December 18, 2017
By Valleren, golden, Colorado
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Valleren, Golden, Colorado
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Warren! Warren! My name echoed all around me in the pitch black, I realized I was most likely in a cave but the voice calling so familiar. Warren! I tried to follow sound; I tried walking, then running, then sprinting but I never got anywhere. It felt like I was just running in place. After what seemed like hours of my name echoing all around me in this black abyss, I gave up and layed down on the cold, black floor.
    “Warren! Wake the f*** up!” I jolted up from my stiff and uncomfortable spinning chair to see my boss red with rage looming over me. “My God I've been yelling at you for 5 minutes” he said with a stern ragged voice. “Sorry sir I didn't get much sleep last night and I must have passed out”, I said rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. “Well maybe you would get some if you didn't sleep at work”. With this he started to walk away but  turned back to me, “Also clock out and go home, it’s 10:30”. With that the sleep that took a hold over me just seconds before flushed out of my system and I quickly stood up and got to my car.
When I got to my car I saw a note stuck under my windshield wipers. I got out and opened the roughly torn piece of paper and read it with a whisper, ”Look in the trunk”. Confused I went over to the back of my car and unlocked it. I hesitated for a moment wondering how someone got into the trunk, but assumed it was some sort of prank for sleeping. I quickly hoisted up the trunk and saw a mutilated body of a women stuff crudely in. I jumped back, falling flat on my ass and blurted “h-h-holy s***”. I quickly searched my pockets for the note but found only my phone and my wallet. I layed there for some time trying to process what I just saw.  After a while I slowly started to climb up on the back of my car dreading to look at the woman. But, as I peered into my trunk nothing was there, she had vanished!
“Ok ok calm down, this is just you not getting enough sleep”. I said, brushing this aside. I got back into my car and started to drive to my one bedroom run down apartment room.
When I stuck my rusted key though the door a flash of what happened danced across my vision. I chuckled at the thought and proceeded through my door, but what I saw was not my apartment room. I saw a room covered from ceiling to floor with the crimson sheen of red blood. Hooks slowly dangling from the ceiling, holding what seemed to be body parts of animals and humans alike. On the floor were the unfortunate souls who were awaiting the slaughter from this madman. Simultaneously all of the heads turned towards my direction, and released a soft whisper of pain. Quickly, I slammed the door shut to hopefully reset my mind to reality. With my key still in the slot, I slowly creaked the door open to a more pleasant view of my old apartment. The pizza box was still on the couch and like always there was nothing in my fridge. “Why do I even pay for electricity” I said aloud to myself.
Knowing I wouldn't get paid till tomorrow. I skipped dinner and decided to call it a day and trudged off to bed. As I stood in the door frame that once held a crappy worn down door, I stared at my sad little excuse for a bed. I stumbled towards the worn down, tattered mattress when out of nowhere, a pale white skinned beast appeared,it towered over me, its neck slouching as it peered down at me, it picked me up by the neck and hung me there. I could feel its cold thin claw like fingers slowy start to crush my windpipe as I looked upon its lipless sharked tooth mouth. My eyes started to close and with my final glimpse of vision I saw him throw me away from him and my mind faded to black.
    I felt my eyes open, and tried to look around. The area around me was pitch black,and I unaware of if I was awake or stuck in a dream. What I did know, was that I was lying on my back as it throbbed in pain. “S***” I said aloud to the empty void expecting something to come out of it. I struggled to get up but it felt as if something was pushing me down everytime. I closed my eyes and began to slip away.
    Beep! Beep! Beep! The sound of my alarm clock screeched through the air as I awoke face up in bed. I slowly sat up, rubbing my head and scanned the room to see if that thing was still there. To my somewhat unpleasant surprise, I saw my closet sized room, decorated with a few posters I got from college. I looked over to my clock and saw that I wasn't going to be late to work for once. I got up put on some semi decent clothes and headed out the door. The drive to work seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Work went decent as well, minus the TGIF’s my co workers shouted. For the first time in a long time I actually got my work done without any of my mid day power naps. The day was going great until my eyes caught the attention of all my coworkers huddled around the company TV. Through the poor sound a visual caulity I manage to pick up the more important parts. Five missing... presumed dead... search for suspects continues. The staticy words shocked me right to my core. Don't get me wrong, I do live in a city but we never had news like that. All I felt on the way back home was paranoia. My eyes darted back and forth and my lungs were grasping for some relief. The night felt longer than normal. After a few shots of Jack and some midnight TV, the fear seemed to slip and fade away. With the bright light of the TV my eyelids continued to be plastered open, the news was all over the missing people. The number climbed to 10 with the most recent disapperance, a younger girl was kidnapped from her college late last night. I downed another shot and began to feel dizzy. I stumbled over to my bedroom and some how managed to open the door. Standing in the middle where the fan used to be was that thing. Its face splattered with the crimson red of blood, its teeth were laced with what seemed to be flesh, human flesh. I tried to run out of the room but the moment I turned around the door was gone. My hands desperately grasped for anything I could use to protect myself, but with one of its boney, decaying, white footsteps he was already upon me. It thrust its hand strait for my neck and picked me up like a doll. My feet flailing trying to find the ground, my hands unsuccessfully trying to pull it’s long slick fingers from my neck. I was a goner, I knew it would kill me. For the last bit of my fading life I jabbed it right in the jaw. The thing smiled at me, for it knew that it had won...

    Late last friday night a body was found hanged in his Denver apartment bedroom. It was later found that this man was the mastermind behind the disappearances last month. Sadly, none of the victims were found alive. They were only discovered when the officers investigating the suicide reported of a foul stench coming from one of the walls. A door to a secret room where blood and feces were found splattered all across the floor and wall. The bodies were mutilated and hung from meat hooks for undiscovered purposes. We are happy to say that the serial killer took his own life before he took anymore lives and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one in this tragic event.
    -Public police announcement 2017, October 13.

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