March 11, 2015
By ocean-blue PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
ocean-blue PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Closely following her father's death, Ivalynn, ruler of the kingdom Corsiva is abducted. While her captor presumes her dead and begins to dictate the free people, Ivalynn fights her way through the cold and ice where she has been isolated. 

Avrik, best friend of the new queen, is left in a puzzling situation. While everyone insists that his captured friend is dead, he pursues the mystery behind her disappearance, certain that she would not let go of life that easy. His search rewards him in valuble truths as well as a life-time sentance in prison. His only hope now, is Ivalynn. Will she be able to return in time?

As the deceased king said on his death bed to his daughter Ivalynn, there is another royal who must be found if the situation grows desperate. When the situation does grow desperate, this hidden sibling must be located to determine the fate of the kingdom. 



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