Battle of the Butterflies

July 7, 2017
By Lilyanabell GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
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Lilyanabell GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
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Dilly walked briskly down the hall, her golden braid swishing back and forth. Her best friend, and practically her sister, Lily Pielikey was a step behind. They had been through a lot together, many many things, adventures which would take quite a large number of books to explain. So, here is a very short summary of what they have done. Princess Jenny Angelina Daffodil Bunnie, called Dilly, princess and ruler of Legotopia, knight of Narniago and Ogainran, protector of Queen Jackie, time traveler, world renowned inventor, and part fairy. Lily Pielikey, queen of Treetopia, princess of Legotopia, knight of Narniago and Ogainran, protector of Queen Mackenzie, time traveler, Dimension-Jumper, leader of the A.L.W.I.N, and fully Complixie. Lily giggled to herself as Dilly’s braid swung back and forth rapidly. Her own curls went up and down, and her cloak flew behind her. Dilly turned to look at her, and Lily instantly noticed that something was wrong.
“What troubles thou, Dilly?” Lily inquired, and pushed back her cloak.
“Leana. The Technolands have invaded The Fairylands, by forming allies with…” Dilly paused, and looked at her feet.
“With whom?” Do not hinder telling me.” Lily persisted, growing steadily more worried.
“The Antibrickilsh.” Dilly finished.
Lily’s face fell instantly, and she closed her eyes, as if in pain. She took her green charm, and threw it up into the air. It spun around and around, making strokes like that of a paint brush. It drew a cirlce in the air, then continued to fill in the interior. It drew a complicated and detailed map of The Fairylands. It slowly fell to the gorund, and settled under their feet. The charm continued to spin around and around, and produced a map of The Technolands, and one of The Normalands. The three circles formed a triangle, by connecting the cirlces with large bridges. This was a map of the three planets, and the bridges that connected them. Each planet was a parallel to the other two. The Fairylands was strong in magic and the arts, The Technolands was strong in technology and science, and The Normalands was strong in agriculture and arcitecture. The charm stopped spinning, and refastened itself on the bracelet.
Lily consentrated hard, and a glowing spere appeared in fornt of her. She placed a tiny stick in it, and it disappeared. In about another two seconds, four more spheres appeared. Inside each was a flower. Lily threw her light blue charm into the air, and it painted three figures. One was a Pixie. It was about three feet tall, had blond hair, and it had pink and blue wings. The other two were girls who looked about Dilly’s age. The fourth had the appearance of a child who was five. She had green hair, green eyes, ad was a bit shorter than the Pixie. They were Polly, Emily Ann, Lucy, and Skyly Pielikey.
“What’s the problem?” Lucy asked.
“As we know, there are the three planets in our dimension. The Fairylands, The Technolands, and the Normalands. On our planet, there are five kingdoms divided equally. Legotopia in the center, Narniago to the West, Ogainran to the South, Treetopia to the North, and Antibrickiland to the East. On The Technolands, there are three kingdoms divided inequally. Yndanosela takes up 65% of the planet, and Alesonadny and Yanleasoan have equally divided the other 35%. The Normalands is so concerned about having peace, that they have one kingdom, so as not to engage in war. Our three planets are connected by bridges, which were originally built to support trade and to spread cultures. This was foolish, for we know that one cannot survive without a considerable amount of what their world is good at. But, now these bridges have become a source of intergalatic warfare. Yndanosela is perfectly positioned to control the bridge connecting The Technolands to The Fairylands and The Normalands. This has given them far too much power!
They have made allies with our enemies, the Antibrickilish. The Normalands have developed an arctitechual wall that is invulnerable to their technology, so they are safe. But, the Yndanoselians are already in The Fairylands. Lead, of course, by Leana Pielikey.” Dilly said, and started to continue, but was cut short.
“Do not call my evil twin Pielikey! You know that I hate that! I told you she married Sherman Takiobur!” Lily snapped as her face turned bright red in anger.
“Sorry, I’ve got a lot on my mind, and it slipped me… Anyways, Leana wants to kill all the butterflies. the butterflies are the only pollinators who are still alive. They are also the only things that know how to extract the magic from one flower, and place it in another, much like what bees do in the world of men. But, basically what killing the butterflies means, is that they want to destroy the plants. A large part of our polulation depends on the trees and flowers for survival. If the plants go, so do millions of lives. But, I think we all know what she’s really after…” Dilly finished, and looked at her feet again.
“Why must my life always put everyone in danger?” Lily asked.
She sat down, and curled herself into a ball. She stared at one of the landmarks on the map. It was labeled ‘Lily’s Tree.’ She pulled her cloak over her head, and squeezed the invisibility charm. Ever since she was three, Leana had constantly been trying to kill her. She had actualy suceeded in her endeavors countless times, but none of them had been permenant. One time when sge, Dilly, and Skyly had been time traveling, time stopped. It somehow started up again, which remains a mystery to everyone in all the dimensions, universes, and realms. But, it had caused something strange to happen. Since the three of them had been time traveling when time stopped, the aging process had stopped on them. It had also given them the ability to wake up, as if sleeping the whole time, after being killed. There were, of course, conditions, but this had proved all of Leana’s desperate attempt to rid the dimension of her older twin useless. Which unfortunately meant that Lily had to go through that unpleasant experience quite a few times.
“Mother, please come back. We don’t even have a chance again Aunt Leana without you.” Skyly said softly.
“Get Dennis to do it.” Lily responded, refusing to make herself visible.
“You know your brother has been missing for 1,937 years now.” Sherman sneered.
Lily squeezed the clear charm again, revealing herself once more. Her face was red. Her flowers were red. She was about to explode. She gave him a withering glare, and stared at him with unblinking eyes.
“We all know you did it!” Lily said, desperately fighting the urge to spring at him.
“What makes you say that? Besides, you knew it must happen, you blasted little rebel!” Sherman retalliated, reaching for his pocket.
“ENOUGH! Leave me alone, you fool! Do you think your dark magic will work on me!? I have defeated you once, and I will more than gladly do so again!” Lily retorted, drawing her sword.
At the sight of this sword, Sherman froze. This was the Golden Sword of Amethyst. This was the sword that had defeated him 4,896 years ago. He was The IT. The evil wizard who had almost suceeded in destroying Narniago and Ogainran. Until Mackenzie, Mack, Jackie, Jack, Lily, Dilly, Lenny, and Dennis had put a stop to it. The sword was invincible, and could only be weilded by Lily. That was how the prophecy worked. No dark magic, no matter how strong, no matter how powerful, no matter how much of it could so much as scratch the sword. It was solid gold, and the hilt was laid with amethysts. A soft, relaxing, purple glow came from the blade. It could slice through concrete with literally no effort. The magic made it so that, if Lily wished, whatever it touched turned into amethyst. The A.L.W.I.N. had suceeded in considerably damaging Sherman’s magic. He could pretty much make someone hurt just a little, but that was it.
“I’d put my wand away whilst I still had the chance, Takiobur.” Lily hissed, and sprang at him.
Skyly immediately interveined, and cast a shield around him. She then made Lily fly tow feet in the air, pushed her back to where she was before, and put her down again.
“Control yourself, Mother.” Sky cooed.

“How goes it, Dilly?” Leana asked cheerfully.
“Like you care.” Dilly replied, and stared at her feet.
“Jenny look. I know we’ve had our differences, but you don’t have to be so rude.” Leana pointed out.
“Well, let’s be logical. You invaded my kingdom, caused the butterflies to become extinct, killed innumerable people in the process, caught Lily, Emily Ann, Lucy, Rose, and I, and have forced us to attend the scholl of spherical geometry and disbelief in magic for 30 years now. As you say in The Technolands, technically I am perfectly in my rights to be in such a foul mood. I would be perfectly within my rights to be in a much worse mood. You coward, give me a sword, and let us see what happens then!” Dilly retorted.
“Nobody calls me a coward!” Leana shouted, and shot a laser at Dilly.
Dilly giggled, and stepped to one side. Leana kept repositioning the laser, but Dilly somehow always knew where it would strike next. That was because the exact same thing happened every single day for 30 years. Leana would come, talk to Dilly, Dilly would retalliate, Leana would shoot a laser, and Dilly would dodge it. It was as if someone hit a reply button every single day. Sometimes Dilly wondered if Leana actually couldn’t rememeber she had said the exact same thing 10,957 times. For her this had actually become as lifeless, dependable, and dangerousless as acting. In about another, 10 minutes Leana would grow bored, and go off to mess with one of the others. Dilly had always wondered in what order Leana came to mess with them every day. Knowing her, it probably went Lily, to Dilly, to Emily Ann, to Lucy, to Rose. Basically, the order of importance they had to The Fairylands, and the threat they were to Leana’s plans. Lily must know the scheldule, because the very second after Leana left, Lily would communicate with Dilly with the only form of magic they had left.
Same thing as normal? Lily inquired, and shook her head.
Yup. Can’t expect anything less form Leana. Dilly replied.
You’re very very very fortunate. You have no idea how fortunate you are to be able to know what’s going to happen, and stop it from happening. Lily sighed.
What happened? Are you okay? Dilly asked nervously.
Lily giggled softly, and replied, No. No I’m not. How about you?
I’m fine, well physically and emotionally. What happened? Dilly persisted.
Let’s just say you’ve got two things over me. I don’t really wanna talk about it… Lily replied with a slight groan.
As Emily Ann and Lucy walked to school, they came upon a girl who seemed to be going to school as well.  She was writing so quickly, they wondered how she happened to not run out of lead. The wind blew strongly from the other direction, and flipped the girl’s pages.
She started to talk to herself as she was writing: Alright, where was I? Oh yes…
‘What now?’ Dilly asked, she sat down and thought very hard.
‘Perhaps we could find them, I’m sure there is someone who could help.’ Lily tried to reassure Dilly, but in her efforts were in vain. 
‘There is no way. If we do find them, what could they do in this world?’ Dilly asked, and held her head in her hands.”
“So who will help them?” the girl asked continuing to talk to herself as the two others looked on “Oh, maybe Skyly could explain to Matt, Bill, and Fred about what happened. But no, Skyly has no idea where Dilly and Lily are. Oh, I wish she would just hurry up! I don’t know how much longer Dilly is going to last in this cursed land. If only they had won the battle, then maybe everything would’ve been alright. Dilly, Lily, Emily Ann, Lucy, Skyly, and Polly would still all be together, and the kingdom would be safe. But now everything has gone wrong!”
Emily Ann and Lucy looked at each other in confusion, then Emily whispered “Who is she? How does she know our names?”
“I don’t know…” Lucy said slowly, “But, I’ve got a sort of feeling deep down inside of me that I’ve heard of, and known those people quite well.”
“Really?” Emily inquired in surprise, “Because, I feel the same way. Like, sometime long long ago, in a dream, yet a story in the dream.”
“Exactly!” Lucy exclaimed, “That is just how it seems to me also!”
The girl looked up in surprise, and quickly shoved her notepad into her bag.
Emily looked up, realized they had the girl’s attention, and asked “Who are Dilly and Lily?”
She looked scared that she had been heard and replied “Dilly and Lily are two of my main story characters.”
“Ohhhh.” Lucy said half to herself, and the girl slowed her pace so as to fall behind. 
“Are you worried?” Lucy asked. 
“Well… it really depends on what you’re talking about.”  Emily replied keeping a steady gaze forward. 
Lucy knew that Emily was thinking of two things, the day, and the girl. As they arrived they noticed that the girl they had seen earlier was whispering with another girl under the large oak tree, which no student would hang around because of the shadows. That tree was something straight out of a horror movie. It was said to be enchanted by magic. Whenever a foolish student got too close, the tree would reach out to them. It would pick them up, and they were never seen again. So far only the bullies had foolishly wandered into its shadows. The bullies who had tormented Dilly and Lily. Of course, Leana told another tall tale, and they got the blame. Leana had honestly been the one behind this, with the help of Sherman. That is a very mild example of what she did that caused problems for Lily.
“That girl seems very secretive.”  Lucy said glancing over in that direction. 
“Maybe they share a secret.” Emily waved it off, but really was very interested.
Just then the bell rang, and all the kids crowded inside. However, the two whispers kept a distance from the others. As the students flooded into the classrooms and sat down, Emily Ann and Lucy noticed that the other two girls were in their first class. They waited patiently, yet eagerly for the teacher to call roll, so they could learn who the girls were. Both Emily Ann and Lucy felt something… something they could not ever come to describe. Their subconscious thought that perhaps there was a deeper connection betwixt the girl and her story. There was definitely something going on. The problem was that something was going on which neither girl knew. Something that could prove fatal without the help of a dear friend they had long forgotten. Deep down a part of them was screaming in despair and agony. But, that part of them had long been silenced.
The first period of the day was biology, so it wasn’t surprising when the teacher’s name turned out to be Miss Rose. 
Miss Rose began to call roll “Lily,
Emily Ann,
and Daffodil
‘I’m here.” the girl replied, then mumbled to herself “As if you had to ask Lily, Emily Ann, Lucy, and I if we were here.  You ought to know perfectly well, Rose.”

“Is your name really Daffodil?” Miss Rose asked, despite the fact that she knew perfectly well. 
“It is truly my second name.  I prefer not to go by my first name as of late.” Daffodil replied with an annoyed look in her eyes as Lily shook her head. 
“Do you go by any other names?” Miss Rose asked. 
“My friends call me Dilly.” Daffodil responded growing red. 
Emily and Lucy continued to watch Daffodil and Lily. As the day progressed they couldn’t help  but realize more and more how different the two best friends were. For one thing, they would avoid other people entirely if possible, and were always whispering about something.  Sometimes, they would also whisper with Miss Rose, but never with anyone else. When the bell rang two periods later, Emily tried to find Daffodil. Much to her dismay, Daffodil and Lily were experts at falling in with the wave of colors to avoid her and Lucy. Something about this seemed odd, and somehow familiar for a split second. But, Emily immediately forgot it without having time to ponder this. If she had that important piece of the puzzle that Dilly and Lily were literally dying trying to give her, she would have recognized something she had long forgotten, and remember whio she was.
But, of course it would never do for Emily Ann and Lucy to figure out who they were, what they were doing there, and the horrible danger they were in. That would not go well for Leana and Sherman’s plan. No, there was a huge gap in their memory. Something that seemed like a legend, inside a story, inside a dream, inside another dream, which was inside a story. If only knew knew who they were! But, Leana was no fool. There is actually a remarkable difference between fool and another word which shall not be repeated. A fool being someone, obviously, who does something that is foolish, and a waste of time. An example would be these two sentences, which is a bad example, but there it is. And the second being someone who is a combination of someone who does something foolish, who does stupid things incessantly, is never any the wiser, and enjoys doing it. The latter is a fairly accurate version of Leana ever since she was three.
Leana and Sherman had done something perfectly awful to Emily Ann and Lucy, something that is never, under any circumstance, no matter what the risk, to ever be written. Because it was not something that should actally even be hinted that it had once happened, but it is an important factor in the future of the two girls. In all fairness, none of them actually should be called girls, unless you describe people based on appearance. Even then, girl is not an accurate word, or one that anyone would use to describe them under normal circumstances. Lily was 15,984, Dilly was 15,987, Emily Ann was 3,812, and Lucy was 3,811. But, precisely 15,975 years ago, time stopped,a dn people stopped aging. It is a very interesting story, actually. But, it is very long, and it is another story for another time.
“Do you think that Daffodil was telling the truth this morning?” Lucy asked Emily.
“I’m not quite sure yet. There’s just something that bothers me about her, and I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Those two seem more like adults than 9th grade girls.” Emily Ann replied slowly. 
“Have you noticed how they avoid others, but look at others with a look in their eyes.  It looks like a mixture of jealousy, desperation, frustration, and depression.” Lucy said. 
Emily nodded in agreement, “And it’s no wonder they have that look. They are absolutely incredible at everything they do! Yet the teachers aside from Miss Rose treat them with pure hatred, and torture them as much as possible.”
Lily had been listening to this conversation, and was inwardly screaming.
This is bad, very very bad. There is no telling what Leana will do if  Emily Ann and Lucy find out who, and what they are. It certainly won’t be good. I have to get them back to The Fairylands. If I never achieve anything else in my life, if I die in the process, it doesn’t matter. They MUST return, or else the world is going to end! The planet will be destroyed, the dimension will be in ruins, and all of the other universes will be in danger. Oh, I wish they knew what they are capable of! They could stop all of this. Polly said in frustration.
Ugh. Leave me alone, Polly! This is bad enough without you bothering me. Lily replied, and tried to disrupt her telepathy.
I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lily. We both know that I must interfere, it’s crtical to your survival. Listen to me, things are fine on earth.Things are fine in The Fairylands. We’re using the time machine, and we brought butterflies from earth. But, our shields won’t last long. Magic can only do so much, as you know perfectly well. Magic is not the answer to our problems. Polly informed her, and kept the telepathy going.
Please focus on the others instead of me, Polly. I’ll be fine. Lily begged, desperately trying to make Polly leave her alone.
No, no you really won’t. You know that as well as I. Skyly is doing all she can. The signal is fading. You need to speak to Dilly, convince her it’s still possible. Polly persisted.
But, Polly… Lily protested.
I can’t hear you. It’s too soft. Goodbye, and hopefully I’ll see you soon, Lily .Polly replied, and the telepathy faded away.
“Are they alright?” Skyly asked, “Has Mother talked to Emily Ann and Lucy?”
“I… I don’t know. I’m sorry, Sky, but I just don’t know…” Polly faltered, and turned away.
“It’s, it’s going to be alright, isn’t it?” Sky asked.
Polly bent over, and slowly fell into a kneeling position on the floor. Her wings drooped, and her hair fell over her face. She could feel herself continuing to get lower and lower, and she closed her eyes. She let out a soft groan, and put her head in her hands. Her mind was not on Skyly anymore, not on Dennis, not Dilly, nor Emily Ann, it wasn’t on Lucy, or even on Lily. The date was ringing in her head, and wouldn’t stop despite her greatest attempts to silence it. It was Syxamber 19th, 5869. The time was precisely 4:37pm, on the 2 second. She had exactly three days left. Three days, and she was responsible for the fate of the five kingdoms of The Fairylands. She didn’t even know who she was, where she came from, and had never known her family. She had actually been called a memoryless orphan. Yet, here she was. The eldest of the remaining kings and queens of The Fairylands. She was the one burdened with what might happen to the lives of everyone on the planet.
“Polly?” Skyly asked.
“Please, just give me a moment to think. I don’t know what’s happening.” Polly pleaded.
It hadn’t occurred to her that Sky still wasn’t sure what to think. Everyone had always viewed Sky as a five year old, because she had the appearance of a five year old. Nobody ever took into account that Skyly understood these things. She knew how to handle them.

“Dilly, they are beginning to notice and are rapidly becoming curious. There is no way to hide our despair.” Lily said.
“Lily Pielikey! For the last time, we are UTTERLY POWERLESS to do anything in this horrible world!” Dilly snapped at Lily.
“Girls…” Miss Rose began.
“Who are you calling a girl, Rose?” Dilly asked and left the room. 
“I guess we’re the only ones who remember what life used to be like, back at home.” Lily sighed. 
“For all we now there might not be a home anymore.” Miss Rose replied.
The next two weeks of school went along in pretty much the same matter.  Dilly continued to be upset and have a short temper, despite Lily’s friendship and outstanding patience.  Emily Ann and Lucy continued to try and connect with Lily and Dilly, but each time the two girls would slip away before they had the chance.  Miss Rose continued to whisper to Lily about their homeland far away from the world they occupied at the present time.  So life went until one Monday when Dilly couldn’t bear it any longer.
She had been picked on and treated so badly the day before she hadn’t ever fallen to sleep last night.  When Miss Rose was taking role, she was thinking of everything that had happened since the Battle of the Butterflies.  She had tried so hard to do what was required to save the other dimension she ruled called Legotopia, but it hadn’t been enough to stop Lily’s evil twin.  The more she thought about it, the worse she felt.  Then that one morning she began to cry.  Lily glanced over at Dilly, and started to cry as well.
However, Lily had a completely different reason.  Legotopia was a fairyland, and many magical creatures lived there.  Lily was one of these fairies.  She was part human, part Wood Nymph, part Dryad,  part Sylph, part fairy.  Someone (most likely her twin Leana) had hurt her tree.  She had honey yellow hair, with bright pink flowers intertwined.  When she was hurt, the flowers would begin to fade, which was what was happening at the present moment. ‘At least’ Lily thought to herself ‘Legotopia must still be okay.’
Usually what happens in stories is that everyone just starts crying without knowing why, and eventually everyone stops and moves on with life.  However, this did not happen at all.  One of the other teachers, followed by everyone at school, came in and just watched them cry.  Then one of the teachers did something that wasn’t very appropriate, and should probably not be written.  A girl sitting in the back of the class whose name was Caroline, stood up and touched a charm that was hanging on her bracelet.  The teacher shrieked, and ran back to his classroom.  That scared everyone else away as well, and attracted the attention of Dilly.  ‘That girl has the I.B. I need to talk to her.’ Dilly thought for she couldn’t speak. Dilly looked at Caroline, and pointed at her mouth and her ear.  Most kids looked confused, aside from Caroline and Lily. 
Dilly, Lily, and Rose were not allowed to talk about Legotopia, the Battle of the Butterflies, or who they were.  Dilly, as well as being a princess, was an inventor.  She made a weird sort of walkie-talkie thing that goes inside your ear so no one else can hear the conversation. This was how the three Legotopians communicated about those things the teachers wouldn’t let them.
So now Dilly said to Caroline “I invented that bracelet. But, the teachers stole it after something I prefer not to talk about happened. I have no idea how in Legotopia (Legotopians never say how on earth) you came to posses it. Meet me after school in the large oak tree.”
“Okay.” Caroline replied at a loss of words.
For the first time in ten years Dilly smiled. Lily smiled back, the color restored to her flowers, although she limped a bit that day.
Once they were in the tree after school as planned, Caroline asked two questions “Why can’t you talk anymore?”
“The teachers don’t want me to.” Dilly replied in sign language.
“Oh, and how did the teachers steal your bracelet?” Caroline asked.
“To answer that question, you need to know who I am. I am Princess Jenny Angelina Daffodil Bunnie. I fought in the Battle of the Butterflies to protect the butterflies from extinction. The enemy was the teachers. We lost, and that is why Lily, Miss Rose, and I are here today, and not in our homeland of Legotopia. The teachers got everyone except Bill, Fred, Matt and Skyly.” Dilly signed.
“Wait back up. You, a ninth grader, are the ruler of the Legotopia mentioned in all the stories?!?”
Dilly looked offended, and asked “Are you calling me a fraud? Yes, I am Princess Angelina and Legotopia is not make-believe! Leana started that story that Legotopia is fake, and she has betrayed the whole dimension!”
“Leana, the principal?” Caroline asked.
“That traitor is no principal, she’s Lily’s evil twin!” Dilly said beginning to grow a bit red.
“Lily has an evil twin? Like in fairy tales?” Caroline asked.
Dilly sighed, very frustrated and signed “Do not mention stories or fairy tales anymore. Can you please just let me hold the bracelet?”
Caroline gave it to Dilly, who duplicated it and gave the copy to Caroline. She smiled again, and secured her treasure around her wrist. A hologram materialized and it looked like a young girl.
“Dilly!” the girl exclaimed “I thought I’d never see you again!”
“Same here.” Dilly signed back. “Why aren’t you talking?” the girl asked. “That is another story for another time. Caroline, this is my friend Skyly.” Dilly signed.
“Hello.” Caroline said.
“Hello.” Skyly echoed, then turned back to Dilly and asked “Can I go find Mom?”
Dilly nodded and signed “And make sure you don’t use speech, or take freedom for granted.” Skyly raced down the tree and ran off.
“Who is her mom?” Caroline asked. “Skyly’s mom is Lily. She hasn’t seen her in thirty years.” Dilly signed.
“How old are you guys?!?” Caroline asked.
“That’s a hard question. How old am I in Legotopia, how old am I here, or how old should I be?” Dilly asked.
“I guess all of them.” Caroline said. “In Legotopia I am 15,673, here I am 14, and I should be so old there isn’t a number. Technically I was born in 2981.” Dilly signed.
“But that would make you 26…” Caroline said.
“But I have time traveled so much, and died so many times that I’m much older than I really should be.” Dilly responded.

Lily was sitting in a corner doing homework, when she heard a voice say “Mother?”
She looked up and signed “Is that you, Skyly?” Skyly nodded and Lily got up.
“How have you been doing? Goodness, you’ve gotten so tall!” Lily said.
“I’ve been doing fine, Treetopia is yet safe from Aunt Leana. Legotopia, on the other hand, is on the verge of perishing.” Skyly responded.
“None the less, I have gotten the notion you’ve been getting into trouble.” Lily signed.
“Well… maybe just a bit.” Skyly grinned “It’s hard to not do so when you are a princess in a fairy kingdom.”
“So I have noticed.” Lily agreed.
Two days later Skyly was successfully enrolled for the time being. There was, of course, probably some way that the teachers would find out that Lily and Dilly were behind this. But for now, the trio was ready to cause problems for the teachers of spherical geometry and disbelief in magic. The fact that the teachers were teaching such things was part of what made being there even worse. Dilly being from a land where everything was constructed of bricks, and Lily and Skyly being from a land where fairies, pixies, sprites, and nymphs were the only inhabitants. It is a wonder that Emily Ann and Lucy would one day save Legotopia, being raised to reject such things as that world consists of.  But that is another story for another time.
Dilly is very happy to have Skyly around, for she had a very close relationship to the girl. Lily was in much better spirits with even her daughter’s hologram being with her. The only downside of Skyly’s hologram is that it was a constant reminder that the vortex betwixt the worlds, in which Lily used to travel freely, was still locked despite several efforts from several worlds to reopen it. But, it also brought about positive changes. Skyly, having the freedom to speak, told Matt, Bill, and Fred exactly what was happening.
“I cannot believe you two did not recognize them after all these 30 years.” Skyly said.
“Well we aren’t all holograms being mistaken for people, are we?” Matt snapped.
Emily Ann and Lucy had been listening to this whole affair, and Emily said to Dilly “That story that you were writing that day when we first saw you… it was true, wasn’t it?” Dilly nodded, as she watched Skyly solve the mystery for the boys.
“I knew I would eventually bump into you somewhere in the past.” Dilly signed.
“But this is the present…” Lucy staggered.
Dilly shook here head, and signed “The present is actually Sexamber 13th, 5016.”
“That’s impossible! It’s Sexamber 11th, 3016!” Emily exclaimed.
“You’ve been sent back in time to this school to try and divert you to this world’s view on right and wrong, ultimately to destroy all other dimensions.” Dilly communicated in a quick blurr.
“I do not understand…” Lucy said.
“I have an idea you won’t for a long time yet.” Dilly shrugged.
The bell rang, and the three girls were so absorbed had not Lily distracted them, they might still be discussing to this day. The teachers were obviously suspicious of the girls, but Dilly and Lily made sure they didn’t know they could speak sign language lest something happen to their hands. They did posses power, but not out of  Legotopia and the fairylands. Even if something did happen to their hands, Dilly had made sure when she invented the earer hearer that no one could do anything to force you to turn it off. Besides, the plan of escape was to be enacted that very afternoon.
“Is it time?” Emily signed to Dilly impatiently.
“It’s time.” Dilly affirmed.
Dilly, Lily, Skyly, Caroline, Ms. Rose, Emily Ann, and Lucy had gathered underneath the shadows of the large oak tree.
“Will you Please  just hurry up and press the button, Angelina?” Ms. Rose asked for the twentieth time.
“I thought the person who was in charge got to decide when it was time to push the button.” Dilly said “All would be lost if the teachers know we are gone.”
“I AM  in charge here.” Ms. Rose said.
“If you would prefer to stay in this nightmare, that is fine with me. I am the princess of  Legotopia, Lily is the queen of Treetopia, and Skyly is the princess of  Treetopia. I was not referring to power in this world of our enemies.”
A few minutes after everything had been completed, Dilly pressed the button. Gone were the uniforms of the horrid school. Gone were the spells and dark magic looming over Dilly, Lily, and Rose. Gone was Emily Ann and Lucy’s ignorance of what they had done in the present time zone. The shadows of the tree they had found comfort over vanished before their eyes. A moment later, Lily and Dilly’s crowns reappeared, Skyly’s hologram vanished, and they were once more dressed in the familiar silky clothes of Legotopia and the fairylands. When the wind died down, and their eyes became accustomed to such glorious sunshine as they hadn’t seen in years, the landscape was clear. They were standing in an open field full of flowers, and butterflies flying everywhere.
“This is very familiar, which should be a good thing, but Dilly, we have not traveled to the time we intended. Therefore, we must fight this battle once more, if freedom is what we truly desire.”
“Alas, thou art right. This is indeed that which you sought to avoid. There is yet a means to accomplish thou’s task, if you would have it so and restore the kingdom to peace.” Skyly said appearing once more.
“Why is your hair green?” Emily Ann asked Skyly. “The answer should be quite evident to thee. I am a Dryad.” Skyly responded.
“It appears our companions fail to understand our speech. If it must be so, let us talk in the language used in my sister’s world, and confuse them no further.” Lily said, then clarified “We’re gonna stop talking like Legotopians again so you two can understand what we’re saying.”
“Ah, okay. Good idea.” Emily Ann giggled.
“Mother, what if Aunt Leana and the teachers win again? Surely you won’t get away if it happens again, if I know your sister.” Skyly said.
“That is very true. The magic of that world is only enough to support life, and technology is obviously not the answer to our problem.” Lily replied.
“The teachers are coming.” Caroline said in a worried tone “And I believe Skyly is right. Victory might be the one way to save all the dimensions.”
“At least the 927th dimension, yes.” Dilly said, then something struck her “I’m sure you’ve all heard of bird-bombing. What about butterfly bombing?”
Rose grinned widely “Plus we never repaid them for their hospitality.” Lily drew her pencil, and wrote something in the sky. Instantly after adding the period, seven butterfly suits appeared, for Lily was a member of a secret group know as A.L.W.I.N. (Association of  Legotopian Writers and Inventors Network) who had control over some of what happened in all the fairytale dimensions of books, movies, and dreams.
I would explain what happened next, but I’m sure anyone can guess what would happen since they were all thinking of bird-bombing. If you can’t figure it out, I’m sorry. I’m trying not to write about such things as how they fought the battle, even though it was pretty funny.  Three days past, and Legotopia was once more restored to peace.
“I was starting to get pretty worried about that whole thing.” Skyly laughed.
“I was worried since the first time it happened.” Dilly replied.
They had finally won the Battle of the Butterflies.
“Why are you upset, Caroline?” Lily asked.
“Well… do I have to go back to the past again?” Caroline asked.
Everyone was silent for a time, then Dilly said “This is your choice. It isn’t our place to say what you will do next. Either you stay and we lock the vortex, or you go and we lock the vortex.”
Caroline thought a few minutes, then said “I’ll stay.”
Dilly locked the vortex, and everyone was happy.

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