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Private Eyes

September 24, 2013
By Anonymous


“The mysterious man with no apparent name had left behind a wad load of cash wrapped around in a tea cloth. I stared in amazement not being able to believe my eyes. There had to be at least three thousand pounds in there, and nestling right in the middle of it was the most bizarre thing of all. A remote controller.”

Plain, typical teenager Teagen has never had anything exciting or adventurous happen in the fifteen years she's been alive. Her biggest dream is to publish a mystery book and hopefully become a detective one day. Then one evening as her night shift was ending, she opens her work locker and finds a beautiful Sapphire ring. For some strange reason, she knows there is something behind the ring and shoves it into her backpack.
Teagen's life is thrown into turmoil the day the new popular twins at school start to take an interest in her. Why are they so desperate for Teagen to stay safe? And why have they been going around digging up information about her? And the biggest mystery of all. Who broke into her house and left behind the note in her trashed room?
One thing Teagen knows for sure, her life will never be the same again.


Private Eyes

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