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The Journey of Being Bullied

Author's note: In middle school I felt like that not only I but many other girls were bullied. Everyone ignored...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: In middle school I felt like that not only I but many other girls were bullied. Everyone ignored the issue! Girls like me would cry and cry because of bullying and yet it continued. The character Quinn has been inspired from my past experiences. I hope readers find her realistic and can relate to how she feels.  « Hide author's note
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One Time of Many

It was an early Saturday morning in mid-October. As I was taking my morning walk in the chilly and misty air I looked back at the house and memories came into my mind. I saw a few lights starting to appear in the windows in the distant. I knew that was my cue to head on back and start getting ready for school. Before I headed back to the old brick house I had to go feed my horse. The grass was covered with morning dew as I walked into the dirt floor barn. My horses name is Brisa. When I turned twelve years old my mom bought her after she was just born. There was an old, well organized man who was selling all of his animals because he was getting to old to take care of them. I was grateful to get the horse because that’s what I had always wanted my whole life. It was the best way to get away from the chaotic world and be just to you. I hated to leave Brisa but I knew I had to go get ready for the long day ahead of me.
When I arrived at the wooden porch I took off my boots on the old welcome mat that had been at our front door for as long as I could remember. I opened the door that creaked and I could see a few dim lights on in the house. I went up to my room which was on the second floor of the house. I saw that my younger sister Claire and my older brother Walker were just getting up out of the bed for the morning. Claire is seven years old and Walker is just now turning sixteen years old. I happen to be in the middle of them at fourteen years old. After I had gotten a steamy hot shower I went into my old cream colored room and put a clean pair of jeans and my favorite t-shirt. My hair is naturally curly so I just put some light moose in it. Then I headed down the old carpeted stairs to catch the bus. My pink school bag was lying on the used floral printed couch and I grabbed it as I quickly slipped my boots on and headed for the bus. Claire and Walker followed behind me doing the same.
Today was a chilly morning so I slipped a sweatshirt on that I had in my backpack. As the bus took off down the road, I could hear the girls in front of me talking and my mind wondered to what things they might be saying. It seemed to me like everyone thought the world of those girls. I often wonder why everyone liked them so much. I always heard them fighting among themselves and never having anything nice to say. I guess that’s just the way some people choose to act. Although, that isn’t the way I would want to act I guess that is their choice.
I walked off the bus and I got off before the other two girls did. As I walked off the bus I heard them laugh. I looked back at them and they just smiled at me as if they were innocent. I turned around without saying a word. I never liked to be the one to start drama. “Excuse me, but do you have a problem?” the girl with the long brown straight hair asked me very seriously.
“No, I’m fine,” I quickly replied.
“Well you need to mind your own business and quit looking at us, ok?” the other girl with the curly blond ponytail said. When I heard them talk to me that way it always made me have a bad day after that. After all, what had I ever done to them? I could not think of anything. I just assumed that I was not good enough for them. I was not one of those girls who wore perfectly new jeans everyday or nice shirts. My look usually consisted of used jeans that were comfortable and t-shirts I had gotten from multiple different places along the way. Although, I did not have all the best things, I made it a point throughout the day to always respect everyone that I met the best that I could. Sometimes it was really hard but I managed to just keep a positive outlook somehow. That is something that my father always told me before he went into the military. He always said that no matter what if you stay positive then everything would be ok. So I always thought of him when I was having a bad day.
Once we arrived at school I got off the bus and walked into my first class of the day which was math. It was one of my stronger subjects so I didn’t mind having it in the mornings. I sat at a table with my best friend. Some people find it odd that my best friend is a boy whenever I am a girl, but he is nicer to me than anybody and best of all he doesn’t cause any drama in my life. Cooper is his name and he has crystal blue eyes with a few freckles around his nose. He usually stays tanned no matter what time of year it is and his hair is a chestnut color of brown. Cooper and I have all of our classes together so we usually are with each other the majority of the day.
So after Cooper and I got off the bus that afternoon at my old brick house we grabbed a quick box of cheese crackers as a snack and went to sit in the two tree swings behind our house to eat a quick snack.
“Hey Quinn, open your mouth and I will throw you a cheese cracker!” Cooper said to me as he laughed swinging back and forth in the tree swing, “You ready?” he said still laughing as I opened up my mouth and tried to follow the direction of the cracker. I surprisingly caught it in my mouth and started to convince Cooper that he couldn’t catch one.
“I will bet you I can catch one!” Cooper said opening up his mouth.
“Alright, we will see about that then!” I said as I swung back and fourth and tossed a cheese cracker toward Cooper’s mouth. As it hit the ground he jumped off the swing and chased me to the old rustic wooden barn where our two horses were at. We both took some sugar cubes out of a big bag in the corner of the barn and fed them to the horses. I could tell that they were pleased. “I bet that horse can catch a sugar cube better than you can catch a cheese cracker!” I jokingly said to Cooper as he laughed.
“That is so funny Quinn!” Cooper said sarcastically as he smiled and went to the corner of the barn to get the horses grooming supplies. Cooper reminded me that we needed to brush their hair before we rode them and I agreed. Cooper and I gently stroked the soft wispy hairs on each of the horses and then put our old leather saddles on them before we hopped on to ride. “So did you have any trouble with Grace or Ellison today,” Cooper asked me like he did every day. He knew that they were always cruel to me and he tried to help me out and take up for me the best he could.
“Well this morning they were just trying to make a big deal out of nothing on the bus but other than that not really,” I replied.
“Well that’s good I guess but don’t let them get to you because you know it makes them happy when they see they are hurting you, but it upsets me,” Cooper said as he leaned up against the rustic wooden barn.
“Yeah I know I just try to ignore them though, but it doesn’t seem to work,” I told Cooper.
“Your dad would be really proud of you Quinn,” Cooper said smiling.
“Thanks,” I said as I hopped onto my horse. The October air was cold in the evening so I slipped my sweatshirt back on. Cooper opened up the gate to the stalls that the horses stayed in and then opened up the other side of the barn that leads into the field. As Brisa trotted into the field it had just been mowed and the strong smell of hay was present in the air. I always liked to think of my dad when I rode horses because he was the one who taught me the discipline of riding horses. Before he passed away while he was in service he had wrote me a letter telling me to always be strong and never let anyone bring me down, and that was exactly what I was going to try to do.
After we finished riding, the sun was starting to set in the distance and my mom was home so I figured that I should head back to the house because Cooper’s sister would be coming by to get him soon. Cooper’s sister was someone who liked to stand up for herself no matter what others thought and I liked that about her. She was always very good to Cooper and to me as well. She treated me as if I was her sister to. I always had appreciated that. When we had put up the horses I had a layer of dust on me and so did Cooper. We walked up to the back porch of the house and took our shoes off on the steps where the old white paint was slowly chipping off and being weathered away. When I walked into the house my mom was helping Claire, my younger sister with her homework. The aroma of a cookie scented candle filled up the air in the house.
“I put you all some sandwiches in the refrigerator if you want them,” my mom said to Cooper and me as she quickly continued explaining a math problem to Claire. Cooper and I walked over to the refrigerator and each got a ham sandwich with mayo spread on the white sandwich bread. We walked over to the couch and sat down to eat. Cooper grabbed two cokes from the refrigerator and soon after we sat down his sister came into the house to get him. She looked really tired as she sat down in the old brown upholstered chair.
“Let’s go ahead and head back to the house Cooper I just finished working on mom’s garden and I am really tired,” Nicole explained as she looked at me and smiled, “How are you Quinn?” Nicole asked as she stood up to leave.
“Pretty good I guess,” I said as I got up to give her a hug before she left, “Just the usual I guess,” I said laughing.
“Well that’s good to hear, I guess we will see you all tomorrow,” she said as her and Cooper walked out the old rustic front door. As they left I started to think about tomorrow and I decided to go up to my room for awhile. I usually liked to write down my thoughts at the end of every day in a notebook that my father had gotten for me while he was in Afghanistan. It was a pink camouflage covered notebook with my name engraved on the front. I grabbed an ink pen off of the edge of my nightstand and sat on my bed as it creaked. I got comfortable as I propped up some pillows behind my head. I opened up the notebook and wrote my entry for today.

October 17, 2010
Today when I got on the bus my day started out bad because Grace and Ellison decided they would try to pick on me just because I glanced at them. It’s not like I did anything wrong! I did not even say anything to them. I guess they think they can tell me whatever they want to because I never try to say anything mean back. This afternoon Cooper and I rode horses and had a good time though. He is my best friend, I am glad he doesn’t act the way that those girls do. –Quinn
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