He Said She Said

February 25, 2013
By Natachia GOLD, Jefferson, Maine
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Natachia GOLD, Jefferson, Maine
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Author's note: I wanted this story to be something that means a lot to people who have suffered through similar situations. Many people are going through this these days. Maybe people will realize that life isn't completely worthless. Anyone can make it through the most painful times in their life and feel powerful if they try.

The air is cold and lonesome, as always. The mirror stares back at me, reflecting a ghostly figure. Another dreadful morning, and it's only day one of my long, weekly routine. I must admit, this is by far the best Monday I've had in a long time. I didn't trip down the stairs on my way to the bathroom, and I didn't wake up fifteen minutes before the bus came. I feel invincible this morning, except the mirror is trying to convince me otherwise. I better get a move on, or I'll be late for the bus, although that wouldn't be such a bad thing. I stumble down the stairs, only to find Sara staring me up and down a few dozen times.

“Oh my god, is that what you're wearing to school?” I look at her in disappointment once again. She is all about herself and making sure she looks perfect every day. I feel like she wants me to be the same way. Not in a million years. I am dressed from head to toe in my casual every day wardrobe. Like every other day, I'm wearing my converse with a pair of old skinny jeans I've owned ever since ninth grade. I've got on a T-shirt with my favorite rock band, Escape The Fate, underneath a plaid shirt, and I have my cute little beanie covering my questionable hair-do, and of course I couldn't possibly forget about my lip ring. Sara’s wearing her designer boots with her brand new American eagle dress, and her body is drowning in numerous amounts of jewelry. I guess me and my sister's style differs quite a bit. She's only in tenth grade. She'll grow up sooner or later. I can't wait to leave the house in a year and do what I want with my life. My time will come. Sooner or later.

“Is there something wrong?” Her face is expressionless, but I can sense the bitter taste of bitchiness flowing through her mind right now. She's giving me a dirty look on the inside.

“UGH, why couldn't I have a cooler sister who won't embarrass me?!” She stomps her feet and rushes herself out of the house to catch the bus with the neighbors. Sara never likes to wait for the bus with me. She wouldn't want to catch my bad reputation disease, which is easily contagious to anybody who is within five feet of me. Hm, maybe I should lock the door and go back to bed. I've missed too many days to count this year, and maybe it's better that I skip one more day. But what would the kids at school think? What would Mom say? I hurry out the door, just a micro-second before the bus makes a quick stop at my driveway. The doors open with a loud squeal. I hate this part. Every step I take down the aisle is another voice whispering sleazy comments about me. It's too uncomfortable for me to handle. I've made it to the point where I've broken down into tears on my way to school. Luckily, the bus is too crowded and loud for anybody to hear my whimpers.

“Look it's the school hoe.... Look the tool's back.... Hey murderer.... When's the baby due?.... Chuckle chuckle, laughs here and there, rude comments and rumors beginning. This is my typical bus ride. It isn't as bad as it sounds. It's worse. I have always had my issues. I've never been perfect, but I didn't mean to hurt anybody. I didn't want to be the school hoe, or a tool, or the soon to be mother. It just happened. People make mistakes, only some people, actually have to suffer the consequences for their actions. This is exactly what Sara was talking about, and I don't blame her for not wanting anything to do with me. She's only my step-sister. And she became of this after my little “incident”. This is my story.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEP! There's the alarm. I better get ready for school. I was up all night with Jesse, so I didn't make time to study for my History exam. Oh great. Jesse shoved me right off the bed, eyes three quarters of the way shut, morning grin on his face.

“Sorry baby. I'd get up if I were you. You'll miss your bus again.” Jesse and I have been seeing each other for about two weeks, and I feel like he's the one. What am I saying? Every guy I am “seeing” is always “the one”. But I feel like Jesse's different. Who am I to tell though? It's still too soon to tell. But according to him, it wasn't too soon for a 'sleepover'. Oh well. It isn't like it's my first time with a person. Jesse's six years older than me. He's twenty-two. He just finished college, and he's thinking about moving in someday. We had a long talk last night over all this nonsense. I can't even remember half of it. I wonder why. As I get up off the cold, hardwood floor, I creep up into the bathroom and glance in the mirror. A beautiful, soft and smooth face is covered by an eagle's nest of hair. How am I going to fix this? Time for my morning routine. I pull out my oversized hair straightener, pull the switch all the way over, and take out my hair products. Damage control.

Dad walks into the bathroom as I finish up with the hair and pull out my clothes. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” I casually respond as I step outside the bathroom in my cozy, flannel pajamas.

“I'm not talking about that. Do you really think it's necessary to have different men over on a weekly basis now? This is my house, and you live under my roof. You will follow my rules. You are not to have guys over unless I know them and I'm completely comfortable with them.” I stared, for a long moment, with quite a bit of confusion on my face. I was stunned. Dad wasn't the kind of dad who cared what his daughter did. Dad is the kind of dad who let's me have boyfriends spend the night. He's the kind of the who smokes pot with me on the couch when I've had a long day. He's the kind of dad who lets me stay at late night parties and, well.... This is bizarre. I kept staring. “You can have the bathroom back. Tell this guy to leave soon. The thought of naked men roaming around in my daughter's bedroom is sickening. See you after school.” I continued getting ready with the same look of confusion, flooding my face. When I finished getting ready for school, I hurried into the bedroom only to find Jesse's things gone and a note on the bed that read:

Thanks for the last couple of weeks, but
this isn't working for me. I don't think I
want to see you again. Last night was fun
though, so again thanks.

P.S., you really need to do something with
your hair. Just saying.
Again, I was stunned. This day was not working out for me. I wouldn't be shocked though. After all, men in their twenties are the ones you have to watch out for. I carried on with my morning and rushed out to the front yard to catch the bus. I waited five minutes in the cold, and the bus driver was a no show. Another five minutes, passed, and then another. After twenty minutes of waiting, a big, yellow school bus magically appeared at my driveway. I hopped on, the loud squeal of the doors, whistling in my fragile ears. Somebody should really fix that.

The mystery I have been trying to solve is why everybody has been wanting to be my friend so badly ever since middle school. I've always had my problems, with sex and drugs for the most part. I've come close to being sent to juvenile Hall for my drinking and sneaking into college parties and getting into mischief. Some might say I am a rebel. When people want to get into trouble, or as they might say, “have fun”, I am the one they go to for ideas and plans. I always have boyfriends who are at least three years older than me, and I've been a C and D student for as long as I can remember. I don't understand why that is though. I should be an F student. I haven't done homework for the longest time. I sweat the teachers only want to pass me and give me decent grades to get me out of their hair. At least I'm passing though, so that's a good sign.

A group of friends wave their hands towards me and pull me into their layer. The back of the bus. I sit, and the bus keeps moving. My best friend Jayden starts nagging me out about Jesse. “I saw Jesse's car at your house last night. What the hell? Why do you bother with that? You're way out of his league.”

“If you've actually opened your eyes and seen him, you would disagree with your own statement. Anyways, it's over, so don't worry. He bailed.”

Josh gasped as I examined a drop of milk roll off of his bottom lip. “Did you sleep with him? I wouldn't be surprised.”

“I might have given him a little more than I expected last night, yes. But it doesn't matter. I had a feeling this one wouldn't stick around.” I answered with honesty.

“You need to stop sleeping around with so many guys. Think about your future. The risks you're taking. Pregnancy? Diseases? Seriously. You're in eleventh grade.” I hate it when Hilary puts her two cents in. This is how every Monday turns out. I have some guy over all weekend. They leave and bail Monday, or I bail on them. I get on the bus. My friends nag me out all day. Unfortunately, it's growing on me. Maybe it is time to stop.

“You guys are right. I don't think I am going to see anybody for a while. Dad walked into the bathroom this morning and gave me a mini lecture about having guys over. A weekly basis? Is this really what it has turned into? You guys have got to help me. Keep me away from the dudes for a while.”

They stared. They blinked once or twice. They were in shock. It was creeping me out a little bit. No answer. I waited for somebody to say something. No comments, until Jayden finally spoke. “I'm proud of my girl. Hey, we're not telling you to lay off the other stuff. That's fun. It's just that we don't want to see you pregnant, or with a deadly disease if you didn't catch one already. I'll help my BFF out. I'm keeping you on lock down from now on.”

I quickly changed the subject to this coming weekend and what we were going to have planned. If I wasn't going to find an older guy to bring home with me, what was I to do? That's what we were trying to figure out. The bus driver slammed on his brakes at someone's house. I didn't recognize the stop, or see the person at the end of his or her driveway. The kid who got on the bus was a young girl, with a nerve wrecking look on her confused face. She had big, blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and an odd shaped mouth. One hand contained fresh, new binders, and the other hand kept twitching. She was mentally challenged, and this was her first day of school. I couldn't imagine having those kind of mental problems and being a new girl in high school. It's the scariest thought. There was one last empty seat up front where she planted herself. Before the bus driver could reach for his gas peddle, I scooted up front and kindly asked “can I sit with you?”

“Y-yes.” She scoots over. I begin to ask her the basic questions you ask a new kid at school, What's your name? Where are you from? What school did you go to before? Are you excited about going to Kent Mountain Valley High school? Family, etcetera.... I had to pay close attention to her, because she had a bit of a stutter. It was hard to understand half of what she was saying.

“My n-naaaame’s Destinee. What's y-yours?” She slowly asked.

“Jade. My name's Jade. Your name's really pretty, I like it. What grade are you in Destinee?” I kindly asked as I focused on her fingers continuously twirling themselves around her dangling blonde streaks.

“Nine-niiiinth, NINTH grade,” she squeaked as everyone bursts out into laughter, including my my best friends. I wish I could defend that, but it wasn't the right time. I continued on with our conversation, until we pulled into the bus loop in front of the school building.

We stood up, watching each of the other kids take a step closer to prison. “Do you need help finding where you are supposed to go?”

“I-I-I-I haaaave to go to-to see a special t-t-teacher.” She explained, forcing herself to use smaller words. I felt badly for her. I examined the schedule in her hands, and read 'See Mrs. Hanna in room 110 this morning.' at the bottom of the paper.

I offered to help her out a little bit more. “It says to see Mrs. Hanna right here, see? I know where her room is, 110 it says. I could take you to her if you want.” She smiled, her face a happy mess. She followed me into Mrs. Hanna's room where unfortunately I was unwelcome. Long story short, she hates me. I dropped Destinee off outside her door, and said, “okay, this is her room, and she should be waiting for you inside. She will help you made it through your day, but I have to go now. I won't see you this afternoon, but it was nice talking to you.” Her smile turned into a demented frown, her eyes beginning to water.

“W-w-w-will I seeee you a-again?” She asked as she walked into the room. I was already gone.

I met up with a group of guys who wanted me to watch their band practice after school. “That sounds cool. Will their be food?” Drake, the lead in the band, grinned.

“We were thinking after practice, we could all grab a bite to eat at Burger Blast. What do you think? You coming?” He asks. I couldn't say no to that hot piece of.... No. I can't. I told Jayden, Josh, and Hilary I would avoid the dudes. What could happen if I hang out with these guys?

“Count me in,”

He smiled, “okay, meet me in the parking lot after school. My car is the silver S.U.V. Parked in front. You can't miss it, really. We're all meeting at my house. See you after school, Jade.” He winked as he and his friends walked off in the other direction. There are five guys in Drake's band. Drake is the lead guitarist and singer. Kyle is the base guitarist, very cute but not as cute as Drake. Tyson is the drummer. He and I used to have a “thing” last year, but I bailed. I hope it won't be awkward hanging out with him again. Stan works the keyboards. He can make some pretty sick beats on the keyboard. I never used to like the instrument until I heard Stan play his solo at the homecoming dance freshman year. And last is Dustin. He's the technology nut. I wouldn't say he is “in the band”, but he is. He controls all. He makes their band what it is. Drake and his friends are the most popular guys in school. Everybody waits on them hand and foot. I'm not one of those people, and I think that's what they love most about me. I cannot wait until school is over.

The first prison activity of the day, English. I've always been a terrible student in school, except for English. It's my only C class every year. This year, my goal is to reach a C+, maybe even a B- if I really put effort into it. I've been in Mr. Lance's English class for as long as I can remember. He was my English teacher in seventh grade, up until he got in trouble by the principle and got a new teaching job in the high school. Our relationship grew apart in eighth grade, but then I had him my ninth and tenth grade year, and now this year. I cannot wait until next year. I think I may be able to work my master plan next year when I turn eighteen. Mr. Lance is about twenty-six, and he is really handsome. I've been trying to get with him since ninth grade, but I feel it isn't the right time. I think he can see right through me anyways. Next year will be too easy.

Spending the entire English class listening to Mr. Lance lecture us about reading and handing in work was too much of a handful. The clock keeps blocking my path, tick, tock, tick, tock. One more minute. Forty-five seconds. Thirty-five seconds. Twenty seconds. Ten seconds. Time for gym class with Jayden. I was the last to leave the class room.

Now is my chance. “Uh, Mr. Lance?”

“What is it Jade?” He stared me up and down once, and then he continued. “Is there something wrong?” Yes. You won't go out with a junior.

“Hehe. No, not at all.” I plopped myself onto one of the desks. “I was just going to say, that was a very nice lecture today in class. It wasn't a waste of time. I wish these students would smarten up, really I do.” I explained, kissing up to the boss.

Mr. Lance took off his glasses and gave me a devious grin. “Huh. Really? That's funny, because it seems that lately you have been one of those students. I had to change your grade to a D+, because you bombed your last test. What happened?”

“I've been having issues at home, personal issues. I haven't had time to study,” I lied. “I would love to come in and make it up for you, to make it up to you. Is that okay?” I asked, deviously grinning back at him. He smiled.

“That would be nice. Come in whenever you want. My door is always open. You better get to class before the final bell rings young lady.” He totally likes me.

“Okay, well I'll see you around then. Thanks again. Bye.” I ran down the hall, avoiding the screaming teachers. Just when I made it to the gym, I found Jayden eye balling me once, twice, three times. She found out.

“I heard you're going to hang out with Drake and them.” What is she going to do, forbid me from seeing them?

“Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?” I asked, ninety-nine percent positive her answer was yes. “I won't go home with any of the guys. They're all too young for me anyways.”

“I figured maybe if I went, I could keep you out of boy troubles, but there's something else. I've had a thing for Kyle ever since sophomore year. He's totally hot, and I want to see him. Can I come?”

My slight frown flipped into the other direction. “Of course. There's enough room in Drake's car. You can ride with me and him. Unless, you could ride with Kyle if you want.”

“I think I'll ride with Tyson. He and I are pretty good friends. I'll talk to him. Thank you.” Jayden and I kept talking about our exciting plans with the guys while we walked to the girls' locker room to get changed. My basic gym outfit is my orange spandex with my shorts that I have outgrown over the summer, and an old tank-top. For shoes, I just wear my converse or my high tops.

Jayden's typical gym wear is the same as mine, for the most part. The only difference is her shorts are a little bit longer and she doesn't wear spandex under them. And her tank-top actually covers her entire stomach. At least I'm skinny, so it's not so much of a big deal. Our routine for gym class is to get changed, surround ourselves with a big group of preppy girls asking us questions like 'did you hear this? Are you going to do that? Do you have plans for this weekend? Next weekend?' And so on. After this fiasco, we flirt with a group of guys or two. We don't find who we are going to hook up with. We only flirt. When that's over and gym class starts, we hang out on the stage and sit with friends who don't ever want to do anything. I don't like to participate in class, but Jayden loves participating. So we made a deal that we will either participate during the first half, or the last half of gym class. This is our routine.

Gym class went by quickly. Jayden and I are changed back into our regular clothes, shooting baskets and missing almost every one, when all of a sudden, the bell rings. We grab our bags and head off to the third prison activity of the day. Geometry. I have geometry with a great variety of friends and friendly acquaintances so math isn't completely worthless.

“Alright class, today we are going to learn about ----” The more Ms. Freeman spoke, the more her voice began to fade, and fade, and fade. I had zoned off into my own little world, alongside every other math class this year. My mind is flooding with ocean waves, beach balls flying about, girls mingling with the hot boys, music cranked up, SNAP!

“Hey, you. Hello? Get out of La La Land!” It was Isabella. “I have to ask you something.”

“Aha, sorry about that. What is it?” I asked carelessly. Our voices became quiet and on the down low when we heard an obnoxious SHH out of Ms. Freeman. And she wonders why she's still single....

Isabella keeps her voice soft and low. “We heard you know how to get into the Snake Pit. Could you hook us up? I will do anything you want. You love me anyways, so you'll do it, won't you?” I wasn't sure of whether I wanted to be a good friend and get her into the club, or maybe make her beg.

“You'll do anything I want?” I asked with more curiosity and interest than I gave this class.

“Anything for you,” she continued.

“It will cost you extra. How many friends want to go?” She was caught in between a smile of relief that I will do this for her, and a frown of disappointment that she is my friend and I only want something out of it.

“It will be me, Cassie, Lindsey, Brian, Eddie, and Sam. The six of us. You sure you can get all of us in though?” I took my eyes off of Ms. Freeman's billion year old chalkboard and focused all of my attention onto Isabella.

“Meet me outside the cafeteria doors after this period.” I piled my belongings into my backpack and left the math room early. I usually do this every Monday, because Jayden, Josh, Hilary and I go to our secret hideout and take care of business.

When you go through the cafeteria, down the hall to the left, open a door that looks like it hasn't been touched since the year 1925, carefully climb the steep mountain of stairs, and keep going, this is our secret hideout. It used to be the storage area, until the old janitors with the beer bellies decided they couldn't handle the mountain anymore. Now the new storage area is next to the restrooms. I climbed the hill to our hideout and found Hilary, Jayden, and Josh sitting in the corner, very eager to get what they've been waiting for. “I know, I know. I'm late. Isabella was talking to me in math class.”

Josh cut me off. “It doesn't matter. Take out the stuff.” I took a zip-lock bag filled with Marijuana out of the hidden pocket of my backpack and let them have at it. I didn't smoke anything this morning because I had too much last night. I am still in recovery.

Josh is eager when it comes to drug. He is a complete drug addict. I don't understand why he is as hot as he is with all the drugs his body endures. His teeth should be rotted out of his head. His body and muscles should be weakened. Oh well. It only happens to the best of us, I presume.

“I haven't had this in the longest time. Thank God I came to school today. I almost skipped.” Hilary went on and on, as always. I don't blame her. I need my share every day, too. The only difference is I get mine. She comes from a good family, and her parents would have a hard attack if they knew what she was doing.

Jayden surprises me when she gets high. She is completely calm. As a matter of fact, no words want to escape from her mouth when she is in this state of being. She amuses me though. Sometimes, she may be a little bit too calm. Her eyes face in different directions. She has a confused grin glued to her face. It's quite enjoyable to watch her actually.

Me on the other hand, I am another story. I can be crazy in this stage. I've been sent away for long periods of time for my behaviors, all in situations in which I was high.

Recent “accidents” from getting high
First; Terribly trashing a hotel room
Second; Setting the neighbor's yard on fire
Third; Beating up a group of strangers
Fourth; Selling porno door to door in my friend's neighborhood
Fifth; Putting a gun to my head (one of my friends got truly scared and ratted me out)

I am a complicated person to tame when I am high. This is why I found a new hiding place. I didn't want to risk anything. The only thing I have to fear is that if we do get too high, somebody will be crashing down these stairs, and we're busted. I glanced over at the clock only to find that the bigger hand was on the 6, and the smaller hand was on the 11. Time for lunch. While the other three couldn't tell left from right, I peaked out the door to check and make sure the coast was clear. The hallways were packed with clans. I needed to figure something out. We have five minutes between passing, so it was better to wait. I snapped my fingers and tried to pull my friends back into reality for a minute. The only person who isn't in his head is Josh.

I took my water bottle out of my backpack and gave some to Josh. He looked very dehydrated. I couldn't bare to see him in the emergency room thanks to me. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to peoples' mental health issues. I wasn't sure if this was because of my drugs or something to do with Josh. Hilary, Jayden and I left Josh in the dust and left our secret hideout as soon as the coast was clear.

“We are going to come back for him, Jade. Right?” Jayden convinced me.

I paused for a moment and stopped in the middle of the hallway. “Of course. We just need to let him rest for a little while. That's all he needs. Nothing will happen to him. After lunch and homeroom, I'll come back and check on him.” Jayden nodded, and we continued walking towards the cafeteria, guilt scattered among our faces. We made it into the best student hang out spot in the school, our cafeteria.

My nickname for the cafeteria is the fishbowl. The walls have been painted beautiful blue tone that is beginning to ware off. It reminds me of the water, and all of the clans clustered everywhere remind me of different schools of fish.

Over to the right, closest to the door, we have our clown fish. All of the technology geeks, drama dorks, and shy guys hang out together, munching on their five star lunches brought from home, and kissing up to all the teachers.

To the right, at the far end of the cafeteria are the piranhas. They're the preppy girls in school who think they're a threat to everyone who enters a three foot radius within them. Luckily, these girls had a brain back in elementary school, and I we were great friends. They still talk to me, mainly because I saved Molly's life once seventh grade year on a field trip.

We were on a ship in the middle of the ocean, whale watching. Molly was depressed because she and her boyfriend had a tragic break up in front of the entire school earlier that morning. She floated to the back of the ship where she felt secure, until she leaned over. She was teasing the sharks who couldn't come at her, and of course, she fell. Fortunately, I was there to guide her back to the ship. When I found her, she was hanging onto the ship with one hand. She was about to end her life once and for all when I came to the rescue and began pulling her up. Everybody was a witness to it. How could they avoid this accident when everyone from billions of miles away could hear Molly's loud screeches and squeals. Molly Bailey. Junior, soon to be prom queen, captain of the cheerleading squad, thinks she owns everything and everyone. But there's something about her that I admire. That's why I've stayed friends with her as long as I have. Anyways, this is Molly's school of fish. She tames them day and night. I feel sorry for the future man to walk into her life.

In the center of the fishbowl, we have our typical mixes and varieties. We have the sharks from the football, wrestling, soccer, and basketball team. I consider myself a whale with the others. Whales are big and strong, cool and calm. They involve no drama. They are my best friends. Behind us are the ditzy dolphins. The flaky blondes who offer to do charity work for everyone, and put on a mask for their audience. They are cute little dolphins on the outside, but in my honest opinion, they are nasty squids. They still bother me about making plans with them and going shopping, but I gave up on find new ways to ditch them a long time ago.

Behind the dolphins are the sweet little sea turtles. These are the new freshmen who think they own the school, but really, I look at them as little kids coming to visit from the elementary school down the street. Sea turtles are cute and friendly, and so are the little freshmen, for the most part. So this is my name for them. They can learn to except it.

On the far left are the less important people. I call the musicians near the lunch ladies the tuna fish, because I swear not a single day of the year have they gone without eating a tuna sandwich. I am tempted to walk up to them and shove a chicken sandwich down their throat one of these days.

Sitting behind the tuna fish are the angelfish. They are the most beautiful objects of the school. The angelfish are the only people who don't want anything to do with me. They have common sense. They're on the dance team, ballet mostly. The perfect glowing skin, all new designer clothes, perfect families big nice houses. They are Gods, and on top of that, they're the nicest people to talk to. I also call them peace-makers, because they've managed to find a way to settle every fight and/or argument in this building.

Behind the dance team are the odds and ends. I call them the Finding Nemo group. You know the characters on Finding Nemo who are stranded at the Dentist with Nemo in the fish tank? There's a blow fish, a star fish, Nemo the clown fish, and a couple other weird ones. This is what that last table looks like. Different shapes and sizes taken from their territories and stranded here with the rest of us. The Finding Nemo group is my personal favorite.

Just as the girls and I enter the fishbowl, I stop. I speak. “We'll have to talk later, I need to meet with somebody.” Before they could turn around and ask me anymore questions, I had disappeared. I'm pretty good at disappearing out of the ordinary. It's my hidden talent. “Hey, sorry. I'm here.”

Isabella crossed her arms and tapped her foot a couple times before she finally began to speak. “It's about time. I was about to leave. So, tonight?”

I take it we already decided I'm getting you into the Snake Pit. “Are you sure you want to go? I mean, It can get pretty intense there. That's where all the thugs and criminals hang out. You scared yet?” I was intentionally trying to frighten her until she left. Unfortunately, the one quality I like about her is that she has too much courage to do so. I was getting nowhere.

“I'm not scared. I actually thought about it the rest of math class, and I want you to come with us. It wouldn't be as fun without you.” She explained. I don't understand why out of all people, Isabella wanted to get into trouble, and with me. I have gotten her into numerous amounts of trouble, and she's still thirsty for more. I'm surprised, but impressed at the same time.

It was freshman year, the last time Isabella and I got ourselves tangled up in a mess. She's the same friend who called the cops on me for putting a gun to my head, and we sold the porno together too. But this accident was worse. I wasn't high when it happened. I don't know what was entering my mind at the time.

About two years ago, freshman year to be exact, I had a major craving for danger. Isabella decided to come over after her mother's AA step meeting. I started to make my Saturday night plans as soon as she arrived.

“There's a new night club that's supposed to be the best. All the bad kids on the block go there. It's supposed to be unbelievable. We need money.” Isabella glanced over, an exaggerated facial expression, giving me the impression she knew what idea I was aiming for.

“Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?”

“I have a hidden stash of heroin in the back of my closet, untouched. I have an idea.” Come on. We're going to this club tonight.” Isabella followed me around like the little golden retriever I've never wanted. It took a couple of hours to make the ID's and pack away the heroin.

“Are you ready to go?” Isabella asked as she grabbed the party favors.

“I'm always ready.” We collected our ID'S, our favors, and headed out the door. SLAM! I threw my hood up over my head. Entering the dirty streets of this city gives me the chills. There are police officers everywhere I turn my inconspicuous head. Every step closer to my destination stuffs my mind with more fear of the night club crowd I'll be running into. We directed our bodies into the hidden alleyway next door to the club.

“This looks like a good spot. Lure people into this alleyway. I'll be right here. Hurry up,” a blank expression relaxing on Isabella's face.

“Okay.” Isabella sneaks around the corner and starts to whisper into the ears of strangers. Her “luring” line towards people sounds like 'hey look over here....', an innocent tone to her voice. When she brings the customers to me, they are in my hands. I start off by asking basic questions. Hi, how are you? What's your name? What brings you to a place like this? And so on. Eventually, I take out the products, and for the most part, people do like what they see. Isabella and I are making loads of money. We have been able to pay for the club tickets a while ago, but I told Isabella I wanted to keep going. This is fun, and the money I am rolling in is definitely more than I expected.

Somebody pulls himself into our alleyway and begins asking questions. “Hey I heard you're selling, heroine over here. Right?” I look at Isabella as she slightly shrugs her shoulders.

The suspicion liquids started pouring out of me, with a small side dish of worry.“Why do you ask?” He raised his bushman eyebrows at me for a few seconds, and then replied.

“I was on my way to the club when a friend of mine said there were a couple girls in the alleyway selling it. I ran over to see what the fuss was about. You got anymore?” I pulled out my backpack, heroine spilling out from the pockets. “Wow, how long have you had all of this?”

“I've had it for as long as I can remember.” I piled the heroine back into the empty pockets, and when I stood up the man was holding an FBI badge in front of my face. I blocked out everything else and focused hard on the badge, and the fact that I wasn't able to get out of this situation. But I could try. The man started eye-balling me hard, a guilty grin relaxing on my face. I ran past him, running for my life until I reached the club. I jumped over the angry crowd waving their fists in the air at me, and I somehow managed to push through the security guards.

The club was crowded with people minding their own business, until the DJ stopped playing the music and some man started babbling nonsense. 'If everyone could clear out of the building, one by one, we are trying to track somebody down. Don't panic. Stay calm, and slowly exit the building.' It was the FBI agent making the announcements. I recognized the voice. I tried to find someone to sneak me out, but I didn't want to risk anything.

I hid in one of the private chambers where hot and heavy couples could get away from the world. I stayed there for about ten minutes when a boy who looked to be about twenty years old or so was wandering through my hiding place. He was whispering my name. My. Name. Was he with the FBI? “Jade? Jade, are you there? I want to help you. Tell me where you are.” I came out of hiding, only so he could spot me for a second.

“Are you going to take me away?”

“Of course not, I've been caught up in this drama before. I am going to help you. Take my hand.” I didn't know if I should have trusted him or not, but what have I got to lose exactly? If I get caught, they'll let me out like every other time. I don't understand why the police don't leave me in jail. I've been caught participating in the same activities a numerous amount of times, and they don't take the hint that I won't stop doing what I do. In my opinion, the police are the dumbest forms of life to walk across our planet.

The only reason why the police cut me a break and leave me in jail for a short period of time is because my father is close with the head of the police station. My grandfather was a great man, and he was like a brother to the chief. They were invincible, and when Grandpa passed, the chief promised to watch after my father for years and years to come. Dad never gets caught by the police when he messes up. Dad is a complete angel in Chief's eyes, he is an angel with a devil of a daughter. It's the sad truth, except it's not really the truth. But at least I don't ever need to serve too much time in a jail cell after committing the terrible crimes I keep getting busted for.

“Jade. Take my hand.” I trusted him and took his hand. He guided my out the back door. I stepped down from the patio, only to find police officers aiming for their target, me. I looked behind me to find the 'Jade Whisperer', but he was gone. He was gone, and I was busted. Because of the incredible bond between Chief and Dad, I only spent about six weeks in a cell. It wasn't completely horrible. I make a lot of friends in Juvenile Hall, for the most part. I am a pretty likeable person when surrounded by my own kind, or any other kind for that matter. Because Isabella wasn't selling it, possessing it, or smoking it herself, she was sent home with a police officer to explain the situation to her parents late that night. She never learns. After that performance, you'd think she would want to stay clean for a while.

My mind snapped back into reality. Isabella was outside of the cafeteria, waiting for my answer. “I don't know if I want to come tonight. I'm hanging out with the guys after school, and I think that might be enough for me tonight. It's only Monday. But I will get you guys ID's.” Isabella's frown was covered with a flashy smile. I told Isabella I'd get her what she needs by the time school gets out. She nodded and left. My brain was flustered, and I needed food. I entered the fish bowl alone, and waited in the long line of fish variations who couldn't decide whether they wanted the pizza or the chicken finger value meal. This was a tough decision for these guys. I couldn't wait anymore, so I cut through the line, a meal already setting a yummy image in my mind. I went straight for the salad bar, collecting the ingredients to make a perfectly delicious dish. I was on my way to sit with the other whales in the middle of the cafeteria when Drake bumped into me.

“Hey Jade.”

I grinned, remaining cool and casual. “Hey Drake, how goes it?”

“It goes good now that you're here. Hey, do you want to sit with us?” I slightly rotate my body to find Josh and the girls staring at me, as if they were waiting for me to choose whether I was going to plant myself next to them or ditch them for the band boys. I chose Drake. Avoiding the dirty looks from the underclassman girls, I walked with Drake to his lunch area, my arms wrapping themselves around his tan and muscular form.

Before we could make our way to his table, Jayden interrupted us. “Hey wait. Jade, can I talk to you?”

I paused. “What is it?” Before I could finish my question, Jayden was in my ear. She whispered to me,

“Can I sit with you guys?” I smiled and nodded.

“Jayden's going to come sit with us, is that okay?”I chuckled, acting as if it would be no problem with him. Oddly enough, he said yes, but with a very awkward look on his face. Does he have a problem with Jayden? Oh well. We finally made it to our destination, waiting to plop ourselves at the table.

“Hey guys, Jade and Jayden's going to eat lunch with us. That okay?” The drop dead gorgeous guys didn't mind, but there was one problem.

“Uh, there's one seat leftover.” Tyson added. I had an idea flowing through my mind. I took a few seconds of my time to rearrange the guys so that Jayden could sit next to Kyle.

I put my hands on my waste, examining the new seating arrangement. “There, that's better.”

“And uh, where are you going to sit?” Drake adds with that irresistible face expression that doesn't want to disappear. I made my way over to Drake's lap, and surprisingly, he was expecting it. We were a happy bunch, for the most part. I still wanted to know what bothered him about Jayden though. That did bother me a little bit. Maybe it wasn't her. Who am I to know?

We spent our twenty minute lunch period talking, laughing, flirting, planning our fun evening starting after school. That's when I remembered, I didn't ask if Jayden could come yet. “Hey Drake, do you think Jayden could come with us later? It will be fun.” There's that awkward expression on his face again. The expression that made me want to get up off his lap and leave.

“Um, yeah that sounds like fun. She can ride over with Kyle.” Jayden glared at me. As hard to believe as it is, she's shy when it comes to boys. Really shy. The guys always has to make the first move with her. She's this beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, adventurous girl, but when it comes to males and all their glory, she runs for her life.

“Great, she'll ride with Kyle. It's no problem, right Jayden?” I glare back at her. Glaring contest. I always win.

She looked away and nodded. “Cool. So right after school then?”

“Yeah, just meet me out front of the school, and we'll walk to my car.” Kyle kindly adds on to the conversation. I didn't want Jayden to ride with me and Drake anyways, because I am the best flirt when the girls are out of my sight. Some might say I am a hog when it comes to boys. Lies.

Before I knew it we were back to talking, laughing, flirting. It was nice. Maybe people are right. Teenage boys aren't as childish as they appear. I feel like Drake's in his early twenty’s. We're so comfortable around each other, it's crazy. These other girls have a reason to give me dirty looks. I think I may have taken their God. DING! DING! DING! It was ongoing until we were partially deaf in the ears. The bell rang, no, dinged, until everybody jumped out of their seats, and their socks.

“Well Drake, I'll see you after school then.” His hand made its way up my leg as he leaned over to hug me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hesitating to detach myself from his tall, dark, and handsome body. I winked at him when I left, his eyebrows raising at me so clearly I could easily tell what thought was going through his head. He plugged in his iPod and took off. The only thing I could think about when he left my sight was how much I wanted him back here with me. I have never felt this way with anybody. Drake;'s what I've been searching for in a guy for quite some time. He's hot, flirty, exciting, talented, mysterious, easy going, and so on. There are millions of qualities I admire about him. I am confident about one thing, and that is that I've got this boy melting in the palm of my hands.

Fourth prison activity of the day.... Health. The white board in Mrs. Lee's room is filled with trash that we need to copy in our notebooks.
DRUGS are the worst habit to get into.
They become our worst addiction.
They have many terrible outcomes.
People get sick. People die. People suffer.
Never. Do. Drugs. Never.

This wasn't what we had to copy down. This was the only the intro. Don't these teachers know anything? This won't keep us away from the nasty critters. Not me anyways. Nothing bad's happened to me. Yet. Health class is the worst. I swear, when Mrs. Lee is lecturing us about sex, drugs, drinking, and anything bad, she is looking at me. Not at the class. Me. She scares me. I should report her. Teacher-student conflict. Maybe the guidance counselor will let me change class because of this situation.

This was the slowest class of the day. The entire period was supposed to be spent writing the information on the white board and discussing it with the group of people at our table. I spent the time on my laptop, on YouTube. I thought is was more use of my time than anything Mrs. Lee had to offer.

Through passing, I looked for Drake. I didn't want to talk to him. I just wanted to watch him. Left. Right. Straight ahead. No sign of him. Wait. Drake appeared out of nowhere, strutting his stuff down the hallway, alone. He turned to his locker, collecting his text books, notebooks, whatever else his arms could fit. Wow, that face. That body. That boy. I wanted to walk up to him and greet him, but with the goodbye and 'see you after school then?' I didn't know what to stay. I sat and watched him until the bell rang, Drake and I, the last ones in the hallway. I better get to class. No boy has ever made me this crazy. Normally I'm late for class for my own personal careless reasons. This time Drake's my only reason. I feel like a fool. I went to class.

I think Drake might have spotted me when I walked off, but I'm too careless right now to worry about it. The last battle I must conquer today is the worst of all classes, Spanish. Two years of foreign language in order to graduate from high school. A junior stuck in Spanish 1. Pointless. I won't learn anything this year, except the fact that I will be here next year. I am my Spanish teacher's worst nightmare, with the exception of her obnoxious husband, Mr. Vogue. Get me out of this school. I desperately didn't want to spend the last hour and a half of school with her, so I ditched. This is only the fourth time I've skipped Spanish, which isn't too bad. I need to get away for a while.

The bell continues to ding as I make way for my hiding place. I could use a little Crack right now. I hurry without any hesitation and sneak past the prison guards of the school, the cameras. I open the door to my secret hideout, about to climb the stairway to doom when I see Drake. Again.

“What are you doing out of class young lady?”

“Skipping, What about you?”

“Same. I couldn't stand to be in French class right now. I couldn't think straight. I was just heading to the cafeteria to get something to snack on. Where are you going?”

I pulled the door open and took control over him. “Come on. I'll show you.” I lead him up the mountain, his face flooded with confusion. I took him into the hideaway. Alone, just the two of us.

“How did you find this place?” He wonders.

“I needed a place to get away from society. You like it? I'm trying to add mini touches to it, make it more like home. That kind of thing.”

“It's nice up here. We should come up here more often, just the two of us.” He looks straight into my eyes, stroking the colorful strands of hair.

“Yeah, totally.” I stare back into his eyes for a second, my hand resting inside his.”

“You know what I really love about you Jade?”

“What's that?”

“You're carefree. Not a worry in the world with you. I wish more people could be like that.”

“I think so too. Everybody worries about everything. Relationships, drugs, alcohol, housing and taking care of families, jobs.... It's crazy. I mean, I understand that maybe people do need to think about stuff like this, but some-times I feel that it's the only thing left in the world that matters. Take a look at the habits I have. I still have friends and people who care about me. This is be-cause I care about more important things in life. Love, peace....” I plant myself by the dirty window sill. “Relaxation. I'm a free spirit, and that's how I plan to be my entire life.”

Drake scoots his way towards the window sill, leaning against the wall. He offers me his hand again, pulling me to my favorite place, his lap. We spend the whole period cuddling in the billion year old storage room. I have never talked more in my life than I did this last hour. I reached into the hidden pocket of my backpack and pulled out a zip-lock baggie. “Here's a little something for coming up here with me.”

“What's this?” Drake mumbled.

“Crack, it isn't very strong though.” Drake ran out of words to say. He stayed quiet, worry written on his face, hoping not to get caught by anybody.

“You sure we should be smoking in school? I mean, smell travels.” He reminds me.

“It's totally fine, I do this all the time. Nothing will happen, I swear.”

“You can't predict the future, but all right. I trust you.” Drake and I get high enough to step outside reality, but not so high we can't tell left from right. Drake's a hot wimp when he's high. As the bell sets, I notice that Drake's crying in the corner. Crying and laughing.

“Drake. Snap back into reality! Drake, that's the bell,” no snapping, no reality. I took advantage of this moment to snoop through his belongings. See what he likes. Still a little messed up from my drugs, I reach into his pocket, re-moving his cell phone. It's locked. The first password I guess is 0-0-0-0. How did I guess it so quickly? These band boys are too simple minded.

I snoop through the contacts, the messages, all the pictures, videos, nothing interesting. I place the phone back into his pocket, but he's too quick to notice. “What are you doing?” He has stopped crying, no more chuckles. He snapped, back into reality anyways.

I was too smooth for him to suspect anything. “Oh nothing, I was just about to add my number into your contacts. But I couldn't guess the password. You're back. Come on, let's go. The bell already went off.”

His eyes widened. Jumping up from his corner, he stumbles down the staircase alongside me. Exiting this area was the hardest part. I cracked the door open, eyes following each and every step taken by the underclassmen. Seniors had common sense. They were the first to clear out of the building, quick and easy. The underclassmen had to take their sweet old time. Drake is the only senior left in the building, only because of me. The last snail finally cleared out of the hallway.

“Psst, it's all clear,” I whispered, Drake wrapping his arms around mine.

“It's about time. The guys are probably waiting around for me.” We were slow exiting our hideout, the school on the other hand, was a race against time. Drake and I held hands the entire way to his car, flirting past the main office, making way for the front doors, passing dirty looks to the underclassman girls, racing for the parking lot. We would be the cutest couple in school. I can't wait for the time to come. Band hottie and his juvenile delinquent.

Dark, mysterious blue shaded SUV sleeping in the parking lot, a long drowsy day waiting to reunite with the owner. Drake's SUV was astonished to see us. He smiled so big, excited for us to open the doors and take a nice, long car ride on the country side. The SUV gladly allows me to open the door to the passenger side, no problem. I think it likes me. I'm going to name it China.

China’s door pushes me onto Drake's brand new leather seat. I could tell it was brand new because of the fresh smell. He must have gotten this ride for his birthday. The leather feels weird on my butt, and the dashboard must be no more than a few inches away from my face. “Ridin' Dirty by Chamillionare is playing as soon as Drake turns on the engine. One of my personal favorites.

The car ride is soothing until Drake starts chatting. “So Jayden. She's been your best friend for a while now.” I turned to him as he glances over from the corner of his eye. He better not say anything about her he'll regret.

“What about her?”

“Well, uh.... I kind of didn't want her to come with us.” He mumbled under his breath.

“Yeah, why? Does she bother you?”

Drake scratched the back of his neck, nerves trying to spill out of him. They won't. “Yeah. I don't like her.”

“What did she ever do to you?”

“People tell me things, all the rumors she spread about me....”

Confusion. “What rumors? Jayden isn't like that. Somebody's probably lying about it.” The window entertains me with fast food restaurants, arcades, dance clubs, and the mall where the preppy girls pose for Drake while we wait at the red light. Some people.

“Well, I don't know. I have no proof I guess, but it pisses me off quite a bit. So, you should probably talk to Jayden in a little while.”

“Is that it though? I mean, there's nothing else that bothers you about her?” The red light finally switched over. It's about time.

“Well, for the most part. She seems pretty clingy too.” He stomped on the gas peddle aggressively.


“Don't play dumb Jade. She's stuck on you like a fly in a spider web.”
I twirled the strands of hair drooping over my shoulder, trying to keep the anger from gushing out.

“Look, I'll try to keep my anger locked up, for the sake of both of us. Just because Jayden has been my best friend for years, doesn't mean that she is clung to me. We're like sisters. We're invincible together. We love each other. You just don't understand the friendship we have.”

As soon as I finish the few things I have to say, Drake cranks the radio. We listen to Tyga for a little while, I glance out the window a few more times, and Drake begins to talk. He probably spent the last few minutes preparing a speech. “I'm sorry. I'm happy you're being a good friend and defending her. I don't know anything about your friendship, so I shouldn't be putting my two cents in. Forgive me.”

“Can you do me a favor?” China pulls Drake and I into his driveway.

“What is it?”

“Pretend this conversation never happened?”

“Anything for you babe.” With a wink, Drake holds my hand, then he tells me something else in gibberish. I ignore him, China helping me with the car door that refuses to let me out. I'm happy again.

Drake races around the front of the car and helps me open the stubborn door. When the door finally busts open, something unusual happens. “OW!” I say, collapsing to the ground. My knee pounded into the concrete. It won't stop throbbing.

When I open my eyes, I see Jayden and the boys. “I'm okay guys, I swear. Don't worry about it.” I shew the boys away with my hand, they won't get the hint. I hate to be seen by people when I'm weak and helpless. Barely able to walk, or stand, I stumble to the garage door. “Come on guys, let's get this practice started.” Kyle's eyes meet Drake, shrugging his shoulders.

“If your knee hurts you, don't hesitate to say anything. Come on guys.” Drake's such a sweetheart, but my knee will be just fine. I don't think I broke it. I would definitely know if I did. Click. The garage door opens. Another click, and it closes as we enter.

The first thing to capture my interest is the flat screen television out in the open. It's probably a forty or fifty inch TV, and it captures the essence of the room. In front of the television sits a big leather couch wrapping itself around the room. Here and there are other pieces of million dollar furniture. A lonely Foosball table hogs the corner near the mini-fridge, and other accessories are scattered everywhere. The main focus is the band area planted in the middle of the room. An impressive drum set, microphone stand, couple of guitars waiting to be used, stereo equipment, and tons of packages of bottled water that I've never heard of. This is the most impressive garage I've seen by far. Well done Drake, well done.

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