The Sentencing

December 21, 2017
By lizzyrae BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
lizzyrae BRONZE, Wentzville, Missouri
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As I walk up the stairs I can feel the air shift. The air gets heavier and hazy. I step up and out from the basement door and I now see the world at ground level. I round the corner and pick up my speed. As I draw nearer to my front door, I can see the foggy air get thicker. I finally break out from the ally, I look up to see the same thing I did a week ago. The tall broken buildings crumbling and shaking in the wind. The thick cloud cover weaving in and out of the buildings. The sun beaming down making a crisp cut through the smog, and the air so thick you can see the sun's rays. The sky is gray and dark as always. My mind skips back in time, and I remember when the sky was blue and the clouds were puffy and white. We used to have chirping birds and all kinds of wildlife exploring the sauce city after hours. Now we are lucky to see rats roaming around. I look over to see my favorite person standing with a huge grin on his face. 

Elizabeth H.

The Sentencing

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