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The Audition

My life was completely normal.... until I auditioned for a movie part, and got it. My name is Ashley, or Ash, as everyone calls me. I’m fifteen years old. I’m completely normal: thick dark blonde hair, pale skin. My best feature are my eyes. They’re blue-green and I have a guess that they’ll be completely green someday.
Just a normal high school girl, living in a suburb of Chicago, having a regular high school experience: no sports, no plays, nothing to draw attention to myself. I brushed my hair and put on some gold eyeliner and lip gloss.
I didn’t bother with all the stuff other girls had to do in the morning: my skin was already flawless, my hair needed only brushing, it was THAT straight, and I didn’t need to wear that much makeup.
Since I was a bookworm, I blended into the background easily, becoming a wallflower. No boys looked at me except the geeks and nerds and the popular girls didn’t pay attention to me. Just another girl. Just another wallflower.
But just because I was a wallflower didn’t mean I didn’t have friends. I was part of a large group of friends.
First there was Caitlin. She was already on College Math and we were all sophomores. She had brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. Then was Claire who loves video games and computer games. She had red-brown hair that she straightened so much that it was dead. I’m not kidding. Her hair is LIFELESS. Gabe was also a gamer. He had black hair and brown eyes.
Rabel is kinda chubby and Indian. She’d been a model for Indian commercials when she was little so she was extremely pretty. Lauren was petite and brown haired. She was so adorable that she was usually the center of attention at lunch.
Michelle was also petite with brown fuzzy hair that she usually put into a ponytail. There were others too but those were the leaders of our little group.
I pulled on a pink blouse and short shorts and put a flower headband in my hair. I was in a good mood. It was Saturday morning. Fall was coming obviously but you couldn’t feel it. I pulled my bike out of the garage and biked the six blocks to Plaza de Lago. Once I’d gotten to Starbucks, I parked and locked my bike. Inside there was a huge line... and not for the cash register. After I’d ordered my Strawberry and Creme, I went to check out what everyone was so excited about.
At the table was posters and forms. I read one of the posters: Auditions for Legend of Korra: The Movie. My curiosity was fired. Like so many of my friends, I was a Avatar: The Last Airbender fan and I was also a Korra fan. I picked up a poster and form and stuffed it into my pants. I got my Strawberry and Creme, biked home and looked over the poster. Auditions were tomorrow at 11am. I heard Mom come in and walked downstairs.
“ Hey, Mom,” I said.
She smiled at me and asked,” What, honey?”
“ There’s a movie audition tomorrow. Can you take me? Can you also sign here and here?” I asked. She nodded and did what I asked. I looked online for the audition monologue and found it on their website.
I practiced all night and was full of excitement. My friends had always told me that I should audition for the school plays but I’d never been able to build up the courage to do it. Inside all the girls and boys waited quietly. I turned in the photo of me and the form and received the number: 118.
My stomach turned upside down as numbers 101-110 were called. Next group, I’m in, I thought trying to settle my upset stomach. The other girls also looked green and frightened.
I can do it, I thought and heard, “ 111-120.” I got up and walked with 9 other girls to the woman.
“ Good. This way please.”
I followed the woman down a hallway and into another waiting room.
“ 111, please follow me,” said her. 5 minutes later, 111 came out, crying. All the girls came out as well.
“ 118,” she called. I stood up and walked in. Two bored looking guys and a girl furiously typing on her laptop were in chairs behind a table.
“ Ashley Brownstone,” said one guy.
“ Yes,” I asked.
“ Please begin,” he said. I opened my mouth to start.
“ You need your monologue to begin,” he interrupted.
“ I have it. In here.” I tapped my head.
He wrote something down.
“ Alright, begin!”
I recited it, trying to put as much sarcasm and emotion into my voice as possible without overdoing it. Their eyebrows lifted.
“ Woah. That was... amazing. You’ll get a phone call from us to see if you got into callbacks by tomorrow from 4pm to 5pm. You can go now, Miss Brownstone,” said the man.
I smiled and walked out. The rest of the day and the next day went by quickly. I played on my laptop, trying to keep back the nerves.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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