To War Through Time (Chapters 1-3)

April 12, 2012
By Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
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Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
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Author's note: No thank you.

“It doesn’t look bad, come on already we’re going to be late!” I told my friend Samantha for the 20th time. We had been getting ready for the costume contest for the last hour; well Samantha has been getting ready for the last hour-it took me 5 minutes to get my costume ready. I was going as a person from the military during WW1 (With the addition of my navy blue messenger bag that contains my spare change of clothes for afterwards if I need to change.); Samantha was going as a VERY sparkly genie- Seriously?!How much glitter make-up does she own?!?!?!?!

By the time Sammy- that’s Samantha’s nickname- got all prepped and ready to FINALLY walk out the door we were 30 minutes late.
“Are you happy now? We’re late!” I agitatedly asked Sammy.
“We’re not late, we’re fashionably late.” She said with a smile, heading towards the door.
“What’s the difference?” I asked, rolling my eyes.
She ignored my question and opened the door…. Outside the sky was thunderous and torrential. The rain came down so hard it seemed as if it was just a screen of water. There was NO WAY we were getting to that party on our bikes without our costumes getting destroyed.
“Nooooooooooooooooooo-” Sammy screamed, but I cut her off. I just had an idea!
“I HAVE AN IDEA.” I said with a gloating smile.
“Really, What is it?!?” Sammy screamed excitedly, grabbing me by the front of the shirt, shaking me rapidly, like she could shake it out of me somehow.
“Okay. One, let go of the front of my dress and stop shaking me before you snap my neck. And two and you probably won’t like it.” I said, heading to my room.
“What is it?” Sammy asked looking hesitant.

I quickly pulled Sammy be the hand to my room, and pulled open my closet door.
“What could we POSSIBLY use that’s in your closet?” Sammy whined.
I reached deep into my closet to the back of it where I keep all the clothes I NEVER wear. I found what I had been looking for and pulled them off their hangers.
“What are those?” Sammy said, with a look of EXTREME distain.
“What, never seen a cloak before?” I asked with a laugh, putting on mine. It was a tightly woven material that was the darkest shade of black, with a hood; the material was tightly woven for it could be used in heavy rain. The other one was exactly the same but it was a deep shade of red.
“How are we going to ride our bikes in these?” she asked me, looking at her in the floor-length mirror on the opposite side of my room.
“Just like any one wearing a skirt rides a bike” I said.
“Standing up?” she guessed. I shook my head, confirming her guess. She groaned.
“You want to go to this party don’t you?” I said, refusing to let her just give up now. I mean seriously, if you make your friend wait for an hour, you don’t just stay at home because of a little rain! - Well, it was more than a little rain, but you don’t do that! Reluctantly she got up off my bed, not without a snide comment, “If I get pneumonia because of this MONSOON it’s your fault.”
I looked at her shaking my head, “If you get pneumonia, I probably will to, since you’re not the only one going out in this rain.”
She stopped and thought about for a second then said, “True.”, before walking out of the room.
“Noooo!” I screamed, barely heard over the roaring of the rain, kicking my bike in frustration, “Oww! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Jumping up and down on one foot, clutching the other one in pain, “That was a really stupid thing to do, really stupid thing to do!”
“Yah think?” Sammy said, with a look that was practically screaming, WELL NO DUR, “What’s wrong?”
“My stupid chain broke!!!” I shouted in frustration.
“Be quiet” I said, examining the damage I did to my bike (which was none, luckily.), “At least I didn’t do any more damage.” I muttered, thinking it couldn’t get worse.
“What are we going to do now?” Sammy asked, with a depressed look already taking over her glitter covered face.
“Hey! Get that depressed look off your face! We aren’t going to give up now!” I said, starting to get annoyed by the fact she kept on giving up so easily, when going gets tough. And it wasn’t even that tough!
“Well how in the world are we going to get to the contest now?” she said, throwing her hands in the air I despair.
I shot up to my feet unsteadily and said determined now, “We are going to walk.” And started to walk, trying not to let her see me limp.
“WALK?!?” Sammy exclaimed, her eyebrows looking as if they were trying to escape off her head because they were up there so high.
“Our legs aren’t broken, might as well use them.” I said, already walking down the driveway. Then I mumbled under my breath, “Well, at least your legs aren’t broken, not so sure about mine on the other hand.”
“What?” I heard Sammy call as she started after me.
“Nothing, let’s go already before your glitter washes off in the rain.” I said, changing the subject.
“Okay, come on let’s go!” Sammy said, with a new excitement in her voice, and raced off. With a sigh I quickly hobbled after my insane friend.

Later on my foot stopped hurting, but the rain began to fall down even harder. As we dashed down the sidewalk I looked over at Sammy, she didn’t look as if she was faring well; her face had turn to a pale complexion, which made the glitter shine even brighter before. But she still ran alongside me, with a 100wat smile on her face.
“Are you okay? You aren’t looking to good.” I asked her, she just nodded her head. But I decided to keep a close eye on her, just in case. After another 15 minutes of just running, the wind suddenly began to pick up. It blew in the opposite direction of that we were running, it blew so hard that it made it nearly impossible to make any progress on our journey.
“THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!” I heard Sammy shout from beside me. Man, can she be negative or what?!?
“Hey, remember, positive things happen to those who think positive thoughts. So stop being negative already!!!” I shouted as I pushed forward, bracing myself against the icy wind that tried to tear at our faces.
“Whatever! Let’s just get there already!” Sammy screamed, trying to be heard over the screeching of the wind.
30 minutes later, only maybe 10 yards ahead of us, a light appeared.
We stopped to try and figure out what in the world it was.
“What is that?!?” Sammy shouted over the roaring of the wind.
At first I couldn’t tell what it was, but as it drew closer I could make out the outline of a car. What was it doing on the sidewalk?!?!?!
“I think it’s a truck.” I said, shielding my eyes from the wind and rain as I tried to see what it was.
“If it’s a truck, then WHY is it on the sidewalk!?!”She screamed as it barreled down the sidewalk toward us.
“Don’t ask me! I’m not the one driving it!” I shouted. I realized the driver showed no intentions of stopping; they were going to plow right over us!
“Look out!” I shouted to Sammy as pushed out of the way of the car, on to the grassy area beside the sidewalk, out of the truck’s path as it hurtled toward us.

I was engulfed in the blinding light of the truck’s head light, and then everything went black.

Chapter 2: Cam’s P.O.V.

I awoke to the shouting of voices in a place that ever I’ve never been before, people were pushing and shoving , trying to find a good place to view some sort of event that I think was about to begin. I had no idea where I was, this was definitely NOT the same road I been on earlier when Sammy-Sammy! Where is she?!?
“Where am I? Can you help me?” I asked the people as they bustled about around me, but it was useless.
“What are you doing here? You supposed to be on the way to the trucks already! And where is the rest of your uniform?!?” I heard a harsh voice from behind me say. I snapped around to find my staring up at the most serious man I have ever seen. He wore the uniform of a general.
“I’m sorry, there must be a mist-”I started to say, but he cut me off.
“Don’t you talk back to me solider, now get on those trucks, MOVE, MOVE, and MOVE!!!” he shouted at me. Terrified, I hurried over to the trucks and climbed aboard.
In the back of the military truck it was pitch black. I heard the mummers of nervous and excited people all around me. This was going to be a long trip.

Long after I had lost track of time, the truck stopped with a lurch. I wonder where we are.
“Please depart the truck, now.” A voice ordered from outside of the truck.
As we departed the truck I was slapped in the face by an unexpected cold wind. I am so glad I had my cape, if I didn’t have; I most likely wouldn’t have stayed out of the back of the truck for long.
“What do you think you’re doing here?!?” a voice shouted from behind me, I whirled around to find myself face to face with a strict-looking man.
“What?” I asked.
“I said, ‘what do you think you’re doing here?!?’! And you do not say WHAT, you say SIR! Is that clear?!?” the man shouted.
“Um… Well there was this big misunderstanding, this big burly old general dude told me to-” I started, but the man cut me off.
“Of course there was a big misunderstanding, there is no way there could be a women in the core!” He said with a laugh that made me want to slap right across that smug, yet serious face of his.
“What are you trying to say, sir?” I asked, annoyed by what he had just said, “Why can’t a girl be in the core?”

Now everyone had gotten off the truck and had formed a ring around us. (Don’t they have something better to do then listen to an argument?)
“They can’t be in the core because they are too fragile and frail to go to war.” He said with a glare, “And do not talk to me in that tone little girl!”
“Or what?” I said to him, my voice oozing with sickeningly sweet sarcasm.
“I have had enough of you and your attitude!” he shouted, his face almost purple with rage.
“What are you going to do, hit me?” I said, jutting my chin out, daring him to even try me.

And he did try to hit me, but I quickly lurched back narrowly missing his fist. I slammed my fist right into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.
“Didn’t your mommy ever tell you shouldn’t try to hit a girl?” I asked, shaking my head at him while he was bent over, trying to catch his breath. Then, while I was still furious at him, I drove my elbow in his back, knocking to the floor.
“DO NOT mess with me.” I said, as I walked away. Not knowing where I was really walking to though.

Chapter 3: Sammy’s P.O.V.
I have no idea what in the world just happen.

As I lay on the grassy area where cam had pushed me, I tried to process what had just happened.
There was a mysterious truck. The mysterious truck was driving on the sidewalk. My friend Cam pushed me out of the way of the mysterious truck. There was a blinding light. Now both the truck and Cam were gone.
But now the question is…. Where did Cam go?

After the shock wore off, and reality set in, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, I tried to turn it back on, but I couldn’t, the rain had messed it up! I walked over to the curb, plopped down on the curb, hurting my butt in the process, and cried. I am alone, it’s pouring down rain, my friend has disappeared, and my phone is ruined. How is my situation going to get any worse? Just then a truck sped by, trashing through a muddy puddle that was across from me, drenching me from head to toe in the foul smelling muck-ridden water. I stand corrected, it could get worse. And it just did.

The truck stopped a few feet ahead and started drive in reverse back towards me. Through the rain I saw the driver door open and a figure step out and start toward me.
“What are you doing?” the figure said. I looked up and found myself staring into the face of Jack, a guy from my history class. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, what could I say?
“Come on. let’s get out of this rain.” Jack said, already helping me up off the curb.

Once inside Jack’s truck, I realized he hadn’t been driving alone, I found myself being examined by the prying eyes of his three best friends, James, Matt, and Russell. We sat in silence for only a moment before one of them broke the silence.
“Man, you stink!” Russell said, fail to hide his disdain. Usually I wouldn’t have took that comment but right now I really couldn’t care less what he thought of me, I just wanted to know where Cam was, and that she was safe and sound.
“Sorry about that,” Jack said, his cheeks slightly red, “But I want to know one thing though, why were you out there sitting on the curb anyways… and why all the way out here?”

I took a deep breath to try and settle my nerves enough for me to try to explain what happened. Where would I even begin? I sat in the passenger seat for a number of moments before I spoke.
“Well do you want the long version or the short version?” I asked.
“Hmm… Oh, why not. Tell us the long version; we got a while to drive anyways.” Jack said, shooting me a quick glance, but quickly turning his attention back to the road.
“Okay, long version… Where would I even start? - Oh I know, well here it goes. Cam and I were getting ready for the costume contest and we went outside to get the bikes but Cam’s bike chain was broken, so we decided to run to the costume contest- well walk, Cam hurt her foot so we had to walk at first.”
“You walked in this weather?!?” James interjected.
“Yeah, we didn’t have a car to drive and the bike was broken and there was NO WAY we were going to miss the contest. But as I was saying, we had to walk and then the weather began to get worse then… and when I tell you guys what happened next you all have to swear you won’t say or think I’m crazy.”
After a quick session of shared glances between the guys, they all said, “We swear we won’t say or think that you crazy no matter what you say.”
“Okay, well here is what happened next… there was a weird truck that was coming right at us, it was driving on the sidewalk!!! And Cam pushed me out of the way and then there was this freaky blinding light and Cam was gone, she disappeared into thin air!!!”I shouted, fresh tears pouring from eyes.
I didn’t have to look up to know that they were staring at me. After crying for a couple of minutes I was able to stop crying enough to ask this one question, “Well now that you know what happened, will you help me find Cam?”
Silence filled the truck as I waited for their answer. With each second, my heart sunk even lower. They must think I’m crazy.
“Okay.”Jack said, finally breaking the silence, and lifting my hopes and heart.
I looked deep into his eyes to see if he was actually serious, “Really? You’ll help me?
“You bet!” he said, flashing me a quick, excited grin, “Where do we start?”
“That is a VERY good question.” I said, thinking of what we are supposed to do, “I guess the search has begun.” A weak grin found its way on to my face. This is going to be interesting.

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This book has 4 comments.

Boota BRONZE said...
on Jun. 19 2012 at 4:35 pm
Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
3 articles 0 photos 38 comments

Favorite Quote:
Bowties are cool!

Thanks... i think ( i can't see all of what you said, it got cut in half.)

Boota BRONZE said...
on Apr. 25 2012 at 6:25 pm
Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
3 articles 0 photos 38 comments

Favorite Quote:
Bowties are cool!

Thanks! So do u think i should keep writing it?

River_Song said...
on Apr. 25 2012 at 6:15 pm
River_Song, N/A, South Carolina
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Touch it and die.

Good Job!!

Tardis Blue said...
on Apr. 23 2012 at 11:36 am
It looks good. READ!!!!!!


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