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Breathe No More

Author's note: What really got me writing this was the urge to write about the things in my mind that mix with...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What really got me writing this was the urge to write about the things in my mind that mix with the things that happen in the world on a daily basis. I hope people will enjoy this realistic teen fiction.  « Hide author's note
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The Note

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a serious thing. Will is very much aware of his problem. He is aware of the 'people' in his head. He's aware of what society thinks of people like him. He often see's people on the news who are like him who shoot up schools and movie theaters. He has a gun, a pistol to be exact, but the thought of killing a bunch of innocent people didn't seem necessary to him. He only had one bullet anyway, and he was sure to make it last. Some days when he's really angry he clutches the bullet in his hand. Today Will was more then upset, he was scared. He read on the internet that as time goes on he can have over 100 identities. Right now, Will only has two, Henry and Chriss. Henry was reckless. When Henry took over Will always got tickets for speeding and running red lights. Henry wasn't afraid to take out anyone in his way. Chriss on the other hand, was love struck. A year ago Chriss took over and dated a girl named Jasmine, it didn't work out. Not one bit. She not only hurt Chriss, but she hurt Will.

“I can't do this” Will said aloud to himself.

“Can't do what?” Henry asked “need my help?”

“No!” Will snapped.

“You never take a chance kid” Henry protested “here let me help”. Will could feel Henry forcing his was through his body. His fingers twitch.

“I said no!” Will fought “This is MY body”. Will regained control.

“I was just trying to help” Henry said.

“He doesn't need help, he needs Jasmine” Chriss said butting in.

“I have a girlfriend” Will said.

“But she's not Jasmine” Chriss said whining.

“You're both stupid” Henry said.

“That's it!” Will screamed “I had enough”. He grabbed his pills that made the voices go away for awhile. Just enough time to let him sleep.


“You okay?” Kate asked Will “You seem out of it”.

“I'm fine” he insisted “just went to sleep late”. Will sighed and rubbed his eyes.

“is it...” Kate looked around “...are they bothering you?”

“Yes” Will said throwing his head against his desk “it's just going to get worse”. Kate bit her lip and rubbed Will's shoulder.

“It's going to be okay” Kate said reassuringly “you'll take your medicine and-”

“No, okay, NO!” Will snapped, interrupting Kate “It's NOT going to get any better!” Kate tossed her blonde hair in front of her face, but Will could see she was fighting back tears.

“Oh I-I” Kate muttered. A tear fell from Kate's eyes and down onto the desk. Will hugged her.

“I'm sorry” Will said kissing her cheek “I didn't mean to make you cry baby” Kate wiped her eyes.

“I'm fine” Kate said hiding her face with her hand. Will gave Kate her space and looked the other way awkwardly.

“You really done it this time” Hector said sarcastically.

“You're such a romantic” Chriss said joining in on the sarcasm.

“Shut up!” Will screamed out loud. The class room suddenly went quiet and everyone looked at Will.

“Are you okay Mr. Johnson?” Will's study hall teacher asked “Would you like to take another trip to the guidance councilor?”

“N-N-o Mr. Jones” Will said. Kate wiped her eyes and sniffed.

“Perhaps you would like to go Mrs. Smith?” Mr. Jones said.

“No” Kate said not making any eye contact “I'm fine”

“Very well then” Mr. Jones said “But I would suggest couples counseling”. A group of girls in the front giggled. Mr. Jones kicked his feet up on his desk and read his newspaper. Will slouched and looked around the room. Motivational posters were taped to the white walls. Two desks away sat Anjel Williams, who's wondering eyes met Wills as he glanced across the room. Their eyes locked and Will ended up staring at her longer then he expected. She smiled at Will and waved. Will smiled back.

“Ugh!” Kate grabbed her binder and stood up “Mr. Jones I need to go to bathroom”

“Do you really or are you just going to stay there for the rest of the period playing with your hair?” Mr. Jones asked staring at Kate. Kate didn't answer, she just looked down. “Take the hall pass, return it to me at the end of the period”.

“Thanks Mr. Jones” Kate grabbed the pass and stormed out the room.

“Yup” Hector said “Really done it”

“She's being dramatic” Chriss said “Jasmine wasn't that dramatic”. Will covered his ears and dropped his head on his desk.

“You mad bro?” Hector teased.

“DUH!” Chriss said to hector “have you seen his Girlfriend?”

“Yes I have” Hector said seductively “Oh, yes I have”

“Gross!” Chriss shouted “Kate? No!” Will squeezed his ears tighter.

“Dude, YOU'RE BLIND” Hector argued “Kate's hot!”


The bell rang dismissing the class.

“Finally!” Will said out loud. Students rushed out the class and into the hall. Will grabbed his back-pack and his book and headed towards the door.

“You dropped something Mr. Johnson” Mr. Jones said to Will.

“I did?” Will said picking a folded note from the floor. He quickly opened and read it to himself.

Meet me after school in the auditorium. ♥

Will looked around but the hallways were already crowded.

“Better get to class, Johnson” Mr. Jones warned “Kate should be here with my hall pass”. Will glanced down the hall and saw Kate walking towards class. Will stuffed the note in his pocket and ran to his next class.
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