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Battle of the Butterflies

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Chapter 1

Dilly walked briskly down the hall, her golden braid swishing back and forth. Her best friend, and practically her sister, Lily Pielikey was a step behind. They had been through a lot together, many many things, adventures which would take quite a large number of books to explain. So, here is a very short summary of what they have done. Princess Jenny Angelina Daffodil Bunnie, called Dilly, princess and ruler of Legotopia, knight of Narniago and Ogainran, protector of Queen Jackie, time traveler, world renowned inventor, and part fairy. Lily Pielikey, queen of Treetopia, princess of Legotopia, knight of Narniago and Ogainran, protector of Queen Mackenzie, time traveler, Dimension-Jumper, leader of the A.L.W.I.N, and fully Complixie. Lily giggled to herself as Dilly’s braid swung back and forth rapidly. Her own curls went up and down, and her cloak flew behind her. Dilly turned to look at her, and Lily instantly noticed that something was wrong.
“What troubles thou, Dilly?” Lily inquired, and pushed back her cloak.
“Leana. The Technolands have invaded The Fairylands, by forming allies with…” Dilly paused, and looked at her feet.
“With whom?” Do not hinder telling me.” Lily persisted, growing steadily more worried.
“The Antibrickilsh.” Dilly finished.
Lily’s face fell instantly, and she closed her eyes, as if in pain. She took her green charm, and threw it up into the air. It spun around and around, making strokes like that of a paint brush. It drew a cirlce in the air, then continued to fill in the interior. It drew a complicated and detailed map of The Fairylands. It slowly fell to the gorund, and settled under their feet. The charm continued to spin around and around, and produced a map of The Technolands, and one of The Normalands. The three circles formed a triangle, by connecting the cirlces with large bridges. This was a map of the three planets, and the bridges that connected them. Each planet was a parallel to the other two. The Fairylands was strong in magic and the arts, The Technolands was strong in technology and science, and The Normalands was strong in agriculture and arcitecture. The charm stopped spinning, and refastened itself on the bracelet.
Lily consentrated hard, and a glowing spere appeared in fornt of her. She placed a tiny stick in it, and it disappeared. In about another two seconds, four more spheres appeared. Inside each was a flower. Lily threw her light blue charm into the air, and it painted three figures. One was a Pixie. It was about three feet tall, had blond hair, and it had pink and blue wings. The other two were girls who looked about Dilly’s age. The fourth had the appearance of a child who was five. She had green hair, green eyes, ad was a bit shorter than the Pixie. They were Polly, Emily Ann, Lucy, and Skyly Pielikey.
“What’s the problem?” Lucy asked.
“As we know, there are the three planets in our dimension. The Fairylands, The Technolands, and the Normalands. On our planet, there are five kingdoms divided equally. Legotopia in the center, Narniago to the West, Ogainran to the South, Treetopia to the North, and Antibrickiland to the East. On The Technolands, there are three kingdoms divided inequally. Yndanosela takes up 65% of the planet, and Alesonadny and Yanleasoan have equally divided the other 35%. The Normalands is so concerned about having peace, that they have one kingdom, so as not to engage in war. Our three planets are connected by bridges, which were originally built to support trade and to spread cultures. This was foolish, for we know that one cannot survive without a considerable amount of what their world is good at. But, now these bridges have become a source of intergalatic warfare. Yndanosela is perfectly positioned to control the bridge connecting The Technolands to The Fairylands and The Normalands. This has given them far too much power!
They have made allies with our enemies, the Antibrickilish. The Normalands have developed an arctitechual wall that is invulnerable to their technology, so they are safe. But, the Yndanoselians are already in The Fairylands. Lead, of course, by Leana Pielikey.” Dilly said, and started to continue, but was cut short.
“Do not call my evil twin Pielikey! You know that I hate that! I told you she married Sherman Takiobur!” Lily snapped as her face turned bright red in anger.
“Sorry, I’ve got a lot on my mind, and it slipped me… Anyways, Leana wants to kill all the butterflies. the butterflies are the only pollinators who are still alive. They are also the only things that know how to extract the magic from one flower, and place it in another, much like what bees do in the world of men. But, basically what killing the butterflies means, is that they want to destroy the plants. A large part of our polulation depends on the trees and flowers for survival. If the plants go, so do millions of lives. But, I think we all know what she’s really after…” Dilly finished, and looked at her feet again.
“Why must my life always put everyone in danger?” Lily asked.
She sat down, and curled herself into a ball. She stared at one of the landmarks on the map. It was labeled ‘Lily’s Tree.’ She pulled her cloak over her head, and squeezed the invisibility charm. Ever since she was three, Leana had constantly been trying to kill her. She had actualy suceeded in her endeavors countless times, but none of them had been permenant. One time when sge, Dilly, and Skyly had been time traveling, time stopped. It somehow started up again, which remains a mystery to everyone in all the dimensions, universes, and realms. But, it had caused something strange to happen. Since the three of them had been time traveling when time stopped, the aging process had stopped on them. It had also given them the ability to wake up, as if sleeping the whole time, after being killed. There were, of course, conditions, but this had proved all of Leana’s desperate attempt to rid the dimension of her older twin useless. Which unfortunately meant that Lily had to go through that unpleasant experience quite a few times.
“Mother, please come back. We don’t even have a chance again Aunt Leana without you.” Skyly said softly.
“Get Dennis to do it.” Lily responded, refusing to make herself visible.
“You know your brother has been missing for 1,937 years now.” Sherman sneered.
Lily squeezed the clear charm again, revealing herself once more. Her face was red. Her flowers were red. She was about to explode. She gave him a withering glare, and stared at him with unblinking eyes.
“We all know you did it!” Lily said, desperately fighting the urge to spring at him.
“What makes you say that? Besides, you knew it must happen, you blasted little rebel!” Sherman retalliated, reaching for his pocket.
“ENOUGH! Leave me alone, you fool! Do you think your dark magic will work on me!? I have defeated you once, and I will more than gladly do so again!” Lily retorted, drawing her sword.
At the sight of this sword, Sherman froze. This was the Golden Sword of Amethyst. This was the sword that had defeated him 4,896 years ago. He was The IT. The evil wizard who had almost suceeded in destroying Narniago and Ogainran. Until Mackenzie, Mack, Jackie, Jack, Lily, Dilly, Lenny, and Dennis had put a stop to it. The sword was invincible, and could only be weilded by Lily. That was how the prophecy worked. No dark magic, no matter how strong, no matter how powerful, no matter how much of it could so much as scratch the sword. It was solid gold, and the hilt was laid with amethysts. A soft, relaxing, purple glow came from the blade. It could slice through concrete with literally no effort. The magic made it so that, if Lily wished, whatever it touched turned into amethyst. The A.L.W.I.N. had suceeded in considerably damaging Sherman’s magic. He could pretty much make someone hurt just a little, but that was it.
“I’d put my wand away whilst I still had the chance, Takiobur.” Lily hissed, and sprang at him.
Skyly immediately interveined, and cast a shield around him. She then made Lily fly tow feet in the air, pushed her back to where she was before, and put her down again.
“Control yourself, Mother.” Sky cooed.

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