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I Dreamt About Boston

Author's note: I am very concerned about the widespread violence that seems to be shaping our world.I guess that...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I am very concerned about the widespread violence that seems to be shaping our world.I guess that concern has inspired me to write. I hpe that by sharing our thoughs we can still curtail evil and help the preservation of the good.  « Hide author's note
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I spent the next day analyzing my dream – the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. I still remembered every detail of it and some parts I found so not logical; I had so many questions in my head.
So, the old lady putting all those explosives in my car. Apparently, she did that while she was sitting in it, behind the wheel. Okay, that made sense but one other thing didn’t make any at all. Why did the lady want to take my car, to leave with it so I could be far away from it? Is there any chance she wanted to… protect me? To keep me away from the bombs as if I could be able to… I don’t know, let all the others know what was about to happen? To help them, protect them? But that doesn’t make any sense either because I couldn’t do anything or change anything as the bombing took place like ten hours before my dream. Then why, at all, did I have that dream? It was no use of it. It would be completely different if all of this had happened before the terrorist attack. But no, it happened after it. And I kept thinking to myself, how not logical this was. And this lady was so weird. As well as the things she did. Suddenly, thoughts started popping in my mind. I felt like her name started with a “D”. It was short. It consisted of just one syllable. Wait, how come I know that? I even start to regret spending time remembering the dream, thinking about something so meaningless, obviously.
And that car… Why’d she put explosives in my beloved car? The weirdest thing was that the silver Volvo really did exist. I owned it. Before I had it stolen, of course. I later found out a woman had stolen it. A thought makes me laugh. Maybe the lady of my dream was that woman who stole my car, only she became quite older. And still wanted to remind me she cared about that Volvo. Not that any of this makes any sense but I probably just needed to laugh – I feel like I haven’t done it in a terribly long time.
But, God, how I loved my car.
Thinking about the dream only makes me more confused and leads to more questions. One single nightmare complicating my life so much. I don’t even believe in the supernatural. All of those people who claimed they saw ghosts or the future… I found them stupid. Am I one of them now? That isn’t possible. I don’t have anything in common with those… Liars, that’s what they are. Liars who just wanted other people’s money and popularity. And I’m definitely not a liar. And I don’t need money or popularity. I don’t even know why I saw… What I saw. I am realistic, just like my mom. And I never really paid attention to something which wasn’t happening in the present. Because we should all live for the present – not for the past and not for the future. Planning is no good either. Usually when I plan something, it doesn’t even happen. That’s why we should all the moment. Live fully, don’t make any make or analyze the past; none of that would make a difference.
All I wanted right now was someone to explain the last couple of days to me. I just wish I could find answers to all my questions.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next »

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