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A torn heart

Author's note: I took a lot of what happened to me and put this story together. I am proud of my work.
Author's note: I took a lot of what happened to me and put this story together. I am proud of my work.  « Hide author's note

The hurt

Her: hey what’s up?
Him: nothing much you
Her: just playing with my dog
Him: how cute what type of dog?
Her: Alaskan malamute
Him: cute so how was school?
Her: good I guess. Hey hold on ok
Him: ok

She goes out of her room because she hears a noise. She opens the door and walks out slowly, she sees someone going through her cabinets in the front room. She screams and runs into her room and shuts the door. She starts to put stuff against her door so the guy can’t get into her room. She runs over to her computer and starts typing to him.

Her: babe someone is inside my house right now!
Him: ok stay calm I am coming over!
Her: ok hurry please!
Him: I will

She gets up and starts running through her room for a weapon or something to protect herself. She hears pounding on her door, she screams and goes to the corner of her room. The guy breaks the top of the door and starts moving things. So she grabs her bat and stands up so if he attacks she can hit him. He gets in the room and goes after her. She swings the bat towards him but he grabs it and throws it across the room. She screams again and he shoves her against the wall. She drops to the floor. She is on the floor when she hears another noise. Looking around to see it’s her boyfriend. She kicks the guy back and her boyfriend wits him in the head hard with the bat. The guy drops to the floor face first. Her boyfriend walks over to her and helps her up. She jumps into his arms in tears.

Him: hey are you ok?
Her: no not at all
Him: everything is going to be ok. I am here now don’t worry babe.
Her: ok
Him: here let’s go call the police and that.
Her: ok the phones in the front room.

He takes her to the front room and sits her on the couch. He grabs the phone and dials 911.

911: 911 what’s your emergency
Him: ahh yes I am at my girlfriends house and there is a killer here
911: is he still there?
Him: yes he is still here
911: is he concise
Him: no he isn’t
911: ok we are sending the police, is anyone hurt?
Him: yeah just a little bit.
911: ok ambulance and police will be right there.
Him: ok thanks

He hangs up the phone and goes to his girlfriend. He sits on the couch and had her lay her head in his lap as he puts a blanket over her. He plays with her hair.

Him: are you ok
Her: I am now I guess
Him: you don’t need to worry anymore ok
Her: ok

The ambulance and police show up at her house and start to take her outside but she wants to stay with her boyfriend, so they take both of them outside to the ambulance truck.

Her: where are my parents?
Him: babe there dead
Her: what!!
Him: I am sorry

She tries to get up to go to them, but he holds her down as she cries a lot next to him. She sees her parents and sister being carried out of the house in black body bags. She struggles in his arms. The ambulance took him and her to the hospital to make sure they are ok. After they were checked and everything he called his mom and asked if she can pick them up. She said yes, when she picked them up she took them to their house. When they got there his mom made her some hot tea as he took her into their movie room. They sat down next to each other and watched TV as she drinks her hot tea. She started to fall asleep next to him. They both sleep for hours on end. He wakes up and looks over as she is still sleeping. He continues watching TV. For a while before she wakes up. She woke up an hour later and looks up at him and smiles. He smiles back at her. He gets up walks over to the phone and calls someone. He gets off the phone and goes to sit back next to her.

Her: who did you call?
Him: someone
Her: who
Him: someone
Her: tell me

He starts to laugh at her and kisses her.

Him: I am not telling you
Her: why is that?
Him: because you will know when they come
Her: hmmm
Him: hahaha your cute babe
Her: I know

His mom walks in while they are watching prom night and snuggling under the blanket.

Mom: oh hey you are awake now
Him: yeah but she needed to sleep after all of what happened
Mom: yeah I understand that
Him: hey mom can you get us something to eat?
Mom: yeah of course what do you want?

He looks over at her and asks her what she wants to eat

Her: I don’t feel like eating
Him: you need to eat if you don’t then you are going to get sick
Her: I don’t care I am not eating
Him: just get us something that you know that we will eat.
Mom: ok I can do that
Him: thanks mom

His mom leaves to the car and turns the alarm system on.

Her: how did I get these clothes?
Him: we had you change when we got here
Her: why though?
Him: because we didn’t want you in your other clothes they were full of blood
Her: oh I didn’t know that at all
Him: yeah so don’t worry; we are going to get you more clothes from your house ok?
Her: ok I guess

She looks away and her eyes start to water but he turns her face towards him. He wipes her tears away and hugs her.

Him: hey I am sorry about your family
Her: why would someone do that?
Him: I don’t know but you don’t need to worry you are safe now
Her: are you sure about that?
Him: positive
Her: ok

The door bell rings and he gets up to go see who it is. All she hears is him opening the door.

Him: oh hey man come on in.
Friend: hey thanks
He comes back in the room with his friend that he always hangs out with.

Him: babe you remember my friend right?
Her: yeah how can I forget, how are you?
Friend: good how about you?
Him: yes and no with the both of us
Friend: yeah hey I am sorry to hear about the parents and sister thing
Her: it isn’t your fault
Friend: I know but I am still sorry

She gets up and walks out of the room, his friend and him watches her and as soon as she was out of the room he started to talk to his friend again quietly.

Him: this is very hard for her right now
Friend: I understand how she feels
Him: yeah it just hurts me to see her like this
Friend: well she is lucky
Him: why
Friend: because she has you to be there for her
Him: yeah you’re right about that, hey I need to go find her and make sure she is ok
Friend: ok I got to get heading anyway
Him: alright see you later man
Friend: see you

He gets up and goes to find her. He went to his room first. He opened his door and saw her sitting on his bed with a picture frame in her hands. He goes and sits next to her and puts his arms around her side.

Him: hey what are you doing by yourself?
Her: look
He looks at the picture that she is holding in her hands. It is a picture of her, him, and her family.

Him: that was a nice day with your family
Her: I really miss them
Him: I know it isn’t easy losing your family
Her: yeah I know I might have said I didn’t want them but I didn’t really mean it
Him: I know babe I know
Her: I am just stupid and do that a lot
Him: come on let’s do something
Her: like what?
Him: just come on
Her: ok

He gets up and grabs her by the hand and takes her down stairs to see that his mom is back with food. So he got the food and went into the movie room with her.

Him: you need to eat
Her: I told you I am not hungry
Him: doesn’t matter if you’re hungry you still need to eat
Her: fine I will eat
Him: thank you
He: sure anytime

Him and her start to eat when his mom brings drinks and popcorn

Mom: here you go kids
Him: thanks mom
He: yeah thanks
Mom: yeah no problem

They start to enjoy their drinks and popcorn when all of a sudden he throws popcorn at her head. They start to laugh about it

Her: why are you throwing popcorn?
Him: because it’s funny
Her: yeah very true
Him: haha

She gets up to brush the popcorn off. But then he gets up and walks over to her and kisses her. She starts to kiss him back. They start to make out. Shortly after they lose their balance and fall back on the couch. They start laughing a lot about it. His mom comes in and looks at them with a smile on her face.

Mom: what happened that made you laugh so much??
Him: oh nothing
Her: yeah nothing happened
Mom: well something must have happened
Him: nope nothing at all but sorry for laughing so loud
Mom: don’t worry about it at least you are having fun
Him: yeah that’s true ha there is never going to be a dual moment with us.
Her: nope not at all

He looks at her and smiles, then kisses her and she blushes a lot

Him: seems like you are in a way better mood babe
Her: yeah I am kind of
Him: well that’s good
Her: I guess

He smiles and starts to clean up the mess in the movie room; she helps him to clean up the mess.

Her: this was fun
Him: yes especially since you were here
Her: yeah it is awesome being with you
Him: same with you babe

She gets done cleaning and walks out to the kitchen. She throws away the trash and walks into the front room and turns on the radio. He comes up behind her and puts his arms on her waist. She laughs and flips her hair and turns around and kisses him. They both jump when they hear a voice.

Sister: ewe you are kissing each other

They start to laugh again. She blushes when his sister said that but he smiles and walks over to his little sister and whispers something to her.

Sister: ok big brother
Him: go do it now
Sister: ok

He watches his sister leave upstairs as she walks over to him with a curious look on her face.
Her: what did you tell her to do?
Him: nothing special
Her: so if it isn’t special then you can tell me
Him: nope not going to happen
Her: why though
Him: because you will see later
Her: hmmm then if you won’t tell me then I will go see
Him: nope that’s not happening either
Her: fine then I won’t kiss you until I know what it is
Him: I don’t think I can wait that long

She smiles and walks away as she goes to grab her phone

Her: great

He walks in as she is looking at her phone

Him: what’s wrong?
Her: my phone is dead
Him: here let me see it
Her: why
Him: just let me see your phone
Her: not until you tell me why

He sighs and grabs her phone and walks to the cabinet next to the TV.

Her: hey what are you doing?
Him: you will see in a minute

She rolls her eyes and lays on the couch and closes her eyes. He switches the phone batteries and turns around to see her sleeping on the couch, he laughs and goes to turn the air conditioner on. He turns it on and goes to see how his sister is doing.

Him: hey how are you doing?
Sister: good look
Him: that looks great keep it up ok
Sister: ok brother

He smiles and walks back down stairs and starts to feel chilly. He walks back into the movie room and looks at her. She is shivering and tossing and turning so he grabs a blanket and put it on her and lays down on the other side of the couch. She woke up and saw the blanket on her and looked over at him. She saw that he was sleeping so she moved over, kissed him on the cheek and put her head on his chest and went back to sleep. They slept for about two hours until his little sister came running in screaming. They both jumped up in fright.

Him: what’s wrong?
Sister: there is a spider in my room
He rolls his eyes and gets up and walks to his sister’s room. His little sister goes to sit on the couch.

Her: hey it’s going to be ok your brother is taking care of it
Sister: ok
Her: hey you might want to say sorry to your brother
Sister: why?
Her: because you woke him up
Sister: oh I am sorry
Her: its ok don’t worry about it

He walks back into the room with a mad face on

Her: what’s wrong?
Him: nothing at all

She gets up and walks over to him and asks him to come to the kitchen really fast. They both walk to the back of the kitchen. He throws the towel at the wall and she looks at him with a curious look.

Her: what is wrong with you?
Him: I told you nothing is wrong
Her: just tell me whatever it is I am most likely able to help
Him: don’t worry about me I am fine

She walks off with tears in her eyes as he grabs her wrist she pulls away. She goes and grabs her binder and goes into the dance studio and locks the door. She starts to write down on a piece of paper. She is freezing cold so she went over to the corner that had a bunch of blankets and pillows. She laid down on them and cried the whole night. After a long period of time she heard a knock on the door so she called out.

Her: who is it?
Him: it’s me
Her: go away
Him: hey I am sorry for the way that I acted to you
Her: that doesn’t change anything
Him: I know and I am really sorry when you want to come out then I will be in my room

He sets something down in front of the door and walks to his room. She wipes the tears from her eyes and gets up and looks at the mirror. She sees a shadow underneath the door so she puts her binder and pencil down and goes to see what it is. Its roses on the floor so she picks them up and shuts the door and locks it. She thinks to herself and smells the roses. She thinks they smell wonderful. But she sees that there is a card inside them. She pulls the card out and starts to read it. The card says “babe I am so sorry for how I was earlier I didn’t mean to act like that I hope that you can forgive me – sincerely your boyfriend”. After she read the note she started to cry more. She started to think about her parents and sister gone. It was hard for her to get through to the fact that they aren’t there anymore. She was tired so she went and laid down on the blankets and closed her eyes. Later that night he couldn’t sleep so he got up and went down stairs to check on her and everything else. He passed by his sisters room but she wasn’t in there. He started to panic about it. But the last place that she might be is in the dance studio. He finally went there last and sure enough she was in there. She was asleep in his girlfriends lap with a book in her own lap. He walked over to them grabbed the book and put it on the floor. When he did that he saw her binder on the floor. He picked it up and looked inside at all of the papers that were there. They all had dates on them, but he made to much noise and his little sister woke up. She looked at him with a sleepy but yet curious look.

Sister: what are you doing?
He put the binder down and grabs his little sister. She wakes up and looks at him

Him: can you take her and put her to bed please for me?
Her: yeah sure

She gets up and takes his sister to bed. He waits for them to be out of the room when he finally closes her binder and shuts off the light. He went up stairs to the room and stood in the door way. After about 5 minutes of standing there she starts to back up out of the room. She bumped into him and turns around to see that it is him. She looks into his eyes. He looks at her eyes and sees a shine in them. She pushes him out of the way and shuts the door. She starts to walk down the stairs but he grabs her. She turns around and heads to his room and sits in the middle of his bed. He walks in and shut the door behind him. Sits at the bottom of his bed and puts his head in his hands and sits there. There sit there and they are quite for a while.

Her: thanks for the roses babe
Him: sure no problem
Her: and yes I forgive you
He turns around and smiles at her as she gets up and hugs him

Him: come on let’s get you to bed you have had a long day
Her: yeah I am tired
Him: yeah I can tell come on

They get changed and lay in bed and fall asleep right next to each other. The next morning he wakes up and see’s that she isn’t there next to him. He started to look through the whole house. No sister, no girlfriend, and no mom. He started to panic and goes and grabs the phone when he hears something down stairs. He goes down to see what it is, the front door opened and he saw that it was his sister, mom, and girlfriend. He looked at her because she was dressed different. She was wearing a dark brown top, shorts, and sandals.

Him: dam babe you look good
Her: oh thanks your mom and sister took me shopping this morning
Mom: yeah she needed some new clothes
Him: well she looks really good

She smiles wide at him

Mom: hunny please help us we have bags in the car still
Him: ok mom I guess so
Mom: god boys are so difficult
Her: yeah I know how you feel

His mom and her sit there and talk while he unloads the car

Him: there you go I am done
Mom: thanks can you put the stuff away now
Him: no! I am not going to
Her: here I will help you put them away
Him: ok I guess
Her: ha come on and stop complaining
Him: I am not complaining
Her: yes you are
Him: no
Her: yes
Him: no!
Her: what ever
Him: ha I always win
Her: not all the time

She laughs and starts to take the stuff out of the bags. She starts to turn around but she hears a chattering noise. She goes to the back room of the kitchen and slips.

Her: oww!!!

He runs to the back room and see’s her wiping off blood from her arms, hands, and legs.

Him: oh my god come on let’s get you out of here.

He picks her up and takes her to the bathroom and sets her down on the floor.

Him: hold on we have a first aid kit somewhere in here.
Her: don’t worry about it I am fine
Him: ok when you are bleeding that isn’t ok then
Her: I am not bleeding
Him: look at yourself

She looks down and see’s blood on herself

Her: what the heck why is there blood on me
Him: you fell on glass in the back room of the kitchen
Her: why don’t I remember that?
Him: I have no clue

He ends up finding the first aid kit and he starts cleaning her up.

Her: that hurts really bad stop!
Him: it’s going to hurt you got cut by glass bad
Her: oh my god please stop it hurts
Him: if I stop then you are going to bleed really badly
Her: fine let me bleed I don’t care

He looks at her with a confused look

Him: well I do care about you ok and I am not going to let anything change that got it?
She shakes her head yes and wipes her tears away. He got done cleaning her up.

Him: there you go
Her: thanks
Him: no problem it was nothing
Her: it was something
Him: not really
Her: to me it was because you are always helping me
Him: yeah but that is just something I do

He looks at her and kisses her real quick and then helps her up so they can clean up the mess in the kitchen. They clean up the mess and throw everything away.

Him: there you go problem solved
Her: ha have you noticed I only get hurt when I am around you
Him: oh really so you are saying that this is my fault?
Her: no I am not blaming anyone about this
Him: sure you aren’t

He walks over to her and pulls her close to him. She giggles and gets closer to him. They are the closest that they can get to each other. He runs his left hand through her hair and grabs a hand full of her hair in his hand and brings her head closer. She is smiling at him and she kisses him. They kiss for about 5 minutes. After they kiss he lifts her on top of the counter.

Her: ha dam your strong
Him: mhmmm I am

He opens her legs and moves closer to her and the counter. They kiss each other again and start to make out when they hear a voice.

Sister: eww they are kissing again

She blushes and he smiles at her as he runs his thumb across her cheek.

Mom: hunny why don’t you go to your room
Sister: ok mommy

She leaves to her room

Mom: ummm hey why don’t you guys go to the movie room or his room?
Him: sorry mom

He helps her off the counter slowly

Mom: don’t worry about it
Her: yeah sorry I forgot I was sitting on the counter
Mom: ha don’t worry about it Hun
Him: well on that note we will be leaving
Mom: ha ok go have fun
Him: thanks mom again

He grabs her by the wrist and takes her to the movie room

Her: wait why don’t we go to your room?
Him: because my room is bright and in here it is dark
Him: hmm true
Him: ha come on
Her: ok fine

They both go into the movie room. They get in there and he turns around and grabs her by the waist and lays on his back with her laying on top of him.

Him: ok I am not going to lie but I am happy
Her: really?
Him: yeah ha
Her: ha wow
Him: umm yeah
Her: well good thing I am here
Him: yeah good thing ha
Her: what?
Him: oh nothing

She gets up and walks over to the door and shuts and locks it. He sits up and looks over at her

Him: why did you do that?
Her: so it is darker in her and so we have more privacy.

She goes back and starts to lie on the other side of the couch but he grabs her and pulls her on top of him again.

Her: hey what did you do that for?
Him: I don’t know I just want you to lay on top of me
Her: ha you are persistent
Him: why yes I am
Her: wow you actually admit it
Him: what like I am going to lie to you about that
Her: ha you are so trust worthy to me
Him: of course

He kisses her and they continue kissing when her phone starts to go off.

Her: who could be calling?
Him: I don’t know especially 10 at night
She starts to get up but he pulls her back down

Her: hey let me get up
Him: no you are staying right here
Her: babe please

He starts to tickle her, and she screams and falls over.

Him: are you ok?
Her: that hurt my butt a lot
Him: I can tell

He gets up and helps her up. She stands up and walks over to her phone by the cabinet. He stops her from grabbing it though.

Her: why can’t I have my phone?
Him: because it is not important right now
Her: it is not important to you but to me it means the world
Him: ha no not even

She turns around in his arms and looks at him with a wide grin on her face.

Him: what are you thinking of doing
Her: ha oh nothing special
Him: it’s something
Her: ha maybe, maybe not
Him: I can’t trust you on that

She laughs and kisses him. They continue kissing when she pushes him toward the couch. He falls back on it and smiles.

Him: get over here.

She goes over to him and puts one knee on each side of him and leans down to kiss him. He grabs a bunch of her hair again and kisses her passionately. His other hand runs from her neck down to her butt. He pulls her closer and tightens his grip of her hair. They both are breathless so he stops the kiss and looks at her. She starts to talk breath less.

Her: wwhat?
Him: that is the best dam make out session we have ever had
Her: yeah it was
Him: dam your cute
Her: ha thanks
Him: anytime babe

He starts to kiss down her neck while she catches her breath. His hands tighten on her. She rolls her eyes and grabs his arms and pines them down to the couch.
Him: what’s that for?
Her: because you are being persistent
Him: oh I’m sorry about that
Her: ha don’t worry about it

She starts to kiss him again. He gets his arms out of her hold. So he starts to move. He puts her on her back as he is still kissing her while leaning down to her. The kiss starts to deepen and get more passionate. He starts to undress her and she does the same to him. The next morning comes around and she wakes up with a bad head ache. She sits up and covers herself with the blanket that was on her. She tries to get up but she can’t. It takes her a couple of times before she finally gets up. She made sure that the blanket was covered all over her. She looks around and no boyfriend or anything. She goes to her phone and looks at it to see she has a tone of missed calls and messages from friends. She tries to figure out why she has so many but she can’t. She puts the phone down and goes to look for everyone else. She goes out of the movie room and smells something really good. She follows the smell but then got distracted by all of the wrapped gifts on the table. She went over and looked at them.

Her: whose birthday is it I wonder

She hears music upstairs so she heads up there to check it out. She sees that her boyfriends door is shut so she goes to his sisters room.

Her: hey hun where is your brother?
Sister: he is doing something I don’t know what but he told me to get you to wear that

She points over to her bed. She walks over there and looks at the beautiful dress that is there.

Her: it is beautiful
Mom: he picked it out for you

She looks up at his mom with a shocked face

Mom: hun what is wrong you look like you are going to faint

She just stood there with a shocked look as his sister gets up and goes to her and pulls on the blanket. She looks down at her.

Sister: what is wrong?
Her: nothing
Mom: come on we need to get you ready
Her: ok

She takes her to his room and tells her to get the dress on so they can get her ready. She gets done putting the dress on and looks in the mirror. She walks out and his mom smiles.

Mom: hun you look beautiful
Her: ha thanks
Mom: come over here so we can do your hair.

She goes over to his bed and sits down so they can do her hair. His sister comes in with a box and she hands it to her.

Her: what is it?
Mom: ha just open it

She opens the box and see’s a pair of high heels.

Her: oh my god they are beautiful
Sister: put them on!
Her: ok calm down happy bunny

She laughs and puts them on. She stands up and turns around.

Sister: oh my god you are pretty!
Her: ha really?
Mom: come here

She walks over to his mom and looks in the bathroom mirror

Her: oh my god I….I….
Him: you look absolutely perfect

She turns around to see him looking at her with a smile on his face. She smiles and walks over to him as he puts his hands around her waist. She put her arms around his neck and they stand there looking at each other.

Mom: ummm we have something planned today
Him: oh yeah I forgot about everything when I looked at her
Her: I look that good?
Him: hell yeah
Her: well good

His mom and sister leave the room and close the door. He looks at the door to make sure they aren’t going to come back thru.

Her: what is going on today?
Him: I can’t tell you
Her: are you sure about that?

Her hands play with his hair as his hands run down her body.

Him: hmm you sound tempting
Her: ha good or bad?
Him: how do you take it?
Her: hmm good

She smiles and kisses him. They stand there kissing when his little sister comes in.

Sister: brother…brother

He stops kissing her and rolls his eyes as she laughs.

Him: what?!
Sister: we are ready
Him: we’ll be right out
Sister: ok

His sister leaves the room

Him: uhhhhh
Her: what?
Him: nothing come on

He walks over to the bed and grabs the blind fold. He puts it on her.

Him: grab on to me and follow me
Her: ok I guess
Him: I don’t want you to fall
Her: oh ok

He leads her down stairs. They get downstairs when someone grabs her and drags her backwards.

Him: hey what the……?
Her: who has me now?

They start to pull her but she falls

Her: owww! That hurt!
Him: here let me help you
Her: I can’t see
Him: haha I know that babe
Her: then take this blind fold off my face!
Him: but that will ruin everything
Her: fine then help me up!
Him: that I can do

He picks her up and puts her on her feet.

Her: thank you
Him: sure now come on
Her: uhhh sure why not
Him: haha

They head over to the door and stop in front of it.

Him: ok open the door
Her: are you serious?!?!
Him: yes I am serious
Her: I can’t see!
Him: I know but open it

She reaches to find the door handle and she finally finds it. She turns it and opens the door. She smells the food again. She hears people and music too. He takes the blind fold off of her and everyone there yells “surprise”. He puts his arms around her waist and whispers to her.

Him: happy birthday babe

She stands there for about a minute not saying anything. He turns her around and looks at her so he can see what’s wrong.

Him: what’s wrong??
She looks at him with a shocked face

Him: babe talk please
Her: you……you did this for me?
Him: yeah it’s your birthday did you forget about it?
Her: yeah I guess I did
Him: haha well now you remember

She leans toward him and kisses him. She stops when someone screams her name.

Her: who did you invite?
Him: people

He smiles wide at her

Him: go and enjoy your party
Her: not without you
Him: I’ll be right out
Her: you sure?
Him: haha yes
Her: ok then hurry back
Him: I will don’t worry

He runs off into the house. She turns around and see’s her best friend. She comes over and hugs her tight.

Friend: hey girly happy birthday
Her: thanks but oh my god I can’t believe you are here!
Friend: haha well believe it
Her: haha ok
Friend: girl you are amazing
Her: haha yeah I know
Friend: hey where did you the dress and shoes
Her: I didn’t get them my boyfriend did well he got me the dress and his mom and sister got me the shoes
Friend: well you are very lucky to have him
Her: yeah I know

She smiles at all of the guests at the party while her and her friend talk. She looks around for someone special when she sees’s someone unexpected

Her: why is she here?!
Friend: who
Her: your friend
Friend: sorry I had to bring her or it was I couldn’t come
Her: well why is her boyfriend here?
Friend: because she invited him
Her: eww
Friend: I am really sorry
Her: ok I guess but hey don’t worry about it I am just happy that you are here
Friend: ok hey where is your boyfriend?
Her: I don’t know he said he would be back
Friend: really well do you want me to go look for him?
Her: ummm no it is ok I’ll go look for him
Friend: no you are always with him
Her: well he is my boyfriend
Friend: I am going to go look for him because this is your party enjoy it
Her: uhh fine go ahead go look for him
Friend: ok be back

She goes and starts to talk to everyone at different times at the party. She sees her friend Bella. So she goes over to her and the other girls.

Her: hey
Bella: hey happy birthday
Her: ha thanks
Bella: what no boy friend
Her: actually I don’t know where he is
Bella: oh wow
Her: ha be quiet
Bella: nope it’s ok

Her friends and her laugh and have fun when all of a sudden she hears music

Her: hey do you hear that
Bella: yeah why don’t you go check it out?
Her: umm ok I guess

She gets up and moves through the groups around the table. She finally gets to the stairs. She walks up the stairs and inside. She follows the music into the dance studio.

Her: Oh my god I can’t believe this
Him: do you like it?

She drops the rose and looks at him. He looks at her with a wide grin on his face. He walks over to her and picks the rose up and places it on the table. He looks back at her but into her eyes.

Her: you did this for me
Him: yeah we can do it now or tomorrow
Her: how about tomorrow that way we can have the whole day
Him: ok that’s fine babe
Her: come to the party
Him: ha I will
Her: no you said that last time
Him: this time I will
Her: nope I do not trust you this time

She laughs and grabs his arm and starts to take him outside. He rolls his eyes and starts to follow her. She starts to walk backwards but he spins her around and walks next to her side by side to the party. He took her to the couch and sat down.

Her: thanks for this
Him: ha no problem it was my pleasure
Her: sure it was
Him: it was I swear
Her: ha ok
Him: do you want anything?
Her: yeah I do want something
Him: what is that?
Her: a birthday kiss
Him: of course

Everyone starts to yell “kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her!” she laughs and moves her hair. He leans over and kisses her very passionately. Everyone starts to clap.

Her: ha they seem happy
Him: yeah they are
Her: ha why though
Him: because they saw us kiss
Her: it isn’t that big of a deal we kiss all of the time in front of people.
Him: true ha I can’t answer that one

She laughs while snuggling into him. She starts to shiver when the wind comes by.

Him: you cold
Her: yeah just a little bit…….ok a lot of bit
Him: ha ok hold on let me go get a blanket
Her: ok

He goes inside to get a blanket. He comes back and puts the blanket on her and starts to walk away. She grabs his arm.

Her: where you going?
Him: I’m going to help my mom clean up
Her: I’ll help
Him: ha its ok we got it
Her: I insist
Him: you’ve had a long day and your cold just rest
Her: ok

He kisses her and walks off with a smile on his face. She sits there and enjoys the party. She stays until the very last person left.

Her: bye have a nice drive home

She shuts the front door and walks to the kitchen.

Her: man I am tired
His mom: ha I bet hunny. It is one in the morning
Her: oh my god really?!?!
His mom: yeah you’re tired
Her: where is your son at?
His mom: I don’t really know I think he went up stairs
Her: how long ago
His mom: a long time ago
Her: I am going to go look for him
His mom: ok hunny

She walks off to go look for him. She walks slowly up the stairs. She finally gets to the top and heads to his room. She knocks on the door but there is no answer. She opens the door and walks in.

Her: babe?

She looks around and in the bathroom. She doesn’t see him but there is pain meds all over the counter. She cleans them up and goes to his sister’s room. She walks in and sees them playing. He looks over her way.

His sister: Tanya!
Her: hey little one

He gets up and walks over to her.

Him: sorry about not going back I got done and then she wanted to play and
Her: stop right there
Him: what did I do?
Her: are you tired
Him: yeah why
Her: go to bed
Him: no
Her: yes! Please go to bed
Him: ha fine I already know you are going to win this fight
Her: ha see
Him: come in when you want
Her: ha I would do that even without your permission.
Him: true
Her: ok go to bed

He walks off to his room. She smiles and starts to clean up all the toys. She puts his sister to bed.

Her: night sweetie
His sister: night

She smiles and turns the light off and walks in his room. She sees him lying in the middle of the bed so she walks over to the bed and lies down next to him. He wakes up and sits up next to her.

Him: babe wake up
Her: what?
Him: let’s get you changed out of that dress
Her: awww but I like it
Him: and you look good in it but you need to sleep your tired
Her: I am not

She yawns and rubs her eyes. He grabs her and helps her undress and change into soccer shorts and a tank top.

Him: see there you go
Her: ha very funny
Him: come on let’s get some sleep
Her: ok come on

They went and lay down on the bed. He falls asleep while she is playing with his hair. She gets up and walks to the bathroom to get some aspirin for her head. She gets scared when he opens the door really fast. She ends up dropping the glass cup and it breaks.

Her: oh my god
Him: ha
Her: you can’t scare me like that
Him: ha I’m sorry babe

She starts to walk out so she can get a towel to clean up the mess when she falls on the glass. He runs over to her and helps her up.

Him: are you ok?
Her: yeah I think so
Him: yeah no you aren’t
Her: what do you mean?
Him: let’s get you to sit down
Her: why
Him: are you feeling ok?
Her: yes and no why?
Him: just wait here
Her: I feel really dizzy

He gets her to sit down on the bed and tells her to stay. He runs over to the stairs and yells for his mom.

Him: mom get up here now!!
His mom: why?
Him: I need you hurry
His mom: ok I am coming

He walks back into his room and sees her lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

Him: babe!

He runs over to her, she is cold. His mom walks into the room.

His mom: oh my god what happened to her?
Him: she fell on glass and then I left to call you and come back to her being like this
His mom: ok umm put that blanket on her and get the first aid kit
Him: ok

He puts a blanket on her and grabs the first aid kit for his mom. His mom starts to clean her up and gives her an IV.

His mom: make sure she stays warm and also make sure she keeps breathing
Him: ok mom thanks
His mom: no problem

His mom leaves the room and he cleans up the mess in the bathroom. While he is throwing away the stuff from the bathroom his little sister walks in to his room. His sister stood there in the door way stairing at her. He walks out and sees his little sister.

Him: what are you doing in here?
His sister: what is wrong with her brother?
Him: what?

His sister starts to walk over to her but he picks her up and puts his sister in her room and walks back into his room and locks the door. His sister pounds on the door screaming.

Him: what?!
His sister: let me in!
Him: no
His sister: why not
Him: because now leave!!
His sister: fine!

He sits on the bottom of the bed with his head in his hands. After about 5 minutes of sitting there he gets up and walks over to his night stand and grabs a black box off the top of it.

Him: hmm she would have liked it

He stares at the necklace in his hand. He flips it back and forth a couple of times. After a while he puts the necklace down on the night stand and turns around to her so he can check on everything with her. When he looks over at her he notices that she is in a different position.

Him: babe?

She opens her eyes and looks over at him. He walks over to her.

Him: are you ok?
Her: yes and no
Him: don’t tell me that last time you did I turned around to you passed out. So are you ok as in are you in pain?
Her: kind of like not a lot of pain but not a little pain either
Him: ok let me take care of that

He gets up and walks over to her. She sits up on the edge of the bed. He leans down and kisses her.
They start to kiss when all of a sudden someone knocks on the door. They ignore the knocking. After about 2 minutes later someone opens the door.

His mom: oh I didn’t know that you were awake

They both stop kissing and she blushes.

Him: yeah she just woke up
His mom: well that is good
Him: yeah
His mom: hun do you remember anything?
Him: mom don’t bug her right now
His mom: I don’t think kissing her is a good idea either
Her: babe it is ok I don’t mind answering

He huffs while lying on the bed. She looks at him and smiles.

Her: no I don’t remember anything sorry
His mom: that’s ok well let me take this all off of you

His mom takes the IV from her hand and left the rom. She laid there on her side next to him.

Him: sorry about all of that
Her: ha don’t worry about it
Him: I didn’t know that she was going to do that
Her: It’s ok; she is just being protective that’s all
Him: over protective if I say
Her: okay stop it
Him: what

She laughs and kisses him. They continue to kiss when she moves on top of him. They kiss for about 5 minutes when they hear a big crash. They both sit up.

Her: what was that?
Him: I don’t know
Her: should we go check?
Him: hmm
Her: come on

She gets up to go look but he grabs her by the waist.

Her: babe
Him: you need to be resting

She laughs and falls back on him. He flips her over on her back and looks deep into her eyes. They lay there playing with each other’s hair and looking in to each other’s eyes.
Her: tell me something
Him: hmm
Her: what would I like?
Him: what?
Her: when I woke up you talked about how I would like something.
Him: oh it’s nothing
Her: no it’s something because you were talking to yourself about it
Him: no really it’s nothing
Her: will you let me see?
Him: no I don’t think so
Her: aww how come?
Him: because I said so
Her: hmm
Him: haha
Her: ughh I am tired
Him: then go to sleep
Her: I can’t
Him: how come?
Her: because
Him: because why?
Her: I don’t know
Him: haha go to sleep
Her: ok

She closes her eyes and starts to go to sleep. He puts a blanket over her and kisses her cheek. She falls asleep and he leaves to go see what happened
Him: mom what happened?
Mom: oh your sister dropped the plate of cookies that we made for the two of you.
Him: haha nice one
Sister: be quiet
Him: no
Sister: yes!
Him: no
Mom: both of you please stop that!
Him: mom you know we can’t do that
Sister: stop it
Him: no

His sister throws a cookie at him and says “I’m going to tell your girlfriend!”

Him: okay fine...Wait no don’t do that!

But it’s too late his sister is already up the stairs by now. He goes running up and in to his room when his sister is waking her up.

Sister: why isn’t she waking?
Him: I don’t know.
Sister: is she ok?
Him: I don’t know ok. God.

He moves is little sister out of the way and checks her pulse.

Him: she is breathing fine
Sister: but she isn’t waking
Him: well maybe she is in a deep sleep
Sister: ok
Him: come on let’s go out of the room ok
Sister: ok

Him and his sister walk out and shut the door. They walk down stairs to the movie room and start to watch TV. He falls asleep watching cartoons. His mom comes in to see him sleeping with his little sister in his arms.

Mom: aww how cute

She looks around for his girlfriend but can’t find her. So she goes upstairs in his room

Mom: Hun?
Her: I’m in here
Mom: are you ok?
Her: yeah

She walks out and sneezes a couple of times

Mom: haha here take some medicine
Her: what is it?
Mom: Nyquil
Her: oh okay

She takes some and goes to go find her boyfriend. She finds him and lies next to him and falls asleep again. All three of them sleep the rest of the day and night. He was the first one to wake up when he hears the phone going off. He walks over and answers it.

Him: hello?
Friend: hey dude you going to her game?
Him: huh?
Friend: did you forget that she has a game today?
Him: yeah I totally forgot
Friend: well you might want to get her ready soon
Him: I will…see you there

He hangs up the phone

Mom: who was that?
Him: my friend he reminded me that she has a game
Mom: oh yeah we forgot
Him: well I’m going to go wake her up
Mom: ok hun

He walks into the movie room and goes over to her.

Him: hey babe wake up

She moves and puts the blanket over her head
Him: haha babe come on you need to get ready
Her: I don’t want to!
Him: haha babe you have to
Her: fine

She gets up and heads up stairs to take a shower. She takes a shower and gets ready she grabs her soccer bag, iPod, and hair tie. Walks down stairs and gets water.

Her: okay I’m ready
Him: okay. Mom let’s go!
They all get in the car and leave. After about 3 hours they all come back home and walk thru the door.

Her: man I am tired
Him: you were really good babe, just remember that.
Her: yeah I know

She goes to the kitchen and gets something to drink.

Him: so what do you want to do?
Her: hmm I don’t know how about a swim?
Him: haha okay go change then

She takes her water and goes to change in her bikini

Him: hurry up babe I want to see you in that bikini
Her: oh calm down haha
He rolls his eyes. And laughs then walks to get towels. She changes and she goes to look at herself in the mirror.

Her: wow ha. I don’t look that bad.

She smiles and grabs her sun glasses and walks down stairs. She gets down stairs and no one’s there so she goes outside to the pool. She is standing on the side of the pool about to put her foot in when she gets picked up. She smiles and hugs to her boyfriend. He takes the both of them in the cold shallow end.

Her: you’re such a dork

He smiles at her and runs his hands thru his hair

Him: yes I am but yet I am your dork
Her: hmm true
Him: I love you babe
Her: I love you too babe

He kisses her on the lips for a long period then pulls away to look at her.

Him: babe be honest with me. What do you think or do when I say I love you?

She sits there looking at him and puts her arms around his shoulders

Her: when you say I love you to me I smiles blush and giggle a little bit. Why? Because I love you too. I love you more than anything else.
Him: you should love someone like me
Her: and why is that may I ask?
Him: you shouldn’t love someone that is clinically insane
Her: well I do love you and that’s never going to change because I have loved you since the first day I met you.

She looks at him with a smirk on her face as he smiles at her.

Her: now why do you like me?
Him: no I don’t like you, I love you babe. Bug difference there.
Her: okay why do you love me?
Him: because you’re smart, cute, funny, shy at times, dorky, and because you’re the girl of my dreams.
Her: ha
Him: what?
Her: I should be no one’s dream girl
Him: well your mine deal with it
Her: ha you’re going to make me cry.
Him: why?
Her: because no guy has ever said that stuff to me
Him: well there is a first for everything
Her: very true haha

They kiss again for a while and then she ends the kiss and swims away to the steps. She gets out and grades a towel to cover herself.

Him: how come you got out?
Her: because
She grins at him and walks inside. He gets out and dries off. Then goes in the house himself and calls for everyone but no answer. He starts to dry his hair with his towel while walking up stairs to his room to change. He walks in as she is changing and turns around.

Him: oh my god. I am sorry babe
Her: haha don’t worry about it

She finishes getting ready and he turns around with a smile on his face.

Her: what haha
Him: nothing haha at all
Her: are you sure
Him: yup I am positive

She looks at him and walks over and puts her hands under his chin and looks into his eyes.

Her: there is something bothering you, what is it?
Him: I am…afraid.
Her: afraid of what babe?
Him: afraid to love again
Her: why is that?
Him: because of everything I have been through.

She looks at him with a sad look

Her: that’s the past. We are in the present. You are not going to get hurt by me. I love you too much to hurt you. I hate seeing people hurt you.
He walks away from her and goes and changes

Him: let’s get some sleep okay?

He looked at her with a sad look in his eyes and then grabbed her wrist and took her to the bed and laid down with her.

Him: good night love
Her: good night and I love you
Him: I love you too
Her: forever?
Him: of course

She closes her eyes and goes to sleep as he lays there and thinks to him self.

Him: yes forever

And he closes his eyes and sleeps

The end

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