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Chapter Four

Next thing I know, I wake up. S***! I fell asleep! Now I have to get ready for school when I’d rather be talking to him. Everyone seems to be in my way and annoying. I just want him. That’s all. My parents seem to have been getting more and more suspicious as to who I am talking to and it’s driving me crazy! I don’t know what’ll happen if they find out I’m still talking to him.

“You went to bed awfully late last night.” My mom says as I walk downstairs to breakfast.
“”Yah well I had a lot of homework, you know how crazy it gets in second semester.”
“Well Facebook said you were online all night.”
“I never log out. And anyway, I’m a multi-tasker.”
“Maybe you wouldn’t have been up so late if you weren’t on Facebook.”
“Okay mom.” I say annoyed just to end the conversation.

I finish getting ready trying to avoid my parents as much as possible when my dad comes in.
“You really need to understand how inappropriate it is to be talking to an 18 year old like you are.”
“Yah well I don’t want to talk about it.”
“We need to, you aren’t going to be able to avoid it forever.”
“I know dad I just think it’s unfair for you guys to be pestering me about it.”
“We’re not pestering, we’re parenting.”
“Yeah ok. Can you leave now? I need to finish getting ready.”
“Ok. Have a good day!” He says happily as if we didn’t just have that conversation. He stares at me as if I’m going to reply, but I don’t. I just curl my eyelashes and carefully run mascara through. I look in the mirror and run my fingers through my straightened hair. I notice how the my lime green shirt and mascara make my eyes pop. I look up and see my dad still standing there. I roll my eyes and continue my morning routine. Eventually he takes a deep breath and leaves.
I find myself asking a lot more questions than usual in fourth hour just to have Hunter sent over to answer them. No matter how stupid the question is and whether or not I can answer it myself, I ask it. If by chance Mr. Dell tries to come over Hunter tells him that he can take care of it. I sit in the second to last computer. On my left Abby sits, and on my right is the last computer and that seat is empty. So sometimes Hunter makes his way over to sit there so we can talk, if the conversation leans in the direction of how we like eachother we whisper so no one can hear us. When we whisper Abby always asks what we’re talking about, I always reply with nothing. But before I know it the bell rings and I have to say good bye. Sometimes I take my time after the bell rings and everyone leaves, including Mr. Dell until it’s just me and Hunter in the room and I get the hug that keeps me going. Well that’s what I did today but this time Hunter kissed me on my neck. After he did that he released me from the hug and we looked into each others eyes for a few moments, then I left. As simple as that as if nothing had happened. I just left. No one suspected a thing except I left the room smiling. Even just a simple kiss on the neck made my day.

Hunter: Did you feel it?
Bella: Did I feel what?
Hunter: Did you feel what I did as we hugged today?
Bella: I think I did. But I don’t want to be wrong.
Hunter: Just say it and if you’re wrong it’s no big deal.
Bella: Well um..
Hunter: I kissed your neck :)
Bella: Yeah, that’s what I thought but I didn’t want to be wrong and then like awkward haha.
Hunter: Haha yeah. I have a question.
Bella: And I have an answer.
Hunter: :)
Hunter: Have you ever had your first kiss?
Bella: Yah. Have you?
Hunter: Yeah. But I was thinking..
Bella: About?
Hunter: What it’d be like with the young lady I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with..
Bella: Oh.
Hunter: Yah. Would that be okay with you?
Bella: Just don’t ask me. Just let it happen.
Bella: :) Well I better go.. My parents have been getting on me more and more about how late I stay up..
Hunter: OK :( I love you.
Bella: I love you too
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 37 Next »

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