Camp Survival

December 1, 2014
By scorp1357, Kihei, Hawaii
scorp1357, Kihei, Hawaii
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This is a story about a group of friends who have been by each other’s side since high school and decided to stick it through all the way to college. One class that trumps all the others involves traveling the world to discover new things, unfortunately they never expected to learn how to survive. Having taking an assignment where adventure is a part of the class, they'll soon realize that not every adventure is always fun. Being in an environment where it is killed or be killed, a small tribe nearby has learned this rule and are above most of the natural conditions. Our three friends will know where they stand on the ladder when everything above them is coming for them. Will they make it out of this situation alive? Or will they just be thrown aside and killed by everything in the forest of Papua New Guinea.

Branden H.

Camp Survival

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