Forstbitten Heart

October 27, 2017
By Ghost-of-a-Rose50, Aurora, Colorado
Ghost-of-a-Rose50, Aurora, Colorado
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A dear friend is lost in the hands of death unable to be found and brought back. Lauren Hunter has just lost a friend that she thought of like a sister and now she has to cope with the knowledge that she will never come back. That nothing is going to be the same as it was with her friend at her side. Lauren goes to school and has great grades better than with her friend around but when told that she can not go to school for fear that it is hurting her mental state her mother and father ask her to stay home and rest. They only wish her the best but she had more matters on her brain. After talking with her principle she is told a great secret that her mother and father do not know and can not know. She will have to gain control over her feelings or lose her mind trying to hide everything from her family. Were unlikely friendships are made in the middle of a great lost we always need someone to hold on to.

Gabrielle C.

Forstbitten Heart

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