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I Dreamt About Boston

Author's note: I am very concerned about the widespread violence that seems to be shaping our world.I guess that...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I am very concerned about the widespread violence that seems to be shaping our world.I guess that concern has inspired me to write. I hpe that by sharing our thoughs we can still curtail evil and help the preservation of the good.  « Hide author's note
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As I was going to work, I decided not to listen to music, like I usually do. I felt like it would confuse me even more, if that is possible at all. I’ve always thought that music and art in general is the most precious, powerful, inspiring and beautiful thing the world’s got. I studied History of Art at the university but because it was very important to earn enough money at the moment, I was working in this boring, ugly office in a boring, ugly building taller than the freaking Empire State. Though I’d love to change my job, I do my best at it and try hard to actually enjoy it.
As I watch how the sun slowly wakes up everything and everyone it touches, I can hear David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” coming from somewhere. Of course, it immediately makes me feel better. I bet it comes from that old coffee shop that is visited by people around fifty or sixty mainly which explains why they play legendary songs and rock music. The visitors certainly enjoy it. And appreciate it.
Several minutes later, I can already hear U2’s Bono shouting “In The Name Of Love”. And then there’s Aerosmith. I finally realize I got lost in the music, forgetting about work. I hurry and get there on time. I say “hello” to my colleges fast, flashing a shy smile and sit behind my desk in front of that ancient computer which you can only use for writing. I can now see my boss Benjamin Bronx, whom we all call Fat Benny, coming towards me, holding a huge amount of paperwork, probably what I have to do today. I notice he’s touching his forehead every five seconds which means he has a headache. His eyes look quite tired, too. He’s been drinking, and all of us knew that. I also didn’t know how he fitted in his blazer, looking at least five sizes smaller than it should be.
‘Good morning’ he says to me, looking rather unimpressed, yet smiling.
‘Good morning. My work for today?’ I point at the papers.
‘For sure.’ He hands them to me. I try not to look… Disappointed and annoyed.
‘You look…’ he begins.
I prepare to get offended.
‘Good.’ he nods with approval. I’m surprised.
‘Why thank you.’ I almost take a bow, in a moment I feel full with energy. I was sure I looked as if a train has run over me or as if a horse has kicked me in the freaking face or whatever, but I guess I was mistaken.
Benny and I smile at each other for the last time and he leaves me alone with my paperwork. Even though my mood just got better, I feel like something is going to ruin it. I hear a “beep” coming from my cell phone. Someone just texted me. I open the message fast and I feel angrier than ever. Apparently Jay is still quite mad at me.
‘Maybe you had a weird dream about how I get stuck in traffic, too, huh?’, his message said.
‘Idiot.’, I whisper to myself, wondering why I even have something to do with him. I switch off my phone.
‘Everything okay, Tate?’ I hear a sweet voice next to me. It’s my college whom we all Nerdy Robbie because of his huge freaky glasses which made him look kind of… absurd. He wasn’t bad looking or anything but he wasn’t really liked by girls and there were certainly reasons why.
‘No.’ I answer, staring at the floor. I knew this will lead to at least five hundred questions and I instantly regret I didn’t say “yes”.
‘Wanna talk about it?’ He is concerned, yet it’s so annoying.
‘No.’ I look in his green eyes and try to look confident and…. I don’t know, frightening? I want him to go away.
He flips his messy blond hair, looking not satisfied with my answer at all.
‘Slept well last night?’ His questions keep flowing from his mouth. I bet he has no idea he’s so irritating.
‘No-o-o.’ His last question even makes me laugh.
‘Probably nightmares and sleepless nights, huh?’ He tilts his head on one side.
See, that’s why no one likes Robbie. His ridiculous endless questions are one proof.
‘Pretty much.’ I answer, hoping my “interview” has finally ended. His shy smile is the last thing I see before he turns around and glues his eyes to the computer screen.
I sigh with relief.
I still feel so angry with Jay, though. What he did was so… Mean. I knew that he didn’t really understand me but making fun of me? That’s too much.
Jay is well-behaved, well-raised. As far as I know, he had a great childhood and very supportive parents. Yet he sometimes treated me badly. Maybe that’s because he was spoiled – his mother and father always gave him everything he’d want. He’s an only child.
I try not to think about him, though and focus on what I have to do. Oh, yes. Those thousand papers on my desk.
‘This bomb… It blew their brains out, man! So many people’s brains… It could be us, dude.’ I hear someone shout. That’s one compassionate conversation for sure. I’m trying to concentrate and discussions about Boston are the last thing I’d like to listen to. That’s Matt, another college, not very smart as we can all conclude.
He’s even laughing. That’s so horrible and heartless, it disgusts me.
‘Stop it, Matt. That’s gross. You shouldn’t talk like that. It’s not right, man.’ says Conor, the guys he’s talking to, yet he’s smiling, too, trying to hold his hysterical laugh, about to make his body explode.
What great colleagues I have.
I manage to finish all the work I have by 6PM. I leave the building and I look as the sun goes down. What now? I don’t want to go home and deal with that… Person’s name I don’t even want to remember, I’m too angry with him at this moment.
For a few minutes, I just stand there, in front of the building, not knowing what to do.
I finally decide to visit mom who I haven’t seen in a while. She doesn’t live far away, so I’ll probably walk… again.
I put my headphones and get lost in the music. Feels like I haven’t done this in ages.
When I finally cross the street, the sun’s already gone; you can see the darkness and night about to take over everything and kill all signs of light.
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