.I don't know Cristiano,"Tanya said.Christian smiled and said,"I won't hurt you.I just need you to tell me where my brother is."Tanya knew that Christian wanted to kill Cristiano."Why do you need to know?"Tanya asked him."I need to apologize to him for everything I've done to him,"Christian answered."How do I know you're not lying?"Tanya asked."I've met this girl here that made me change,"Christian replied."Well,I can't help you because he left me,"Tanya said."Tanya!"someone yelled.Tanya said,"I have to go,but I'll help your brother and you get back to the relationship you had when you were kids."Tanya exited the bathroom and thought about Cristiano for the first time since he left.For the first time.
Everyone was arriving to the party one by one.Jay and Lily invited Matt and Alexa.Tanya decided to show Christian to everyone.Molly was kind of confused as to why she was doing that."Why is she acting like that?"Molly asked Christian."Well,because I've decided to get things straight between my brother and I and I asked her if she can help me,"Christian answered."What about destroying your brother and his friends?"Molly asked."I changed that,"Christian said.Molly took her hand off of Christian's and said,"I'll be back."Christian introduced himself to everyone.Tanya wanted to help Christian,but that meant contacting with Cristiano.
Alexa sat next Matt and Jay in the party.Lily was getting pretty drunk.Of course,there wasn't any parental supervision.Lily started getting too close to Matt."I think I should take you to you room,Lily,"Matt said.Matt grabbed Lily and took her to her room.Jay stayed with Alexa.Alexa saw that Lily wanted to dance with Matt.Alexa stood up and walked over to the dance floor where the song was slow.She pushed Lily away and gave Matt a kiss.Lily walked over to the couch and fell there.Alexa kissed Matt with all her force.The kept dancing together during the whole song. Alexa knew that no one could seperate her from Matt.No one could seperate her from him.Nobody.
Patricia walked out of her house and put her hoddie on.She was invited to Ashley's reunion.She didn't tell Kyle about it thought.She had a lot of thoughts racing around in her mind.She knew that Nancy was way better than her and a guy like Kyle would prefer Nancy.Patricia was wearing a dress,but she had a sweater on.She continued to walk slowly.She saw Tyler walking lonely in Patricia's direction.He smiled at her.Patricia knew that he was dating Eva."You're going to the party?"Tyler asked."Yeah,"Patricia answered.Tyler smiled.They continued to walk towards Ashley's . They got there and saw a lot of cars parked there.They entered and Patricia saw Kyle standing in the bar,talking to Nancy.Patricia rolled her eyes.Kyle saw her and smiled.Patricia hung her coat up and walked towards Kyle.She put on her best smile and tried her best to ignore Nancy. "Hey,you,"Kyle said.Patricia smiled.Nancy smiled fakely and said,"I thought you weren't coming."Patricia knew that Nancy thought that."I decided to show up,"Patricia said proudly. Patricia knew that her words had hit Nancy in the face.Nancy had no other option but to smile,so she smiled and left.Patricia hugged Kyle and smiled."So,I leave you alone for 12 hours and Nancy goes to the attack,"Patricia said."Well,you know we were just talking,"Kyle said.Patricia rolled her eyes and sat down in the bar."Are you still mad at me?"Kyle asked Patricia."You would guess,"Patricia said. Kyle hugged Patricia and gave her a peck."And I thought you weren't jealous,Patricia Pinkerton,"Kyle said.Patricia rolled her eyes."Tyler gave you a ride?"Kyle asked."No,he came walking too,"Patricia answered as he watched him come towards them."Well,maybe you dropped you're wallet on the floor because he has something in his hands,"Kyle said."Are you getting jealous,Kyle Johnson?"Patricia teased.
Kyle smiled.Tyler came over and said,"Can I talk to you,Patricia?"Kyle looked at Patricia."Sure,"Patricia answered as she looked at Kyle.She dropped his hand to his side and walked with Tyler.He led her to the backyard.They sat down in a bench."What do you need?"Patricia asked."I just wanted to ask you that if you knew that I knew someone that wanted to go out with you,what would you say?"Tyler said.Patricia was very amused.
"Well,I would say that even if I liked the guy,I wouldn't be able to go out with him because I'm already dating someone,"Patricia answered.Tyler sighed."It's just that this guy told me to tell you that I needed to get you to be his girlfriend..or he would do something to me,"Tyler said."Well,do you think that you can tell me to meet me later tonight because I need to tell him not to get you into his problems,"Patricia said."Are you sure that you don't want me to go with you?"Tyler asked."No,it's okay.He'll probably want to do something to you,"Patricia said.After Tyler and Patricia finished talking,Patricia walked over to Kyle."So,what did Tyler need?"Kyle asked quickly.Patricia knew that she couldn't tell Kyle about her problem."He just wanted me to help him plan a special date with Eva,"Patricia answered.Kyle smiled and the party continued.

The author's comments:
The girls take advantage or get taken advantaged of.

Beatrice walked around her room.She kept thinking about Christian and what he said about not wanting to hurt her.She pushed her hair back from time-to-time.She bit her lips and bit her nails.She walked around her room until Mike came in."Are you gonna tell me why you've been so mysterious?"Mike said."Look,Mike,I like you,but I don't think our relationship can continue any longer,"Beatrice said as she stopped and looked at Mike."What?!"Mike exclaimed."You're leaving me?"Beatrice looked down."This is harder thatn I thought because I don't want to hurt you,"Beatrice said."I thought you made a promise to me.You're breaking it?"Mike said as he got closed to Beatrice."I am keeping my promise because I said that I wouldn't leave you for Stephen,and I'm leaving you for....for someone else,"Beatrice said."I know that it's for Stephen!"Mike yelled as he left the room.Beatrice knew that she was leaving Mike for Christian,not for Stephen.She never wanted to hurt Mike,but if she wanted to be with Christian she had to do that to Mike.Beatrice's pacings around her room became more constant.

She didn't know what to do.She opened the drawer in her room and grabbed her car keys.She wanted to talk to Christian.She grabbed a sweater and left through the front door.Her aunt and uncle weren't there.She ran to her car as quickly as she could.She arrived there in minutes.She arrived at Ashley's party.She saw Christian there.Of course,Molly was there with him.She walked up to him and gave him a hug infront of everyone.She hugged him as tightly as she could.She didn't let him go.What she didn't know was that Molly had watched it all.She walked up furiously up to Beatrice hugging Christian and pulled her off of him."Get your hands off him!"Molly yelled."Who is this?"Beatrice asked Christian."I'm his girlfriend,"Molly answered proudly as she pulled Christian close to her.Beatrice knew that it was a ll too good to be true.He had a girlfriend, Beatrice thought.He just used me.Beatrice managed to shed a tear and said,"I like seeying people happy,but I don't like seeying peple being taken advantage of so that other people could be happy."Beatrice ran out and got in her car furiously and sadly.No one had ever done that to her.
Alexa and Matt sat in the Gymnasium's bench during P.E.They talked and saw everyone playing sports."Oh great.Here comes Nancy and the cheerleaders,"Alexa said unenthusiastically.Matt smiled at Alexa.Alexa seemed very annoyed of their presence."Hey,Matt,"Nancy said,her eyes glowing as she saw Matt."Hi,"Matt said as he smiled."Hi,Alexa,"Nancy said.Alexa turned her head forward and smiled at Nancy."I just wanted to invite you guys to a party I'm planning for my friend,"Nancy said as she smiled at Matt."Thanks,"Matt responded.Nancy smiled one more time as she left,her skirt flying up when she swinged around."That was..interesting,"Alexa said.Matt rolled his eyes at Alexa."I just don't like her and I don't like her talking to you either,"Alexa said.Matt put his shoulder around Alexa."I'll never do that to you,"Matt said.Alexa looked at Matt and stood up,turning her back on him."You already did that to me once.What makes you think that I believe you?"Alexa said.
Matt went up to Alexa,who had grabbed a basketball.He was going to try to take it away from Alexa.Alexa was smart enough to know she threw at the basket before he grabbed it.The ball went in.Alexa smiled at Matt and got closed to him."I promise that I won't do that to you again,"Matt said.Alexa got a little closer to him and said,"Prove it."Matt smiled."I want you to prove it by inviting Nancy to go see you practice today and not letting her do anything to you,"Alexa said as she left to the other side of the Gym.Alexa took out her iPOD and started to listen to music.She smiled at Matt because they were on opposite teams in the Volleyball game.Before the hame started,Matt texted Alexa.YOU WON'T GET JEALOUS WHEN I TALK TO NANCY RIGHT?"Matt texted.NO,BUT YOU CAN'T GET MAD IF I TALK TO A GUY ON MY TEAM EITHER, Alexa texted back.O^l,Matt texted.
Alexa put away her phone in her pocket and turned to look at Nancy.She turned to look at Nancy.Nancy quickly saw Matt and walked to his side.They started talking right away.Matt turned to look at Alexa and smiled.Alexa smiled and rolled her eyes at him.Even though Nancy wasn't wearing her short skirt anymore,she had some extremely short shorts on.She raised her eyebrow and saw Christian standing close to her.She decided to call him over."Christian!"she yelled.Christian turned around and walked to where she was."What's up?"Christian said as he stood next to Alexa. "Could you stay next to me?"Alexa asked Christian.Christian seemed confused."I mean could you help me during the volleyball game." Christian smiled and said,"Sure."The game started and Alexa's team got a point because Nancy didn't hit the ball.Alexa spiked the ball and it hit Matt's head because he wasn't paying attention.He was helping Nancy fix her shoe.Alexa was going to make sure that she beated Matt...and Nancy.

Patricia called Tyler."He told me to tell you to meet him in the Apple Tavern tonight,"Tyler said."What time?"Patricia asked Tyler."At 10 o'clock,"Tyler answered.Patricia had to try to find an excuse for her parents to let her go out that late."Okay,"Patricia said."I'm going with you, " Tyler said."No,it's okay.I'll go alone.You don't have to risk your life,"Patricia said.Tyler was silent and then Patricia hung up.She knew what she would tell her parents.She would tell her parents that she had gone out to dinner with Kyle and that they had came out late.But,she had to leave at 9 o'clock.She decided to go early since it would be better for her to be early and not late.She got ready.Her parents weren't there so she decided to leave a note on the kitchen counter.
She left the house at 9:20.She walked to the Apple Tavern slowly.It was raining hard so she walked fast.She got there and it was kind of empty. She looked around and saw that one of the waitresses was Beatrice.She smiled as she passed by her."Are you waiting for anyone?"Beatrice asked Patricia."No,I'm just came here because I wanted to get a burger and some fries.So,I'll order a burger with some fries,"Patricia answered.Beatrice smiled and went to the kitchen.Patricia knew Beatrice,but she couldn't tell her about her meeting with this guy.She waited and it was 10:00.She looked around and saw a guy waiting outside with two other guys.She feared that the guy was there.She decided to test it out,so she took off her sweater and stood up.She had a strapless shirt under,so that he parents would think that she had gone out with Kyle.
She walked out of the bar slowly and into the rain.She walked,ignoring the guys behind her.She walked to the bar's alley.She turned around and saw that the guys had followed her.She stopped and waited for them."You made it,"one of the guys said.Patricia looked down."I thought you weren't going to make it."Patricia stared at the guy that was talking."I'm Jim and theses are my friends,Henry and Frank,"the guy said."I like you,but I think that we're all gonna get a piece of the action,"Jim said."What?"Patricia shreaked,tears almost coming out of her eyes.The guys got close to her and Patricia backed up.Patricia was backed up in the wall of the restaurant.She knew that she had to defend herself,so she punched Henry in the face.She decided to run for it.She ran,but Jim managed to grab her.Patricia screamed,but Jim covered her mouth.She kicked him,so hard that next thing you know she was being held up against the wall by the throat.
"You think that I'm intimidated by you,"Jim asked Patricia.Patricia struggled to breath.He took his hand off and Patricia fell to the floor.Patricia heard Tyler screaming."Leave her alone!"Tyler yelled.Patricia saw Tyler punch Jim.Patricia knew that she had told him not to come.Henry and Frank tackled Tyler to the floor.In seconds,Tyler was being beaten up by the three guys.Patricia knew that she had to call for help,so she decided to run once again.She stood up and ran.She was getting close to the street when someone tackled her to the ground.Patricia fell once again and felt the hard rain hit her face.She looked up and saw Frank on top of her.She punched him,but he pushed her hands away.Tyler came and got Frank off of Patricia."Let's go,Patricia,"Tyler said as she stood up.Patricia went inside the bar because she had forgotten her sweater there.Tyler went in too.She ran and grabbed the sweater from the chair."Your fries and burger are ready,"Beatrice yelled at Patricia.Tyler ran to Beatrice,grabbed the bag of fries and burger and gave her a twenty dollar bill.Patricia and Tyler ran out of the bar.
Tyler and Patricia ran all the way to Tyler's house.Patricia sat down in the livingroom.She grabbed her neck,still remembering when Jim grabbed her throat."My parents are not here,so if you don't wanna go home,you could stay here,"Tyler said as he brought the burger and the fries in a plate.Patricia just grabbed her throat."You shouldn't of had gone,"Patricia told Tyler silently.She turned to look at Tyler's face.Tyler had gotten a few bruises in his face.And he had purple beneath his eye.He also had a busted lip.She looked at him.She knew that he need a hug,so she moved from her spot and gave Tyler a hug."Ow!Ow!"Tyler exclaimed.Patricia looked at Tyler and saw that he was grabbing his ribs.He put up his shirt were a big bruise laid.Patricia looked up at him and still hugged him.What Patricia,nor Tyler,didn't know was that Eva was looking at them through the window.The relationship between Eva,Tyler,Patricia,Kyle,Alexa,and Matt was about to take a drastic turn for the worst.
Ashley and Jake walked out of school,hand in hand.They walked to the nearest park.The park was empty,but there was a lot of sun.They sat in a swing under a tree."Are you happy with your life?"Jake asked Ashley."Of course,"Ashley said with a smile.Jake pulled Ashley from the swing and got close to her."I love you,Ashley James,"Jake said as he looked into Ashley's eyes.That moment was so amazing to Ashley.The sun shinned, making Ashley and Jake's eyes shine."I love you too,Jake Hills,"Ashley replied.Jake smiled and took out a bracelet out of his pocket.The bracelet was very shiny and it was made out of diamonds.Jake grabbed Ashley's hand gently and put Ashley the bracelet.Ashley looked at it and turned up to look at Jake and smiled at him.She gave him a long kiss.That moment was one of those moments that you could live forever.The moment looked so beautiful as if it were a movie.
Nearby Nancy and her friends,walked by them.With them walked Brittany Hughes.She looked at them."That's Ashley James and,the hottie Jake Hills,"Nancy told Brittany."I don't know much about him,but I intend to."Brittany quickly felt an attraction to him."Let's go talk to them,"Brittany said as she walked over to Jake and Ashley.Jake and Ashley were swinging in the swing under the tree."Hi,"Brittany said.Ashley and Jake both looked up."Hey,"Jake said."My name is Brittany Hughes,"Brittany said.Ashley stood up."I'm Ashley James,and this is Jake Hills,"Ashley said as she smiled at Jake.Brittany rolled her eyes at Ashley and said,"Well,it was nice meeting you guys,"as she looked at Jake.Brittany left and Jake and Ashley continued swinging.Brittany found an interest in Jake,so she was going to take advantage of it.
Tanya spent more time in Ashley's house than in her own house.Before Tanya left her house,David sat in the livingroom couch."I know what you're going through,and I want you to know that I'll always be there for you,so I want to invite you to my birthday party today in our house,"David said."I would really appreciate if you came tonight."Tanya smiled and said,"I'll be here.And happy birthday."Tanya left.She knew that she was coming to David's party.She would invite Ashley's cousins and Ashley herself.She got in her car and drove to Ashley's.While on the road,Tanya saw a picture of Cristiano in her window.She loved him so much.She saw his phone number in a paper crumbled up in a ball.She grabbed it and thought about calling him.She dialed his number and waited for a response.
"Hi,this is Cristiano.I'm not here,so leave a message after the beep.*BEEP*,"the machine said.Tanya knew that she couldn't leave him a message so she hung up the phone.She knew that she had to forget about him.She continued to drive without any interruption,without thinking about Cristiano.She arrived and saw Ashley and Jake in the kitchen.Ashley and Jake were making a saute' and some salad.Tanya entered and both Jake and Ashley smiled at Tanya."Hey,Tanya,"Ashley said as she put the knife down and hugged Tanya."We're making some food,so sit in the couch until it's ready,"Jake said with a smile.Tanya put her bag upstairs in Ashley's room and sat down in the couch.Ashley put a movie on.Tanya looked at Ashley and asked herself,I wonder if she's happy with Jake.
The food was ready and Jake,Tanya,and Ashley went to the livingroom with plates of food.They watched the movie and talked.Tanya looked at the clock."Do you guys want to come to a party at my house today?"Tanya asked Ashley and Jake."Sure,"Ashley answered."Who's party is it?"Jake asked Tanya."It's David's birthday party.He didn't tell me anything until today before I came over here,"Tanya said.Tanya,Ashley,and Jake went to get ready.Tanya volunteered to take a bath in the guest house.She took her clothes and got out of the house.She entered and saw Benjamin,Lily,and Jay sitting in the couch."Hi,Tanya,"Lily said as she hugged Tanya."Why the visit?"Jay asked Tanya."I actually need to use your bathroom,"Tanya replied.
Everyone smiled."Go ahead,"Lily said.Tanya decided to ask them if they wanted to go to the party."Do you guys wanna go to a party tonight?" Tanya asked."Sure,"Ben said enthusiastically."You guys need a ride?"Tanya said."No,my dad brought my car,"Ben answered.Tanya smiled and left.Tanya took a bath fast and got out.She didn't see anyone in the livingroom when she got out of the bathroom. She walked outside and fixed her hair.When she got out of the bathroom in Ashley's house,she saw everyone already ready in the livingroom.Ben smiled when he saw Tanya walk down the stairs."Everyone ready?"Tanya asked as she put on her earrings."Yeah,but where's the party at?"Jay asked."It's at my house.My step brother's birthday party,"Tanya answered."You guys just follow my car,"Tanya said."Well,Tanya,I was thinking that me and Jake go in my car,and Jay and Lily in one and you and Ben in another one,"Ashley suggested.Tanya and Ben looked at eachother."Okay,"Tanya said.Tanya knew that she and Ben wanted to be alone again.

The author's comments:
Relationships in the girls' lives crash and fall.

Beatrice thought about the moment when she saw Christian and Molly together.She walked out of school slowly.She listened to her iPod as she walked.She had to go to work,so she walked to the Apple Tavern.She was walking when she saw Stephen walking in her direction,but in front.He saw her and smiled.He was about to enter when he stopped and let her go first.Beatrice looked up at Stephen and said, "Thanks."Without saying another word,Beatrice walked up to the counter and grabbed her apron.She took off her sweater and her bookbag."Hey,"Myra said.Beatrice gave Myra a nod.In a table,Beatrice saw Stephen,Kyle,and Matt sitting down.Stephen turned to look at Beatrice from time-to-time.Beatrice couldn't help,but to look back at him."Go attend that table,"Myra told Beatrice as she pointed at the one that Beatrice was in.Beatrice took out her notepad and her pen.She put on her best smile and walked over to Stephen's table.
"Can I take your orders?"Beatrice said as she smiled at everyone in the table."Hey,Beatrice,"Kyle said.Beatrice smiled at him."We'll take three burgers and an order of large fries,"Stephen said."Sure,"Beatrice said as she smiled at Stephen.She waited for the order to be done.Myra seemed to notice Beatrice looking at Stephen."Why don't you go introduce me your friends?"Myra asked Beatrice.Beatrice looked at Myra and said,"Sure."Beatrice walked over to Stephen's table with big smiles."Guys,this is my friend,Myra.She's works here,"Beatrice said."Myra,these are my friends,Stephen,Kyle,and Matt."Myra smiled at everyone."Why don't you guys sit with us.We'll invite you a burger,"Stephen said as he looked at Beatrice.
"Sure,"Myra answered.Myra and Beatrice sat down.Stephen sat next to Beatrice."So,how have you been?"Stephen asked Beatrice."I'm...good," Beatrice answered."Look,Beatrice,"Beatrice said as he grabbed Beatrice's hand."Beatrice,I know that I messed up in the past,but forgive me," Stephen said as he looked into Beatrice's eyes.Beatrice had been waiting for that to happen in her life for so long."Stephen,I like you too,but I've been hurt too much in my life,"Beatrice said as she took Stephen's hand off of hers."Let's just get to know eachother right now,"Stephen said.Beatrice knew that Christian and her would never be he same."Okay,"Beatrice said as she smiled at Stephen.Beatrice stood up and went to the counter.Beatrice was glad that she and Stephen would get to know eachother better now.
Alexa talked to Christian in school more often.Matt hung out with them,but when Christian wasn't there.Alexa thought that Christian was an interesting guy.Alexa and Christian talked after school.Christian started to make a serious face."Alexa,I need to tell you something,"Christian said as he sat next to Alexa."What is it?"Alexa asked Christian."What if I told you that someone wants to kill me?Christian asked.Alexa made a serious face."I would tell you that I wouldn't know what to do,"Alexa said."But how is it that someone wants to kill you?"Christian sighed."I haven't told anyone of what I do,and I'm ashamed of it,"Christian said."Are you a killer?"Alexa asked."It's not that horrible,but I sell drugs to make money,"Christian answered."I don't blame you for what you do,but how is it that someone wants to kill you?"Alexa said.
Christian looked down and said,"I have 48 hours to live,or they'll come to get me."Alexa looked at Christian."We have to come up with a plan so that nothing could happen to you,"Alexa said.Christian smiled and said,"It's okay.I guess I just did something wrong with my life."Alexa smiled at Christian."We could tell the others to help too,"Alexa suggested."You're like family to everyone now."Matt came minutes later."So,what's going on?"Matt asked.Alexa stood up and pulled Matt aside."Someone wants to kill Christian.He has 48 hours to come up with something,or..he'll die,"Alexa told Matt."But,why do they want to kill him?And who's "they?"Matt asked."I'll explain everything at home,but we have to help him,"Alexa said as she walked over to Christian.Alexa knew that she had to help Christian.
Patricia sat in the couch and thought about what she would use an excuse to why she had not gone home.Her parents probably already called Kyle and he probably told them that she had never been with him.She decided to tell Tyler if he can take her to his house.She stood up and went to the kitchen."Tyler,can you take me to Kyle's house?"Patricia asked Tyler."I have to talk to him."Tyler smiled and said,"Sure,let's go."Tyler stood up and grabbed his car keys.Tyler and Patricia exited the house with precautiousness.When Tyler dropped Patricia off infront of Kyle's house, Patricia stood there nervously.She knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door.Kyle stood before Patricia."Patricia?What are you doing here?"Kyle asked Patricia.Kyle hugged Patricia tightly."Come in,"Kyle said.Patricia went into Kyle's house.
"Where were you?"Kyle asked Patricia when they sat in the livingroom."Well,Tyler told me that this guy liked me and that he needed to make me his girlfriend if not he was going to get beat up"Patricia said"The guys tried to rape me,but luckily Tyler got there and helped me,and he got hurt"Kyle asked"Where did you go after that happen?"Patricia responded"I didn't know where to go,so I just went to Tyler's house"Kyle hugged Patricia tightly.
Tanya and Ben rode in the car silently.They knew that they wanted to be alone,but they didn't know what to talk about.Tanya knew that Ben was really attractive,it was tempting to have such a beautiful being next to her.Tanya stopped the car and turned to look at Ben.She pulled him close to her,and started kissing him.She couldn't control herself,she knew that she had to stop.She was just too hurt that she needed to find the easiest comfort zone.She wanted to take Ben's shirt off,but he stopped Tanya."I don't want you to do something that you will regret later"Ben said."I like you alot,Ben and I know you like me too"Tanya said."But I don't understand why don't you want us to be together"Ben responded"It's not that I don't want us to be together but,I just want our relationship to go slow"Tanya nodded and said"Are you finally asking me to be your girlfriend?"Ben responded"Yeah,Tanya Adams would you like to be my girlfriend?"Tanya responded with a big smile on her face"Of course,I would like to be your girlfriend Benjamin Jordan".Tanya hugged him and gave him a kiss.Ben kissed her back.Tanya knew that she liked Ben,but no one will ever replace Cristiano.Nobody.
Tanya continued driving.She looked at Ben from time to time.But that was it.Meanwhile Ashley and Jake were just joking and laughing.Ashley got a message from Alexa.ASHLEY,CAN YOU COME TO MY HOUSE ASAP,I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.Alexa texted.Ashley became worried.Ashley decided to text her back.HOW ABOUT YOU GO TO MY HOUSE AT 7:00.Ashley texted.In Lily's and Jay's car the main topic became Tanya."I think that Tanya has a thing for Ben"Lily said.Jay disagreed"I don't think that they have a thing going on"Lily laughed and said,"How can you be so blind?"Jay laughed and said,"How can you be so judgemental?"Tanya and Ben's relationship had everyone talking .Everyone.

The author's comments:
The girls come up with a plan to help one of their friends.

Beatrice sat in her livingroom when she got a text message from Alexa.She read that Christian needed her help,she stood up and got to her car.She needed to see Christian.She texted Alexa.IS CHRISTIAN THERE?Beatrice texted.YEAH,HE'S HERE,Alexa texted back.Beatrice drove fastly.She got to Alexa's house and knocked on the door.She got in and hugged Christian when she saw him."We have to come up with a plan,"Beatrice said."I know that's what we want to plan.I sent a message to Tanya and Ashley"Alexa responded.Beatrice smiled and whispered to Christian,"I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier."Christian smiled at Beatrice and said,"Beatrice,don't blame yourself for anything."Alexa walked over to Matt."We need Ashley,Tanya,Patricia ,Jake, Kyle, Tyler,and Mark to come here ASAP,"Alexa told Matt.She kept texting Ashley and Tanya,but they already had a specific time to come at.Meanwhile,Tanya and Ben arrived at the party,followed by Ashley and Jake,and then Jay and Lily.There was a few people in the party.There was loud music though.
Tanya walked over to David and gave him a hug.She introduced him to Ashley's cousins.The party was going well,except that Heather and Christy had to show up.They looked at Tanya with intense-filled eyes.They passed by her and gave David a big hug.They also gave him a present.Well, Heather didn't give him a present.Heather hugged David and said,"I'll give you your present later."Tanya rolled her eyes.David left to the bath room.Tanya just sat in the chair,drinking her drink.Heather and Christy looked at her."Since when do you show up to your stepbrother's birthday parties?"Heather asked Tanya.Tanya turned to look at Heather."I know that you like my boyfriend," Heather said as he got close to Tanya."I don't know what you're talking about,"Tanya said."Whatever you say,Tanya,"Heather said before she left.Christy followed her.Tanya knew that she did like her stepbrother,but she couldn't let her see it.She couldn't.
Ashley and Jake relaxed in the couch."Then,after I told her that,she told me that I was crazy,"Ashley told Jake as she smiled."You're not crazy," Jake said.Ashley looked at Jake."I have to go to the bathroom,"Ashley said as she stood up.Jake smiled and Ashley gave him a peck.Ashley walked over to the bathroom.She got in.When she turned on the light,Mark was standing there.Ashley didn't know if it was an hallucination,but she saw Mark."Mark?What are you doing here?"Ashley asked."I came here because I need to ask you if you don't like me anymore,"Mark answered.Ashley looked down.She looked up at Mark and said,"I don't know what you're talking about.""You know exactly what I'm talking about!"Mark exclaimed.
Mark got close to Ashley."I know that you love me they way that I love you,"Mark said.Ashley looked at Mark.She knew that he was right."I love you,Ashley,"Mark said.She had been waiting for Mark to say that a long time ago,but those words hurt her.A lot.She knew that Jake had already said that to her.Mark kissed Ashley with all his force.Ashley liked Mark,but,even thought she liked him,she couldn't cheat on Jake.She pushed Mark and said,"You're right,I did like you,but I fell in love with Jake,so,like I forgot about you,foget about me."Mark looked at Ashley sadly.He grabbed her again and kissed her again.Ashley pushed him and slapped him."Get me out of your head!"Ashley screamed.She opened the door and walked out."Ashley!Wait!"Mark yelled out.The hallway was really close and Ashley could already see the people dancing.Mark caught up to Ashley and said,"Ashley,I can't forget you."Ashley tried to push him away,but he was too strong.
Mark started to get a little agressive."Mark,you're hurting me,"Ashley said."Leave her alone!"someone yelled.Jake came running and punched Mark.He grabbed Ashley and pulled her close to him.Jake wanted to hit Mark more,but Ashley controlled him."Let's just go,"Ashley said as she pulled Jake."I shouldn't of known that your attendant liked you,"Jake said as he sat in the couch angrily."Just leave it,"Ashley said."I don't wanna see him again,"Jake said.Ashley stood up and walked over to Tanya,Ben,Lily,Jay,and David."What happened over there,Ash?"Tanya asked Ashley when she saw her."Jake hit Mark,"Ashley answered."Why?"Tanya asked."I have to go to Alexa's house.She needs to tell me something,so I'll tell you later,"Ashley said as she left.She and Jake left the party hand-in-hand.Alexa had sended her a lot of messages.
Patricia got the text messages from Alexa.She decided to go with Kyle.She also sent Tyler a message.Patricia and Kyle got to Alexa's in a flash."What's wrong?"Ashley asked Alexa."What's happening?"Alexa looked at Beatrice and Christian."Christian is in a life-threating situation.He had 48 hours to do something....or to die,"Alexa said.Patricia went to talk independently to Alexa.Meanwhile,Beatrice and Christian were hugging eachother."I would never lie to you,and to prove that,I'm proud to say that I broke up with Molly,"Christian whispered to Beatrice."So,wha't gonnna happen after all this ends?"Beatrice asked Christian."I don't think I'm coming back here.I think I'm staying with Cristiano,"Christian answered. Beatrice looked at Christian."But,you know that I'll always love you,and that I'll never forget you,Beatrice Jones,"Christian said as he gave Beatrice a kiss.Beatrice didn't want to be without Christian.
In the party,Tanya was having fun.Things were okay until Tanya and Ben started to get too close.They were almost gonna kiss when David came. "So,this is your new lover?!"David yelled.Tanya looked at David and said,"David don't start."Ben stood up and looked at David angrily."Yeah,I am. You have a problem with that "brother?"!Ben said."I do,"David answered.David punched Ben hard in the face.Tanya ran to him."David!Stop!" Tanya yelled.She felt a tear run down from her eye.The drama for her will end when she leaves forever.Heather came and went next to David."Let's go, David!"Heather yelled at David.Heather and David went upstairs.Tanya helped Ben up.Once the ruckus had ended,Tanya decided to go upstairs and talk to David.She walked up the stairs slowly.She heard some noises,but she continued to walk up stairs.

She turned the doorknob and opened the door.Tanya saw Heather and David making out in the bed.Heather was already taking off her shirt.She don't know what hurt her the most,the fact that David had already forgotten about the incident,or Heather and David being together.David saw Tanya and said,"Tanya!Wait!"Tanya left the room.David stood up."Why do care about what she thinks about you?!She's just your step sister!" Heather yelled at David.David knew that Tanya was just his stepsister.But he was truly in love with her,he knew that they could never be together ."She's just my sister!You're over-exaggerating!"David yelled back.Heather knew that she had over-exaggerated."I'm sorry,"Heather said as she rubbed David's shoulders.Heather grabbed David's neck and started kissing him.In seconds,Heather and David were laying in the bed.Even if you like her a little bit,I'll make you forget her tonight,Heather thought as she kissed David.
Tanya went back to Ben with a serious face.Ben noticed it right away."What's wrong?"Ben asked Tanya."Nothing.Let's just go to Alexa's because she keeps texting me,"Tanya said as she looked down.Lily,Jay,Tanya,and Ben drived over to Alexa's quickly.Tanya entered Alexa's house asking , "What's wrong?"Tanya looked at Beatrice,Christian,Alexa,Matt,Jake,Kyle,Patricia,Ashley,and Tyler.Alexa went to talk to Tanya personally."We're going in Ashley's car right now,but we need two more cars if we all want to go,"Alexa finally said."I have my car,so you can get my car,but we need one more car,"Tanya said."I can take mine,"Jay said.Everyone smiled at Jay."Thanks,Jay,"Alexa said."Okay,let's go.We need to pack some things and we have to leave as soon as possible,"Ashley said.Everyone separated and went to get some stuff from their houses.They didn't know how long they were going to take.
Ashley,Jake,Tanya,Ben,Jay,and Lily went to Ashley's house.When they arrived,Ashley went to talk to her mom,who was in the kitchen making some food as she watched the T.V.Ashley went to talk to her while eveyone packed their things.They only packed a bag of stuff."Honey,you know that I love you and I support you in anything,but I want you to know what you're doing,"Isabella told her daughter."Mom,this guy is my friend and he happens to be very close to my friends,"Ashley said."Well,okay.Do you need money? " Isabella answered."No,I have enough in my credit card, "Ashley said as she hugged her mom tightly."I love you mom,"Ashley said.Ashley went to her room,but her stuff were already packed by Jake and Tanya."Wait!What I'm I gonna tell my mom?"Tanya asked Ashley."I'll take care of it,"Isabella said.Tanya smiled at Isabella.
Tanya,Ashley,and Jay took their cars to Alexa's again.Everyone went to their respective homes and got their stuff.They met at 9:45 PM at Alexa's house."I'll take Beatrice,Tanya,and Lily,"Ashley said."Okay,then Ben,Kyle,and Patricia could go in Ben's car,and Christian,Tyler,Matt,and Alexa could go in Jake's car,"Alexa added."Remember,we're driving to Beverly Hills.If someone gets lost,we have to stay in contact.I'll call you guys when we're going to arrive."Everyone left in their cars.Ashley and Jake hugged before they left."Be careful,"Ashley whispered at Jake."I will, "Jake told Ashley.Ashley and Jake separated.The same happened with Beatrice and Christian."Always remember that I love you with all my heart, " Christian told Beatrice."I love you too,"Beatrice told Christian."I love you too."

The author's comments:
Someone unexpectedly shows up in the girls' lives.

Everyone drove out at 11:00 Pm.The road was clear,but everyone that was driving had a license.Ashley stopped in a deserted road."I think we're lost,"Ashley announced.She texted Jake.Jake texted her back saying,I'LL SEE IF I CAN FIND YOU.She also texted Jay."Are we lost?"Tanya asked Ashley."I think because I don't know were Jay or Jake are,"Ashley answered.Minutes later,Jake passed in Tanya's yellow Lamborghini.He stopped the car and walked to Ashley."We're heading straight,but,in case you get lost again,just follow me,"Jake told Ashley."Okay,"Ashley said.She gave Jake a kiss and got back into her car.Everything went smoothly and everyone in the cars were asleep except the drivers.Ashley knew that she had to stay up.Jay,Ashley,and Jake texted eachother all night.The sun was rising.Sunrise.The drivers stopped in the deserted road again.Ashley sat down in the rear of her car and looked at the beautiful sun shining on her face.Everyone woke up and looked at the Sunrise.
Ashley and Jake hugged eachother.So did Beatrice and Christian,Kyle and Patricia,and Matt and Alexa.They got into their cars."Okay,listen up people.We're switching things around.I'll drive Ashley's car.Tanya you'll drive your car.Ben you'll drive Jay's car,"Jake said.Everyone agreed and they continued to drive again.Some people decided to go back to sleep.Ashley sat in the passenger's seat with Jake driving."Go to sleep, Ashley " Jake told Ashley.Ashley quickly fell asleep.Jake looked at Ashley sleeping from time to time.He smiled at her and continued to drive.Tanya kept her eyes on the road."Have you thought about seeying my brother again?"Christian asked Tanya all of a sudden."I have always thought about seeing him every day that passes by"Tanya responded."You really love him,don't you"Christian asked Tanya."He is the love of my life,and he will always be the love of my life"Tanya answered."He loves you "Christian said."How do you know?"Tanya asked Christian."Well he talks about you 24/7 " Tanya smiled at Christian."What about Ben?"Christian asked Tanya.
"Ben is just a friend"Tanya responded."He looks like more than just a friend"Christian said.Tanya continued to look at the road."You still just love my brother,right?But you thought that you could forget him by being with Ben"Christian asked."Yeah,I tried to do anything to forget Cristiano,"Tanya said."Tanya looked down."But you couldn't,"Ben added.Tanya kept quiet.Christian stopped asking Tanya questions and looked out the window.Tanya thought about Cristiano a lot for the rest of the drive.In Jay's car,Jay talked to Patricia and Kyle."I think we're here,"Jay said when they started to see stores and beautiful trees."It's really beautiful and sunny here,"Patricia said as she stared out the window.Back in Tanya's car,Tanya started remembering everything that once used to be her home.She sighed and woke everyone up."We're her!"Tanya yelled. Tyler,Matt , and Alexa woke up and looked out the window.In Ashley's car,Ashley looked out the window and admired the beauty."Tanya lived here,right?"Jake asked Ashley."Yeah.I lived in East L.A.,"Ashley answered.
Jake continued to look at the streets of Beverly Hills.He was amazed at such beauty.He texted Tanya.ASK CHRISTIAN WERE SHOULD WE STOP AT,Jake texted.Tanya quickly texted back.2124 S. BEVERLY HILLS,Tanya texted.She also send Ben the text message.Everyone got there almost at the same time.Tanya got off the car and saw a huge mansion.She studied it's complexivity.Everyone got off and hugged their respective couples.Tanya wished that she could hug Cristiano at that very moment.Everyone stood there looking at the house when someone came out.The person that Tanya had onced thought she would never see again.Cristiano.Tanya's heart stopped at that moment.She ran to Cristiano and hugged him hard.She looked at him and still thought it was a dream.
She opened her mouth,but no words came out.Tanya felt weak in Cristiano's presence.Weak.Tanya fell to the floor.It was all too much for her. Too much.Everyone ran to her.Cristiano picked her up."You guys go in and I'll take her to the medical center nearby,"Cristiano told everyone that surrounded Tanya.Ben and Ashley refused,but they agreed because Cristiano told them that he would keep them informed.Cristiano put Tanya in his car and drove off.He got to the hospital as fast as possible.He got her off and the nurses put her in a room because Cristiano convinced them and it wasn't hard.He waited for the doctor to come and call him."Family of Tanya Adams,"the doctor called out.Cristiano quickly stood up and ran to the doctor."I'm her boyfriend,"Cristiano said.The doctor nodded and said,"Come in my office."
Cristiano started to worry because he was thinking that it was something serious."Is she gonna die?"Cristiano asked the doctor when they got to his office."No,it's way better than that,"the doctor said as he smiled."Your girlfriend...is pregnant,"the doctor said."About four weeks pregnant."
Cristiano knew that there was a possibility that this baby was his,but he didn't know if Tanya had been with different people,while he was gone.
"The cause of her fainting was because,she has not eaten in 12 hours,"the doctor continued."So,I would suggest that you feed her when she wants to."That's the good news I wanted to tell you,but your girlfriend has to stay until she gets enough vitamins in her body.So,you can wait in the waiting room until she's ready to go home,"the doctor said as he stood up and shook Cristiano's hand.Cristiano smiled and exited the doctor's office.He thought about what he had found out.He texted Ashley.He told Ashley about Tanya's pregnancy.Ashley decided to call Cristiano.
"Are you sure that she's pregnant?"Ashley asked Cristiano."Yeah,the doctor told me that,Tanya is four weeks pregnant"Cristiano responded."Does Tanya know that she's pregnant?"Ashley asked."Not yet"Cristiano responded.Pretty soon,everyone will find out about Tanya's pregnancy.Everyone.
Back at the house,everyone settled in.Christian went to McDonald's,since no one had eaten yet.He bought everyone a Big Mac.Everyone sat down in the dining table and ate it."So,no one knows were you live?"Tyler asked Christian."No,this house if a private location.Supposely this house belongs to a family called the Jones',"Christian said.The house belonged to Beatrice.Her parents used to live there with her when she was very young.Beatrice didn't recognize the house.She was too small to know what had happened in her past."Where are you going after this?"Ashley asked Christian."I assume that you're not staying here."Christian looked at everyone and said,"I can't say where I'm going."Everyone looked at Christian.
"I'm not saying that I don't trust you guys,but I don't want you guys to come see me again,"Christian clarified.Everyone smiled at Christian.
Christian saw concern in Beatrice's face.He stood up and pulled her arm towards the backyard.The sun was shining bright in the backyard.They sat down in a swing.Christian held Beatrice's hand."Beatrice,I have to move on and so do you,"Christian said with a sigh.Beatrice knew that she had to."But,if we love eachother why can't we be together?"Beatrice shrieked.Christian knew that he had to lie to Beatrice in order for her to under stand him."I love someone else.That's why I don't want you to go with me,"Christian lied.Beatrice shed a tear.Christian didn't want to see her like that,but it was the only way for her to let him go."I understand you now,"Beatrice said as she stood up.She slapped Christian and yelled,"I hope that you're happy with her!" as she left.Christian knew he hurt Beatrice,yet another time.He didn't run next to her because he knew that he would leave very soon.
Back at the hospital,Tanya already woke up and got out of the hospital room.She saw Cristiano looking at her from the waiting room.She sensed something wrong with him.She smiled at him,but Cristiano didn't."Hey,"Tanya told Cristiano.Cristiano grabbed Tanya's hand and stood up.He didn't say a word when they got out,or when they were in the car.Cristiano stopped in an alley.It started to rain."Cristiano,what are you doing?We should just go home,"Tanya said.Cristiano got out off the car and opened the passenger's door open."What's wrong with you?"Tanya asked Cristiano.
Cristiano helped Tanya out of the car and closed the door for her."Is there something wrong?"Tanya continued to ask."I came here to ask you a question and I want you to respond with the truth,"Cristiano said.Tanya nodded."Did you have sexual intimacy with anyone after I left?"Cristiano asked Tanya seriously.Tanya heart stopped.Suddently,she felt Ben's body against hers as they made love.

The author's comments:
The girls decide what stays in their lives and what ends.

Tanya's heart continued to beat."Answer me,Tanya!"Cristiano yelled as he shook Tanya's body.Cristiano stopped because he knew that Tanya was pregnant.He stopped and waited for her answer."I didn't,"Tanya said.Cristiano sighed and said,"You're telling me that the baby that you have is mine ?"Tanya's heart stopped beating again."What?"Tanya shrieked."Yeah,the doctor told me that you're pregnant"Cristiano responded."I can't be pregnant ,"Tanya exclaimed."Are you positively positive that the baby that you're waiting for is mine?"Cristiano asked Tanya.Tanya looked very confused . "Well,to be honest with you,I'm not sure,"Tanya confessed.Cristiano sighed and said,"So,you lied.You did have sexual intimacy with another person,"Cristian clarified.Tanya looked down."Who was it with?"Cristiano asked Tanya."David?"Tanya looked at Cristiano.How does he know that David likes me?Tanya thought."How could it be with David?"Tanya asked Cristiano.Cristiano was getting frustrated."Do you think I'm stupid?!I know that idiot likes you!"Cristiano yelled.Tanya knew that Cristiano knew,but she didn't know who had told him."Who told you that?!" Tanya fought back."You don't need to know,"Cristiano replied.
Tanya looked at how furious Cristiano was."Was it with Ben?"Cristiano asked Tanya seriously.Tanya continued to look down."I knew that you and him liked eachother!"Cristiano yelled as he slammed the car door shut with his fist."Then,why didn't you do anything?!"Tanya yelled at Cristiano.
"Because I wanted to see how far you two would go,to be together,"Cristiano yelled back."I can see that you didn't miss me a lot,"Cristiano said as he got in the car."Get in,"he told Tanya.Tanya opened Cristiano's door."Cristiano,I never forgot about you,but I forgot about myself when you left,"
Tanya said as she held Cristiano's face in her hands.Cristiano grabbed Tanya's hands and said,"I believe you.So,we'll do a DNA test and we'll see."
Tanya and Cristiano left.Tanya and Cristiano got home later that day.Everyone greeted them and asked what was wrong with Tanya.Cristiano had told Tanya not to tell anyone that she was pregnant until he found out who the father of the baby was."She fainted because she didn't eat in the whole day,"Cristiano told everyone.Cristiano kept eyeing Ben,but Tanya made him promise that he wouldn't hurt or tell anything to Ben.
Beatrice sat in the backyard.It was dark,but Beatrice just sat there.She got a text message from Stephen.WANNA GO OUT?the text messasge said.If only Stephen knew where I was,Beatrice thought.I CAN'T TODAY,BUT WE COULD GO OUT TOMORROW,Beatrice texted.OKAY,I'LL PICK YOU UP AT 7:30,Stephen texted.Stephen stopped texting Beatrice.Beatrice continued looking at nature.Christian came out."I guess you can stay with him while I'm gone,"Christian suddently said.Beatrice trurned around."I'm leaving right now,so I just wanted to say goodbye to you,"
Christian said.Beatrice stood up,and,what she thought would be a goodbye,turned into a hug."I'll always have you in my heart,"Beatrice told Christian.Christian smiled at Beatrice and gave her a deep kiss.Christian seperated himself from Beatrice and grabbed his things.Beatrice smiled at Christian.Cristiano and Tyler went to take him to the airport.
Beatrice sat down in the swing and smiled.She felt better that he had said goodbye to her.She knew that Christian wanted her to move on,so she would do that.Tanya and Ashley sat in one of the rooms of the house."I know that you found something out about your health,"Ashley told Tanya.
Tanya knew that Ashley knew.She couldn't keep a secret from Ashley either.She smiled at her and said,"Okay,I'll tell you."Ashley sat next to Tanya and Tanya said,"I'm..pregnant."Ashley's heart almost jumped out of her chest as she said,"Oh my God!"Tanya tried to calm Ashley down,but she couldn't."But,you can't tell anyone,"Tanya told Ashley."Why?"Ashley said unenthusiastically."Because there's a problem:I don't know who the father is,"Tanya said."What do you mean you don't know who the father is?"Ashley asked."Well,because I had sex with...Ben,"Tanya answered. Ashley's heart almost jumped out her chest again."Oh my God!"Ashley yelled again.
"So,when are you gonna find out who the father is?"Ashley asked Tanya."I don't know,but it has to be soon,"Tanya answered."This is just like an episode in the O.C,"Ashley joked.Tanya smiled and said,"I may not know who the father is,but I'm glad that I'm gonna be a mother."Ashley smiled and gave Tanya a big hug.Down stairs,Matt and Alexa sat down.Her dad had called her,so she said that she had stayed in Ashley's house,since Ashley told them that her mom would cover all of them.They watched the news."Guys,we'll be leaving tomorrow,"Ashley said when she came into the livingroom."We're just staying here because we can't drive at night,"Ashley added.Everyone agreed."I would suggest that you guys would go to bed right now because we have to wake up extra early tomorrow."Everyone stood up and headed to a room in the house.Everyone went to sleep.
Jake and Ashley went up to their room.They sat on the bed."I keep thinking about how our first time will be,"Jake told Ashley.Ashley knew that she hadn't forgotten about Mark.She couldn't hurt Jake anymore.She couldn't."Jake,there's a lot I need to tell you,"Ashley confessesed.Jake smiled and said,"What is it?"Ashley sat down."Jake,I don't love you.I love Mark...my attendant,"Ashley said.Jake was speechless for a moment "You're telling me that you love the person that tried to do something to you the other night?"Jake asked.Ashley knew that she couldn't hurt Jake.He was just so nice to her during the time that Mark was gone."Jake,I'm really sorry.I tried to love you,but I couldn't.Especially not when Mark came back.I didn't mean to hurt you,"Ashley told Jake.Jake sighed and said,"You know that I'll always accept your love anything and,if you love him,than I can't do anything,but just accept it,"Jake said.Ashley smiled at Jake."Jake,thanks for being so nice to me,"Ashley said as she hugged Jake."I'll always love you,but I'll take care of you as if you were my sister,"Jake told Ashley.
Ashley smiled at Jake one more time and said,"If you don't mind I have to go talk to Tanya.But,I'll be back."Ashley knew that she would give him a kiss before she left like she always did,but this time,she gave him a tight hug.Ashley stood up and walked out the door.Jake would always love Ashley more that just a friend,but,as much as you love something,you have to let it go.I have to set her free if I wanna see her happy,Jake thought.Ashley ran to Tanya's room and opened the door.Tanya was sitting on the bed eating ice cream and watching T.V."Tanya,Jake accepted that I wasn't in love with him and he told me that I could be free,"Ashley told Tanya as she sat down on the bed."So,you guys broke up?"Tanya asked Ashley as she stopped eating."Nope.I'm free to go to Mark,"Ashley said proudly."Well,I don't really like Mark,but I guess you know what you're doing,Ash,"Tanya said as she gave Ashley a hug."Thanks,Tanya,"Ashley said back.
"You actually look pretty as a pregnant person,"Ashley added as she looked at Tanya.Tanya smiled and continued to watch T.V.Patricia and Kyle talked about the future,and about what they would become.Patricia knew that she still had a crush on Alex.Kyle was a boyfriend to her,but Alex was her true love.Patricia decided to wait until tomorrow to tell him that she didn't love him.Everyone went to sleep.Beatrice had Christian in her mind.She didn't cry or anything.She was actually glad that he had left happily.She would miss him,but she knew that she had to continue on with her life.Ashley was happy that she got things right with Jake,now she could be with the love of her life,Mark.
Everyone woke up at 5 in the morning and got ready.Cristiano knew that Tanya needed to eat and sleep because she was pregnant,so he prepared her stuff while she was sleeping and got her some breakfast.He also took some food for her to eat on the road.Tanya woke up and stood up to the bathroom.Tanya saw that everyone was already getting ready,so she looked for Cristiano."I need to pack my stuff,"Tanya said when she saw Cristiano."I already packed for you and I made some breakfast for you too,"Cristiano said.Tanya smiled at Cristiano and gave him a hug.Everyone went to their cars.Kyle,Patricia,and Beatrice went in Tanya's car,driven by Jake.Jay,Lily,and Alexa went in Jay's car driven by Ben.Matt,Tyler, Tanya in Ashley's car driven by Cristiano.
Everyone drove.In Tanya's car,Kyle and Patricia sat down silently."Kyle,we need to talk,"Patricia said.Kyle turned to look at Patricia and said,
"I'm listening."Kyle looked at Patricia intensly."I don't think that we could be together anymore because I'm in love with someone else,"Patricia admitted.Kyle looked at Jake to see if he had been hearing.He was listening to his iPod that Ashley had given him.It was blue and rinestoned with diamonds."I think that I'm in love with someone else too,"Kyle admitted too.Patricia looked at Kyle and said,"I'm glad that we're even."Kyle smiled at Patricia and said,"Friends?"Patricia smiled and shook his hand and gave him a hug.Everything was going well for all of the girls.When they arrived ,Beatrice texted Stephen.She needed to see him.She wouldn't tell him about Christian and their trip though.She called him so they could meet in the Apple Tavern.Patricia had invited Alex.Tanya would go with Cristiano,Matt with Alexa.Ashley and Mark.The girls would see eachother again.They would enjoy that night.

The author's comments:
Perfect or not-so perfect lives, the girls learn that, at the end, the most important cheer is,"To Friends!"

All the girls met up at the bar with their partners.Ashley and Mark sat in their own tables.Ashley and Mark tried to talk at the same time."Just go ahead and talk,"Mark told Ashley with a smile."I like you a lot Mark,"Ashley said with a smile too.Mark smiled at Ashley and said,"I like you too Ashley,"as he chuckled and looked down.Ashley smiled and grabbed Mark's hand.Mark blushed a little and looked a Ashley.Ashley smiled at Mark and gave him a kiss.Mark was a bit surprised,but he closed his eyes.While Ashley and Mark were sharing a moment,Beatrice and Stephen talked and talked."Look,Stephen,I know that you already know about Christian and Mike,but,I really think that we can make it work,"Beatrice told Stephen.Stephen smiled and said,"I do too."Stephen grabbed Beatrice's hands and looked into her eyes.Beatrice chuckled and blushed.Stephen grabbed Beatrice's chin softly and chuckled too.
Patricia and Alex knew how they felt about eachother,but no one wanted to say anything."Look,Patricia.We both know how we feel about eachother,so what are we gonna do?"Alex said.Patricia didn't know what to say to show Alex how much she loved him,so she stood up from her chair and kissed Alex.Everyone around them awwed.Patricia stopped and saw all of her friends sitting with their couples smiling at them.Patricia smiled all of them and continued to kiss Alex.Tanya and Cristiano and Alexa and Matt also talked,but they were already happy.All of the girls gathered up because Ashley needed to tell them something."Well,I couldn't be happier that we're all happy,"Ashley announced."I'm very grateful that you guys are all my friends,but I would also like to thank my five best friends:Tanya,Alexa,Beatrice,and Patricia.Thank you guys for being there when I needed you."Everyone smiled at eachother."Well,here's to friends,but,more importantly,to the fantastic five!"Cristiano called out as he toasted with everyone.Tanya had orange juice,because she couln't drink alcohol.
These girls had becomed best friends when they moved to this strange town.They didn't know that they would become best friends.There was Ashley:The amazingly,beautiful,and rich girl.Tanya,the brunette beauty.Patricia,the noble,smart girl.Beatrice,the beautiful redhead and Alexa,the amazing,sporty,art-freak.These girls all looked very different,but they were all the same.The were all very lost in a way.They were The Fantastic Five.

The End

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@Princess.Emily Thank you very much :) You're like one of the first people that have actually commented my book. I do appreciate it A LOT and again, thank you very much for reading ^.^

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I just read the first couple of chapters, but it was really good!! I enjoyed it.


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