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The Runaway

December 9, 2016
By Anthony_mac2602, Eagle Point, Oregon
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Anthony_mac2602, Eagle Point, Oregon
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Author's note:

This story began with a dream, I had a dream about this novel and when I woke up I decided to put it on paper.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

In the world of planet Earth, there is a family away from the city and lives in the mountains, they are a good family who lives with my grandparents, it wasn't fun and it wasn't bad either. But this story is about two teenagers who decided that they should disappear, vanish, and leave all their troubles behind them and start a new life. And here is how it all started

It was a normal Thursday afternoon at Eagle Point High School, where students were learning and making memories with their friends. But a new kid in town who just moved away from the city he loved the most, the city that he grew up in, Medford. The new kid’s name is Anthony, he had short hair, freckles all over his arms, and is skinny with a bit of chubby. He was new to the school and didn't know anyone there, of course he tried to make friends but he was just the kid who didn't fit in with the rest. Every day he gets lunch like everyone else, he sits at a table hoping people will sit with him, but no one knew him so he is just that lonely kid who is thinking, “ why am I so lonely here? “ Then he realizes that he was happy with is friends, but apparently his friends are back in Medford.
His friends names are, Dawn, Enrique, and Torin, they go to North Medford High School.
They were half the reason why it was worth waking up in the morning. I love hanging out with them, until, I moved away from them, I don't  see them very often anymore. But I mostly talk to Dawn And Enrique on messenger every day so that kinda helped me with that.

Dawn is a girl who is pretty, amazing, and is fun to hang out with, she is like my best friend to me. Enrique is bigger than me. He has an Afro, Mexican like skin, glasses, and my best friend since the 5th grade. But what he doesn't know that I have feelings for Dawn, and it could be bad if he found out. But they mean a lot to me, I would take a bullet for them, step in front of the other to protect them, they are part of my life. But I have dreams about Dawn, I still hope that they will come true one day. That is one reason why I want to move back to Medford and go to North, so I can see her more than just a day or a face to face video chat on messenger.

I go to Enrique’s house almost every weekend to visit him and our friends, we mostly hang out at the mall. Just by going and visiting my friends makes me want to move back to Medford more. Every weekend with my friends are different, but this one, this one is the one that made this story, The story of the runaways.

One weekend, Me, Dawn, Enrique, and Torin all went to the mall to hang out, but it was a really unexpected day for me and dawn. Enrique got mad because of something I said and walked away furiously, Torin had to leave because he wasn't supposed to come in the first place. So it was just me and Dawn. We sat in silence for a moment, then we decided to walk around the mall then go to Target and walk around. But when dawn’s mom calls her she gets mad and upset at the same time and decides that she is done, “ Everyone treats me like crap and I am done with it, all of it” she said. Then she decides to run away, but before she did she told me, “ Come with me.” My stomach is in knots and I am confused on what to do. After a while I decided that I was done with how my life is going. “ Ok, I'll go” I said. Then we ditched our phones, and equipment that could track us down. We ran all the way to the freeway and kept going straight. We walked all the way to Ashland and we were scared and exhausted. “ We need to find shelter for the night” I said. It was almost dark and it felt like 56 degrees out here. Then all of a sudden we see an abandoned house. We took our chances and went inside. It was warm, and dusty. Dawn takes a peek in the cabinets, and fridge to check for food. Nothing. I took a look at the sinks in the house to see if any water would come out. Only one sink did and it was in the bathroom to the left. There was two bedrooms in the house and one bathroom. We tried to find a power switch. But we can only find a few bright flashlights. We ate and washed up then went to bed to rest for the night.

 Chapter 2: A way to surviving

The next morning, I was the first to wake up. I went to a window to take a look outside. I see a black van slowly pass by the house, I got suspicious but forgot it after I see Dawn walking towards the table to sit down. “ what are we going to do now?” I asked. “ We need a plan until we turn eighteen, then we can be free.” She said. “ Well maybe we can try to get fake identification cards to change our identities.” I told her. “ ok let's do it” she said a moment later. So we exit the house and walked. A few blocks later we see the same black van that I saw earlier. We took a look and it was giving away fake identity cards to people. “ Just our luck “ Dawn said. We walked over there asked for a couple of cards. We told them what names we wanted and the information about us. What we didn't realize that there was a price per card. We didn't have any money, so when we had the chance we would take and run. We took that chance and ran like a monster was chasing us. We lost them through an alleyway downtown. As we were walking back to the house , hoping that the van won't come back, we took a look at our ID’s I was Peter Tortilla and Dawn was Leslie waters. I am 21 years old and Dawn is 19. “ Now all we need is money” Dawn told me. “ have an idea “ I said.

Chapter 3: Bad things

We walked to the closest bank from the house, it had no security cameras or security officers, good. At that point we saw the two guys from the van at the counter working with the customers. “ Crap, what are we going to do now” Dawn said nervously. It took a moment to think but I had an idea. “ We have to go in disguise and rob this place “ I said. It was risky but it was the only way. We put on masks and wore black clothes so that they won't identify us.” GET ON THE GROUND, GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!!” I yelled. The people were scared and shaking on the ground. I felt bad and scared, but I had to do it. A moment later we grabbed all the money we could carry and ran off. We made it back to the house in time, took off our disguises and counted the money. “ How much is it “ asked Dawn. “ about  100,000,000 dollars “ I told her. “ What are we going to do with it ?” She asked. “ Well first we are going to get food, and then supplies to clean this place up to make it livable again” I said. “ Ok where should we go for food? “ she said. “ Well I've been craving Chinese food,  you wanna go to a Chinese restaurant?” I asked. “ yeah, Panda Express? “ she said. “ yeah ok let's go there. “

So we go to Panda Express and we get some food and just chill out a little, talk a little about what we are going to do. After we finished we decided to just walk around town. We walk by a couple of police officers. They were talking about the robbery at the downtown bank this morning. I got interested so I asked them a few questions. “ who did the people look like?” I asked. “ they were wearing black and they looked like they were in their 15 through 13’s.” Said the officer on the right. “ ya don't worry about it kid, a couple of guys will handle it. They said that they also stole from them, and he will put an end to their crimes.” Said the officer on the left. We walk down the road into a place where no one can hear us. After we went in there, I start screaming my head off . I am now starting to panic. “ They know our faces and we stole from them and the bank!!!  I said while panicking “what are we going to do?” I said again. “ we need to go to a new destination.” Dawn said. “ what do you mean?” I asked. “ well, we have money so we can go to another place and stay there until this whole this cools down” she said. “ and if it doesn't ?” I asked her. “ let's just hope it does” she told me. She got me convinced to go. So we walk around the whole city trying to find somewhere we can stay for a while. Me and Dawn are walking on the sidewalk thinking in what to do. Suddenly a kid slams into us. I get up to see who it was and what the he or she was doing running. I was jaw dropped when I saw that it was Enrique

Chapter 4: A friend in need

4 hours earlier in Medford.

“ hey Torin, do you know where Anthony and Dawn are?” He asked. “ no I don't, I am starting to get worried to.” He told him. “ well I tried calling both of them but it just goes to voicemail” he told him. “ ok, this is really weird, this has never happened before” Torin told Enrique. “ ok well I have to go because I am going to Ashland for the week for a family trip” he said. “ ok I'll talk to you later” Torin said. “ k, see ya”. Enrique told him. Enrique and his family make it to Ashland safely. Enrique decides to walk around town to look around and enjoy the view of Ashland. He starts running because he wanted to. Until he runs into two kids.


“Enrique!?!? , what are u doing here” I asked him. “ I am here for a family trip, what are u guys doing here? I was looking all over for you guys?” He asked. “ we ran away, we need to get away from our troubles and problems from our lives.” I told him. “ well, how is it for you guys, I heard that a couple people robbed a bank downtown and they stole something from a couple of killer guys” he said. “ wait, killer guys?” I said nervously. “ ya they are part of a gang that kills people who messes with them or steals.” He told me. Me and Dawn are standing there shaking to death. “Enrique” I said while shaking. “ yeah?” He asked. “ we are those people, we needed to hide and we needed money, we are scared and we need a place to stay, can you help us?” I said while crying. “ your lucky, I have a cousin here who just moved, he still have everything there, go there, and stay there. i’ll give you more information about the gang.” He said. He gave us the address and a phone so that we can contact him. “ ok, thanks man, I owe you one.”
Me and Dawn head over to the address that Enrique gave us. A few blocks later we reached to the address. It's a big house with a red door, a tree, two windows on each side of the walls and the house is white with a big yard. We go inside and it looks amazing. We picked our rooms and got comfortable. We needed to think of what to do the next time we see them or when they see us. There was no food in the house so I asked Dawn what she wants. She said she wanted Taco Bell. So I walk out the door to go get Taco Bell while she stayed and rested for a while.

Chapter 5: Gone

While I was at Taco Bell it literally took an hour to get my food there was no line, a few people, and only 6 workers working. While I was waiting I see a group that looks like Japanese people. I took a peek at them and looked back noticing that the two guys we saw was with them talking. I was thinking to myself. “ Why are they everywhere I go?”  As soon as I got my food. I stopped to use the bathroom but the guys recognized me and started to get up and charge towards me. I drop my food and run like hell into the bathroom. I hid in one of the stalls. The guys blocked the only exit I could get out of. There is no escape. I was terrified, and worried that I might not make it back to the house. But suddenly, an old woman goes in the bathroom and starts yelling at them. And that's when I realized that I was in the girls bathroom. The gang walked out and the employees kicked out the gang from the restaurant. I was so relieved that the woman came in. I walk out the bathroom and got  the food and go to the house. Dawn saw me sweating and panting. “ what happened?” She asked. “ don't ask” I told her.

I was sitting in a chair peacefully. Until I got a call from Enrique. I answered it. “Hello?” I asked. “Hey, I got some news about the gang.” He said “ ok what is it?” “ well the gang is Japanese. And the last location was at Taco Bell downtown.” He told me. “ oh, yeah I know, I was at that Taco Bell.” . “ what happened he asked. I told him my whole story of what happened. We were having a good conversation until I heard a scream in the background. I asked him what happened. Then we lost connection. I was a little worried of what happened. I checked in dawn's room to see if she was ok. She was asleep. So I went in my room to take a nap to because I was a little tired from the running and the panicking. As soon as I woke up I decide to go walk around town to think. A few hours later a get a call on the phone Enrique gave me. It was from the number 541-767-9982. I have never seen this number in my life so I answer it. “ hello? “ I asked. There was silence for a moment. Then there was a dark deep voice saying “ this is what you get when you make us very angry” he said. He hangs up and then a couple of police cars pass by my at high speed. I go follow the cars to see what has happened.  It stopped at a house with a small yard with green grass. The house was white with a few flower beds in front.
I go inside and it was a complete mess. I overheard one of the police officers and he said that someone was kidnapped. At that moment I started to panic and run nonstop til I got to the house. I go inside and… It was trashed. It looked like a tornado strikes furiously in the house. I need to know if Dawn is ok and if she is here. I look everywhere in this house and she was gone.

I get another phone call from the number I had earlier. I answered. “ Hello? “ I asked the mystery caller. If u want them back. You need to follow three simple steps. One, go to the bank you robbed. Two, wait for a black van to arrive.3, Get ready to choose.” He hangs up. I am standing there in silence thinking” What the hell just happened.” I had to get Dawn back. So I go to the bank and wait for the van. It was 2:48 and no sight of a black van. Suddenly a black van stops right in front of me. I jumped a little. Then a guy came out. He had a whole bunch of muscles on his arms. He walks up to me and asks. “ Are you Peter tortilla?” I was shaking and softly said. “Yeah”. Then he hits me in the face like the speed of light. He knocks me out.

Chapter 6: The decision of a lifetime

I soon woke up with black bag over my head.
Two henchmen suddenly just rip the bag off my head. And there I saw two cages. One hanging from each side of the room. Then I say the leader of the gang I saw at Taco Bell the other day. He sits down in his chair with the two henchmen right beside him. He asks me “ Are you ready to choose?” “ choose what?” I asked. Then he uncovered the blankets that were covering the cages. In one of the cages it was… Dawn. And in the other it was Enrique. Then the leader says something again to me. “ who do you choose. The love of your life or your best friend since the fifth grade. Now….. CHOOSE!!!” My stomach is in knots and I don't know what I should do. “ Choose who shall die.” It was silent for a while then I ask him. “  Why are you doing this?”. “ you stole from us and our bank. For that you shall pay the price”.

I had an idea but it was highly dangerous but it is the only idea I got. So I quickly went to the bathroom with the guards right be me just in case I tried anything suspicious. I quickly pulled out the phone Enrique gave to me and I called the police to bring the S.W.A.T team and backup just in case. Then I told them the location we are at. I told the to hurry up. They hung up. Before they hung up I knew they were on their way here but I don't think that other guys know, so I'll just keep my mouth shut. I walk back out and I still see the leader and Dawn and Enrique. The S.W.A.T should be here soon but I don't know when. Then suddenly around 8 people wearing black clothes with a black bulletproof vest, helmet, and a shield that has the word S.W.A.T on it. As soon as they came through the window,the gang pulled out their guns and started firing. After that I ducked my head and ran for my life, I headed to the cages to unlocked them I unlocked dawn's first but there was a number passcode that involves four numbers….. I got it right on my first try, it was 1 2 3 4. After that we ran to Enrique’ s cage. But his passcode was a hand print scan code. I tried it and it said hand print denied. After a few seconds later, we saw a blood bath with dead bodies everywhere then the leader runs and pushes a red button and Enrique starts flying through the roof….. While we were distracted the leader gets into a mini jet and flies off. It's was just me and Dawn now. “ What do we do now?” She asks me. “ We go rescue him” I said.

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